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Super Hit Jokes


Book Name   - Super Hit Jokes

Author Name - Harish Yadav

Publishers     - V&S Publishers

In this sense it Superhit Jokes Jokes ie, because they hear all the time everywhere and are used much more telling and very popular.

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Kabir Chaura


Book Name   - Kabir Chaura

Author Name -Dr. Maharuddin Khan

Publishers    - V&S Publishers

Price            - 60 Rs.

Pages          - 112

Product Code: 12601P
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Kya Khub Chutkule


Book Name   - Kya Khub Chutkule


Author Name - Harish Yadav


Publishers     - V&S Publishers

Well done all the jokes are compiled in this book,
you hansate - hansate lotpot will.

Product Code: 12603P
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Aao Hass Le


Book Name   - Aao Hass Le


Author Name - Harish Yadav


Publishers     - V&S Publishers



This highly popular book is a joke. In every color, every hour that the plethora of jokes. These are also plenty Ahnsate Gudgudate too. That in itself is the laugh's box.

Product Code: 12608P
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Rangarang Hasya Kavi Sammelan


Book Name   - Rangarang Hasya Kavi Sammelan 


Author Name - Prem Kishor Patakha


Publishers     - V&S Publishers



Country's humor - funny satire of poets catchy and full of color unique collection of poems that, you also Ahanasao Gudgudao too.

Product Code: 12605P
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Singhasan Battisee


Book Name   - Singhasan Battisee


Author Name - Ganga Prasad Sharma


Publishers     - V&S Publishers



Hundreds of years have held interesting and entertaining story, which is always popular in villages and towns have been left. As now presented new to readers.

Product Code: 12606P
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Rib Tickling Jokes


Book Name   - Rib Tickling Jokes


Author Name - R.K Murthy


Publishers     - V&S Publishers



Laugh your way to long life! The humourist, R.K. Murthi has tapped the depths of humour, struck a rich vein of rib–tickling jokes and put them together between the covers of this slim volume. These are jokes shared with friends, relations and colleagues during interaction with them which whipped up laughter on every occasion. Quite a few have been garnerned from books, newpapers, magazines, radio and TV programmes. These have been put together and presented under suitable headings for you to savour at leisure.

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Medical Jokes And Humour


Book Name   - Medical Jokes and Humour

Author Name - Clifford Sawhney

Publishers     - V&S Publishers

While many Indian joke books are jokes themselves, this book avoids the pitfalls by its professional approach towards compilation, rewriting and editing. The book comprises the world’s best medical jokes, quips, quotes and humour. Bold and bawdy lines that don’t make it between the covers of joke books in India make an appearance here. Unlike many joke books that are a start-to-finish affair without categorisation, this book is divided into 21 chapters that facilitate easy reading. The chapters include: Nurses, Surgeons, Gynaecologists, AIDS, Veterinarians, Optometrists, Limericks, Wisecracks and a Medical Glossary, amongst others. This book is not meant for those whose sensibilities are easily hurt or people with an ill-developed sense of humour. But for those who love non-vegetarian fare of medical humour, this book is just what the doctor prescribed!

Product Code: 02607P
Delivery Time: 15 Days

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