Kids Rides

Our range of products include Kids Rides such as Spring Rider Duck, Spring Rider Horse, Spring Rider Fish, Rocking Horse Rider, Spring Rider Mickey, Kiddie Rides and many more items.

Spring Rider Duck

Spring Rider Horse

Spring Rider Fish

Rocking Horse Rider

Spring Rider Mickey

Kiddie Rides

In this range of equipment, we are offering different sorts of kiddie rides that are perfect for enjoyment and fun for the children, who belong to the age group of 2 to 6 years,. The Kiddies Range Play Equipment is designed and installed as per client’s requirements and is manufactured using high quality raw material. The durability and rust resistivity of this range have increased its usage in schools, playgrounds, and amusement parks.


Offered in various sizes, this range comprises the following:


Spring Rider Duck (VPS 01)

Spring Rider Horse (VPS 02)

Spring Rider Fish (VPS 03)

Rocking Horse (VPS 04)

Rocking Boat (VPS 05)

Platform Merry- Go- Round (VPS 06,06A)

4-seater Merry-Go- Round (VPS 02 )

Kids Combination Set , 1Swing,(VPS 08)

Kids Combination Set ,2 Swings, (VPS 09)

Kids Combination Set, Cross & Zero,(VPS 10)

Kids Combination Set ,2 Swings, (VPS 11)

Kids Slide (VPS 12)

Junior Slide (VPS 13)

Junior Swing (VPS 15)

Kids Swing (VPS 14 )

Kids Seesaw (VPS 16)

Junior Seesaw (VPS 18)

Kids Junior Slope Net Climber (VPS 19/19A)

Kids Junior Jungle Gym(VPS 20/20A)

Junior Slide, Stainless Steel (VPS 21)

Wave Slide, FRP ,(VPS 22)

Bear Basket Ball (VPS 23)

Walking Barrel (VPS 24)

Circular Rocking Boat (VPS 25)

Duck Swing (VPS 26A,26B,26c)

Horse Swing ( VPS 27A,27B)

Tarzan Swing (VPS 28 A,B,C)

Horse Swing ( VPS 29 )

Kids Combination Set, Rider Horse (VPS 30)

Spring Rider Mouse ( VPS 31 )

Cross 'N' Zero (VPS 32)



Walking Barrel

Rocking Boat