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Steam Bath Equipment

Steam Sauna

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for people who can not afford the time or money to visit gyms and spas to the avail the benefits of steam and sauna baths, our company provides steam sauna kits that can be used at home. These steam sauna kits do not consume space and are therapeutic as well. The following are its health benefits:

  • burns up calories
  • detoxifies the body
  • improves metabolism
  • have properties of aroma therapy
  • heals the body and mind


technical specifications:

  • power requirements: 230 v / 50 h2 (note: 110 v model also available, please specify while ordering)
  • wattage: 600 watt (approx)
  • time settings: 60min. Max.
  • water capacity: 1. 5 l max.
  • safety features: thermostats (2 nos. )

Sauna Bath Machine

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We offer a unique range of sauna bath machines that cover the whole range of sauna including sauna heaters, accessories, controls, sauna cabins and bath tubs. These sauna products can be customized according to the client’s specifications and requirements. Sauna baths provide complete mental relaxation and harmony apart from certain health benefits like:

  • Relieving joint pains
  • Improving body immunity
  • Helping in weight loss
  • Ameliorating insomnia
  • Body detoxification


Steam Bath Generator

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vapo fresh offers some top of the line steam generators with great value, combining reliability and unmatched performance. Our steam bath generators are a must to relieve a lot of health problems like:

  • alleviating stress
  • aiding in natural sleep
  • deep skin cleansing
  • relief from head aches and chest congestions.


our steam generators are complete with features that set them apart from others. We also manufacture other accessories essential for steam bath set up like automatic shower controls that are stylish enough to match any bathroom décor.

the product features are as follows:

  • steam generation within 4 minutes of activation
  • auto cleaning of steam tank after every use
  • auto flush system
  • stainless steel electrodes that do not burn out
  • wall mounting unit for installation on closets, walls and attic areas.




technical specifications: ~


a steam generator:


factory-assembled unit complete with machinery specifications (instant steam within 4 minutes)

  • Argon gas welded stainless steel boiler, duly insulated and housed in stainless steel cabinet with buff finish.
  • All stainless steel / brass C.P. fixtures including "built in" water filter.
  • Long life, low watt density, copper immersion heaters with faster and efficient heating system for lower warm up time.
  • Electronically controlled, automatic water feed, 'Low' or 'No' water cutoff system. Independent relays for water and heater with thermal fuse and additional thermostat.
  • Automatic timer for convinient shut-off.
  • Gold plated plugs and sockets for increased reliability, easy and convinience.
  • Unique control panel having much higher safety factor, greater reliability and least maintanence using colored solid copper conductors and silver tipped contacts for millions of troubles free 'ON-OFF' operations.
  • Silver plated, Teflon insulated wires for higher temperature with stand capacity to reduce power loss.



piping, fittings, and valves:

  • water input: italian solenoid with valve 1/2-inch and orifice diameter of 8 mm
  • pvc body provide shutoff valve and 10-micron sediment filter
  • automatic pressure flush: optional 1 inch (25 mm) diameter pipe for hot water supply; auto flush systems with ½ hp pump, 5/8” motorizes drain valve
  • sink: ½” inch (12 mm) diameter drain pipe
  • steam pipe: 1/2 inch (12 mm) diameter outlet
  • pressure relief valve: 1/2 inch (12 mm)
  • double steam line pipe


general technical recommendations:

  • install steam boiler close to the steam room to minimize heat loses.
  • minimum 1” x 1” glazed or ceramic tiles to be used for steam room to lessen gaps and in turn reduce heat losses.
  • to avoid bad odor keep the steam panel doors open after every use.
  • use water proof flooring in the steam room.
  • provide separate nahni trap for the steam room.

                       Model Sizes

          15*4*12 (L*B*H) Personal Unit

          15*9*21 (L*B*H) Health Clubs         

Custom Built Sauna Room & Colour Therapy System

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After long work out sessions in the gym or after a hectic and sedentary life style through out the week, one needs to head for the sauna sessions in the spa and heath clubs to relax and rejuvenate. We offer a whole range custom built sauna rooms for both indoors and outdoors, in different models having numerous features. Our custom built sauna rooms come in many models like the Triumph, Triumph Plus, Spectra Multi and Spectrum and Simone.


The following are the features of our sauna rooms:

  • Sauna Room size offered: 1500 x 1500 x 2000 mm
  • Seating area for four persons at a time
  • Good ventilation
  • Glass closures and panels
  • In built shelves in every room
  • In built thermometer and hygrometer
  • Safe standard


We are also adept in installing colour therapy systems in spas and health clubs. Light is the carrier of color spectrum from the life-giving radiance of the Sun. Color beams of light are packets of energy supporting life. These colour therapy systems are a wonderful energy based modality for people to discover how color harmonics can provide emotional, physical, anti-aging and spiritual benefits. One can enjoy color sessions at home, in wellness centers and spas.

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