Customized Labels

We are providing Customized Labels. We are offering quality products of taffeta labels, woven edge satin labels, heat seal labels, permenant stick labels, corner labels, fusing labels, gumming labels, iron on labels, barcode labels and stickers and oekotex certified labels.


Taffeta Labels


Taffeta Labels are made on a coated nylon or polyester material . These labels are the cheapest and also offer good barcode scannability.


Woven Edge Satin Labels

Woven Edge Satin Labels are the labels made on polyester material on which wash care instructions can be given in numerous laungages with symbol and fabric contents they can also be used as branding label material.


Heat Seal Labels

Iron on labels are same as stick on labels but need ironing and the bond is permanent.

Permenant Stick Labels

Iron on labels are same as stick on labels but need ironing and the bond is permanent.

Corner Labels

Big labels attached to the corner of the rugs and beddings etc are printed on satin material by offset printing process.            


Fusing Labels

FUSING LABELS are same as stick on labels but need ironing and the bond is permanent.

Gumming Labels

The gumming operation allows any cloth label to stick directly on the garment without being stitched.

Barcode Labels And Stickers

Barcode Labels are made on taffeta tapes to ensure 100% acabbubg. These can be generated in various codes as per the requirement of the client. Similarly barcode stickers used on polylos and as carton stickers can be made in various die cut shapes .

The background colour for the barcode scan is white and the color of printing is black. However, darker shades of blue & green also serve various scan purposes. [Every barcode is checked for scanability at the start & end of the job.]
The packaging is also done as per the requirements of the clients, usually in a quantity of 500 pcs per roll. The barcode labels that we offer are of varied sizes.


WIDTH: 1¼" To 3" (12MM To 75MM)
LENGTH: ½" To 10" (12MM To 254MM)

The lead-time required by us for delivering the consignments in 3-4 days. However at times of emergencies, we arrange part of the material within 12-24 hrs also.

Oekotex Certified Labels

Vasant Labels have been granted authorization in accordance to OEKOTEX Standard 100 to use the OEKOTEX mark based on the reports 07.0.53632 for the manufacturer of printed ferment labels in satin and taffeta only a specific quality the result of the inspection made according to OEKOTEX Standard 100, product class 1 have shown the above mentioned goods meet the human ecologal requirements of the standards presently established for baby articles the certified articles fulfill the requirements of the existing european legislation regarding the use of azo dyes.

Iron On Labels

Iron On Labels can be attached to the garment with out being stitched by just ironing the labels on the garment. These are permanent adhesives and cannot be removed after they are attached.

We offer our customers a wide range of colors according to PANTONE PMS shade or paper cutting / cloth cutting / any other reference to choose from. 


½" to 3" (12mm to 75mm)
Length: ½" to 10" (12mm to 254mm)