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Fit & Fine In Body & Mind


Book Name   - Fit & Fine In Body & Mind

Author Name - Tannushree Poddar

Publishers     - V&S Publishers

Hundreds of books are written, every year, on health and fitness but not many reflect on the connection between the mind,body and spirit. It has been proved beyond doubt that this connection is a vital one and healing of the body cannot take place without the healing of the other two factors.Holistic health is about these three elements. A fitness regime without including all the elements is bound to be ineffective in bringing about 'total health fitness'. This book endeavours to unravel the mysteries behind the mind-body connection and shows the path to the ultimate fitness of both, body and mind.

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Ghar Baithe Saundrya Upchar


Book Name   - Ghar Baithe Saundrya Upchar

Author Name - Anpurna Majumdar

Publishers     - V&S Publishers

Fashion and Beauty Care is tremendous craze in modern surroundings. Especially women have become more sensitive to it. Extremely beautiful women are not also finds satisfaction with natural Beauty Care. Always more beautiful than others to show their competing uses tools such as the kind of Nekhaar lives. This kind of cheap and chemical markets littered with hundreds of cosmetics obsession also destroys their real Beauty Care. So you sit home universalisation also fruits, vegetables, spices, etc. ready to try to work your Beauty Care tips always create fresh and Dipadip aglow.3

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Home Beauty Clinic (Hindi)


Book Name   - Home Beauty Clinic (Hindi)

Author Name - Parvesh Handa

Publishers     - V&S Publishers

Facial skin, makeup, cosmetics, hair art and describes the balanced Diet and Nutrition, including pictures of hundreds interpretation. Useful for each member of your Housekeeping. Follow this book and create your beautiful.

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Home Beauty Clinic (English)


Book Name   - Home Beauty Clinic (English)

Author Name - Parvesh Handa

Publishers     - V&S Publishers

Women today become extremely conscious of their looks, appearance and presentation as these attributes impart them a definite edge in bettering their career opportunities, success in higher educational admission and in raising social status. Admittedly every woman may not have the stunning features of Aishwarya Rai or Cleopatra but she does carry a natural inclination to look attractive appealing and dignified. While those lucky to be born beautiful can enhance their appeal others can equip themselves with the vast treasure of knowledge this book succinctly provides.

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The Magic Of Massage


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