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Industrial Coupling

Manufacturer & Supplier of  Couplings. Our product range also comprises of  Couplings,  Sprockets, Roller Chains and  Pulleys. A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. A coupling can be rigid or, more normally, it can be flexible allowing relative radial, axial or angular movement of the two shafts. The coupling transmission is not designed to engage-disengage as a normal operation. Couplings do not normally allow disconnection of shafts during operation, though there do exist torque limiting couplings which can slip or disconnect when some torque limit is exceeded.

The primary purpose of couplings is to join two pieces of rotating equipment while permitting some degree of misalignment or end movement or both. By careful selection, installation and maintenance of couplings, substantial savings can be made in reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

Specially designed using superior quality raw material, we offer a wide assortment of flexible Pin Bush Couplings. Designed in compliance with the international standards, our range of pin bush couplings is highly acclaimed for abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and precise dimensions. 

Specifications of our pin bush coupling are enlisted below:

·         Requires no lubrication

·         Unaffected by water, dust & atmospheric condition

·         OD -3" to 24"

·         High torque transmission up to 23780 Nm in 20 sizes

·         Permits drive in either direction

A Sleeve Coupling consists of a pipe whose bore is finished to the required tolerance based on the shaft size. Based on the usage of the coupling a keyway is made in the bore in order to transmit the torque by means of the key. Two threaded holes are provided in order to lock the coupling in position. Sleeve couplings are also known as Box Couplings. In this case shaft ends are coupled together and abutted against each other which are enveloped by muff or sleeve. A gib head sunk keys hold the two shafts and sleeve together.
A Jaw Coupling is a type of motion control (servo) coupling designed to transmit torque (by connecting two shafts) while damping system vibrations, which protects other components from damage. Jaw couplings are composed of three parts: two metallic hubs and an elastomer insert called an element, but commonly referred to as a "spider". The three parts press fit together with a jaw from each hub fitted alternately with the lobes of the spider. The curved jaws of the hubs reduce deformation of the spider to maintain the zero-backlash fit. Jaw couplings are well balanced and able to tolerate high RPM. With its damping capability and interchangeable spiders, jaw couplings make a great solution for shock absorption.
A Muff Coupling is different from the sleeve coupling in that the sleeve used in this type is split from one side. The shafts are entered and keyed to this sleeve and then split sides are screwed together.
We offer good quality of Nylon Sleeve Coupling that  are highly demanded, easy to install, suitable for reversing operation, varying stiffness characteristics simple & easy, maintenance, low operational cost, smooth & quiet operation & no lubrication.

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A Rigid Coupling is a unit of hardware used to join two shafts within a motor or mechanical system. It may be used to connect two separate systems, such as a motor and a generator, or to repair a connection within a single system. A rigid coupling may also be added between shafts to reduce shock and wear at the point where the shafts meet. When joining shafts within a machine, mechanics can choose between flexible and rigid couplings. While flexible units offer some movement and give between the shafts, rigid couplings are the most effective choice for precise alignment and secure hold. By precisely aligning the two shafts and holding them firmly in place, rigid couplings help to maximize performance and increase the expected life of the machine. These rigid couplings are available in two basic designs to fit the needs of different applications. Sleeve-style couplings are the most affordable and easiest to use. They consist of a single tube of material with an inner diameter that's equal in size to the shafts. The sleeve slips over the shafts so they meet in the middle of the coupling. 
We are the leading supplier of lovejoy couplings  that are highly flexible in nature and require less maintenance.We also provide aluminium coupling that is used when you need to reduce down to a smaller pipe along a sprinkler or hand shift line.This lovejoy couplings go through many quality checks. We are offering at a very discounted price
We hold expertise in providing a wide assortment of Break Drum Coupling. Break Drum Coupling is highly acclaimed for its optimum quality, durability and excellent performance.
We are offering Fenner Couplings. Our fenner couplings are stringently quality checked to ensure the best quality couplings are supplied to our customers. We are manufacturing high strength Fenner shaft couplings and are all precision manufactured using high quality cast iron or steel, and the latest polymer and composite technology. Fenner coupling are used in the different industries and these range of the fenner couplings are known for its high durability and strength. We are manufacturer of fenner couplings in various technical specifications, as well as customize as per our clientsrequirements and specifications. Our fenner couplings are available at very competitive prices in the market.

