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Alan Make Mld02 Series Alarm Annunciators

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Sailent Features :Micro-controller based logic,Built in watchdog design to ensure fail safe operation,Facia windows with long life super bright LED’s,Synchronisation of window flashing in group Annunciation (in MP-Series only), Easily replaceable window legends/inscriptions,Wide input supply range (i.e 18 – 90 VDC / 88 – 285V AC/DC),Operation test function does not affect the status of the faults, Detection of momentary fault which may have occurred while performing push button operation or operation test functions ,Test function checks total system hardware.

Site Selectable Features
:Three operating sequences , NO / NC fault contacts selection for each window,Trip or Non-Trip Alarm selection for each window.

Optional Features :RS 485 Communication port , DC / AC fail annunciation.Trip(Red) or Non-trip(Yellow) colour selection for each window (in MP-Series only) Ring back (“R” seq) / first up (F1,F2,F3) Operating sequence.

No. of Windows Available :

MLD 02 Series -

ALAN Make Electronic Hooter-Bell-Buzzer-Siren

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Alan Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a series of Hi-tech Electronic Hooter / Buzzer / Bell / Siren, Which are power efficient, having high audio output with three different tones, selectable at site.

Features :

Burden less than 15mA at nominal input ,

Audio output : 100dBA +/-5%,

Panel cut out size :  92mm x 92mm ,

Overall dimension :  96mm x 96mm x 60mm , Weight 230gms. (Approx.) ,

No. of Tones :  Three tone. (Site selectable.)

Instruction for the user :- Connect the input supply of respective model at terminal no.1 & no.2 and no.1 & no.3 as per shown in operating voltage range chart , After connecting the supply if all the other terminal are kept open,Tone-I will be available if terminal no.5 & no.6 are Shorted, Tone-II will be available  if terminal no.6 & no.7 are shorted , Tone III will be available, Clamps supplied can be used for panel (flush) as well as base (wall) mounting as shown in below diagram.

Caution:- Do not touch any terminal when the Hooter/Bell/Buzzer & Siren is ON.

Models: AUH1122

Alan Make Power Packs

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Alan Make Power Pack


Power Pack with Battery Back-up :
 The Power pack is used as a power source for VCB panels in substations where station battery supply is not available. Power Pack gets charged from line connected PT (burden 200VA). It can supply DC connected loads for operating Close / trip coils and other essential loads such as auxillary supply to protection relays etc.

Technical Specifications :

Input Voltage *: 110 VAC OR 230 VAC +20%, -30%,

 Input Burden : Less than 50 VA during charging period without output load,

 Output Voltage *: 24VDC / 30VDC / 110VDC / 220VDC, Output Load :100W Nominal.

a) With AC Input ON : 

Continuous Load  : 100 Watts,

Impulse Load       : 450 W For 240 mSec,

 Battery Charging Period : 8 Hours.

b) With AC Input OFF :  

Continuous Load : 100 Watts.(for 10 minutes)

Impulse Load : 450 W for 240 mSec.(min. 10 pulses).


Protections :

 Over Voltage Protection - 
During No Load operation and battery charging ON, Output DC voltage shall not exceed more than specified voltage.

 Short Circuit Protection - Short circuit protection has been provided on the output side. When short circuit condition is removed output resumes automatically, without any manual reset.

Indications Provided on the Front of the Unit :

Charger ON, Output Switch Off,Battery Operation, Output Overload, Output ON.

Output ON/OFF switch is provided on front side of the module.

Power Pack with Capacitor Back-up : The Power pack is used as a power source for VCB panels in substations where station battery supply is not available.Power Pack stores the energy in backup Capacitor from line connected PT and that stored energy can be used to Trip / Close the Circuit breakers when AC input is not available,their are total two outputs. One output is for stored energy and other is for non-stored. Stored output can be used when AC input is not available. Non-Stored output will be available as long as AC input is present.

Technical Specifications

 Input * :1) 110 / 230 VAC for 1 Phase,2) 110 / 440 VAC for 3 Phase,

 Output *:110 or 30 or 24 VDC    (+/- 25% from No load to Full Load),

 Stored O/P *:50 or 100 Wsec,

Non-Store O/P *: 50 or 100 W,

Indication : Mains ON Indication, Mounting :Base Mounting,

 Dimension (in mm) - 

1 Phase:340 [L] X 160[H] X 150[D] mm,

 3 Phase :390 [L] x 200[H] X 150 [D] mm.


* Please clearly mention at the time of ordering

Models :-   APP230024



Alan Make Inverters

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Inverters are used to provide AC supply by inverting the DC to AC whenever the AC supply fails.This becomes very essential to operate any equipments which can be only operatable in AC.

Technical Specifications : 

Input Supply *    : 
 110 VDC or 220 VDC.

Capacity *            :  200VA / 500VA ,1KVA / 2KVA & 3                           KVA. (with Trolley.)

Output Voltage  :  230VAC @50Hz.

* Please clearly mention at the time of ordering.

Dimensions : 

200VA       :   280(L) x 195 (W) x 230 (H)mm

500VA       :   320(L) x 235 (W) x 235 (H)mm

1KVA        :   330(L) x 450 (W) x 400 (H)mm

2KVA        :   330(L) x 450 (W) x 400 (H)mm

3KVA        :   330(L) x 450 (W) x 400 (H)mm

Protections :

 Over Voltage Protection :
 Inverter is protected from surge voltage and spikes and excessive Input Voltage which exceeds the specified tolerance.

Short Circuit Protection : During Inverter mode the equipment is protected from short circuit when short circuit is removed output will come back to normal value automatically without manual reset.

