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Madhunashini (Anti Diabetic Capsules)

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Madhunashini is a unique research Product. It is a combination of 8 essential herbals, which helps in controlling Diabetes Mellitus effectively when taken as Supplement. It is a Nature’s Gift to Diabetic Patients with lot of additional derived benefits. Madhunashini not only helps in reducing Diabetes but also increases the immune system of the body. Madhunashini also protects the vial organs from long-term diabetic complications. This product may be used for the long term without side effects.

Mahaprana (Anti Hypertenstion Capsules)

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Mahaprana – The Time tested and proven formula, which helps in controlling and managing hypertension effectively. Mahaprana apart from helping in reduction of Blood Pressure, also helps in regulating the Heart beat, the most significant factor in Mahaprana, when taken as a supplement helps in reducing cholesterol levels significantly.

Mahim6 (anti Asthmatic Capsules)

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An unique combination of 6 herbals which helps in the treatment of Bronchial Asthma and Upper respiratory tract infections effectively. Mahim-6 helps in expectoration of excess mucus secretion there by facilitates Easy Breathing. It reduces inflammation of Bronchioles and Alveoli. Strengthens the Lung Tissues and Trachea (Wind Pipe).

Mrudumoola (yurvedic Proprietary Capsules)

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Pile Off –A proven formula in the treatment of Piles or fissures. Mrudumoola provides natural and quick relief fro pain, helps in arresting the bleeding, and heals the tissues rapidly. Also offers relief from constipation and softens the hard stools.

Mahabala (energy Booster Capsules)

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Mahabala –A comprehensive herbal restorative tonic and energy Booster capsules made up of 8 essential herbal ingredients which gives you instant Energy and strength. Mahabala is a complete health care from Mother Nature. Acts as supplement therapy. Effective Anti Oxidant.

Mardana (musculskeletal Pain Relief Capsules)

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Mardana– It is a safe & Effective Anti-Inflammatory Ayurvedid formula in the treatment of Rheumatoid & Osteo arthetic pains, All kinds of Spondylitis, Muscular pains, Back Ache and Sprains.

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