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Soil Testing Equipment

Our Soil Testing Equipment are fabricated with finest quality raw materials and extensively used to test various qualitative features of soil such as permeability, weight and moisture. Our huge collection can be summed as Load Frame 5000 Kgf. (Motorised) With 3 Speeds - (LF-04), Marsh Cone - (MC-01), Moisture Tins - (MT-01), Permeability - (PR-01), Soil Permeability Apparatus – (PR-02) and many more, which can be availed at very reasonable price.

Item Code: CBR-02

California Bearing Ratio Tester (Hand Operated):

The equipment consists one each of the following: Load frame, Hand operated, Capacity 5000kg. with high and low rates of travel of the load screw. Mould made frame Gun-metal / Brass, 150mm internal dia x 175mm high, with perforated base plate and extension collar 50mm high. Penetration piston, face dia 50mm with adjustable bracket for penetration dia gauge. Circular metal space disc, 148mm dia x 47.7mm high, with detachable handle. Annular metal weight, 2.5 kg., 147mm dia with 53mm dia central hole. Slotted metal weight, 2.5 kg., 147 mm dia with 53 dia slot. Perforated plate made of Gun-metal / Brass 148mm dia with adjustable stem and lock nut and a metal tripod for dia gauge. Cutting collar, Rammer 2.6 kg. weight with drop of 310mm. Rammer 4.89 kg. with drop of 450mm. Supplied without proving ring and dial gauge.

Item Code: CPR-01

Proving rings are used for load measurements and are used in outfits of a number of Soil / Cement & Bitumen Testing Equipments like Direct Share Test Apparatus, Triaxial Share Test Apparatus, CBR Test, Unicontained Test, Marshall Test etc. They are made out of special steel carefully forged to give maximum strength and machined to give highest sensitivity combined with stability to ensure long life and accuracy. When Compressive or tensile load is applied within the elastic range, the proving rings get temporarily deformed. This deformation is measured by a sensitive dial gauge fixed co-axially at the center of proving ring. The dial gauge readings thus obtained versus load applied enable the operator to find out unknown load, just by noteing the dial gauge reading for unknown load. The proving rings have high elasticity and on removing load they regain their original shape provided they are loaded in their elastic limits.

A Dial gauge and plunger anvil are mounted on brackets clamped to the ring body. The dial gauge is held perfectly rigid without the remote chance of shifting due to inadvertent shocks or pressures exerted on it. The dial gauge plunger rests on an adjustable anvil. Proving Rings , from 50 kg to 1,00,000kg capacity provided with 1/2 inch B.S.F femal threads.Loading bosses and a loading ball nipple and steel ball are supplied with each rings.Rings of capacity over 25000kg (or 25 Tonnes) are not thus threaded.Each ring is individually calibrated and supplied with works calibration chart and a carrying case.

Calibration charts from Standard Laboratories for the Proving Rings ordered are also available at extra cost.

All Proving Rings are Integral Type.

Integral type Compressive Proving Rings of different capacities from 50kgf to 200000kgf are available.

(a) above cap. 50 to 500kg.
(b) above cap. 500 to 3000kg.
(c) above cap. 3000 to 5000kg.
(d) above cap. 5000 to 10000 kg.
(e) above cap. 10000 to 20000 kg.
(f) above cap. 20000 to 30000kg.
(g) above cap. 30000 to 50000 kg.
(h) above cap. 50000 to 100000 kg.
(i) above cap. 100000 to 200000 kg.
(j) above cap. 200000 to 300000 kg.

Item Code: CPR-02

Tension Compression Proving Rings are having standard 1/2" (BSF Threads) and for measuring tension , 2 Nos. tension rods having male threads at both ends are supplied.

For measuring loads in compression these tension rods are removed and the ring can be used in usual way.Works calibration charts for tension and with each ring . Supplied complete with tension rods in a carrying case.

