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Electronic Taxi Fare Meter With Printer

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Pricol's Electronic Taxi Fare Meter ET-120 is a fully solid state micro-controller based unit which is used in taxis to compute distance and to indicate travel fare accurately
The Electronic Taxi Fare Meter displays the fare as per the prevalent RTA rules. It also displays the Waiting Time and the corresponding waiting fare as per the prevalent RTA rules. The unit also indicates date, total kilometers travelled (from the date of installation of the Taxi Fare Meter), total trip kilometers, total fare (all cumulative), total trips, daily total kilometers and daily total fare (all re-settable).
The Front Panel of the unit features two displays, the Upper Digital Display to indicate Fare and the Lower Digital Display to indicate different function parameters. Three Self Illuminated Select Switches are provided to select the various modes of operation. A sticker indicating the Vehicle Registration Number is also provided.
The Rear Panel of the unit has three tamper proofing screws to enable sealing of the unit by the Road Transport Authorities.
A ‘FOR HIRE’ Flag is provided on the top of the unit to enable the passengers identify if the taxi is vacant or hired.

Electronic Auto Fare Meter

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Pricol's Electronic Auto Fare Meter Model 10R-1 is a solid-state micro controller based unit, which computes and indicates traveled fare and the distance in Auto-Rickshaws.

The Electronic Auto Fare Meter Features:

1.Micro-controller based design to assure efficient and reliable performance.

2.Bright displays to enable easy readability in sunny and bright environment.

3.Incorporation of fare changes by authorized persons.

The Electronic Auto Fare Meter comprises of

1.Electronic Unit with inbuilt sensor

2.Power Supply Unit

3.Flexi cable

Speed Governor (Road Speed Limiter)

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Pricol’s Road Speed Limiter commonly known as Speed Governor is based on state-of-the art micro-controller based technology that assures accurate and smooth operation. In addition to enhancing the safety of the vehicle, the device helps reduction in operational cost and ensures savings on maintenance and repair costs on engine, brakes and tyres. The Road Speed Limiter consists of an Electronic Control Unit, Speed Sensor, Motor Assembly and Spring Rod Assembly. The Speed Sensor generates electronic pulses in relation to the speed of the vehicle and transmits the same to the ECU. Bestowed with intelligence, the ECU computes the speed of the vehicle and continuously monitors the same. Whenever the vehicle reaches the maximum set speed, the ECU activates the motor assembly that controls the movement of the FIP Lever through the Spring Rod Assembly connected in between. By controlling the movement of the FIP Lever, the fuel flow is regulated and vehicle speed is governed. The ECU has a Power ON Indication and a Status Indication to indicate the availability of supply and Input Signal. A communication port is provided in the ECU through which the user can set the Maximum Speed and Vehicle Ratios by means of a Hand Held Programmer. A unique feature for checking the calibration of the ECU by concerned Authorities, at any instant, is possible. The Dual-Acting Motor ensures compatibility in both Push and Pull Type FIP configurations, with a change only in the Spring Rod Assembly. Apart from providing provision for sealing by the Authorities, a unique tamper proofing mechanism senses tampering of system and signals that will reduce the speed of the vehicle well below the maximum set speed to allow the vehicle get back to destination. While the Road Speed Limiter controls the speed of the vehicle, it ensures full power to the engine is available. Pricol Road Speed Limiter offers a myriad of benefits to the fleet operators, drivers and passengers.

Engine Safety System

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Pricol’s engine safety system is a micro-controller based electronic unit used to continuously monitor and control the operation of all diesel engines protecting the engines from costly damages and increasing the life of the engines. The system monitors and displays critical operating parameters like engine rpm, coolant temperature, lube oil temperature, lube oil pressure, battery voltage and cumulative engine run hours. All the abovementioned parameters except cumulative engine run hours and lube oil temperature can be viewed both in analog and digital mode. When a fault occurs, the system indicates the nature of the fault and gives a visual pre-alarm. If the same parameter attains the trip value, the system automatically stops the engine. The system is powered from the engine battery supply, be it 12 or 24 volts. The operating voltage is 8v to 32v. The system can be fitted on all types and models of diesel engines and generators.

Compact Engine Monitoring System

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Pricol’s Engine Monitoring System is a Micro-controller based unit used to continuously monitor and control the operation of all static diesel engines. The System displays critical operating parameters like Engine RPM, Coolant Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Battery Voltage and Cumulative Engine Running Hours. If a fault occurs the System indicates the nature of the fault and it gives a pre-alarm. If the same parameter attains the trip value, the system automatically provides an output signal that can be used to stop the diesel engine. The system is powered from the engine battery supply, be it 12 or 24 volts. It accepts supply voltage from 8V to 32V.

Vehicle Monitoring System

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Pricol's Vehicle Monitoring System is a micro-controller based unit that constantly monitors the speed and later analyses the performance on a computer and tabulates the results with detailed analysis. Various reports based on Vehicle Speed, Stoppages, Heavy Acceleration, Heavy Braking, Signal tampering and Battery Tampering can be generated.

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