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Leather Bridles


We offer two contemporary models of leather bridles that can be customized in accordance with clients’ requirements. S-207 is made from knitted softy padded bridle
(Web Rein) that comes with flash nose band and brass fitting made from VT Leather. Another model S-208 is manufactured form softy padded bridle that comes with leather rein golden chain and DD leather made brass fitting. Our experts make sure that polishing is done properly to give the bridles perfect shine. The Crownpiece, Cheekpieces, Throatlatch and Mouth Bit of Bridles can be easily adjusted to provide maximum comfort to the horses.

Leather Breastplates


We offer leather breastplates in different styles that come with thinner straps. S-15 model has quality DD leather knotting with cow parchment leather made from raw hide-core. Another model of breastplates S-70 has straps made from VT leather. Both the models come with brass fitting of bright polishing.

Leather Reins


We manufacture quality leather reins that can be customized in accordance with clients’ specifications. Our length of S-16 and S-17 is 84” giving comfortable grip to the rider. S-16, S-17 and S-22 have DD leather knotting with Cow parchment leather made from raw hide core. S-21 model is made from VT leather (quebracho) and have straps that easily extends to riders’ hands.

Leather Browbands


Our assortment of fashionable browbands is widely used to tie around animals’ forehead. We carefully manufacture quality browbands from DD leather which is thoroughly tested. These are very skin friendly and can be easily adjusted under animals’ ears.

Western Saddles


We offer western saddles that are manufactured from quality quebacho tanned leather and can easily be fastened to horses’ back. It is hand carved by our experienced craftsmen. The softy seat size is C in WS- 14 model to provide extra comfort to the rider. Another model of Western saddles that we manufacture is western saddles (C) which is carved from premium quality VT leather. It has suede leather seat of size 16” that can be easily tied on horses’ back.

English Saddles


We specialize in manufacturing english saddles seats that have been appreciated by our global clients. Our 3 VT and 4 VT models of english saddles are made from harness leather and cow softy leather. These are carved into modern form to match the standards of English ridding. Clients can specify the length, depth and height of the seat as per their requirements.

Horse Halters


Model = s – 108
Horse halters is softy padded and is available with oil pull up leather. It has a pink stone chain that looks stunning on horses’ body and brass fitting with bright polishing. It can be efficiently used to train, guide and tie the horse. It provides greater control over the horse with mouth bit.

Horse Headstalls


Our range of horse headstalls comes in four attractive models that can be easily adjusted over horses’ heads. S-8 & S-9 head stalls have DD leather knotting with cow parchment leather made from raw hide core. S-10 and S-11 head stalls that come with double ear have DD leather knotting with cow parchment leather made of raw hide-core and hair. All the models have brightly polished brass fitting and the headstalls are extremely skin friendly.

Horse Clothings


Hr - 112 P.P. Check Blue-With Iron Fittings


Winter Rugs (6 Feet)
( Danier – 1200, 300 Grams Quality Polyfil)
Hr – 116 Polyester (Polycheck Dyed) – with Iron fitting summer rugs (6 Feet)
We specialize in the manufacturing of horse clothings that are extremely skin friendly and comfortable. Our blue colour HR – 112 made form quality P.P. is available in check pattern. It comes with Iron fittings winter rugs (6 Feet). Polyester made HR – 116 model of horse clothing is also available in check pattern.

Dog Collars


We offer dog collars in a variety of models that are put around dogs’ necks to easily identify dogs in crowd even. All the models are made from V.T. Buff. harness leather of high grade. Some models have specific features such as double ply, softy pad, woven and kitted material, diamond rice, etc.

Dog Leads


Our range of products also includes designer dog leads that provide optimum grip to dogs’ collars. All the models are manufactured from quality tested V. T. buff harness leather. Model 9 has double ply stitched and model 14 comes with sturdy chain providing easy grip. Also model 15 has raw hide round weaving that can be easily adjusted to dogs’ collar.

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