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Plain Gold Necklace Set (Type-1)

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A resplendent necklace in sheer gold makes for the perfect wedding accessory. Feel the magic of this exquisitely crafted gold necklace around your neck. Traditional in design, timeless in wearability, it comes with matching long earrings and will make a valuable addition to the trousseau.

Product Code: VBJOWGN1-09

Plain Gold Necklace Set (Type-2)

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Fit for a princess, this exquisite antique finish necklace is a poem of fluid lines. It undulates along the neck and flows into a long cascade of crafted gold embellished with lime green Peridot and pale plum Tourmalines. The Fine trellised workmanship distinguishes this gold set. The wide necklace is the epitome of master craftsmanship in swirls of gold, interspersed with shiny gold beads. A delicate and airy jhumka pendant adds the finishing touch. It comes with long jhumkas to match. This timeless set is perfect for “center-of-attraction” dressing.

Product Code: VBJ-OW-GN-2-09

Plain Gold Necklace Set (Type-3)

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This bewitching necklace in gold is testimony to beauty in variety - different styles and crafted gold pieces come together to create a masterpiece. The twisted gold rope plays host to flat gold loops, which in turn are attached to lace-like gold trellis, ending in triangular filigree gold pieces. Strung together, the necklace looks enchanting, and comes with matching earrings.

Product Code: VBJOWGN3-09

Gold Filigree Peacock Jhumkas

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Imagine the tinkle of gold bells, gently swaying in sultry sea breeze. These jhumkas are fine specimens of delicate filigree work in gold. Inspired by fauna, the top of the earrings, echo the beauty of the peacock. Dripping gold droplets melt into a gold filigree cupola, edged in a lace-like row of gold bells. Going traditional just got fashionable.

Product Code: VBJOWGE1-09

Set Of 12 Gold Bangles

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Steal some skeins of golden sunlight from the sun, and wrap them gently around your wrist. This set of 12 gold bangles echo the magic of golden sunlight, tracing a floral pattern all round. Delicate and feminine, they are a welcome addition to trousseau shopping.

Product Code: VBJOWGB3-09

Filigree Gold Pendant & Earrings (Type-2)

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Inspired by the beauty of a proud peacock in all his splendour, this filigree pendant in sheer gold is encircled with deep plum tourmalines. The large oval tourmaline in the centre and the tourmaline droplet complete the picture of unparalleled beauty. It comes with matching earrings. The contemporary twist brings style to life.

Product Code: VBJOWGP3-09

Gold Choker Set

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Echoing the irresistible lure of gold, this gold choker set is a fine display of exquisite craftsmanship. Gold beads, gold balls and gold paisleys are deftly crafted into a timeless necklace. Matching jhumkas complete the set. string of An interesting addition to your collection. Succumb to the magic of timeless sophistication.

Product Code: VBJOWGN6-09

Plain Gold Necklace Set (Type-4)

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Gold never loses its sheen. This curvaceous gold necklace is fluid in form and design. The necklace is a melange of gold beads, gold rope and gold paisleys, descending into a diamond shaped pendant, edged with dangling clusters of gold beads. It comes with matching gold earrings. Dress up your ethnic wear. A priceless acquisition to make a style statement all your own.

Product Code: VBJOWGN5-09

Plain Gold Necklace Set (Type-5)

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Worship the goddess of wealth, and bring home prosperity! Inspired by the traditional kasumalai, this necklace reflects a string of tiny gold coins with the image of Lakshmi, deftly linked to create a timeless necklace. Small coin earrings add the finishing touch. The fragrance of incense sticks and fresh flowers forms the backdrop.

Product Code: VBJOWGN7-09

Gold Balis

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A duet in textured and polished gold, these balis (hoops) are contemporary in style and design. Charmingly intertwined loops in gold create stylish earrings that are young in spirit and timeless in design. These hoops give an appearance of being magically afloat.

Product Code: VBJOWGE2-09

Filigree Gold Pendant & Earrings (Type-1)

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The beauty of gold is unparalleled. Inspired by nature, and echoing the fine etchings of an artist, this exquisite leaf shaped gold pendant comes with matching earrings. Minute twirled gold ropes are strung together to create a filigree leaf pattern, while delicate gold skeins trace the veins of the leaf. Contemporary jewellery just got a new style.

Product Code: VBJOWGP4-09

Gold Chain (Type-2)

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Take a few strands of golden sunlight and connect them with miniscule shimmering, silvery satellites. This gold chain is contemporary and wearable. Understated, feminine and simple, the golden loops play host to rhodium polished gold beads. A duet in silver and gold, this delicate chain creates a magical yet lasting impression.

Product Code: VBJOWGC2-09

Gold Chain (Type-1)

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Simple and elegant, this gold chain is very wearable and timeless. Small gold beads are linked together, interspersed with larger gold beads to break the monotony, as they add a sense of drama. The gold hook ensures safety of wear. Make this your daughter’s first gold chain.

Product Code: VBJOWGC1-09

Long Gold Necklace Set

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The strains of the nadaswaram and the rustle of silk form the backdrop for this long bridal necklace in gold. Flat and wide gold filigree with gold bows make for a distinguished long necklace, which melts into a four tiered pendant. The tinkle of bunched up gold beads adds to the tinkle of the bride’s laughter. Long gold earrings come with a gold chain for support and comfort.

Product Code: VBJOWGN8-09

Gold Filigree Bangles

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Take a handful of sunflower petals and string them together to make a pair of bangles. The charm and allure of delicate artistry is reflected in this exquisite pair of gold filigree bangles. The oval shaped, layered petal design appears in scallops to create an airy and light effect. The freshness of design enhances the marvelous craftsmanship.

Product Code: VBJOWGB1-09

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