Note : We can also supply the following Proving Rings. 1. Tension cum compression proving ring upto 10,000kg capacity. 2. Double proving Rings.

Item Code: CP-01

For determining the Liquid Limit of soils. This is specially useful to obtain reliable and accurate results for those soils which have low plasticity index. The percentage moisture contents determined when cone with half angle of 15-30 minutes under a total sliding weight of 148 gm penetrates 25 mm gives the Liquid Limit.

Item Code: CC-01

This is used for determination of in situ dry density of natural or compacted fine grained soil, free from aggregates. A cylindrical cutter is used to extract a sample of the soil with the help of a dolley and rammer. From the weight, density and the moisture, and dry density of the soil is readily calculated.

Salient Features

Specifications :It consists one each of : Cylindrical core cutter made of steel, 127.3 mm long and 100mm internal diameter. Steel Dolley, 25 mm high with a lip to enable it to be located on top of the core cutter. Rammer with detachable steel rod.

Spare, Optional Extra and Accessories:

1) Cylindrical core cutter 100 mm I.D. x 175 mm long.
2) Cylindrical core cutter 100 mm I.D. x 175 mm long.
3) Cylindrical core cutter 100 mm I.D. x 175 mm long.
4) Dolley.
5) Test form pad of 50.

Item Code: DSA-04

Direct Shear Apparatus (Motorised 12 Speeds):

Same as above but unit is electrically operated to give the following 12 rates or strains. 1.25, 0.625, 0.25, 0.125, 0.05, 0.025, 0.01, 0.005, 0.002, 0.001, 0.0004 and 0.0002 mm/min. The apparatus is suitable for operation on 230 volts single phase A.C. Supply.

Item Code: EFH-01

This extractor Frame is used for taking ut soil samples compacted or undisturbed, from 100 mm dia and 150 mm dia cylinders such as core cutters, Proctor moulds, C.B.R. moulds etc.

Salient Features

Specifications : It consists of a 5 Tone capacity hand operated, hydraulic jack mounted on a suitable frame. Two plungers, one for 100 mm dia and the other of 150 mm dia moulds are supplied. One thrust plate for 150 mm dia and one for 100 mm dia specimens are also supplied. Height of thrust plate is adjustable.

Accessories : Set of Plungers adaptors and thrust plates for 38 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm dia specimen.

Item Code: EFU-01

Extractor Frame Universal (Hand Operated):

Designed to extract specimens from almost every type of sampling tube and mould used in solid engineering laboratory or in the field. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally as desired. It has an unique feature that three 38 mm dia sample.

Comprises of a frame designed for screw jack operation, one each of the adaptor plates and plunger adaptors for 38 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm diameters specimens and a stand to obtain simultaneously three 38 mm diameter samples from one 100 mm diameter sample. The adaptor plate which slides along the slotted supports can be claimed at any desired position by means of locking nuts. Besides this, the tube or mould can be held in position by raising the tube guides and held in position with locking screws. The lead screw movement can be stopped at any predetermined position by tightening the lead screw collar. Plunger adaptor for 200 mm dia samples. Adaptor plate with 200 mm dia hole and device to extract B number 38 mm dia samples.

Item Code: HSS-01

This is for mechanical analysis and also other laboratory applications for stirring. Speed approximately 4000rpm under load. A dispersion cup is supported on a rest on the stand of the stirrer and has a removal baffle.

For operation on 230-250 volts A.C.
Supplied without dispersion cup or baffle.

Item Code: LPA-01

This designed for application of cell pressures upto 10 kg/cm2 on a triaxial specimen in the triaxial cell. This unit is mostly used in routine which last for about 10 to 15 minutes wherein the variations of cell pressure can be tolerated.

Salient Features

Specifications : The apparatus consists of a pressure chamber which has a flanged top cap fitted with a 10 Kg/cm². Pressure gauge and a schrader valve for pumping in air. Water inlet and drain cock are fitted to the chamber. The foot pump supplied easily develops a pressure of 10 Kg/cm². Complete with connecting pressure hose.