Over Load Protection : In Inverter mode the equipment is protected from output overload & short circuit condition.During overload,overload indication will appear and the inverter's output will be disabled.It restores the original condition only when over load condition is removed.

Indications Provided on the Front of the  : 

(A) 200 & 500 VA : 
DC Input Low, Output On,Overload,Mains Operation

(B) 1 - 3 KVA :  Mains mode , Inverter mode, DC Under Voltage,Overload, DC Over Voltage, DC Reverse, 

External Relay Contacts :

When the Inverter's output fails due to any abnormal condition these contacts will be closed.This can be used to operate any alarm or to initiate any fault in Annunciator.

Models:-     AEI1022 


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Introduction The reliability of Power Supply units is the decisive factor for the reliable availability of complex systems. By studying numerous field conditions and customers feedback we have developed and perfected PRO-POWER series power supplies for industrial use. Designed to deliver, desired output without any deviation, irrespective of the Line & Load conditions. Features Worldwide application due to wide range input. Excellent Load & Line Regulation. Very Low ripple. Compact in size. High Operational Reliability even in complex global networks. Preventive Function Monitoring. Adjustable Output through potentiometer. Universal DIN Rail mounting Clamp. Slim-Style and Low-profile Installation. Active Signal Output. Parallel Operation. Redundant Operation. Increased Capacity.

ALAN Make DC To DC Converters

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Introduction Hi-tech AC-DC and DC-DC converters based on switch mode technology.The converters are designed to fulfill customer/user's expectation without compromising on quality and safety.There are basic two types of converters-Single type and Dual (Redundant) type. Protections Over Voltage Protection : Unit is protected from surge voltage, spikes and excessive Input voltage which exceeds the specified tolerance. In redundant type independent Input MCB and reverse protection are provided. Short Circuit Protection : The Unit is fully protected from accidental Output short circuit. Over Load Protection : The Unit is protected from over loading. During over load, Output current is limited by the Current limiting circuit which protects the Unit from damage.The Unit will resumes its original settings as soon as the normal condition is restored.

ALAN Make MP Series Alarm Annunciators

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ALAN make Micro-controller based logic.Built in watchdog design to ensure fail safe operation.Facia windows with long life super bright LEDs.Synchronisation of window flashing in group Annunciation (in MP-Series only).Easily replaceable window legends/inscriptions.Wide input supply range (i.e 18 - 90 VDC / 88 - 285V AC / DC).Operation test function does not af fect the status of the faults.Detection of momentary fault, which may have occurred while per formingpush but ton operation or operation test functions.Test function checks total system hardware.Three operating sequences.NO / NC fault contacts selection for each window.Trip or Non-Trip Alarm selection for each window.RS 485 Communication por t.DC / AC fail annunciation.Trip(Red) or Non-trip(Yellow) colour selection for each window (in MP-Series only).Ring back (“R” seq) / first up (F1,F2,F3) Operating sequence.• Window Size - 72 X 34 mm • All these models are with built in push but tons.135 x 230 mm135 x 230 mm175 x 230 mm175 x 260 mm175 x 307 mm175 x 390 mm175 x 467 mm210 x 467 mm175 x 621 mm255 x 467 mm(Height x Width)Panel Cutout(Height x Width x Depth)Bezel Dimensions165 x 265 x 115 mm165 x 265 x 115 mm205 x 265 x 115 mm205 x 295 x 115 mm205 x 342 x 115 mm205 x 420 x 115 mm205 x 500 x 115 mm235 x 500 x 115 mm205 x 651 x 115 mm285 x 500 x 115 mmSTANDARD MODELS MP - SeriesCol. x Row3C x 2R3C x 3R3C x 4R3C x 4R4C x 4R5C x 4R6C x 4R6C x 5R8C x 4R6C x 6RDescription6 Window8 Window11 Window12 Window15 Window19 Window23 Window29 Window31 Window35 WindowSR.NO.123456789106 W MP8 W MP11 W MP12 W MP15 W MP4TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS1) Supply Voltage* : 18 - 90 VDC or 88 - 285V AC / DC.2) Power Consumption : Less than 0.5W per window.3) Response Time* : 10 / 50 / 100 / 250ms.4) Flash Rate : 100 flashes/min (Fast) or 50 flashes / min (Slow).5) Fault Inputs Contacts : The field contacts provided to sense fault inputshould be potential free it can be either NO / NC.6) Ex ternal Push But tons : Terminal connectors are provided at the back side,to connect ex ternal push but tons.7) Audible Output : Potential free relay contact terminals at back sidefor ex ternal alarm.8) Relay Contact Rating : 5Amps at 230 V AC.9) Max. Op. Amb. Temp. : 60 C10) Window Size : Refer Manual11) Viewing Area :12) Legends/Inscriptions : Photo Positive/Negative film.oRefer Manual*Please clearly mention at the time of ordering.TYPE TESTS CARRIED OUTA)   Electrical•••••The equipment has been tested for high voltage test 2KVAC between allterminals to body for 1 minute as per IS 3231. (In MP-Series only)As per IS 8686/III/77 the equipment has been tested for 5 KV impulse test.As per IS 8688/77 IEC 255 PART A / CLASS III the equipment has been testedfor High frequency disturbance test :- Longitudinal 2.5KV & Transverse 1KV test.Power supply unit is tested for over voltage, under voltage and Shor t circuit protection.Heat run test for 16 hours.B) Mechanical And Environmental•••••Thermal stock test at 70 for 30 min.Accelerated ageing test for 72 hrs at 90 C, as per IS9000/111/Sec3/77.Damp heat test for 48hrs at 40 C at 95% RH, as per IS9000/79.Bump test 100 bumps/a xis about 1 bump/sec, as per IS9000/7/64.Humidit y test up to 95% RH.
Model : MP Series

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