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Hardwood Plywood

Green BWR Grade Plywood


This is a preservative-treated, water-proof plywood manufactured from select hardwood timbers and the superior bonding strength of the BWR-type synthetic resin adds extra durability to marine and water applications like boats, pontoons, rafts, etc.

Green Club Premium Plywood


Apart from coming with a unique lifetime guarantee, this premium ply is made of 100% Gurjan/Keruing/Hollong timber of dipterocarpus species, Class-I durable type as per IS:5539-1969. It comes with a 1.2mm veneer and is equivalent to structured grade plywood as per IS:10701-1983.

Use of these hardwood species makes Greenclub 100% borer resistant, termite-proof and heavier, ensuring the very best in quality.

In the unlikely event of any deterioration or insect infestation, Greenply stands guarantee to compensate you for the value of the furniture or 3 times the cost of the plywood, whichever is lower.

Higher strength:weight ratio, dimensional stability, uniform strength and high durability makes it superior to any conventional plywood.

In experiments, it was established that a 9mm thick Greenclub plywood has technical properties more than that of 12mm BWR plywood, which effectively means a cost-saving of 25% for you.

Every layer of veneer is processed as per IS:5539 and treated mechanically using the Slit Method making it stress and warp free.

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