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Lg-Nortel Ipldk-60 VoIP Phone

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The LG-Nortel ipLDK-60 combines innovative, flexible architecture with the latest in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Designed to support both analog and digital lines, the ipLDK-60 is ideal for small and medium businesses that have a mix of technologies. Through its plug-and-play facility, the ipLDK-60 delivers maximum flexibility; it can support a variety of terminals including analog SLT, fax, and digital and IP phones. When connecting external lines, the ipLDK-60 can differentiate fax from voice and automatically deliver them to the appropriate terminal type.

Lg-Nortel VoIP Phone

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  • Voice and IP Convergence
  • High Powered VoIP Solution
  • Advanced Business Applications
  • Feature Rich & Cost Effective
  • Smooth Migration to IP
  • Remote User (Tele-worker Solution)
  • System Networking
  • ipLDK Soft phone
  • QoS (Quality of Service) & Secure VPN
  • Advanced Business Applications
  • Various Wireless Solutions
  • Virtual Conference Room
  • Hot Desk
  • Innovative Stylish Desk-top Terminals


IP Telephone Systems

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1) IP Stage EX100 is a next-generation voice and data integrated system, upto 768 ports. Based on the world most advanced OKI’s VoIP Technology, IPStage EX 100 provides the best solution for versatile office needs with excellent voice quality. It is also featured with PHS digital cordless phone.

2) IP Stage® MX/SX is designed to be the ultimate user friendly conventional key telephone system for small and medium sized offices with up to 128 extensions, providing all the advanced telephone features to enhance office productivity and curtail communication expenses. With its feature-rich Software Phone, Com@WILL and IP extensions, this system also serves offices with a high IP environment and will evolve in line with communication technology advancements, like IP public phone services or VoIP via WiFi etc.

Media Servers

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The Avaya Communication Server is a robust and reliable converged voice and data system that is a true IP solution for small to mid-sized companies, as well as departmental workgroups and branches of large enterprises with geographically dispersed locations. The Communication Server combines standards-based, Voice-over-IP technology with the call processing functionality, features, and capabilities of a traditional private branch exchange (PBX) phone system. The Communication Server provides customers with an all-in-one, day-one-ready, cost-effective IP system that includes an array of robust features and high-level functionality. This fully featured system will leverage your existing IP infrastructure, and can scale in size and functionality, as your business needs change.

Media Gateways

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An enterprise branch office gateway is designed to serve the communications needs of small to large branch communications. This gateway allows organisations to economically extend their headquarter communication applications such as the Avaya Communication Manager and the Avaya Modular Messaging out to their branch locations to achieve lower overall costs and increased collaboration across their entire organisation.

These stackable and modular hardware elements deliver application-enabling voice, data, fax, video, and messaging capabilities to customer’s network. They support hardware elements such as intra-switch connectivity, control interfaces, port interfaces, and cabinets. And they support both bearer and signaling traffic routed between packet-switched and circuit-switched networks. Optimized for enterprise class telephony and provide a variety of flexible, cost-effective deployment options, ranging from blended (e.g., IP and TDM) to a 100% IP environment.

Headsets, Wired And Wireless, Plantronics

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Plantronics offers Headset solutions optimized for Unified Communications and the way people work. Corded and wireless solutions are available for wherever work occurs, whenever needed – in a quiet office, on the road or at home. Products include the right headset for connecting team members, providing hands-free communication and enabling clearer calls.

Features are model dependent. Information is available in product brochures. 

  Modular Amplifier, M12 & MX10
  BlueTooth Headset, M2500
  Encore Telephone Headset
  SupraPlus Telephone Headset
  Wireless Office Headset System CS50

Combined Mobile And Voip Gateway

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Field-proven Mobile Gateways

Invest in outstanding value and benefit from cost saving mobile to mobile calls. The premium suite of features ensures complete compatibility with your current carrier equipment and total interoperability with all third-party VoIP equipment.

Flexible and Versatile Connectivity

The iGATE includes a VoIP gateway with up to 32 VoIP channels, 32 mobile channels, 2 E1/ T1 interfaces, and a LAN connection. Independent of the network type, the iGATE can connect to different local or remote VoIP and mobile networks – including GSM, 3G UMTS and CDMA – and can switch between each single incoming to any outgoing channel. 

Least Cost Routing

Save money on every phone call. iGATE’s LCR (Least Cost Routing) features automatically route calls from your PBX – via the least expensive route – to each destination, whether that is over a standard fixed-line network, a mobile network, or over the Internet. Plus, LCR combines with other superior call-routing capabilities that are based on, for example, called party, CLIP/ CLIR, time-of-day, time quota, service quality, and SIM card profile.


