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  • About Wanbury Limited

    Our Mission

    • We, at Wanbury, want to build a company that people are proud of and committed to; where all employees have an opportunity to contribute, learn, grow, and advance on merits
    • We will continue to build a business model which is sustainable, growth-oriented and profitable.
    • We will worship exceptional and superior performance, concentrating on high-quality training and development.
    • We will continuously challenge status-quo/maintenance and simultaneously encourage and recognize stretch and growth
    • We will work hard not only to satisfy but delight our customers, thereby surpassing their expectations.
    • We will strive to make Wanbury one of the preferred employers.

    Our Vision

    • To keep improving the quality of life by offering value added novel products that are technologically innovative, cost-effective and of superior quality, surpassing expectations of customers across the globe
    • To have a $1 billion market cap
    • To be the fastest growing pharma company in India

    Our Values

    Respect for people
    * Valuing diversity
    * Developing trust and openness
    * Focusing on listening and feedback
    * Treating people with respect and dignity
    * New ideas
    * Unconventional thinking
    * Risk taking
    * Right to make mistakes
    Sense of urgency
    * Focusing on priorities and value-adding tasks
    * Speed of action
    * Fighting bureaucracy
    * Delivering
    Result focus
    * Taking on challenging goals
    * Meeting commitments and delivering quality results
    * Adhering to set objectives and standards
    * Measuring performance at regular periods
    * Motivating and energizing others
    * Leading by example
    * Acting in accordance with company vision & values
    * Maintain high personal work standards
    * Cooperating and collaborating with colleagues
    * Encouraging and supporting colleagues to achieve goals
    * Focusing on both team and individual goals
    * Creating partnerships and using skills of others to excel in performance
    Customer focus
    * Understanding the changing needs and expectations of customers
    * Delighting both internal and external customers
    * Adjusting service based on customer feedback thereby surpassing customers expectations
    * Take personal responsibility for serving customers

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    Rs 1100 Pieces
    Approximate Price - Rs 1 per 100 Pieces
    Rs 7803 Pieces
    Approximate Price - Rs 780 per 3 Pieces