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A specialized IT services company, providing leading edge cloud business solutions to its customers. Any organization is only as good as its people...Read More

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP

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NetSuite ERP
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NetSuite ERP

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NetSuite ERP is the world’s most deployed cloud ERP solution. It provides proven financial management and ERP that easily integrates with your broader sales and service processes.

NetSuite ERP takes your business beyond traditional accounting software, streamlining back-office processes and equips you with the visibility you need to make better faster decisions.

Key Benifits:

  • Accelerates the order-to cash process by 50%+
  • Slashes the financial close with real-time reporting
  • Strengthens procurement with approvals and vendor management
  • Improves employee management through self-service
  • Drives decision making with personalized dashboards
  • Improves accountability and compliance with strong traceability
  • Reduces IT costs and delivers automated ERP upgrades
  • Elevates productivity with anytime, anywhere access Financial Management

    Proven financial management that includes general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed asset management, multi-currency management, revenue recognition, revenue management, financial reporting and much more.

    Supply Chain and Inventory Management

    NetSuite’s ERP solution provides complete manufacturing, warehouse and inventory management, while procurement automation streamlines purchasing and improves vendor managemen

    Order and Billing Management

    NetSuite’s order and billing management fast tracks the order-to-cash process. NetSuite helps improve quote accuracy, speed invoicing and drives down order management and billing errors.

    Shipping and Fulfillment

    NetSuite’s ERP solution increases your shipping efficiency and lowers order fulfillment processing costs with complete integration with top shipping carriers including FedEx®, UPS and the USPS.

    Revenue Recognition Management

    NetSuite ERP provides comprehensive support for all key revenue recognition rules, automates calculation, and provides continual revenue recognition monitoring and reporting.

  • Financial Planning

    NetSuite delivers collaborative budgeting, planning and “what-if” modeling capabilities, completely integrated with core financials to drive strategy, planning and execution.

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)

    Streamline your human resource management processes, with employee time management, incentive compensation, expense reporting and payroll, all built into a 24×7 self-service portal.

  • Recurring Revenue Management

    Comprehensive recurring revenue management functionality optimizes billing processes for subscription-based and maintenance-based revenue streams and helps drive renewals.

  • Financial Analytics and Reporting

    Arm your finance team with real-time, role-based dashboards and summary to detail financial analytics, scorecards, and reporting to accelerate your financial close.

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Netsuite CRM
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Netsuite CRM

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Optimize the Entire Customer Lifecycle in the Cloud:

NetSuite is the only cloud customer relationship management (CRM) solution that delivers a real-time 360-degree view of your customer experience, from lead and opportunity through to sales order management, upsell, renewals, and service.

In addition to advanced sales force automation (SFA), customer support, and marketing automation, NetSuite CRM+ delivers capabilities well beyond those offered by traditional CRM systems, including quotes, order management, commissions, sales forecasting, and more, all in one comprehensive cloud CRM solution.

Key Benefits:
  • Clear visibility into sales, service and marketing performance
  • Streamlines quote-to-order processes
  • Elevates productivity with a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Improves sales performance through forecasting, upsell and commission management
  • Drives collaboration with partners
  • Increases customer service productivity and reduces case resolution times
  • Manage multinational sales and services organizations, with Global CRM.Sales Force Automation

    Optimize sales processes with complete opportunity management, and get powerful tools to drive performance including sales forecasting, commission management, upsell management and more.


    Customer Service Management

    Drive service with complete case and escalation management, and accelerate service with knowledge base management, customer self-service and more.


    Partner Relationship Management

    Improve collaboration with partners through partner relationship management (PRM) that delivers joint marketing campaigns, joint lead management, partner commissions and order processing.


    Marketing Automation

    Grow faster with almost unlimited customer segmentation and targeting capabilities, email marketing and true marketing program ROI analysis.



    Comprehensive support for mobile devices—iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile—ensures that your employees can access NetSuite when and where they need it.

    CRM Analytics and Reporting

    Fingertip access into sales, marketing and customer service information lets you measure and optimize performance—you even get back-office metrics for total business visibility.

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Ecommerce Solutions
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Ecommerce Solutions

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Our E-commerce Software Solutions:

An e-commerce website unlike a brochure or corporate website sells your product or service anytime
and to client based anywhere.Ecommerce software solutions prove to be the most efficient salespersons
for your business bringing more conversions and revenues. The main goal of ecommerce web solutions is to sell your
product or service directly to a visitor. Aashna Cloudtech is the single source provider offering various cloud based
ecommerce business solutions with increased efficiencies. With the expertise in cloud technology, the company is capable
of recommending, installing and offering business solutions with complete support services
which can meet the needs of the clients to become self-sufficient.

