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This short letter is just to tell you how much I have profited from your expertise. Your new techniques blended with the traditional In-dian ways have improved my health dramatically. To say the least, I am a rew person now.

In 1982, when I first came to India to join my husband, I was still trying to recuperate from an accident. I was lucky enough to survive the tragedy with a shock and a broken bone. Later things got worse. Eventually, in 1984 when I first met you my whole body was stiff, and my neck was almost paralyzed. Also, my back was aching clear down to my legs. To top it all py morale was down. This situation led me to pre-wenaupose syndrome and I started thinking that everything was over for me.

Then I discovered the miracle of Yoga, India's gift to the world. Your peautiful teaching ways have cured me in a very short while. In as little as ben months I feel totally rejuvenated and I have become a totally new person. I lost all the flab, I am totally flexible, and there is no hint of the accident. I have stopped aging. my son claims I was older when he was here jst two years ago. Today I can practice Yoga like an expert, and people say "Is she the lady Who could barely walk straight?"

Thank you Dr. Lall for helping me get on my feet again. Mahal° is the Aord for a job well done.

Letter Of Appreciation

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I hove known Shri M . Lall, Yogacharya, who is a yoga expert and runs a Yoga Centre. He comes of a traditional family which has specialized in the field of Yoga. He has made a thorough study of the subject and his approach to it is scientific. I have practical knowledge to realize the real benefits of the Yoga as taught by Shri Lall.

I wish him every success in his career. I do hope people will take good advantage of his expertise and benefit by the same.

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It is to express our gratitude, of my wife and mine, for your kind guidance in Yoga Therapy to help my wife get relieved of her chronic bronchitist from which she had been suffering for quite sometime.

It is particularly praiseworthy to put it on record as after having done your Yoga for just 10 days she has developed considerable resistance against dust and pollen of a high degree in Delhi while other three members of our crew are badly affected by the bad weather of the area.

We can assure you of her regular participation of your yoga course which you have taught her for the purpose.


I want to tell you how greatly I appreciate your kind help and skillful instruction over the past two and one half years. You have helped both my wife and me very much with various problems, and we are extremely grateful for all of your efforts on our behalf.

Marguerite, as you know, has been practicing yoga for nearly 25 years, but under your guidance she has been able to move to a higher degree of proficiency than ever before.

My own problems concern a need to learn relaxation techniques as well as yogic exercises for recurrent back pains. My own ability to perform yoga is hampered by having broken my femur; nonetheless, you have been able to help me in spite of this constraint.

I shall be happy at any time to recommend you as an instructor to anyone in need of instruction in yoga and assistance in combatting the various physical ailments suitable to yogic treatment. This is my personal recommendation, and not a recommendation of the American Embassy, where I am employed.


We, at the Cosmopolitan, extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your kind acceptance of our invitation for 'The Cosmopolitan Show'.

Your presence at the show has been confirmed for the following dates.

7th February '98, Saturday to 9th February '98, Monday from 11 am to 7 Pm.

As agreed, your expertise would be required for 2 sessions per day on the following topics.

Spot slimming, Looking younger through Yoga, Yoga + aerobics, permanent care for backache and spondalitis and executive stress.

'The Cosmopolitan Show' would be extremely glad to offer a sum of Rs.6000/- (Rupees Six thousand only) as a token of our appreciation for the same.

You are requested to kindly sign a copy of this letter as a gesture of acceptance of the above.

Cosmopolitan Letter of Thanks!

We are just getting over the aftereffects of The Cosmopolitan Show and judging by all feedback received, we feel that it was a tremendous success.

This would not have been possible without your contribution and help and I would like to take this opportunity to thank You for having participated in the snow and given us an opportunity to learn from You.

I am enclosing it schedule of when the different channels will telecast some parts of the show. I hope that you would be able to see some of it.

I look forward to working with you again.


I feel pleasure in placing on record that the specific Yogasans Course that you gave me two years ago, for my dizziness due to cervical spondylitis, has helped me to overcome my problem to a great extent.

If just by one yoga lesson under your guidance one can feel so great, I am sure, regular yoga classes under your kind care could help quite a large number of people in tackling their health problems that are generally considered incurable in medical science.

I wish a large number of people take advantage of this ancient wisdom of our Yogis, without wasting any further time.


I have a great pleasure in certifying that Yogacbarya M. Lall of Yoga Research Centre, of Sector VI R.K.Puram, New Delhi, is known to me for a long time. He has been conducting research on Yoga Therapy and holding Yoga Classes in various Campuses.

His methods of Yoga are very scientific and they have been highly appreciated by the educated masses.

He is an excellent Yoga Teacher. I wish him all success in his Yoga Mission.


With pleasure and very good feelings, I recall to the Course in October 1990 when you trained us, a group of yoga teachers in Holland.

We talked about the possibilities that I would come to India to your Institute to develop my asana's and spiritual growth. In the past I learned an read about Krya Yoga in general terms. It is my wish to learn these asana's and pranayama's under supervision of a good teacher.

I followed your instructions to do Shank Prakshalana : to drink a lot of salty water and after each glass of water I did the four exercises. I practiced it in October and in December with very good results. After winter time I will repeat it again.
A friend at mine made a Iota for me. So my wife and I do Jalaneti every morning. It is very nice and helpfully.

At first I planned to come to you this summer in the months May/June. This year is it not possible to come earlier, because I have obligations uptill May. I think with You that the months March and April are better. So I hope to come to New Delhi in March/April
1992. On the end of this year I will write you again.

I learned a lot from you in one weekend and I am very glad to meet you again and to learn from you during several weeks.
Excuse me, where my English is not quite correct.


My wife Mrs. Shobha Kochhar was suffering from serious problem of 'Slip Disc lower back and Cervical Spondylysis with severe pain in the left shoulder and arm. She joined Yoga classes for the above ailment under the expert guidance of Prof. M. Lall of Yoga and Nature Cure Trust, R.K.Puram, New Delhi. In a matter of six weeks, the yogic exercises prescribed by him and performed under his watchful eye worked wonders. In this short period, she has completely recovered from this ailment for which the entire credit goes to the professionalism and deep knowledge of yoga that Prof. Lall possesses. He takes personal interest in each of his patients and does not relent till success is achieved. Both my wife and I are grateful to him.

Besides being a professional of high repute, Prof. Lall is also a very fine gentleman. We wish him all the best in all his endeavours


This is to thank you for the care and instructions in yoga to my brother and sister as well as myself received at your Yoga Research Centre. I am particularly grateful for the treatment of my Shoulder which is now in a very good condition. As you may remember, I had come to you after being totally disappointed with orthopaedic doctors and others.

The course, the exercises, the came and the special attention that we received, has helped tremendously in keeping us fit. I have also had very good reports from other colleagues who have been taking lessons at your yoga centre.

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