With our engineering excellence, we are able to manufacture a corrosion resistant range of star coupling that helps in maintaining connection along the pipe, for sealing critical machine components or equipment. These couplings are widely appreciated by our clients for high tensile strength and optimum performance.

We supply a wide assortment of Spacer Coupling, extensively used across different industries. We design our array of Spacer Coupling in compliance with the requirement of our clients and international quality standards. Manufactured using superior quality raw material, our array is highly acknowledged for: 

·         Durability

·         High tolerance

·         Corrosion resistance

High functionality

We offer an impeccable range of Universal Joint Couplings, with the aid of our cutting edge technology. Prepared from alloy steel with heat treated working parts, our range of universal joint couplings is available with or without finish bore as per customer requirement. Our couplings are appreciated for durability, high tolerance and corrosion resistance.


·         Up to 4" shaft size

·         2000 kg Torque

·         Available up to 8"

Resilient Coupling is also known as Grid Spring Coupling. Resilient Couplings have earned the reputation of being ideal for drives where trouble-free operation is essential. The coupling acts as a mechanical fuse for the drive system, helps in altering the torsional vibration frequency, and prevents build up of resonance in the system. Depends upon industry requirements

We offer an exclusive array of Torque limiter & Coupling designed with the aid of our cutting edge technology. Our wide marketing network enables us to fulfill the client’s requirements with the utmost efficiency. Engineered using optimum quality raw material, our array of grid flex couplings is widely appreciated for: 

·         Corrosion resistance

·         Rigid construction

·         Precision engineered

Our extensive range of fully metallic Disc-O-Flex Couplings is extensively used in several industries. Designed in compliance to international quality standards, our array of Disc-O-Flex Couplings are highly acclaimed by our client for its excellent finish, high tolerance and corrosion resistance features. 

Specifications of our Disc-O-Flex Couplings are given below:

·         Accept short diameters up to 165mm

·         Available in range of 12 sizes

·         Transmit torque up to 13367 Nm

· Higher power transmission and misalignment capacity.
· Nitrile rubber elastomeric inserts to withstand temperatures from -40°C to 100°C.
· Range of 8 sizes with power rating from 0.33 Kw to 33 Kw at 100 rpm. 

HRC plug-in-Flywheel Couplings

· Plug in design for advantages of blind fitting.
· Directly fits standard flywheels of IC engines.
· Standardised on Kirloskar, Cummins, Leyland, Ruston & Perkins engines. 


We provide a wide assortment of break drum & Encoder Couplingsfor smooth bearing of loads, even at misaligned positions. Engineered from finest grades of raw materials our array of encoder couplings provides dynamic stability and is widely appreciated for:

·         Sturdy construction

·         Durability

·         Excellent finish

·         Vibration-free

Designed in compliance to established quality standards, our couplings find applications in instrumentation, encoder, lead screws, ball screws, air cooling units, pumps, machine tools, petrochemicals plants, CNC machines, duplicators, computer peripherals, wind power generators and anywhere there is a need for managing motion.

We are Gear Coupling manufacturer of standard gear couplings, steel gear couplings that conforms to the gear coupling specification number. The gear couplings, steel gear couplings are offered in o-ring or metal seal designs, and include quality features such as fitted bolts, crowned and barreled teeth with tooth tip piloting, and forged steel components.

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Our team of experienced professional enables us to offer a wide range of Tyre Coupling.