Item Code: LLD-01

Casagrande method in mechanical form is known as Liquid Limit Method and has been in use for soil mechanics for a number of years. The Liquid Limit data of soils is useful to correlate mechanical properties of soil, such as compressibility and lower shear strength. Liquid limit is the water content at which soil passes from zero strength to an infinitesimal strength, hence the true value of liquid limit cannot be determined. For determination purpose liquid limit is that water content at which a part of soil, cut by a groove of standard dimensions, will flow together for a distance of 1.25 cm under an impact of 25 blows in a standard liquid limit apparatus. The soil at the water content has some strength which is about 0.17 N/cm.sq. (17gms/sq.cm.) At this water content soil just passes from liquid state to plastic state.

Salient Features

Specifications :It consists of a brass cup held on an adjustable bracket. The cup can be adjusted for a fall of 1cm and can be raised and dropped on a rubber base of standard hardness by cam action. Complete with one casegrande grooving tool, one ASTM Grooving tool and a heigh gauge block (Type A of IS 9259)

Item Code: LLD-02

Liquid Limit Device (With Counter): Fitted With A Counter To Register The Number Of Blows

Item Code: LLD-03

Liquid Limit Device (Motorised):

Same as above but fitted with a motor geared down to give approximately 120 r.p.m. Suitable for operation on 230 Volts, single phase, 50 cycles, A.C. supply.

Spares: Casegrande grooving tool. ASTM Grooving tool, Height block, 1 cm high.

Item Code: LF-01

Load Frames are used to apply load on the test specimen. The capacity and speed depends on the requirement of a particular test. Load Frames are used in C.B.R. Triaxial, Unconfined Compression Test etc.

Item Code: LF-02

Load Frame Capacity 5000Kg. (Hand Operated):

: The Unit is designed for a maximum load of 5000 kg. and consists of a two speed screw jack mounted in a frame with identical top and base channel pieces so that the unit can be placed either way up and the device can be used for loading from above or from below whichever is convenient. This is a floor model
Specifications :

This is a portable load frame which can easily be kept on laboratory banch. Thus it is very convenient to the user to conduct tests. A motorised screw jack is fixed at the base to which ate fixed two vertical pillars which can be easily dismantled. A circular platen of 150 mm dia is fixed to the lead screw and loading and unloading is effected by upward / downward movement of the lead screw using a forward / reverse switch. The cross head is adjustable at any desired height and pillars. The rate of strain is constant 1. 25 mm/min. Operates on 230 volts a. C.

Item Code: LF-04

Backed by rich industry experience as well as services of experienced industry professionals, we are able to successfully meet the demands of Load Frame 5000 Kgf. (Motorised) With 3 Speeds. Featuring precision engineering standards, these can also be custom designed by us in specifications as per the specific process application requirements of our customers.

Item Code: MC-01

This cone is used to find out Viscosity of Bentinite slurry and like material. The Marsh Cone is 6 inch in diameter at the top and 12 inch long, and tapers to join a tube 2 inch long and 3/16 inch inside dia. The capacity of the funnel is 1500 cc. Time in seconds required to flow out 1000 cc of slurry from cone is measured as funnel viscocity of the materia

Item Code: MT-01

To determine moisture contents in soil and other material. These are made from aluminium or stainless steel.

Sizes available are :
(a) 25 mm dia
(b) 50 mm dia
(c) 75 mm dia
(d) 80 mm dia
(e) 100 mm dia.

Item Code: PR-01

In soil machines Permeability is one of the important Engineering properties, as it governs rate of settlement of saturated compressible soil layer and rate of flow of equifer. Permeability is that property of soil which permits flow of water through its interconnecting voids. The instrument to measure permeability is called permeameter. The results are used for pumping groung water, for functioning sites excavations, design of dams etc. Tests can be performed on remoulded or undisturbed samples using constant head or falling head method.

