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Interesting Stories To Learn Proverbs


Book Name   - Intresting Stories To Learn Proverbs

Author Name - R.K. Murthy

Publishers     - V&S Publishers



As the publisher and supplier of this range, we are offering an extensive assortment of Interesting Stories to Learn Proverbs books. This is highly appreciated for its rich content, creative pictures and innovative stories & ideas among the clients. Further, the offered book is well tested by our quality controllers on various parameters to ensure its quality and durability. This is available in simple and informative language that helps our clients to read and understand the proverbs easily.

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Moral Stories For Children


Book Name   - Moral Stories For Children

Author Name - Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

Publishers     - V&S Publishers

Moral values play an important role in moulding the attitude and approaches of children in their life. Moral values help the children go through the entire cycle of life as good human beings. So it is vital to impart moral values to children.Moral Stories comprises 30 amazing, educative and heart-touching stories with a moral at the end of each story, which will explain the importance and usefulness of moral values in life. Here you will find fun and education at the same place. With awesome illustrations in four-color this book brings stories to life in an imaginative and soothing way. Read to your children (and to yourself as well) and help them improve their imagination and mould their life in a better way.A well-chosen companion for every child.

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Delivery Time: 15 Days

Panchtantra Ki Kathaye Book


Book Name   - Panchtantra Ki Kathaye

Author Name -Acharya Vishnu Sharma

Publishers     - V&S Publishers



HND version of the great classic Sanskrit interesting. Popular stories worldwide policy of the forest animals - birds are created by placing in the center.

Product Code: 13001P
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Kahavato Ki Kahaniya


Book Name   - Kahavato Ki Kahaniya 

Author Name - Dr. Pratap Anam

Publishers     - V&S Publishers



Sayings public life over the years have come away oh hatched and so continues the series is going to stay. These are great fun catchy and meaningful. Kahowtoan using your written format, or create your speech or statement takes the Beauty Care and power. This effectively becomes your written or oral expression and your ideas are weighty. The book was 51 proverbs that are used in everyday life. This query can be read anywhere a child that other Neem climbed the bitter gourd, or sticks his buffalo which they mean? This book does appease their similar queries. Kahowtoan these stories of the birth of the standard have been interesting and entertaining.

Product Code: 13002P
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Manoranjak Kahavate


Book Name   - Manoranjak Kahavate

Author Name - Editorial Board

Publishers     - V & S Publishers




Gaghar saying the ocean is the name of filling. Yun can say that the biggest stories are a reflection of the proverbs that are given just say bluntly clear. Language and regional variation despite the feelings of the society being attached causing s still very popular. The book of many Kahowtoan is instructive as a compilation of selected Kahowtoan not need to learn the invention is the mother of any age and so on. The Sayings Due to its popularity in almost all societies are heard and said and inspiring stories relating to children, the elderly, from the rich entertainment offer is only good values as well as the increases are too.

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Wisdom Tales


Book Name   - Wisdom Tales

Author Name - J.M. Mehta

Publishers     - V&S Publishers

As the name suggests, Wisdom Tales is a collection of 30 stories written and compiled by well-known author, J.M. Mehta. Each story begins with a line of wisdom expressing the crux of the story and teaching a simple but important value of life which should be imbibed by one and all to remain happy and become successful.
The values included in the given stories are honesty, kindness, faith, sacrifice, patience, humility, friendship, gratefulness, sincerity, etc. If we can adopt even some of the above mentioned values in our day to day life, we can improve our conduct and change our lifestyle completely.
In addition to the opening line of wisdom, there is also a box at the end of each story named, "Pearls of Wisdom". This is where the author has emphasized the deep, inner meaning hidden within the story highlighting the moral value associated with it.
Therefore dear readers, go through these invaluable collections of inspiring, enlightening and entertaining stories, and read it out to your family and friends.

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