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Venky's Nutrition

Venky's Nutrition Intense Mass

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Venky's Nutrition Intense Mass Offers a blend of Albumen + Casein + Whey protein that ensures quick as well as sustained protein release, hence sustained action throughout the day. Casein improves Bio-availability of whey & Albumen, thus ensure effective absorption without any wastages. And that’s not all, each serving of intense mass not only tastes great but also has added value with creatine, BCAAs, taurine, glutamine and 21 different vitamins and minerals.

Creatine holds “Water” molecules thus volumizes muscle cells and boosts energy level. BCAAs stimulate muscle synthesis as well as relieve mental fatigue caused due to exercise. L-Glutamine shows powerful anabolic effect and enhances muscle recovery after exercise


Venky's Nutrition Mass Gainer Supplement

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We supply Venky's Nutrition Mass Gainer Supplement

Venky's Nutrition Whey Protein

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Venky's Nutrition Whey Protein is provide us assures 65% purest form of whey protein. Body builder and athlete, you increase your need for protein with every set, rep, practice or big game.. Venky's whey is made with the finest milk and whey proteins and naturally light on carbs, fat, and sugar.

It contains undenatured whey protein concentrate providing maximum nutrient utilization without the digestive system upsets caused by lower quality proteins. Due to its high bv (biological value) whey protein is absorbed quickly & shows best anti-catabolic effect, thus prevent muscle loss during workouts


Venky's Nutrition Egg N Whey Protein

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Venky's Nutrition Egg N Whey Protein is a blend of Egg protein and Whey protein. Egg Protein (Albumen)is a slow digesting protein and Whey Protein is a fast digesting protein. A fast digesting protein source acts quickly to help regulate bodily nitrogen levels, especially after periods of fasting.

A slow digesting protein source provides a long term stream of protein and amino acids, meant to assist in keeping a positive nitrogen balance for longer periods of times. It also contains glutamine which ensures that the body remains in the state of anabolism. It contains B-complex vitamins, antioxidants like vitamins A, E and C. It also contains electrolytes which retain water thus hydrate muscle & relieves muscle cramps & dehydration.

Venky's Nutrition Albumen

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Venky's Nutrition Albumen Plus ( egg protein )
Packing size 500 gm,  1kg and 3kg. Free home delivery, fast delivery all over India, cash on delivery only for Delhi and NCR, original venky's nutrition products,

True “Gold Standard” protein in the form of 100% Pure Dried Egg Whites, which is often used as a standard to compare protein from other source.

Albumen (Egg White) is Nature’s Best source of Protein, which resembles to Serum Albumin so gets easily absorbed and utilized for muscle building

Highest PER (3.8), ensures more muscle building compared to other protein sources.

Provides 78 % Protein. One serving (about 30 g) of Albumen supplies 23.4 grams of 100% bio-available pure protein.

Venky's Nutrition Creatin Plus

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Venky's nutrition Creatin plus 
packing size 1kg

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