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Siyarams J.Hampstead Suit Length


This is available in different color and size.

Solar Lamp


Its save lot of money and give enough light.

Ozone Water Purifier


This water purifier enhance oxygen in water.

Open Microwave Oven


Indian cuisines are among the best according to the best chefs and the food experts. But the sad thing is that cooking their recipes in an open fire isn? T such a good idea. With all the smoke and the soot, who would have the patience to cook? Rmp introduces an open microwave oven to make cooking very convenient for you. This is portable and zero fire visibility. It does not burn, does not create smoke, no shocks and cook with ease minus the sweat. The open microwave oven is very safe and easy to use. This is made of lighter materials and moderate electrical consumption which is just perfect for your wives.

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