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Chocolate Making Machines

Chocolate Chips Line

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The clients can avail Chocolate Chip Lines from us, which are used for breaking chocolate bricks and slabs into small pieces. The broken-up chocolate pieces are mixed in the batter of chocolate chip cookie, and are normally irregular in shape.

These are manufactured using high grade material of production, and adhere to the food safety & hygiene norms of the industry. This product finds its application in bakeries, hotels and various catering establishments.

Product Code: VEC-CD-576

Chocolate Melting And Storage Tanks

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We are huge supplier of Chocolate Melting Tanks. 

Standard Chocolate Storage Tanks 

- An ideal ratio between the height and the diameter to ensure the best heat exchange. 

- A special well studied agitator to move chocolate from downward to upward and from the middle to the extremities for all the chocolate molecules without breaking their adhesion. 

- Double jacketed steel walls 

- On request a thick insulation layer covered with stainless steel sheets is provided with additional cost 

- On the top a fixed cover on one half and a hinged cover to act like a door on the other half, this cover is equipped with a micro-switch to stop the agitator when opened. 

- The tank is equipped with a water pump for an open circuit water circulation. 

- Three fixation arrangement are provided : the first two are for the maximum and the minimum chocolate level detector and the third for a PT 100 

- A thermometer is installed to read out permanently the chocolate temperature. 

- The tank is equipped with a drain gate. 

- Added On request a double jacketed three ways valve to facilitate mounting a chocolate pump 

- Tank is equipped with own control panel 

In addition to the tanks shown, we can supply all your jacketed pipework requirements including chocolate pumps. 
The tank dimensions in height and diameter to suit customers' requirements. Tanks can be supplied in mild or stainless steel construction double skin. 
Mild steel Standard Chocolate Storage Tanks 

- A thermometer is installed to read out permanently the chocolate temperature. 

- The tank is equipped with a drain gate. 

- Added On request a double jacketed three ways valve to facilitate mounting a chocolate pump 

- Tank is equipped with own control panel 
Mild steel Jacketed Tanks are fitted with gate type paddle, driven at slow speed through a shaft mounted geared motor, designed for easy maintenance. 

Main bearings are robust in design. 
Tanks can be fitted with a ball valve.

Product Code: VEC-MT-

Cylindrical Ball Mill For Chocolate Production

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Cylindrical Ball Mill.

It is used for the production of Chocolate Paste.
It gives very good finesses.

Chocolate Moulding Machines

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Chocolate Moulding Machine that is equipped with the latest technologies. The Chocolate Moulding Machines that we manufacture are appreciated by the clients for their high efficiency and durability. These machines offer excellent performance and have high durability. We are reckoned to be one of the budding Manufacturers and Exporters of Chocolate Moulding Machinery in India.

Attributes :

Three-shift operation

Low maintenance cost

Modular design

Attractive body

Easy to operate


Uses :

Used for shaping and moulding of chocolate into various attractive Shapes. It is capable of making filled chocolates, solid bars and combined chocolate with or without nuts, biscuit etc.

Applications :

Chocolate Processing Industry


Capacity :

12to 15 moulds per Minute


Technical specifications : 14.5M X 1.2M X 2.0 M

Plant Size :

No. of Moulds in line :

Available in different widths :

300 mm and 450 mm

Automatic Demoulding system :

Mould Pre-heater

Vibration Section

Multi-Tier Cooler

Chocolate Depositor

Suitable Chiller Unit for Cooling Tunnel

Hot Water System

Power Supply :

415 volts, 3 phase Branded pneumatic cylinders



Product Code: VEC-M-300
Payment Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), D/A, D/P, Western Union, Other

Chocolate Refiner Conche

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Chocolate Refiner Conche is an extremely useful machine, used for finely grinding sugar, cocoa and milk particles. The powdered form of the particles is extremely fine, below 30 microns, and all unwanted, volatile flavors are removed. This machine helps in considerably improving the aroma of cocoa, which improves the flavor of cocoa powder.

Our product is renowned throughout the industry for its effectivd loe functionality, exceptional performance, ease of maintenance & cleaning anng service life.


  • Master control console
  • Power assisted pressure control used for increasing and decreasing of pressure
  • Have well-equipped extract unit
  • Fitted with Sampling and takes off valve
  • Main drive is fitted with electrical heater and motor
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easily operated
  • Can be fitted with double shear (only on request)
Used for
  • Refining of smooth particles
  • Improving flavor of the chocolate
  • Chocolate Processing Industry
  • 500 Kgs batch, 8 hours to get 25 microns.
  • Mechanical pressure control used for increasing and decreasing of pressure

Chocolate Enrober

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chocolate enrober :
our chocolate enrobing lines are designed for reliability, simple cleaning and maintenance, and consistent precision during three-shift operation.

  • The machine easy to handle, and it is problem free machine.
  • connected with 5 kw to 10 kw.
  • The enrobing machine can make with working width size 250 mm to 1000mm endless metal chain.
  • All enrobers are built with ss tank and are water jacketed. And provided two heating systems each 2 kw.
  • Air curtain device builted to remove excess or control choclate weight on product.
  • The machine having vain pumps to circulate as well as coat the chocolate on product.
 Origin india
 Model number vec-ER-800

Chocolate Tempering Machine

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Chocolate Tempering Machine manufactured by us is used extensively for producing high quality milk, dark and white chocolates, pralines, truffles, compounds and many other products. High capacity and efficient performance of our Chocolate Tampering Machine has boosted its demand in the global market.


Special Attributes
  • Made from stainless steel and contact SS parts
  • Double jacket water housing
  • Mixing arm with sidelong scrapers (speed approx. 25 RPM)
  • Supply/drainage of water to accelerate cooling process
  • Short tube outlet with heated stainless steel ball valve
  • Stoppers underneath the batch
  • Dry heating elements
  • Control temperature cycle through "heating" and "cooling" electronic digital thermostats with double display
  • Magnetic valve for supplying cooling water during the tempering process
  • Additional mechanical safety thermostat
  • Central operating panel with all switches, lights and buttons
Electricity Requirement
  • 3 phase, 380-420V 50Hz
  • Batch tempering from 30kg to 100kg
Used for
  • Tampering and filling chocolate in moulds
Application Area
  • Chocolate processing industry

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Approximate Price - Rs 40,000 per Unit(s)
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