Our E-commerce Software Solutions:

Aashna Cloudtech through collaboration with NetSuite provides complete NetSuite e-commerce business
solutions to support your company. NetSuite is the first and foremost web-based application that enables
you to make better and faster decisions through real-time business intelligence. Each NetSuite ecommerce
software solution can offer support to all organizational processes ranging from customer relations management to
enterprise resource planning with the help of cloud technology. NetSuite ecommerce web solutions are built on the
leading technology of servers and database products that ensure growth and expandability for your company. Ecommerce
Business Solutions for Small and Mid-sized Businesses NetSuite , ecommerce business solutions are completely integrated
applications to help small and mid-sized businesses manage all of their business processes more efficiently, including finance,
sales and service, web presence, and employee management. Companies can save time and money and get unprecedented visibility into
their operations by utilizing one centralized and up-to-date database, ending the headache of using multiple incompatible applications.
With cloud computing boon, anytime, anywhere web access, our award-winning ecommerce web solutions are the industry’s
first and only multi-user, multi-location complete business management solutions. Through ecommerce web
solutions you can close the sale, receive sales
enquiries and leads, no sales staff are needed, moreover one person can run a million dollar ecommerce
site. An ecommerce software solution is dynamic and fully controllable by administrator with cost effectiveness
being the main factor as the company can save the employee salary costs. Aashna Cloudtech is highly experienced
in installation and support services needed for NetSuite ecommerce software solution. Along with these services
integration of an e-commerce website with any payment gateway resulting in a secured B2B/B2C environment can be
offered by us. Aashna Cloudtech partnered with NetSuite offers a single integrated and powerful support for all
your online ecommerce business solutions. With NetSuite ecommerce web solutions, you can automate business processes
across the company thereby reducing IT cost and concerns.

The key benefits of using NetSuite ecommerce web solutions are

NetSuite ecommerce business solutions offer Real time dashboards giving exact information
needed by the employees to make better & faster decisions
Customized views for users and provide reports, graphs, revenues, new leads, list of the
items to ship and so on

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Workforce Software
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Workforce Software

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EmpCenter® Workforce Management Software:

WorkForce Software is the leader in workforce management software for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns. Its EmpCenter® suite enables strategic HR by automating and streamlining interactions between the employer and its workforce, enabling organizations to better manage payroll and processing costs, help ensure compliance with global leave regulations, and increase the productivity and satisfaction of their employees. The EmpCenter suite is composed of numerous applications aimed at addressing an organization’s end-to-end workforce management needs, including time & attendance, absence management, labor scheduling, labor analytics, and fatigue management.

EmpCenter® Time & Attendance:

EmpCenter Time & Attendance—an integrated part of the EmpCenter workforce management suite—is an enterprise-grade, web-based solution that captures time and labor data and automates the most complex pay rules, entirely through configuration. Designed for large employers and global enterprises, this means there are no compromises in helping your organization automate 100% of your complex pay rules and compliance requirements. No costly customization, no manual workarounds, and no pockets of labor data tracked outside the system.

Complete automation is the cornerstone of strategic workforce management. By assuring 100% automation, EmpCenter Time & Attendance makes it simple to ensure timely and accurate paycheck processing… but it also allows you to achieve measurable business results.

EmpCenter® Advanced Scheduler

Right person, right shift, right cost—on your terms

EmpCenter Advanced Scheduler—an integrated part of the EmpCenter workforce management suite – is a highly flexible web-based solution that allows you to optimize labor schedules without breaking a sweat. Taking all of the required criteria into account, Advanced Scheduler ensures that you field the right team for the job every time.

By comparing the full range of schedule factors, including staffing requirements, employee skills and certifications, preferences, pay rates, and fitness for duty, Advanced Scheduler helps supervisors rapidly create schedules that support strategic goals.

EmpCenter® Absence Compliance Tracker

A compliance solution for FMLA and state leave laws

Manage every aspect of your diverse employee leaves, including federal, state/provincial, union, and corporate policies in a single solution – EmpCenter Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT).

EmpCenter ACT – an integrated part of the EmpCenter workforce management suite – completely automates absence management from the initial request to the employee’s return from leave, eliminating manual work and streamlining the process for organization. Compliance with federal and state/provincial laws is automated at each step of the process, eliminating a major headache for HR departments.

EmpCenter® Analytics

Understand key labor and business metrics:

EmpCenter® Analytics – an integrated part of the EmpCenter workforce management suite – harnesses labor data from EmpCenter along with other critical business metrics to help employers fine-tune workforce management activities and improve organizational results.

Simple and intuitive report building empowers users to quickly create custom views of the data resident in the EmpCenter workforce management suite. EmpCenter Analytics enables employers to capture complete and accurate snapshots of their employees’ day-to-day labor activities, highlighting where adjustments to time & attendance and scheduling practices can deliver measurable gains.


