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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together." –James Cash Penney:

The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. (WCPM) has evolved in the last 55 years and is indebted for your constant support and encouragement that has instilled in us the momentum to go ahead with our dreams. We believe and envision a bright future for our nation and strive hard to fulfill all requisites to achieve the same through innovation and hard work. What we are today is a result of thousands of hands working together to build this company that serves the nation in its growth and development. The government has supported our endeavours to build a strong industry, while we have supported our nation by providing quality paper products that serve numerous industries like printing and publishing, writing and packaging. Even when the world was hit by recession, we successfully maintained our stability through our vision and strength.Often we hear that we will become a paperless culture in the near future. However, in India it will take many more years to become a reality due to less access to technology such the Internet, boost in primary education, and the culture to keep a copy of all important documents. Even then a paperless society will not happen in future as books will get published and products will need to be packaged. Over the years, we aim to increase our turnover rate through incremental sales.

The increasing demand for paper is fuelled mainly by the demand in developing countries such as those in Asia and Africa, while demand for paper has decreased in developed countries all over the world. WCPM has acted proactively to identify the market trend and augmented its capacity on time. Therefore, we are poised to gain from the 'first-movers advantage' in the paper market.

WCPM has invested wisely in securing raw materials, focusing on research on technological development, complying with government policies on environment, and locking in capital requirements. We have started to get results from these investments in the form of increased profits, greater customer satisfaction, and a healthier environment. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders as together we are about to enter the premium segment in the industry. With hard work, innovation, and ambition, the future is ours.


  • Location:
The Mill is located on leasehold land of 240 acres. Dandeli town is connected with Broad gauge railway line on Miraj-Bangalore section at Alnavar Junction. The Company has railway siding up to the factory site. The Pune-Bangalore highway is about 35 KM from factory site. The company also has lease of additional 80 acres of land for Effluent Treatment Plant, Railway Siding etc.
  • Raw material:
The main source of raw material is wood i.e., Eucalyptus, Casuarina, Subabul & other Hardwood to the extent of 100% of the furnish. The use of Bamboo, which was earlier the main source of the raw material, has been discontinued since 1989 when the long term agreements (which were supposed to have remained in force till 2003) were terminated on account of National Forest Policy. However, with the gregarious flowering taking place, now bamboo is available and hence is being used in small quantities. Some quantity of Pine wood pulp is also imported for manufacturing specialty papers.
  • Water:
The water is drawn from Kali river - a perennial river. The water is soft and of very low iron contents, pure and potable. The water requirement is of the order of 75,000 to 80,000 KL/day.
  • Power:
Though the company has a dual system of drawing purchased and self generated power, it has achieved total self-sufficiency on power front – having 4 turbines with capacity totaling to 40.30 MW, 3 multi-fuel based power plants of 11.84 MW - aggregate captive power generating capacity being 52.14 MW. It has contracted demand of 8,250 KVA from the HESCOM Dandeli.
  • Steam:
The Company has 3 coal fired FBC boilers (Capacity 60 TPH, 65 TPH & 80 TPH) and one chemical recovery boiler to meet the steam demand for process as well as power generation.(Capacity 79.5 TPH) There are 3 Waste Heat Recovery Boilers of 2 TPH each to recover waste heat from Multifuel based power plants.
  • Quality Control/Central Laboratory:
The Company has a fully equipped laboratory for quality control and to conduct research on raw material and process. Detailed analysis of process materials, intermediate product, water, effluent stack gases etc., is carried out in the central laboratory. Customers service, complaints, product development apart from normal work of inspection, testing and monitoring is done by the Quality Control Laboratory.
  • Research & Development Centre:
The Company has set up a separate Research & Development Centre with modern facilities to carry out research on various activities.
  • Industrial Safety:
The Company has facilities for ensuring industrial safety, which are more than required by the law. A Safety Department, with qualified and trained people, is fully equipped with safety tools/tackles. The Company has a separate Fire Brigade with adequate number of hydrants spread over the entire mill area. The Company is meeting the standards laid down by Pollution Control Board for air & water (effluent) treatment and is also making conscious efforts to reduce water consumption. The Consents under Air & Water Acts granted by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board are valid.
  • Social Activities:
The Company maintains a self-sufficient

