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Imidacloprid (LEOPARD 70WG)

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  • Imidacloprid- 70 % WG
  • Brand Name: LEOPARD 70WG
  • Pack: 30gm, 75gm, 150gm
  • LEOPARD 70 WG is highly systemic insecticide and acts on central nervous system.
  • LEOPARD 70 WG has long residue effect to control pest.
  • LEOPARD 70 WG is effective against wide range of sucking pest via systemic activity.
  • LEOPARD 70 WG dose is 12-14gm/acre.

Emamectin Benzoate (EMACTO)

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  • Emamectin benzoate 5 % SG
  • Brand :EMACTO
  • Pack Size: 100 Gm, 250 Gm
  • EMACTO is a larvicide with anti- feedent action,.
  • EMACTO protects crop damage within few hour of application.
  • EMACTO controls larval instars by contact activity
  • EMACTO gets rapidly absorbed into foliage to give translaminar action.
  • EMACTO dose is 80-100gm/acre

Buprofezin (DELIGENT)

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  • Buprofezin- 25% SC
  • Brand Name: DELIGENT
  • Pack: 500ml, 1 ltr.
  • DELIGENT is an insect growth regulator with contact and stomach action.
  • DELIGENT is highly effective for the control of BPH & WBPH.
  • DELIGENT inhibits chitin synthesis resulting into inhibition of molting of nymphs & larvae, leading to death.
  • DELIGENT dose is 350 Ml/Acre for non-resistant BPH & WBPH in paddy.

Triazophos (WILPHOS)

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  • Triazophos 40%  EC
  • Brand Name: WILPHOS
  • Pack :500ml, 1lt, 5 lt
  • WILPHOS is a broad spectrum insecticide & miticide. It is used against wide range of sucking & chewing pest on various crops and is ideal tank mix partner.
  • WILPHOS acts by interfering with the activities of cholinesterase and affect the nervous system.
  • WILPHOS has an excellent ovicidal and translaminar action.
  • WILPHOS dose ranges between 250ml to 1lt/acre depending upon crop and its stage.

Acetamiprid (ANTENNA)

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  • Acetamiprid-20 % SP
  • Brand Name: ANTENNA
  • Pack : 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1Kg
  • ANTENNA is a systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action.
  • ANTENNA controls sucking pest like aphids, jassids & whitefly in various crops.
  • ANTENNA dose is 50 to 100 gm/acre based on pest type and their resistance.

Acephate (WILLACE)

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  • Acephate 75% SP
  • Brand Name: WILLACE
  • Pack : 500gm, 1kg
  • WILLACE is a broad spectrum organophosphate systemic insecticide with contact & stomach action.
  • WILLACE is a cholinesterase inhibitor & disrupts nervous impulse transmission.
  • WILLACE gives control of chewing and biting pest  & is ideal tank  mix partner.
  • WILLACE has phytotonic effect on plants and exhibits ovicidal action too.
  • WILLACE dose ranges between is 300- 400 gm /acre depending on infestation & crop stage.

Bifenthrin (WILTHRIN)

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  • Bifenthrin 10% EC
  • Brand Name: WILTHRIN
  • Pack: 500ml, 1lt
  • WILTHRIN is a broad spectrum synthetic pyretheroid insecticide having contact & stomach action
  • WILTHRIN controls wide range of pest including sucking pest, mites, small larva as well as termites
  • WILTHRIN has knockdown effect for advantage to control pest faster.
  • WILTHRIN dose is 300 Ml/acre

Cartap 4G (WILTAP)

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  • Cartap 4%
  • Brand Name: WILTAP
  • Pack: 1Kg, 5Kg
  • WILTAP is a broad spectrum, systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Insects discontinue feeding, and die due to starvation.
  • WILTAP is used to control of chewing and sucking insects at almost all the stages of development, on many crops including paddy, sugarcane etc.
  • WILTAP is applied at dose of 7.5kg/acre.

