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About WPIL Limited

Achievements- Domestic

1970  C.W. Pump for Obra TPS, UPSEB Capacity 10,000 m 3/hr.
1976  Barrel type Oil Transfer Pump to Oil India, Assam.
1978  13 nos. C.W. Pumps for Singrauli STPP, NTPC. capacity 15,000 m 3/hr.
1980  250 HP Submersible Mine Dewatering Pump for Neyveli Lignite Corpn.
1983 855 nos. Submersible Pumps for Irrigation Dept., U.P.
1987  6 nos. Vertical Pumps for Lift Irrigation, Jammu & Kashmir,capacity 10,000 m 3/hr.
1987  5 nos. C.W. Pumps for Farakka STPP, NTPC, capacity 31,500 m 3/hr.
1989  5 nos. C.W. Pumps for Talcher STPP, NTPC, capacity 33, 100m 3/hr
1993  9 nos. Vertical Pumps with drives, cranes etc. for NTPC, Gandhar Gas Combined Cycle Plant.
1994  420 nos. Submersible Pumps with special materials for Agri-Irrigation, West Bengal.
1993  4 nos. Pump Sets for Barauni TPS, BSEB in replacement of Russian Pumps.
1993  3 nos. 17,000 m 3/hr. Pumps with 1485 KW Motor, and valves etc. for Circulating Water Application at Suratgarh TPS, RSEB.
1993  3 nos. 9500 m 3/hr. Circulating Water Pumps for Badarpur TPS, NTPC.



WPIL Limited has the capability to undertake complete turnkey jobs for all type of Pumping Systems in its product range. All facilities are available with WPIL Limited to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

R & D facilities of the Company with CADD Systems, are considered one of the best in the Industry and are also recognised by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. For a full description on Design facilities, please see the R&D page.


WPIL Limited owns Cast Iron and Non-Ferrous Foundries suitable for high pressure as per requirements of various standards. Stainless Steel Castings are sourced from outside vendors.

WPIL own Foundry for Cast Iron and Non – Ferrous and Alloy Steels. Casting conforming to Indian and International Standards.

Large Fabrication with single piece upto 20 Ton.Fabrication for all types of steel including super duplex stainless steel.Lloyd’s approved Welding Procedures & Qualified Welders. Machining by Modern Machines having Job heights upto 3 mtr Producing various types of steel castings upto Super Duplex Stainless Steel.


  • Profile Cutting.
  • Approved Welding Procedure.
  • Procedure Qualification Record, as per Section IX, ASME Boiler.
  • Maximum Single Piece Fabrication of about 20 tonnes.

Historical Benchmarks

  • 1952 - Commenced Business Johnston Pumps India as JV of Johnston,US.
  • 1982 - License from Hayward Tyler,UK for Submersible Motor.
  • 1983 - JV with Worthington name changed -Worthington Pumps India.
  • 1990 CW Pump- 33,100 M3./Hr.,2600 KW, 500 MW NTPC Power Stn.
  • 1995 - Association -(Worthington-Ingersol Dresser) ends & name WPIL.
  • 1997 Export Order ($1.7 Million) from Vietnam-Inclined Pump.
  • 2000 - Major Break through - $4.44 Mill - Four Lao PDR Pump Station.
  • 2002 APGENCO - Vijaywada Thermal Power Station - CW Pump
  • 2003 - Turnkey contract for large CW Pump - NTPC Vindhyachal:500MW
  • 2005 - Completing large turnkey project for Drainage Pumping Station in Bagjola near Kolkata comprising of 19 large  Propeller Pumps
  • 2006 - Major sea water pumps (Duplex SS) for Saudi Arabia-JANA.
  • 2007 - Joint venture with Mitsubishi-Japan for contract for Concrete Volute Pumps to be supplied for Indian Project

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance & Testing

The company has well established Quality Assurance System. Quality Assurance system of Panihati and Ghaziabad plants are certified by TUV CERT, Germany as per ISO 9001.

The company has the largest test bed of its kind in the Country at Panihati, one of the largest of its type for Vertical Pumps in the world, appreciated by Consultants and Customers, both from India and abroad.

The Company meets with Q.A. Plans/critical requirements and stringent specifications of renowned Inspections/Consultants/Customers in India and abroad.

  • Testing as per various International Standards - ISO, HIS, PTC and BS .
  • Testing of Pumps upto 40,000 m3/hr . capacity and 3,000 KW.

Achievements- Abroad

Received merit certificate / shield for export performance fourteen times from 1974 till date from the engineering export promotion council (Govt. Of India).