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide quality products And services at optimum cost and to continually improve The quality management system through tqm approach for ensuring Customers' satisfaction on a sustained basis.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Mr. S.K.Bangur: Chairman & Managing Director
  • Mr. Saurabh Bangur: Vice-Chairman
  • Mr. Premal N. Kapadia: Director
  • Mr. Krishna Kumar Karwa: Director
  • Mr. Rajendra Jain: Director (Operations)
  • Mr. Rajendra Jain: Director (Operations)
  • Mrs. Shashi Devi Bangur
  • Mr. K.L. ChandakExecutive: Director
  • Utpal Bhattacharyya: t.Gen[Retd]Director
  • Mr.MP.Taparia: Director

Our Mission

  • To achieve customer loyalty by providing the highest standards of quality products suitable for various business segments and all age groups.
  • To focus on innovation through constant research and development in production and processes using a raw material and technology that protect the environment and the interests of future generations.

Our Vision

To excel in serving demands of paper and paper products worldwide.

Our Philosophy

Eminent industrialists are at the helm of The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd., steering it towards a future envisioned by its founders. We believe in nurturing an atmosphere of creativity and innovation besides maintaining a disciplined approach to strive relentlessly towards our goals.

Since its establishment in 1955, we, at The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd., have focused on growth from all aspects alongside the growth and development of our nation. In order to fulfill our dreams and dreams of thousands of our stakeholders, we have made forays into technological research that helps us in augmenting our growth.

Our Group of Companies

  • Sudarshan Telecom, Mysore
Sudarshan Telecom is a unit of The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. It is a leading producer of telecom cables in India. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of Sudarshan Telecom is located at the Hi-Tech electronics zone in Mysore (140 Km from Bangalore). The company has the capacity to produce 50,000 Km of optical fibre cable and 1.5 million CKM of PIJF copper telephone cable per year.
  • The Thirumbadi Rubber Company Ltd.
The rubber plantation estate of this company is spread over 1,800 acres at Mukkom, Calicut (Kozhikode) Kerala. Seven lacsKgs of Single and Double Centrifuged Natural Rubber Latex and Natural Dry Rubber-ISNR 10 & 20 are processed and manufactured by Thirumbadi Rubber Company.

Our Management

The management team or senior management at The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. guide thousands of employees to provide innovative paper solutions to clients all over the world. The board of directors and shareholders has together conferred executive powers to our highly experienced senior management team. The responsibility of managing the day-to-day activities of our company lies on the capable shoulders of these ten member strong executive management team.

Our management team at The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. boasts of an unmatched history of success in providing quality paper products to meet various types of industrial as well as individual needs. These leaders at the highest rung of organizational management bring with them expertise in diverse areas of business. The seniors in our top management team are as follows:
Management Team Members

  • Mr. K. L. Chandak, Executive Director
  • Mr. Rajendra Jain Director (Operations)
  • Mr. B. H Rathi, President (Operations)
  • Mr. P. K. Mundra, President (Finance) & Company Secretary
  • Mr. B. K. Bhuyan, Sr.Vice President (Operations)
  • Mr. S.N. Patil, Vice President (Human Resource)
  • Mr. Vimal Arora, Vice President (Purchase & Administration)
  • Mr. P. C. Maloo, Vice President (Marketing )
Telecom Cable Division
  • Mr. V. Bangur, Chief Exectutive Officer

Our Milestones

The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. is one of the pioneers in India and in Asia for using advanced technology in paper production. Creativity and innovation are at the core of all the milestones that we have achieved till date. With a large number of "firsts" up our sleeve, The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. is truly the leader in paper manufacturing in India. Some of our noteworthy milestones are as follows:

  • We are the first company in Asia to install twin-wire Papriformer paper machine.
  • We are the first to use synthetic wire on paper machine in India.
  • In India, The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. is the first company to install Drum Chipper (supplied by Pallmann, Germany), Disk Refiners, Rotary Limekilin to reburnlimesludge, 330 TPD Sids Chemical Recovery Boiler, and FBC Coal-fired Boiler.
  • We are the first to establish and use sulphuric acid in India as a protective agent in conventional bleaching.
  • In India, we are the first company to use 100% hardwood, replacing 100% bamboo.
  • We are the first company in India that has successfully established a well equipped Research Centre attached with a paper mill.
  • We are the first to introduce captive plantation in India.
  • In India, we are the first to introduce a chemical recovery boiler of 500 solids per day capacity.
  • Our net profit increased from Rs 31.86 crores to Rs 36.04 crores and the earnings per share from Rs. 35.64 to Rs. 40.31.
  • We have successfully installed a 100 TPD Duplex Board Machine and 350 TPD brown stock washing equipments at our paper manufacturing plant.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. supports the local community in the villages surrounding the mill in a number of ways which include employment, health care, education, and various other facilities. The initiatives that we have undertaken over the years under our corporate social responsibility involve more than direct and indirect employment. Our social activities have made us an integral part of the lives of people living nearby.We have successfully maintained the villages of Dandeli through initiatives that have touched the lives of thousands in the region. WCPM maintains a colony in Dandeli that is self-sufficient with the help of facilities like hospital, shopping complex, temple, club, theatre, and a cable TV network. JalNirmanYojna is a project undertaken by the district administration and is partly funded by The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.Our CSR initiatives for the villages include the following:

  • water supply projects
  • school uniform distributions
  • subsidized notebook distributions
  • cattle vaccination programmes
  • distributions of medicines
  • medical facilities such as mobile health care units
  • drinking water arrangements
  • drinking water arrangements for cattle
  • organizing social awareness programmes
The Dandeli Education Society has been receiving our financial support regularly since 1963. This society comprises the premier educational network in Dandeli as it runs a number of educational institutions in the area. These include primary education, two pre-university colleges and a degree college. Professional courses on industrial chemistry, functional English, microbiology, pulp and paper technology, and many others are conducted by the society with the help for our CSR wing.The CSR wing of WCPM also works towards the protection and conservation of the environment in a number of ways. Our research and development wing has taken measures to stabilize fly-ash dumps through biological means so as to reduce air pollution in the area surrounding the mill. We also promote agroforestry among local landholders.
  • Environment And Wcpm :
As a responsible corporate, WCPM recognizes the importance of aligning its business interests with that of the world's critical need for a cleaner environment. This conviction is enshrined in a comprehensive environment management policy, which is practiced across the organization. Guided by the principle of environment responsibility, the company manufactures paper and Boards using a raw material and a technology that protects the earth's resources and bio-diversity for generations to come.

The Company is committed towards green production, resource conservation, and responsible waste management. This commitment from wcpm has reflected in its 'minimum impact-best process' technology: green production, resource conservation, responsible waste management and a reduced pollution load.

We at West Coast Paper Mills Pvt LTD Dandeli, Karnataka are committed to:
  • Comply With all applicable environmental legislation
  • Continously improve upon the environmental performance by:
  • Afforestation by social and farm forestry on degraded and unproductive lands by clonal technology supported by micro and macro propagation.
  • Recycle critical resources like water, lime mud and pulp mill fibrous solid waste.
  • Set environmental objectives and targets and periodically review them
  • Upgrade all plants with stato of the art technologies and operating practice to minimize generation of pollution at source.
  • Generate and use energy efficiently and to become self sufficient in power.
  • Green belt development to protect and preserve the ecosystem.

Our Ethics

As per the Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement pertaining to Corporate Governance, the Company has to evolve and implement a ‘Code of Conduct’ for all members of the Board and Senior Management (hereinafter collectively referred as ‘Officers’). All the Board members and Senior Management personnel shall abide by and affirm the compliance of the Code of Conduct on an annual basis. The Annual Report of the Company shall contain a declaration to this effect signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Contravention of the SEBI Code would lead to serious consequences for the Company and its directors and such Senior Management personnel who would be liable for of fines, penalties and also for prosecution under SEBI Act.

  • Explanation: For this purpose, the term “senior management” shall mean personnel of the company who are members of its core management team excluding Board of Directors. Normally, this would comprise all members of management one level below the executive directors, including all functional heads. This Code of Conduct of the Company shall be known as “WCPM – Code of Conduct” (hereinafter referred as “The Code”). This Code has been evolved pursuant the SEBI directives and Stock Exchange Listing Agreement. Wherever there is any variation between the provisions of the Code and the provisions of Listing Agreement, the latter would prevail over the provisions of the code.
The objective of the Code is to ensure compliance with legal requirements and set standards for business conduct so that concerned officers act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and ethical conduct, while working for and on behalf of the Company. This Code of Conduct helps ensure compliance with legal requirements and sets standards for business conduct. All the concerned are expected to read and understand this Code, to uphold these standards in day-to-day activities and comply with all applicable policies and procedures. Please sign the acknowledgement form at the end of this Code of Conduct and return the form to the Finance/Secretarial Department indicating that you have received, read, understand and agree to comply with the Code.

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