Item Code: PR-02

The apparatus is used for the laboratory determination of permeability of soils using a constant or a variable head. This test is recommended for soils with co-efficient of permeability in the range of 10 x -3 to 10 x -7cm/sec. The maximum particle size of the soil which can be tested in the mould is 10 mm.

Accessories : The equipment comprises one each: Gun metal mould, 100mm I.D. x 127 mm high x 1000 ml volume. Gun metal mould extension collar, 100 mm dia x 60 mm high for the above mould. Gun metal Drainage base plate with a recess for a porous stone and with an outlet valve. Metallic clamping ring. Gun metal drainage cap (top plate with a recess for a porous stone and fitted with an inlet valve and an air release valve.) Gun metal dummy plate to serve as a false bottom during compaction. Porous stone for drainage cap. Porous stone for base plate. Set of glass stand pipes approximately 6 mm dia., 10 mm dia and 20 mm dia mounted on a wooden board. Each glass tube is longer than 1 meter and has a serrested end at the bottom. To read water head 2 Nos. meter scales are fixed between the tubes. A length of 3 meter long rubber tubing with pinch cock is also supplied.

Item Code: PR-03

Specifications : Same as above but instead of a set of three glass stand pipes a stand with nine glass tubes of 6 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm, 75 mm bore. 75 mm bore tube is provided with overflow arrangement for constant head tests. The remaining tubes are used for following head test.

Salient Features

  • Optional : Overhead tank made of steel, approximately 37.5 cm dia x 1 mtr. high. it is provided with an inlet port at the top and size outlet at bottom with cocks and air inlet and water filling ube on top. An arrangement is provided to indicate the water level. An extra meralic tube having approximately 5 mm / 6 mm I.D. and 1 mtr. long is also supplied 2.6 kg x 310 mm controlled fall and Rammer 4.89 kg x 450 mm controlled fall.
  • Spares : Pair of top and bottom Porous stones for permeameter mould.

Item Code: PLS-01

Moisture contents at which soil has smallest plasticity is called limit. For determination purpose plastic limit is defined as the water content at which a soil will just begin to crumble when rolled into a thread of 3mm. dia.

Salient Features

Specifications :The complete set consists of one each:- 1.Glass plate 20 cm x 115 cm having ground ends and one side frosted. 2.Brass or stainless steel rod 3 mm dia x 150 mm long. 3.Flexible spatula. 4.Set of 6 moisture containers. 5.Porcelaine basin 150 mm dia. 6.Plastic wash bottle 500ml.

Item Code: PP-01

This instrument is used to estimate approximate unconfined compressive strength and the estimation for shear strength of soil. Cohesive soils can be calssified in terms of consistency using this penotrometer. This is a handy and convenient instrument.

Salient Features

Specifications : It cosists of a light weight barrel assembly with a polished and ground steel loading piston plunger. A direct reading scale is engraved on the piston barrel and indicates load in kg./sq.cm. A maximum load indicator ring is provided on the penetration plunger. The calibrated spring is heat treated and plated for rust resistance. The barrel diameter is 20 mm and the length 150 mm. Supplied in storage box.

Item Code: PIT-01

Used for testing rock, aggregate and core samples as well as out crop specimen in their original shape. Very useful for rock classification. This is a portable instrument and is useful in the field also. Uniaxial compressive strength for rock specimen can also be predicted approximately.

Salient Features

Specifications : The instrument comprises of :- A three pillar type load frame on the base of which at the centre is fixed a 10 Tonne capacity hydraulic jack with a conical platen at the top of jack. The other conical platen is fixed to the top plate of the frame at its centre. A distance between two conical platen is fixed to the top plate of the frame at its centre. The distance between two conical platens is adjustable by vertical movement of the upper plate of the load frame. Loading jack wih integral hand operated pump and a pressure gauge 0-2500 kg x 25 kg.
Optional : Pressure gauge 0 - 10000 kg x 50 kg.