  • 1972 - 5,000 nos. Vertical turbine  pumps to Bangladesh  for tubewell irrigation.
  • 1974 - 3000 nos. Vertical turbine pumps to Bangladesh for tubewell irrigation.
  • 1979 - 68 nos 12"-14" size vertical turbine pumps for 300-400 m3/hr capacity to Bhairahawa Lumbini ground water project, Nepal under World Bank aid.
  • 1982 - 6 nos, 3,600 m3/hr. Pump driven by 450 hp diesel engine to Sungai Dareh irrigation project, Indonesia.
  • 1982 - 160 nos. 2,500 m3/hr. Axial flow pumps for lift irrigation to Bangladesh.
  • 1979-82 - 60 nos. 10/12 inch vtp's (8-10 inches) to Royal Irrigation Department, Burma.
  • 1983 - 12 nos. 27" & 36" vertical mixed flow pumps of 5400-9900 m3/hr capacity to Kosi Canal project, Nepal under World Bank aid.
  • 1985 - 4 nos. 24 inch axial flow pump to Worthington Basking Ridge a/c West Nauberia.
  • 1986 - 65 nos. 10/12 inch vtp's for Sukothai ground water project Thailand.
  • 1986 - 7,100 m3/hr vtp's to Worthington Taneytown for Cedar Creek, USA.
  • 1986 - Fire fighting pumps for Shell Malaysia.
  • 1988 - 13 nos. Mixed flow and axial flow pumps of 14-36 inch sizes to Taneytown for South East water purification plant, city of Houston, USA.
  • 1989 - 339 nos. Vtp's 6-14 inch sizes to Cuba.
  • 1991- 1,250 nos. Vtp's 12 inch size to Bangladesh.
  • 1992 - 40 nos. Mixed flow and axial flow pumps to Worthington Madrid for Romanian project (sizes 20-36 inches).
  • 1994 - 38 nos. Mixed flow and axial flow pumps to Ingersoll-Dresser pump co. Spain, for a World Bank aided project (sizes 20-36 inches).

After Sales Services

WPIL has got strong after sales service to cater to various customer needs.

This is possible due to following two major facts:

  • Availability of Spare Parts
  • Competent service personnel
A. Availability of Spare Parts

  • Company keeps record of each & every pump supplied to any client in India or Abroad
  • The record contains complete original manufacturing bill of materials of supplied pumps.
  • From the record, it is possible to get the details of each pump i.e. from impeller to the smallest nuts & bolts in each of the pumps supplied.
  • The record is maintained such that spares can be supplied for even a pump older than 20 years.
  • Delivery of spares is given in very short time.
  • Customer need to inform the pump serial number which is a 4 (four) object number preceded by 2 or 3 lettered Alphabet. i.e. IZ 1872 or IAT 8012. These numbers are engraved on the name plate provided with each pump.
Competent Service Personnel, There is a full fledged department consisting of qualified and experienced engineers, technicians.

WPIL's experienced service personnel's can do a lot for the benefit of customers

  • Identify problems either by site inspection or from customers report.
  • Recommend solutions to take care of above problems.
  • Carry out on site solution to problems in pump as well as related accessories.
  • Take up complete installation/commissioning of pumps & related accessories on turn key basis.
  • Supervise installation/commissioning of pumps & related accessories when customer themselves carry out the job.
  • Check onsite performance of pumps & related accessories.


WPIL's retrofitting expertise has been focused essentially in the following four areas :

  • Replacement of old pumping equipment to restore the original performance by matching original foundation, discharge pipe connection and drive motor.
  • Upgradation of hydraulic design of existing CW pumps for improvement of original efficiency and enhancement of operational reliability.
  • Change of material and upgraded design for increased life and consistency in performance over it's life cycle of operation.
  • Modification of system parameters for responding to variation in the operational parameter.
  • Refurbishment on Replacement is also carried out on other makes of Pump.
WPIL has developed a special cell for attending the problem of various pumping equipment specially CW pump in Thermal Power Station in the country and developed necessary infrastructure for undertaking this painstaking exercise employing Company's in-house R & D expertise and test facilities.

