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Carl Reuther and Carl Bopp found a special company to manufacture pumps and heavy duty valves.
Bopp & Reuther delivers sixty per cent of the global demand for gate valves. The plant in Mannheim-Waldhof produces valves for entire cities.
Together with another six well-known valve manufacturing companies, Bopp & Reuther found a sales organisation, ‘Vereinigte Armaturen Gesellschaft mbH’, VAG.
Export activities increase very rapidly. VAG is the market leader in South America. Today, VAG is represented around the world.
Production is running at full speed in the rebuilt workshops.
The resilient seated gate valve, ‘BETA’, is introduced to the market. This gate valve is still synonymous with resilient seated gate valves.
The double-excentrical butterfly valve programme (EKN) is in development. The technical and cost benefits of this new generation of butterfly valve revolutionise the use of valves in the water industry.
Bopp & Reuther is integrated with the IWKA Group.
Bopp & Reuther acquires a majority share in one of the biggest valve manufacturer in the Czech Republic, ‘JMA’.
VAG becomes the sole sales organisation for Bopp & Reuther Armaturen GmbH.
Bopp & Reuther Armaturen GmbH and VAG merge into VAG-Armaturen GmbH. At the same time, the Czech valve manufacturer, JMA, in Hodonin becomes a 100% subsidiary of VAG-Armaturen GmbH.
Foundation of VAG Water Systems (China). Opening of a new production plant for the Asian market in Taicang (China).
In December 2004, Equita Beteiligungen Fonds 2 KG acquires ninety per cent of the shares of the VAG Group from IWKA which sells its process technology division. The company's management team holds ten per cent of the shares.
Opening of the first VAG Visitor Centre at Headquarters of the VAG-Group in Mannheim (Germany).
At the beginning of 2008, Halder Beteiligungsberatung GmbH (Investment Consultancy), together with the VAG Management, acquired VAG-Armaturen GmbH Mannheim from Equita Management GmbH in the framework of a management buyout. By this transaction, VAG's experienced management further increased its interest in the company. Together with Halder, VAG is planning to further develop its international activities within the next few years and to make considerable investments both in Mannheim and in its foreign subsidiaries.
Opening of the “European Logistics Centre (ELC)” at JMA, Hodonin (Czech Republic).
Opening of a new assembling factory for the Indian market at the VAG subsidiary in
Secunderabad, India (VAG-Valves India).

Quality Policy / Processes

Without VAG, water would not be supplied and distributed the way it is today. Wherever water is treated, moved, stored and distributed, VAG's gate valves and butterfly valves, plunger valves and hollow-jet discharge valves, control valves and hydrants play an important role. There is barely a water, pump or wastewater treatment plant that does not use a VAG valve. Durability and decades of operational reliability matter. Repairing or replacing valves that often weigh several tons, such as those used in dams, is very costly. The supply and distribution of water and the treatment of wastewater are very demanding operations. Valves must be able to withstand high water pressures and extreme temperature and weather conditions. Whether they are used in a desert or a tropical climate, the material must suit the environment. We know from our customers that our valves work reliably for up to fifty years. In fact, some of our valves have been working for more than one hundred years!

Aim / Vision / Mission

In the near future, water will be the topic that moves the world. Alternatives can be found for fuel, but not for water. In the world’s hotter regions, drinking water is already more valuable than petrol. In Europe, water is increasingly used to generate energy. Water is and will remain one of our most important resources. Only the most innovative of companies will play a role on the global water and wastewater markets. The arid countries will continue to dry out, while the wetter countries will flood more frequently. Modern and sensible water management—one of our main goals—is the only way to keep the balance. Creative ideas and sensible solutions will pave the way. In a few years, VAG will be one of the key players on the water market because we will have recognised and responded to the requirements of our international customers on time. New requirements need new systems. We are working towards the market of 2011 today. We are always one step ahead, which is why we can offer you tomorrow's solutions today.

About Us

About Us

VAG sees itself as a partner of industry. Our offers, procedures, documentation and delivery times are adapted to industry’s typical requirements. To meet them, we complete our standard products range by special valves, e.g. rubber-lined types, made of special materials or with special coatings.

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