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Google Apps Overview
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Google Apps Overview

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Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

    Lower cost: Google delivers Google Apps to your business over the Web at a fraction of the cost of installed systems. This means that Google Apps can provide a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Mailbox redundancy, infrastructure upgrades and infrastructure scaling are all handled behind the scenes by Google, so your business doesn’t need to budget time and money for these projects.
    Higher quality: Google Apps offers superior security, reliability, and storage space than most organizations can accomplish with an on-premises solution.
    Improved usability: Google Apps provides the simple, intuitive interface so that there’s minimal training resources involved for end-users.

1. Google Apps is for your business
When you sign up for Google Apps for your business, you sign up with your own company domain name. So rather a company email address such as administrative control panel that is built into Google Apps for your business where an IT administrator can manage and control the user accounts across your company domain.

2. Enhanced business-oriented features
Though our product engineers are continually enhancing our Google applications for our free consumers, they are also adding separate, enhanced features to the Google Apps applications that are more oriented for business purposes. Here are just a few things you can do in Google Apps for your business that’s not available in our free consumer applications:

    Increased Access Controls: Puts your company in control of how your information is shared and communicated outside of your domain.
    Gmail: Saves all your corporate information with improved mailing list capabilities, and increased mail thresholds
    Google Sites: Understanding that a company intranet and shared documentation is so critical to success, optimized to provide you with the right storage quotas to address your business needs
    Google Calendar: Enables conference room and resource sharing, allowing you to schedule office conference rooms or other shared resources in your office.
    Google Video: Share internal videos with your company quickly without the complex overhead of many other systems

How secure and private is my data if I switch over to Google apps?

We understand that employees want to be able to work where they want when they want, to do so they are taking the data with them. Businesses are finding themselves in the position where more and more employees are burning corporate data onto CD/DVD, thumb drives, putting data on their home machines to work on in the evenings and weekends. This has created serious security concerns, because not only do these incidents expose the data to unwanted eyes but often times we lose the data permanently since much of data resides on laptops or desktops.

Also keep in mind the following:

    Google does not claim ownership of your data.
    We don’t share your data except as strictly outlined in our Privacy Policy.
    We keep the data as long as you want.
    We delete the data when you ask.
    We allow you to take the data out of our system if you decide to switch to a different solution, or if you want to use your data in another application or integrate with other systems.

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Finance CRM Solution
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Finance CRM Solution

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Get a fool-proof financial management system that’ll also enhance business processes.
  • Choose from the world’s best and most trusted solutions
  • Empower your finance with Cloud technology
  • Get a comprehensive and automated financial management system
  • Drastically reduce expenses
  • Enhance resource performance for higher profits
  • Implement smart financial planning and accounting
  • Manage your all business processes on a single platform

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Professional IT Service
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Professional IT Service

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Customers want professional service. Get the right solutions to give the best service to your customers.
  • Improve functioning of all business aspects
  • Consolidate processes and procedures
  • Vastly improve upon delivery times
  • Automate billing cycles and invoicing processes
  • Reduce Turn Around Time
  • Completely negate human errors
  • Provide active support to the customers

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Productivity Solution
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Productivity Solution

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Push productivity to its optimum with proven solutions used by the best companies in the world.
  • Improve resource deployment
  • Boost productivity of resources
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Ensure all projects are on-budget
  • Automate all time consuming processes
  • Enhance production capabilities
  • Consistently meet delivery deadlines

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Sales Marketing CRM Solution
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Automating marketing & sales with a comprehensive solution ensures they get the required boost.
  • Get your business the required visibility
  • Manage multiple resources on a single platform
  • Increase productivity of resources
  • Empower resources with technology and sales tools
  • Harness the power of Ecommerce
  • Increase repeat business and customer retention rates
  • Enhance user experience

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Human Resources
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Human Resources

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Empower the management and HR team with HR management systems that are the best in the world.
  • Choose the world’s best HR Solutions
  • Create effective HR policies and practices
  • Expertly manage resources spread across various geographies
  • Hire the right talent
  • Increase resource productivity
  • Improve talent retention rates
  • Automate employee leaves and salary processes

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Aashna CRM Solution on NetSuite
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Aashna is a 5-star certified NetSuite partner providing solutions to better your NetSuite experience.
  • Get the best out of your investment in NetSuite
  • Wide range of Add-on Solutions by Aashna
  • Avail strategic guidance and hands-on expertise
  • Get pre-sales demo of solutions
  • Solutions customized to meet specific requirements
  • Get personalized service
  • Enhance your customer experience