Item Code: PBT-01

This is for estimating the bearing capacity of shallow foundations in situ and for the design of flexible pavement. In the test procedure a steel plate is subjected to gradually increasing load and settlements of the plates recorded. Maximum bearing capacity is noted as that load at which the plate starts sinking rapidly.

Specifications: The basic outfit consists of : 50 Tonne Hydraulic jack with separate pumping unit fixed to it a 0-500 KN. x 0.5 KN. Pressure gauge and flexible metal pipe 5mtr.long - 1 No. Special ball and socket arrangement between the jack and the bearing plate - 1 No. Extension rod 12mm. dia x 25cm long for taking dial gauge readings - 16 Nos. Magnetic base with female thread on top for holding extension rod - 4 Nos. Top end plate, 50mm, dia with male thread for fitting onto the extension rods and positioning the dial gauge plunger - 4 Nos. Column 15cm dia x 25cm long with flanges complete with four bolts and nuts - 2 Nos. Column 15cm x 50cm long with flanges complete with four bolts and nuts - 1 Nos. Bridge support of welded steel angle construction, 5 mtr. span and stands approximately 30cm, high, fitted with two quick release clamps after positioning and holding the dial bracket - 2 Nos. Plate 60 cms x 60cms sq. x 25mm thick Plane M.S.Plate 45cms x 45cm.sq. x 25mm thick Plane M.S. Plate 30cms x 30cm.sq. x 25mm thick Dial Gauge 0.01mm x 25mm - 4 Nos.

Salient Features

Accessories : Plane M.S. Plate 75cm x 25mm thick Plane M.S.Plate 50cm x 25mm thick Grooved M.S. Plate 60cm. x 60 cm. x 25mm thick Grooved M.S. Plate 45cm x 45cm x 25mm thick Grooved M.S. Plate 30 cm x 30cm x 25mm thick Grooved M.S. Plate 75cm x 75cm x 25mm thick.

Note: 1. When plates of size more than 30 cm.sq. are used, in order to prevent deflections of the edge, a series of smaller plates are advised to be placed concentrically on the bottom plate.
2. Flexible rubber pipe 1 mtr. length can be supplied for the hydraulic jack in the place of metal pipe at extra cost. For site testing load trusses to meet the reaction of loading are available in different capacities as under.

Item Code: PPA-01

This apparatus is used for measuring pore water pressure and pore air pressure in soils. This is as per the principals outlined in the book "Measurement of soil properties in triaxial tests" by A.W.Bishop and D.J.Henkel. This is used as a naccessory for triaxial test apparatus.

The apparatus consists of a panel for wall mounting on which are fitted -1.0 to 20 kg/cm2 x 0.1 kg/cm2 a pressure gauge, Bouron tube type 20 cm dia. Manomete: Glass U-tube manometer for measuring low positive pore pressures negative pore pressures and checking zero error of pressure gauge. It is provided with a mercury trap (Mercury supplied at extra cost). Null indicator made out of clear transparent perspex with mercury trap and cursor to indicate the mercury level.

Burette : 50 ml Burette for measuring the volume change in the soil specimen. Pressure pump fitted with four sleeve packed valves. Operated by mean of a hand wheel on the end of the piston rod which is threaded trough the pump cap and gives a smooth, fine adjustment of pressure. Copper coil and water reservoir. The unit is tested against leaks upto 10 kg/cm.sq.

Item Code: PPA-02

We are engaged in providing pore pressure apparatus that is having good demand in the market due to its superior quality. These apparatuses are extensively used to measure pore water pressure and pore air pressure in soils. The whole apparatus consists of a panel for wall mounting on which a pressure gauge of 0-20 Kg/Cm2 X 0.2 Kg/Cm² is fitted, bouron tube. This is used as an accessory for triaxial test apparatus.