  • Acts as Self-Aligning Agent 
  • Avoids Metal Contact 
  • Smoothness Vibration 
  • Gives Life to Bearings 
  • Removes Unpleasant Sound 
  • Takes End Level Shock Load 
  • Makes Easy Replacement 
  • Suits to Vertical Drive 
  • Avoids Cost Against Breakdown 
  • Decreases Temperature Rise

We offer Chain Coupling which are capable of transmitting relatively high torques in a minimum space. Chain couplings are used to connect two shafts, a reducer, or a motor directly with a machine for efficient power transmission. Our Chain Couplings have simple construction which consists of a combination of only three basic parts -- one coupling roller chain and two coupling sprockets. We can customize Chain Couplings as per the requirements of the clients.

Available In : 3/8" pitch up to 3" pitch
Flexible Coupling are used to transmit torque from one shaft to another when the two shafts are slightly misaligned. Flexible couplings can accommodate varying degrees of misalignment up to 3° and some parallel misalignment. In addition, they can also be used for vibration damping or noise reduction.
Manufactured using high-grade materials like alloy steel, cast steel, cast iron and other requisites, we offer the superior quality flexible Pin Bush Coupling. These equipments are used to transmit torque through the high tensile steel bolts. Our supplied products are highly appreciated for their long lasting performance, optimum efficiency and exceptional shock absorbing capacity. These coupling are widely used in different industry like construction.

Manufacturer & Supplier of Gear Couplings.We offer a wide assortment of Gear Couplings, prepared using optimum quality grades of raw material. Available in fully flexible and half rigid gear couplings, our range conforms to defined industry standards.

Specifications encompass following:

· Available in range of 19 sizes

· Can transmit torque up to 12,00,000 Nm

· Accept diameter up to 1250 mm


Full gear type LFG Lovejoy Flexible Gear Coupling consists of two identical toothed hubs, tow identical flanged sleeves with internal teeth, a gasket, a set of bolts, nuts and lock washers, lube plugs and two oil gears retaining seals over the hubs.


· Forged Hubs with external teeth

· Forged sleeves with internal teeth

· Flange Gasket

· Close tolerance connecting bolts

· Lubrication Plug

Selection Procedure

· Select an appropriate SERVICE FACTOR from table given below.

· Multiply tyre rated running power by the service factor This gives DESIGN POWER at rated speed (rpm) Convert this to design power at 100 rpm. This is used as a basis for coupling selection.

· Refer to the rating column and read until the power greater than or equal to the design power al 100 rpm is found. The size of the gear coupling Is given angle corresponding first column. Check the max bore capacities. If required bore size is given in the corresponding first column. Check the max. bore capacities. If required bore size is greater than the max. bore of selected coupling size, the go for higher size meet the required bore.

Manufacturer & Supplier of Fluid Coupling.
Design And Salient Features :

Fluid Coupling Is A Device Which Enables Smooth Start Of The Machine. Motor Starts On No Load Thus Reducing Initial Increase In Current And Power Consumption. It Avoids Jerks To The Machine Thus Increasing Life By Reducing Wear And Tear.

Application :

One Of The Most Crucial Application Is In Construction Equipment "Goods And Workers Platform"  This Brake Acts As A Safety Device Against Mechanical Failures.

Applications Of Normally Off Type Brakes And Clutches

Material Handling Equipments : Conveyors, Crushers, Winches, Cranes

Processing Equipment 
: Rotary Driers, Filters, Mixers, Agitators, Centrifuges, Blenders, Ball Mills, Hammer Mills, Oil Extractors.

General Applications : Textile, Paper, Sugar, Marble And Mining Machinery Etc.

Manufacturer & supplier of gear couplings. We offer a wide assortment of gear couplings, prepared using optimum quality grades of raw material. Available in fully flexible and half rigid gear couplings, our range conforms to defined industry standards.
We are a Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Couplings. Our Industrial Couplings range also comprises of Sprockets, Roller Chains, Pulleys and Bearings Industrial Couplings are devices used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. A coupling can be rigid or, more normally, it can be flexible allowing relative radial, axial or angular movement of the two shafts. The coupling transmission is not designed to engage-disengage as a normal operation. Couplings do not normally allow disconnection of shafts during operation, though there do exist torque limiting couplings which can slip or disconnect when some torque limit is exceeded.

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