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    The Mill is located on leasehold land of 240 acres. Dandeli town is connected with Broad gauge railway line on Miraj-Bangalore section at Alnavar Junction. The Company has railway siding up to the factory site. The Pune-Bangalore highway is about 35 KM from factory site. The company also has lease of additional 80 acres of land for Effluent Treatment Plant, Railway Siding etc.

    Raw material:

    The main source of raw material is wood i.e., Eucalyptus, Casuarina, Subabul & other Hardwood to the extent of 100% of the furnish. The use of Bamboo, which was earlier the main source of the raw material, has been discontinued since 1989 when the long term agreements (which were supposed to have remained in force till 2003) were terminated on account of National Forest Policy. However, with the gregarious flowering taking place, now bamboo is available and hence is being used in small quantities. Some quantity of Pine wood pulp is also imported for manufacturing specialty papers. The present total raw material requirement is about 3,80,000 MT per annum for meeting which the Company is dependent on private cultivators and procures the same from within the state as well as from Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu & Pondicherry and no problem is faced in its movement. Eco-friendly environment norms are strictly observed in this regard.


    The water is drawn from Kali river - a perennial river. The water is soft and of very low iron contents, pure and potable. The water requirement is of the order of 75,000 to 80,000 KL/day.


    Though the company has a dual system of drawing purchased and self generated power, it has achieved total self-sufficiency on power front – having 4 turbines with capacity totaling to 40.30 MW, 3 multi-fuel based power plants of 11.84 MW - aggregate captive power generating capacity being 52.14 MW. It has contracted demand of 8,250 KVA from the HESCOM Dandeli.


    The Company has 3 coal fired FBC boilers (Capacity 60 TPH, 65 TPH & 80 TPH) and one chemical recovery boiler to meet the steam demand for process as well as power generation.(Capacity 79.5 TPH) There are 3 Waste Heat Recovery Boilers of 2 TPH each to recover waste heat from Multifuel based power plants.

    Quality Control/Central Laboratory:

    The Company has a fully equipped laboratory for quality control and to conduct research on raw material and process. Detailed analysis of process materials, intermediate product, water, effluent stack gases etc., is carried out in the central laboratory. Customers service, complaints, product development apart from normal work of inspection, testing and monitoring is done by the Quality Control Laboratory.

    Research & Development Centre:

    The Company has set up a separate Research & Development Centre with modern facilities to carry out research on various activities.

    Industrial Safety:

    The Company has facilities for ensuring industrial safety, which are more than required by the law. A Safety Department, with qualified and trained people, is fully equipped with safety tools/tackles. The Company has a separate Fire Brigade with adequate number of hydrants spread over the entire mill area.

    The Company is meeting the standards laid down by Pollution Control Board for air & water (effluent) treatment and is also making conscious efforts to reduce water consumption. The Consents under Air & Water Acts granted by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board are valid.

    Social Activities:

    The Company maintains a self-sufficient

    Aim / Vision / Mission

    Aim / Vision / Mission


    Team / Manpower

  • Mr. K.L. Chandak, Executive Director
  • Mr. S.S. Pal, President (Technical)
  • Mr. J.K. Mandelia, President (Corporate)
  • Mr. V.Subbiah, Vice President (Marketing)
  • Mr. V.V. Bhatt, Vice President (Marketing)
  • Mr. B K Bhuyan, Vice President (Operations)
  • Mr. P.K. Mundra, Vice President (Finance & Company Secretary)
  • Clientele

    And here is a glimpse of our partial client list:

    • Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd.
    • PG Foils Limited
    • Godfrey Philips India Ltd.
    • Kores (India) Ltd.
    • Paper Products Ltd.
    • State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Central Bank of India, Syndicate Bank
      Canara Bank, Punjab & Sindh Bank, Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, etc.
    • Security Printing Press, Government of India, Hyderabad and Nasik
    • Madras Security Printers
    • Calcutta Security Printers
    • Manipal Power Press
    • Speciality Coatings & Laminations Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
    • Gateway Coated Papers, Haryana
    • Surya Coats Pvt Ltd., Ahmedabad
    • Sarda Coats, Mumbai
    • Malhotra Book Depot, Delhi
    • Rohit Pulp & Paper Board Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
    • Lakhanpal Batteries, Baroda
    • Kiran Datta Forms, Mumbai
    • Vijay Flexible Containers - VFC
    • New Man Press, Chennai
    • Reliance Printers, Bangalore
    • Swadhya Printers & Packaging, Indore
    • Cartoon World, Cochin
    • Coromandal Cartons & Containers, Visakha Pattanam
    • Eagle Flask Ind. Ltd., Tategaon
    • Polite Printers, Goregaon
    • Metal Box (I) Ltd., Mumbai
    • 21st Century, Mumbai

      & various other reputed printers, converters and merchant exporters.

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