  • Used to determine pore water pressure and pore air pressure in soil

Item Code: PN-01

Proctor needles are used for quick evaluation of maximum soil density in the field. Standard Compaction curves showing moisture contents versus densities are drawn in laboratory using standard compaction method and penetration of the proctor needles are correlated. Proctor Needles are also known as Proctor Penetrometers.

Item Code: PN-02

The instrument consists of a needle attached to a spring loaded plunger, the stem of which is calibrated to read 0 to 40 kg division. Load stem is graduated at every 12.5 mm to read depth of penetration and for use with needles of larger areas. The small penetration stem is also graduated in 12.5 mm division and is used with needles of smaller areas. Needle points one each of 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.5 and 6.0 sq. cm. and one tommy pin is supplied. Complete as above in a wooden carrying case.

Item Code: PN-03

This is identical to Spring Type , except that the penetration pressure on the needle is conveyed through a hydraulic system to a hydraulic pressure gauge. This system permits a greater control over rate of penetration because of better visibility of load indication.

Comprises hydraulic proctor needle system complete with a pressure gauge fixed at easily readable Angle reading 0-70kg. x 2 kg. A set of needlepoints consisting one each 0.25, 0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0,3.5, and 6.0 sq.cm. And a Tommy pin. Graduation at every 12.5mm to indicate depth of penetration is marked on longer stem for use with needles of larger areas. Smaller stem is also graduated at every 12.5mm and is used with needles of smaller areas. Complete as above in a wooden carrying case.

Item Code: PY-01

Useful to determine specific gravity of clays, sand and gravel of size smaller than 10 mm.

Salient Features

Specifications : Comprises a 1 kg glass jar with brass cone, locking ring and rubber seal.
Spare: Rubber seal.Supplied in storage box.

Item Code: PY-02

These bottles are used for relative density measurements, made from borosilicate glass with capillary bored stopper. Capacities available (a) 50 cc and (b) 100 cc.

Item Code: RMM-01

For quick determination of moisture content of materials in powder form viz. soil, sand, coal, pottery slip, cement etc. Calcium Carbide when comes in contact with moisture acetylene gas in generate. This principle is used in Rapid Moisture Meter. A weighted quantity of sample is mixed with fixed quantity of Calcium Carbide reagent and the whole mixture is thoroughly skaken in a vessel to which a pressure gauge is fixed. The acetylene gas produced developes pressure and pressure gauge is cablibrated to read percentage moisture. The instrument indicates moisture on wet/weight BLS easily convertible to dry weight basis.

Item Code: RMM-02

Specifications : The unit consists of a pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap, rubber sealing gasket, pressure gauge is calibrated in percentage moisture content 0-25% x 1% on the wet weight basis a counter poised balance for weighing sample, a scoop for measuring carbide reagent, a bottle of reagent, one cleaning brush and a set of 4 steel balls for thorough mixing. Complete in highly polished wooden carrying case with handle.

Item Code: RMM-03

To determine moisture content of materials in power form like soil, sand or cement, we are offering our clients a wide assortment of rapid moisture meter. It indicates moisture on wet/weight BLS which can be easily converted to dry weight basis. It consists of a pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap, rubber sealing gasket, pressure gauge is calibrated in percentage moisture content 0-50% X 1% on the wet weight basis a counter poised balance for weighing sample, a scoop for measuring carbide reagent.


  • Determines Moisture Content
  • Convenient to handle due to wooden carrying case

Item Code: SA-01

Augers are used to collect distributed soil samples at reasonable depths for laboratory tests. Augers are available in two type and each in different sizes. Blade type (post hole type) and Helical type (Screw type). Each auger outfit consists one each of Auger head, one meter long rod, Tee piece and hangle. Depths of excavating can be increased by using additional extension rods.

Item Code: SPC-01

This apparatus is used for the in place determination, of the dry density of compact, fine and medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50 cm thickness.