Refurbishments Undertaken :

  • CASE - I : CW Pumps at Kothagudam 110 M.W. Undertaken :- Pump Supplied by WPIL upgraded.
  • CASE - II : CW Pump at Barauni TPS, BSEB :- Polish - make Pumps replaced.
  • CASE - III : CW Pump at Patratu TPS, BSEB :- Russian - make Pumps replaced.
  • CASE - IV : Refurbishment of Sea Water Offshore Platform Pump for ONGC :- Sea water cooling and fire water pumps original procured from an Italian Pump Manufacturer.
  • CASE - V : Refurbishment of CW Pumps for Captive Power Plant of Indian - Aluminum Hirakud, Orissa :- Jyoti-make Pump replaced.
  • CASE - VI : Increase of Flow Capacity of Off-shore Platform Pump :- The Flow capacity of the pumps was augmented by 10%.

Sales Network

Bangladesh Nepal Oman
Sri Lanka Singapore Hongkong
Malaysia Indonesia Netherlands
Philipines Vietnam Turkey
Laos Thailand Chile
UAE Saudi Arabia Argentina
Egypt Australia Kenya
USA UK Tanzania
Jordan Iraq Malwi



Hydraulic development software for development and Graphic generation of Hydraulic Profile of Meridional Section R-O Plot of Turbine, Mixed Flow and Axial Flow Pumps.

WPIL Limited has developed software capable of predicting transient pressure, locating the column separation zone at any section in the piping network and runout speed, pressure as well as flow characteristics of the main pumps following sudden flow interruption.

WPIL Limited can prove the adequacy of the structural design of the pump under possible seismic excitation as per customer requirement. Seismic study was done for pumps supplied to Kakrapar Atomic Power Project .

WPIL Limited have developed the expertise of conducting sump Model Study to guarantee suitable design for uniform and unidirectional flow conditions without any turbulence, eddies, cortexing as per the norms of Hydraulic Institute USA. The company has successfully accomplished assignments for CW Pumping System of Panipat Power Station of Harayana State Electricity Board, Panipat, Kakrapar Atomic Power Project of Nuclear Power Corpn., and for many others. Study will be conducted at Calcutta Plant or at an Independent Technical Institute.

A. Corporate Engineering Centre recognized by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

B. R&D Team with a perfect blend of Knowledge and Experience.

C. Intelligent Engineering Solutions for Pumps and Pumping Systems.

D. State-of-the-art Software-n-Hardware facilities.

E. One of the Largest Pump Testing Facilities in India.

F. Technical tie-up with Research & Engineering Institutes.

A. Hydraulic Transient Waterhammer Analysis.

B. Sump, Forebay and Water carrier channel design.

C. Water carrier piping network analysis.

A. Supervision of equipment and system erection and commissioning

B. Pump trouble-shooting service.

C. On-site pump performance study and technical feedback to R&D.

A. Pump Design --------> Hydraulic Institute Standards, USA.

B. Pump Model Study --------> Hydraulic Institute Standards, USA. JIS B 8327.

C. Sump Model Study --------> Hydraulic Institute Standards, USA.

D. Pump Materials --------> ASTM / BS / JIS / DIN

E. Pump Testing --------> Hydraulic Institute Standards, USA,ISO 9906.

F. Rotor Balancing --------> ISO 1940.

Our Milestones

1952 Johnston Pumps India - A JV of Johnston, US.1982 License from Hayward Tyler, UK for Submersible motor.1983 Worthington Pump India Ltd - JV of Worthington.1990 1st 2 x 500 MW CW Pump order for NTPC Farakka.2003 First turnkey contract from NTPC Vindyachal 500 MW2005 Turnkey project for Bagjola Drainage Pumping Station2006 Major Sea water Pumps (DuplexSS) for Saudi Arabia-JANA.2008 WPIL-CLYDE JV is formed2009-10 First Duplex Stainless Steel CW Pumps in India (NTPC - Simhadri), orders for largest capacitymetalic CW Pumps (45,000 M³/hr) & concrete Volute Pumps for NTPC Barh.2011 WPIL starts operations in Australia, Thailand & UK.2012 WPIL through its international subsidiary WPIL international (Singapore) has acquired the pump business of PSV South Africa comprising of 100% shareholding in APE pumps,Mather & Platt SA, PSV Services SA and PSV Zambia.

About Us

WPIL Limited dedicates itself to the cause of total customer satisfaction. The Company has to its credit a rich experience of about 60 years in Designing, Developing, Manufacturing, Erecting, Commissioning and Servicing of Pumps & Pumping Systems.

With the help of erstwhile foreign partners such as JOHNSTON PUMPS for Vertical Turbines, HAYWARD TAYLOR for Submersibles and WORTHINGTON for Horizontals; or with the in-house R&D recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, it has grown into a strong brand - WPIL.

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