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    Our Vision

    Let us endeavour to make V-Guard a trusted household name.

    Our Mission

    • To offer a range of products at affordable prices, which add to comfort of life through saving in manual labour, time and energy or for entertainment.
    • To make our products meet international quality standards and provide trouble free performance.
    • To adopt designs, which support timely and efficient post sale service.
    • To continuously innovate and add value to our products, if needed with technical collaboration.
    • To continuously assess and improve customer care.

    Our Philosophy

    It’s no secret that the world around us is weaved on technology. It feeds on innovation and thrives on creativity. Many of the inventions, gadgets and appliances that changed human life dramatically in the 21st century are now beginning to look like misfits in a digitised 22nd century. The ease in our lives is a result of products that not just follow orders, but understand what consumers want, intuitively. This evolved understanding helps them play a more fulfilling role in the lives of consumers.In less than four decades V-Guard has earned itself a reputation for solidity. For designing and manufacturing products that are built to last. For us being rooted in solidity is only the beginning, something we can be proud of but a glory we cannot bask in. Because there is so much more to achieve in a world in which the meaning of a better quality of life is being redefined every day, fuelling greater expectations from the tools that enable a better quality of life.At V-Guard we are not just thinking up the next innovation. We are constantly seeking to understand human life and its relationship with the tools and appliances that he uses. And then to evolve a seamless experience with thoughtfully engineered products in our quest to enriching consumer lives.


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