Refining Products

We offer refining products for precious metals refining such as Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Silver & Palladium and forthcoming is Copper. Refining of precious metals from scraps and alloys is a specialized area, which requires knowledge, technical strength and handling expertise.

Set Up Of Professional Refinery

Approx. Rs 2.25 Lakh / half kg Unit

We and our technical teem is empowered with the technique to give professional set up for refining of precious metals as a very florish bussiness. Automatic Gold Refining Unit VPMR 5000 Our machine has this facility VPMR automatic precious metal refinery incorporate the following features Following are the features of machines.

• The latest technology with automatic temp cut - off system.
• Recovery of gold from high grade scrap such as jewellery, casting machine spill, filling, polishing workshop sweeping dust, mine scrap etc.
• Refine all your gold in your premises under your control.
• Hazardous fumes get neutralize to 0 levels through scrubber.
• Virtually 100% recovery.
• Purity can be achieved 99.99%
• Process time 3-4 hours.
• Very low electrical power consumrtion. 220 volt
• Available in all different capacity

Our list of products and services

• Fire Assaying (Full Setup) for Hall-Marking.
• Percious metal's refining (Job-Work).
• World best precious metal refining machine.
• Consultation on refining & hall marking.
• Pollution controlled equipments
• Effluent treatment plants. scrubber for dust burning furnace for casting jewelery manufacturer.

Capacity :

1/2 Kg

The product is customized and rates are vary depend on buyer's demand.

Gold Sprague

Approx. Rs 4,000 / kg

The cofee colour brown powder seen in the picture is actually nothing but the purest form of most expensive and giltered metal like gold. This is hallmark of the complition of the process of the recovery.

Silver Refining Machines

Approx. Rs 5.5 Lakh / Unit(s)

Item Code: VPMR-10
We are offering Silver Refining Machines.

1) The latest technique to refine silver scrap.
2) Recovery of silver from high grade scrap and very low content silver scrap is possible.
3) Refine silver up to 99.99 fineness
4) Virtually cent% recovery
5) Process time approximately 8 hours
6) Negligible recovery cost. Approximately 0.06 paise per grm of silver.
7)0 pollution.

Capacity :

10 kg

Our product is customised and rates are vary as per customer's demand

Fume Hoods

Approx. Rs 1.1 Lakh / Unit(s)

This is the equipment to process and analyze all precious metal's in professional manner. All international standard Hoods are being manufactured here in the Venus Assaying to comply the need of the client in the today's industrial world.

Silver Scraps

Approx. Rs 1,000 / kg

We, at Venus Precious Metals Refinery, are committed to provide the high class services for silver scraps refining. We have the ability to refine all forms of silver scraps including ionic sludge, silver flake, and mirror sludge as well as photographic waste.silver which out of production from the payal and utensil industry also can be recycle through our silver refining plant.silver can be recover from mining industry also where copper is reach and silver is minor.2% and above content of silver can be recover very easily through this plant.this plant is supported by very efficient scrubbing system to neutralise the acidic fume simultaneously.unit is eco-friendly as well as work friendly.

Refinery Reactors

Approx. Rs 20,000 / 10 litre

The equipment seen in the picture is safest equipment to refining through most dangerous acid like acquaregia in closed and highest efficient method.most suitable for operator to operate and take more yeild than other refining devises in the market.We assure to increase the life of operator and neibours.

Melting Furnance

Approx. Rs 18,500 / Kilogram(s)

Set Up Of Professional melting furnance is one of our highly appreciated services. We are able to provide this efficient service due to our proficient and expert team of engineers, modern facilities, technical strength and handling expertise in the field. As well as we assure our client that the service would be the greatest weapon of our company to satisfy the needs of our client on required basis.We manufacture all diff kinds of melting machines to serve you the best on performance and quality of the product.

Karat Scraps

Approx. Rs 4,000 / Kilogram(s)

Venus Precious Metals Refinery provides the appreciated service of karat scrap refining. The refining process removes any precious stones contained in the Karat scrap. With our customization ability, we provide the service to our clients, at most competitive price.say recovery or extraction of precious metals from Computers, CPUs, Peripherals, Servers, Printers, Fax, Copiers, Mother boards, Printed Circuit Boards, CDs, Floppies, Tapes, Catridges, Telephones, Cell phones, Telecom Equipments, TVs, Audio & Video, Dry cells, Lithium Batteries, Fluorescent & CFL Lamps, Household Microwave, Washing Machines, Industrial, Medical, Military & Space Electronics In ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY WAY to Recover Metals

Dental Scraps

Approx. Rs 4,000 / Kilogram(s)

To refine dental and photographic scraps is extremely difficult and complex process. It takes a lot of experience in field of refining dental and photographic materials to acquire the requisite expertise. With our experience in the field of refining precious metals, we offer service of refining dental and photographic scraps. It is provided at very reasonable rates to our clients.