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Air Treatment Units

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Yohch Chiller’s air treatment units have very important role to play in various industries such as in the field like pharmaceutical, food processing units, electrical and electronic test  labs, medical labs and other special environmental requirements. We cater to the needs of such industries by providing treated and quality air through our special Air Treatment units, which control R/H% and the temperature at the desired level, and treated the air up to the ultra-clean level of dust prevention. These Air Treatment units are used by various sectors like, for sorter machines, clean rooms and where there is a need of quality air and treated air to be pumped in, for your various process. Our Air treatment units are available in various capacity CFM/CMH with different static pressures.


  • Air Management System
  • Choice of thermal break casing
  • Double Skin Casing in 25 mm/50 mm
  • ARI chilled water coil
  • Choice of forward or backward curved fans
  • Choice of heat recovery wheel & plate type heat exchanger


  • Refrigeration: R-134A (CFC Free), R-407C (CFC Free), R-22 (Freon)
  • Cooling capacity range 9000 kcal/hr-15000 kcal/hr
  • Heating capacity upto 3000 kcal/hr-9000 kcal/hr
  • Twin Independent circuit design


  • Laser Control Panels
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech Laboratories
  • Automotive testing
  • MRI & Medical Scanning
  • Plastic Moulding

Air Handling Units

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Yohch Chiller’s Air handling units are capable of handling the range of 1000 CFM/1700 CMH-20000 CFM/34000 CMH with a different static pressure and also available in single skin and double skin models, DX cooling coils/water chilling cooling coils are also available in various cooling capacity/Tonnage and Filtering capacity of Air handling units from 20 micron filtering to ultra clean level as per the requirement of our clients.



  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durable
  • Most reasonable prices

Fresh Air Units

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Yohch Chiller’s Fresh air units are designed to cater various CFM/CMH filtered fresh air to any shop floors of industrial workshop/work station, automobile manufacturing units, automobile service station, Industrial kitchens etc. These fresh Air units are single skin and double skin models.


  • Best grade materials
  • Flawless finish
  • Accurate dimension


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Exhaust Blower

With years of industrial experience, our skilled professionals have been able to churn out a wide spectrum of excellent quality Exhaust Blower intensively applicable in various commercial sectors. Manufactured using high grade raw material and cutting edge technology, and tested against quality standards, our product is ensured to be completely ...

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