Salient Features

Specifications :The complete apparatus consists one each of: Small Sand Pouring cylinder, 3 litre capacity, fitted with conical funnel and shutter. Cylinder calibrating container, internal dia 10 cm and internal depth 15 cm, fitted with a flange, Metal tray, 30 cm. square and 4 cm deep with a 10 cm dia hole in the centre.

Accessories :

Metal tray, 30 cm square and 4 cm deep without hole.
Test forms pad of 50

Item Code: SS-01

To make process of sieving simpler and quicker, Rotap Sieve Shaker is useful this produces circular shaking of the sieves. At the same time the sieves are tapped. The mechanism for imparting circular action and tapping is oil immersed in a tank and in motorized. The Shaker can accommodate upto 7 Nos. Sieves of dia 150mm or 200mm. Suitable operation on 230 volts A.C. Single phase

Item Code: TS-01

Test Sieves are used for sieving of aggregate, sand soil and cement etc. These sieves are manufactured as per various standards like ISS, BSS, ASTM, DIN etc. Sieves are made of Brass frame and G.I. frame of dia. 200mm, 300mm & 450mm. Normally Brass Sieves are manufactured in 200 cm dia and frame is spun brass, jointless. The Sieve cloth used is standard SS or phosphor bronze wire mesh.Lid and receiver made of brass for 20cm or 8” dia sieves.

Item Code: GS-02

We are a trusted name in the manufacturing of G.I. frame sieves which are used for sieving of chemical powders, medical powders, aggregate, sand soil and cement etc. It is a common practice to use sieves for gradation and particle size determination. The G.I. frame sieves are manufactured normally in sizes of 300 mm diameter or 450 mm diameter and the steel perforated sheet have accurately punched square holes.


  • To determine particle size
  • Light and portable

Item Code: SH-01

Used for grain size analysis of soils where more than 10% of the material will pass through 75 microns I.S. sieve. Manufactured from clear transparent glass having uniform clarity throughout the upper end on which density scale is engraved. The scale range is 0.995 to 1.030 density (gms/cc) at 27°C. Smallest division on the scale is .0005.

Note: Hydrometer for other liquids also a available.

Item Code: STK-01

A very useful kit to determined on the spod soil pH value. This is a compact kit easy to carry on site.

Consists of :

12 thick walled test tubes with rubber bungs.
1 tube cleaning brush
1 bottle of barium sulphate (100gm)
1 bottle of soil indicator (100gm)
1 bottle of distilled water (500 gm)
1 spatula
1 color chart, range 4.0 to 8.0 pH in 0.5 pH steps
Complete with carrying case.

    Item Code: SSS-01

    This is used for Standard Penetration Test. For determining penetration resistance (N value) of soil which can be related to unconfined Compressive strength, Penetration resistance (N value) of soil is determined by giving a number of blows with a 65 kg. weight falling through a given distance of 75 cm required to penetrate the assembly to a depth of 30 cm, when properly seated on the ground.

    Salient Features

    Specifications : The sampler is made from a steel tube split lengthwise and held together by a head fitted with a ball check valve and a hardened steel shoe of inside cutting edge of 35 mm dia. The sampler is 35 mm I.D. and 50.8mm in outer diameter and 508 mm / long. One adaptor to connect 'A' type drill rods is also supplied.

    Spares: Body of split spoon sampler, shoe of split spoon sampler, head of split spoon sampler.
    This is fork determining the bearing capacity of subgrades or for compaction control. It also used for rapidly determining the penetration resistance of soils in shallow exploration work.

    Consists of a study handle under which is fixed a sensitive proving ring. An extension piece is fixed to the bottom of the proving ring and carries a detachable penetration cone at it tip. Proving ring capacity 100 kg(1 kn) and 0. 0002 mm dial gauge provided indicates the penetration load applied. An optical viewer is provided to facilitate reading the dial gauge by the operator. Simplified for single person operation. A calibration chart is provided for the proving ring. Instrument is complete in a wooden carrying case.

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