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Substation Structure

Substation Metal Structures


Valmont is leading the market with tapered tubular substations. Valmont provide the entire package, from dead ends to equipment stands to bus supports. Our substation structures provide a clean, low profile appearance while offering unparalleled access for maintenance. In addition, our tapered tubular designs provide light weight, yet durable structures that meet loading performance and aesthetically pleasing installations.

Advantages of our range are as follows:

  • Higher dead end tension capabilities.
  • Less costly foundations.
  • Safe and comfortable maintenance access.
  • Lower installation cost.
  • Lighter Structures.
  • Stiffer Structures.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

Uniform metal strength: Provides more consistent and predictable long-term performance
Corrosion and damage-resistance: Treated and finished steel stands up to the elements and other environmental factors