Modulys UPS

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The UPS that grows with your company

The extreme dynamism of today's companies requires constructive state-of-the-art solutions. SOCOMEC UPS offers its clients the total adaptability and flexibility ofMODULYS® for their various architectures and plants. The three power ratings available for each Mod-Power, the possibility to "migrate" from a Tower configuration (Mod-TW) to the 19" Rack (Mod-RK) and subsequently into the Mod-System, all contribute to makeMODULYS® the most flexible and reliable solution for the supply of protected power to your critical installations. The wide range of models specifically designed to meet your requirements means that you can choose the one that is most suited to your needs, safe in the knowledge that adapting the UPS to your future power and backup requirements will not be a problem.


Masterys Mc

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The versatility and integrity of this version makes it the cornerstone of the wholemasterys range. It has been designed to protect the most strategic and sensitive it loads and production processes.

the embedded lan connection* makes it a highly interactive product, capable of interacting fully with users and contributing to the prevention of system failures.

the igbt rectifier is of course an essential component, making it possible not only to drastically cut electric pollution in respect of the mains but also enabling perfect interaction with generators, without having to overrate the system.

Masterys Bc 8 To 20kva

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This model offers an excellent ratio between size, power supplied and back-up times, making it ideal for medium sized businesses and for professional applications in general. It is particularly suitable for protection in IT environments due to the flexibility of back-up time and its ability to be mounted in 19" rack cabinets.

Main Features
  • easy to install
  • mounted on wheels for ease of handling
  • unique on the market for its extremely compact size
  • can even be installed in 19” rack cabinets already in use at the user’s premises
  • flexible back-up times: different back-up time configurations are available either within the UPS standard cabinet or by using taller UPS cabinets, where only the  height increases, floor space remaining exactly as before ( WxD = 444x795 mm)

Masterys Eb

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MASTERYS EB is the top-of-the-range system, satisfying the most demanding requirements. 

A flexible and modular NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE system which, since all its components are redundant (power unit, controller, batteries, battery charger, etc.), is able to guarantee unequalled availability of power supply for the most powerful and sensitive IT applications: data processing centres, ISPs, ASPs, Server Farms and other major IT applications.

Main Features  
  • mounted on wheels for ease of handling
  • redundancy of all the main components to guarantee maximum operating reliability
  • power modules can be removed and replaced on site
  • IGBT rectifier able to reduce harmonic distortion to a value of less than 3%
  • intelligent: embedded LAN connection for improved UPS supervision
  • advanced graphics display for total system control

Masterys ( Ip 10 To 40 Kva)

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  • mounted on wheels for easy handling
  • unique on the market for its extremely compact size, with integrated isolation transformer and batteries
  • up to 6 units can be placed in parallel: scalability in power or High Availability using redundancy
  • IGBT rectifier able to reduce harmonic distortion to a value of less than 3%
  • intelligent: embedded LAN connection for improved UPS supervision
  • advanced graphics display for total system control
  • redundant batteries: the battery packs are connected to each other in two distinct strings. If one battery in a string is not functioning, it does not compromise the back-up time provided by all the batteries belonging to the other string
  • expert Battery System
  • always-On Mode
  • global Supply System
  • energy Saver
  • backfeed protection (internal or external)
  • separate back-up mains
  • internal manual by-pass
  • advanced Dry Contact (ADC)


Delphys Mp

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This Model is available in two versions•  DELPHYS MP with an SCR rectifier

•  DELPHYS MP elite with an IGBT rectifier

High quality power supply•  delivered by SVM digital modulation.

•  adapted to supplying new blade server loads with a leading power factor up to 0.9.

•   with sinusoidal current for non-linear loads (Crest Factor 3:1)

Delphys Mx

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Ensures utmost power quality using SVM (Space Vector Modulation) digital regulation giving sinusoidal output voltage with all load types. A built-in fault tolerant architecture provides high availability through redundancy. Operates without downgrading actual power to supply applications with a capacitive power factor up to 0.9.

•    DELPHYS MX elite .
•    includes a rectifier specifically to draw the sinusoidal current (4.5% THDI) which will not pollute your upstream network
•    Input power factor close to 1 (ind. 0.93) reduces current consumption
•   Fully compatible with gen-set
•    No oversizing of upstream sources including generator, transformers, cables etc

Delphys Ds

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The DELPHYS®DS UPS is designed to supply non-linear loads without any downgrading and with a high power factor, providing high quality output voltage at all times.

