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Force Gauges

We are amongst the most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of Gauges. We use finest quality raw materials to ensure sturdiness and affability of the Gauges for adverse conditions. This product can be customized depending upon the requirement of the customers are ideal for various industrial applications.
Force Gauges
Lutron Force Gauge

Lutron Force Gauge

Item Code: FG20KG
* Tension & compression capability .
* 20 Kg, wide capacity, high
resolution, high accuracy, high
* 3 kind display unit, Kg/LB/Newton.
* Separate sensor.
* Peak hold ( Max. load ) measurement.
* Zero button can operate both for
normal & " peak hold " operation.
* Full capacity zero (tare) capability.
* Fast/Slow response time.
* Positive or reverse display direction.
* Hand held & stand mounting.
* Microprocessor circuit & exclusive
load cell transducer.
* Over load protection.

Lutron Digital Force gauge

Item Code: FG100KG
* Tension & compression capability.
* 100 Kg, wide capacity,
high resolution, high accuracy and
high repeatability.
* 3 kind display unit, Kg/LB/Newton.
* Separate sensor.
* Peak hold ( Max. load ) can be held
in display during make tension or
compression measurement.
* Zero button can operate both for
normal measuring & the peak hold
* Full capacity zero (tare) control.
* Fast/Slow response time select.
* Positive or reverse display direction
* Hand held & stand mounting
* Low power consumption gives long
battery life.
* Microprocessor circuit & exclusive
load cell transducer.
* Over load protection

Lutron Digital Force gauge

Lutron Push Pull Force Gauges

Lutron Push Pull Force Gauges

Item Code: FG5000A
* 5000 g, 20 KG wide capacity, high
resolution, accuracy & repeatability.
* Display unit : gram, Newton & oz.
* Tension & compression capability .
* Peak hold ( Max. load ).
* Zero button.
* Full capacity zero (tare) control.
* Fast/Slow response time push button.
* Positive or reverse direction select.
* Full line accessories ( adapters ).
* Hand held & stand mounted available.
* Microprocessor circuit & exclusive
load cell transducer.
* Over load protection.
* RS-232 computer interface ( optional ).
* Professional test stand ( optional ).

Mechanical Dial Force Gauge

Item Code: Force-Gauge
  • Ergonomically designed for hand fit
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum body
  • Lasting high accuracy with the exclusive indicator and the special spring materials
  • Peak force hold function on all models
  • Zero adjustment function for tare weight
  • Easy-to-read indicator design
  • Various attachments and a carrying case included

Mechanical Dial Force Gauge

Imada Force Gauge DS2 Series

Imada Force Gauge DS2 Series

Force Gauge

  • Measuring strength of electronic parts bonding or soldering.
  • Measuring of contact press for touch panel or keyboard.
  • Pull test of wire harness terminal.
  • Pull test of pull top can or noodle container lid.


  • Digital display of tension and compression forces.
  • Peak hold function (capable of holding maximum force value) is installed for all models as the standard feature.
  • Measuring units (KGF, N, LBF) are selectable.
  • The display will flash when overload or low-battery condition is detected.
  • Display can be reversed.
  • Easy operation by big display and high usability operation panel.

Lutron Test Stand

Force Gauge Test Stand

* Optional; test stand, be connected
with FG-5000A, FG-20KG,
FG-5000A-232, FG-20KG-232,
FG-5005, FG-5020.
whole system will be a useful
tool for material's tension and
compression analysis.
* Size : 650 x 250 x 230 mm.
* Net Weight : 6.9 Kg.

Lutron Test Stand

Hardness Testers

Hardness Testers

Item Code: MHT
Item Code: MHT-20

Item Code: MHT-20 (Model: MHT-20)

Monsanto Type

Campbell Electronics offer handy and compact Hardness Tester Model MHT-20, which has been designed to be used in various applications in QC, QA, R&D, Tableting, Production and In-Process. The tester provides quick readings of Hardness of Tablets and measures hardness in Kg per sq. cm. It is made using brass parts, which are heavily plated with chromium has a scale of 0-20 kg. per sq. cm. with each division.


The model is available in 19 mm slot (3-19 mm) and 40 mm slot (20-40 mm)


The key operating Instructions for the tester are:


  • Hold the Tablet between the jaw and nozzle in edgewise position.
  • Adjust the Scale (by sliding), so that the zero on the Scale coincides with the pointer.
  • Turn the screw knob slowly till the tablet brakes.
  • The pressure indicated on the dial is in Kilogram per sq. cm.
  • Never keep the spring under Tension, when not in use.

Tablet Hardness Testers

Item Code: THT
Tablet Hardness Testers

It consists of a Force Gauge &  a Slide mounted on a Bracket.

Slike is operated V Hand wheel

Force gauge can be checked for  accuracy separately.

Traceable certificate provided if required'

ZERO adjustment for Spot Calibration

Initiat holding force is accounted for unlike

Red Pointer retains the maximum reading.

Acrylic dome cover prevents broken tablet pieces
flying off all over

Specifications :


RANGE          :  0- 10 KG

RANGE          :  0- 20 KG

RANGE          :  0- 30 KG

WEIGHT  :  4 KG.
DIMENSIONS  : 380 x 70 x 110 mm.

Tablet Hardness Testers

Push Pull Force Gauge

Push Pull Force Gauge

Item Code: PPM
Push pull Meter is a force measuring instrument for both Push and Pull. There is Zero Adjust. An additional red pointer retains the maximum reading encountered.

Accuracy :  1 division


   Law of weights & measures not applicable.
   Weights & Dimensions are nominal.

Force Gauge Push

Item Code: PPM_Stand
Push pull Meter is a force measuring instrument for both push and pull.

Red Pointer retains the maximum reading encountered. By rotating it anti-clockwise set it to zero again.

Because of gravity the Meter when held inclined (or upside down) shows reading different then when held vertically. To nullify gravity effect, turn Zero Adjust holding the Meter the same way as will be held while measuring.

Spot calibration gives better results. Apply standard force ( the one nearest to the force to be measured), and with the Zero Adjust make the instrument read the value of the standard force.

Meter with capacities below 2 kg. may require a light tap to overcome static friction.

To prevent damages to inside parts, hold the pushing/pulling ROD firmly while changing accessories at its ends.

Do not push the Pull End or pull the Push End . It has overload capacity of 30%. Meter can be clamped on Square Body.

Warranty of one year (invalid if tampered with

Base:200 x 200 mm
Column Height:400 mm
Slide Travel:100 mm
Weight:13 kg.

Force Gauge Push

Digital Tablet Hardness Tester

Digital Tablet Hardness Tester

Item Code: DIGITAB
Digi-Tab has been specifically designed for use in the production and quality control departments of
pharmaceutical companies for testing the hardness of tablets or other small products which fracture 
under compressive load.
It is simple to operate. The tester is sturdy & offers a load range from 0.3 kg to 50 Kg with a resolution 
of 0.01kg on tablets of up to 35mm in diameter.
The unit has a built-in digital read-out & a printer to provide readings of all the data.
Digital Display gives minimum and maximum readings & average value of statistics, package of time
& date of test of hardness of all readings as well as number of tablets tested.
The machine is built to withstand the factory environment.
Special Features :
• Digi-Tab has an built-in protection against the flying of powder & collection of the broken tablets & dust to
ensure easy cleaning.
• Digi-Tab has an automatic sensing device which identifies the size of the tablet under test.
• All controls are on the front panel for easy use.
• Highly reliable printer with easy to changes paper roll & ribbon 
• Easy to use & calibrate.
• Weight 11.25 kg-net.
• Dimensions : 210 x 390 x 120 mm.


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