Cartap (WILTAP 50)

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  • Cartap 50 % SP
  • Brand Name: WILTAP 50
  • WILTAP 50 is systemic insecticide with stomach and contact action.
  • WILTAP 50 is highly effective for the control of stem borer and leaf folder in rice crop.
  • WILTAP 50 controls almost all stages of insect pest & has prolonged efficacy.
  • WILTAP 50 dose is 500 Gm /Acre

Fenobucarb (BREAK)

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  • Fenobucarb 50% EC
  • Brand: BREAK
  • Pack: 1 Lt
  • BREAK is a broad spectrum fast acting insecticide effective by contact, stomach and ingestion against a wide range of pests.
  • BREAK is extensively used against Plant hopper and leaf hoppers and has moderately long residual action.
  • BREAK dose is 200 ml – 500 ml/acre

Lambda Cyhalothrin (SUNNY)

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  • Lambda Cyhalothrin 5% EC
  • Brand Name: SUNNY
  • Pack: 250ml, 500ml,1lt
  • Sunny is a new generation photostable synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.
  • SUNNY has contact and stomach action giving rapid knockdown effect.
  • SUNNY gives very good phytotonic effect and is compatible with IPM
  • SUNNY dose is 100-250 Ml/Acre depending upon crops & pest.

Imidacloprid (LEOPARD-17.8 SL)

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  • Imidacloprid 17.8% SL
  • Brand Name: LEOPARD 17.8 SL
  • Pack:250ml, 500ml, 1lt
  • LEOPARD 17.8 % SL is highly systemic with contact & stomach action insecticide 
  • LEOPARD 17.8 % SL acts on nervous system of insect.
  • LEOPARD 17.8 % SL dose is 70-100 Ml/Acre.

Imidachlorprid (30.5%sc)

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Features :-

  • Leopard 30.5 sc has contact and systemic insecticide.
  • Brand Name: Leopard 30.5
  • Pack: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr
  • leopard  is a highly efficient, broad spectrum, low residual systemic insecticide
  • leopard is best for termite control
  • leopard is applied 2.1ml/lt water in pre and post applied

Indoxacarb (INDICA)

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  • Indoxacarb-14.5% SC
  • Brand Name: INDICA
  • Pack: 250ml, 500ml, 1lt
  • INDICA belongs to oxadiazine group used for controlling broad spectrum Lepidoptera.
  • INDICA affects insects by contact & ingestion, affected insect ceases feeding, leading to paralysis & mortality.
  • INDICA inhibits feeding of larva which die within 2 days
  • INDICA dose is 200 Ml/acre

Profenofos & Cypermethrin (GENESIS)

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  • Profenofos+ Cypermethrin-40% + 4% EC
  • Brand Name: GENESIS
  • Pack: 250ml, 500ml, 1lt
  • GENESIS is broad spectrum with systemic & contact action.
  • GENESIS is recommended for effective control of bollworm complex along with sucking pest.
  • GENESIS also controls with its effective ovicidal properties.
  • GENESIS Dose is 500 Ml/acre

Thiamethoxam (WILLOXAM)

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  • Thiamethoxam 25% WG
  • Brand Name: WILLOXAM
  • Pack:100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg
  • WILLOXAM is a broad spectrum systemic insecticide for controlling wide range of sucking insects
  • WILLOXAM is readily absorbed and translocated in plant tissues.
  • WILLOXAM acts on central nervous system of insect causing irreversible blockage.
  • WILLOXAM is safe to beneficial insects.
  • WILLOXAM dose is 40 – 80 Gm /Acre depending on pest & resistance factor

Triazophos & Deltamethrin (SCOOP)

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  • Triazophos + Deltamethrin 35%+1%
  • Brand Name: SCOOP
  • Pack: 250ml, 500ml, 1lt
  • SCOOP is a broad spectrum insecticide
  • SCOOP has long persistent, translaminar & contact with double site action. 
  • SCOOP dose is 400 Ml/Acre depending on crop & pest.

Fenpyroximate ( Wilgate)

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  • Fenpyroimate 5 % EC
  • Brand : WILGATE
  • Pack: 100ml,250ml,500ml,1lt
  • WILGATE has Quick knockdown activity against larvae, nymphs and adults, mainly by contact and ingestion.
  • WILGATE is effective against spider mites, false spider mites and Eriophyidae in citrus, apple, pear, peach, grapes, etc.
  • WILGATE dosage is 200ml/acre

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