Fitted with a PROTECTPLUS rectifier, the DELPHYS® DS has a high performance"clean" input current with very low harmonic feed-back (THDI < 5 %). This performance avoids oversizing the power supply, especially for gen-sets.

The use of advanced technology such as digital processors and of SMD electronic boards (surface mounted devices) has reduced the number and surface of electronic boards.This reduction in the number of components means that DELPHYS ® DS has even more reliability and increases its immunity to electromagnetic disturbances

Dynamic Energy Storage Systems

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Backs up the DELPHYS UPS, overcoming the constraints, risks, costs and hazards of batteries.

The solution inverter DELPHYS with dynamic storage of energy VSSDC was carried out by the partnership between SOCOMEC UPS and PENTADYNE™.

Dynamic Storage System

The VSSDC Energy Storage System from SOCOMEC is a short duration, clean energy storage system. Using a very high speed rotating flywheel, it stores kinetic energy which is instantaneously converted to useful power when needed. It can supplement or eliminate the need for batteries in UPS application. The VSS+ DCsystems may be used in conditions where battery use is impossible or to work in parallel with batteries to handle brief power outages or voltage sags thereby extending battery life.


Static Transfer Systems( It Switch)

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AdvantagesManual and automatic load transfer

Load transfer without source overlap
Transfer without disturbing the loads
Selection of priority source

Supervision software
The exclusive TOP VISION centralised management software provides an overview of the IT-SWITCHES.

The IT- SWITCH has been especially designed for easy installation in the most effective place, i.e. close to mission-critical loads.

They are available in 19" racks with an optional hot-swap version or a Box version for integration in communication bays or false floors.


Ltm (Load Transfer Module)

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LTM, a Static Transfer System is the cutting edge solution to ensure power supply redundancy from two independent power sources. They provide upstream protection against accidental tripping or disturbances caused by faults (e.g. short circuit) in other equipments supplied thro’ the same source.

The LTM provides protection in case offailures in the supply or distribution source such as spurious breaking of protections, incorrect handling, damaged cables, source failures, etc andinterference caused by loads supplied by the same source due to shared distribution, consequences of fault in one of the receptors, voltage interference (transient), and non-selective tripping of protections.

Uzen UPS (500va To 40kva)

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Overview :

Uzen online UPS is the right choice for getting conditioned back-up power for SME, Engineering, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors. Designed with digital technology and use of reliable semiconductor power devices, Uzen UPS is complete with protections, annunciations and digital control panels.

Features :

  • Clean, uninterrupted high quality power
  • PWM technology with Mosfet / IGBT devices
  • Double conversion
  • Unity PF, input PF correction
  • Low harmonics
  • High efficiency
  • High crest factor
  • Digital display


Vzen Servo Stabilzer

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Overview :

Vzen Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer from ZENER offers complete solution to tackle wide range of input voltage. It employs digital monitoring and controlling with microcontroller.Vzen Servo Stabilser under goes regular quality checks including sub-assembly baking, accelerated life test, etc. It is most suited for balanced / unbalanced loads requiring high voltage regulation.

Features :

  • Wide input voltage range

  • Fast correction rate

  • Micro controlled based circuitry

  • Total protections and controls

  • Isolated sensing circuit

  • Independent of PF and frequency variations

  • Rugged AC synchronous motors

  • Single phase preventer

  • High reliability with single PCB for three phase sensing and correction


Isozen Isolation Transformer

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Further, isolation transformer allows an AC signal or power to be taken from one device and fed into another without electrically connecting the two circuits. This ensures perfect neutral continuity to keep the neutral to earth voltage within the acceptable limits.

Features :

  • K-rated isolation transformers for protection against high temperature rise

  • K-rated isolation transformer for unbalanced as well as non-linear loads

  • Protection from noise

  • Neutral isolation

  • High attenuation level

  • Low coupling capacitance

  • High induction


Izen Industrial Inverters (Upto 60 Kva)

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Overview :

Izen Industrial Inverters with compact design comes with high performance reliability and efficiency. It is ideally suited for lighting and other domestic applications like TV, Mixie, etc. With its sleek design and small footprint, it has noiseless operation and requires no separate wiring.

Features :

  • PWM with DTS technology

  • Mosfet / IGBT power devices

  • SMPS charger

  • Surge protected

  • Regulated output

  • Complete protections with indications

  • Negligible transfer time

  • Compact size

  • Aesthetically designed


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