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Development And Customization
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Aashna Cloudtech’s expert team will optimize and customize your solution to enhance your NetSuite experience.
  • SuiteBuilder Application Configuration – Customizing NetSuite application forms, field and records simply by pointing &clicking.
  • SuiteFlow Workflow Engine – With Workflow management, automate your business for maximum efficiency and flexibility.
  • SuiteAnalytics Business Intelligence – Give end-users easy-to-use, real-time analytics across all areas like financials, opportunities, customers, orders and all custom objects.
  • SuiteScript Application Development - Allow developers and administrators to create flexible business logic within NetSuite tailored to specific business needs.
  • SuiteTalk Web Services - Integrate NetSuite with multiple applications and build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications.
  • SuiteBundler App Packaging & Distribution - Package and deploy customizations and applications built on the SuiteCloud platform

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NetSuite Implementation Services
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  • Initiate – We organize and understand your objectives and deliver the functional scope.
  • Analyze – We analyze your business needs and develop a project workplan accordingly.
  • Design – Through Customization Solution Design & Integration Design, NetSuite addresses your business needs.
  • Configure – NetSuite’s solution are customized to adapt to your business.
  • Validate – The solution is ready for validation and deployment.
  • Deploy – The solution is deployed and your business is now a NetSuite powered business.
  • Optimize – Learning from implementation, the solution is optimized and moved on to NetSuite support.

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NetSuite Support
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NetSuite Support

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Aashna Cloudtech offers dedicated support teams and other models of NetSuite support, assist your business needs.
  • Take advantage of our understanding to enhance your NetSuite experience.
  • Get all your NetSuite requirements addressed through a single point of contact.
  • We have special packages designed for your specific needs.
  • One-stop shop for NetSuite functional, customization, E-commerce & training.
  • One large resource pool of consultants, so customers don’t need to wait.
  • Dedicated support for big enterprises & Shared support for small & mid size businesses
  • Cost effective services

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Netsuite Open Air
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Netsuite Open Air

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The World’s #1 Professional Services Automation Software:

NetSuite OpenAir software is the world’s #1 cloud professional services automation (PSA) solution,
providing project-based businesses with powerful project management, resource management, project
accounting and timesheet and expenses management capabilities.

NetSuite drives down bench time, elevates on-time project delivery, improves invoicing accuracy,
streamlines revenue recognition and increases services visibility.Key Benefits
  • Delivers real-time visibility into your services organization’s performance and profitability
  • Improves on-time project delivery and drives project success rates
  • Increases resource utilization with advanced resource management functionality
  • Equips your services team with mobile access to time and expense management
  • Reduces hardware maintenance costs and upgrade hassles with cloud-based delivery.Project Management
  • NetSuite OpenAir’s PSA software provides web-based project management capabilities that enable you to
    improve on-time project delivery and project profitability by
    making it easy to manage, update and report on project status from anywhere at any time.
  • Resource Management

    NetSuite OpenAir helps increase resource utilization by enabling the deployment of

  • resources to projects according to project needs, employee skills, experience and availability, all based on real-time project timelines.

  • Project Accounting

    Flexible project accounting ensures projects are on-budget. NetSuite

  • OpenAir’s billing engine ensures clients are billed accurately and on time, while

  • sophisticated revenue recognition functionality supports strong financial management.

Timesheet Management

NetSuite OpenAir delivers self-service and mobile timesheet submission paired with easy-to-configure organizational approval processes, and enables you to easily track time by project, phase, task and more.

Expense Management

NetSuite OpenAir powers employee productivity by enabling them to submit expenses from anywhere, via web or mobile device—even by taking a snapshot of a receipt using their iPhone.

Professional Services Dashboards and Reporting

NetSuite OpenAir provides dashboards and reporting that give every manager personalized access to key metrics such as resource utilization, profit margin and project budget vs. actual.

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NetSuite Essentials
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NetSuite Essentials

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This is the first course to be taken by anyone wanting to be a NetSuite Administrator or is responsible for setting up, configuring, and maintaining of NetSuite Application for your company.
  • Learn to organize the NetSuite implementation plan for your company
  • Configure the solutions’ functionality to meet your business requirements
  • Determine and set different users' authorities, access, and roles
  • Customize the NetSuite’s User Interface specific to your business needs
  • Create a sound plan for Data Migration
  • Explores avenues for getting business intelligence
  • Setup ERP & CRM initial controls
  • Make plans for maintenance of your NetSuite account

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Suite Commerce

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Site Navigation/Search
Let customers easily find the product they want.

Make buying from you a painless experience.

International Commerce
Expand your business by selling in other countries.

Customer Service
Provide your customers with the best customer service options

Payments and Fraud Prevention
Offer your customer multiple ways to pay.

Site Management
Manage multiple sites easily.

Visual Merchandising
Present the product in the best possible way.

Let your customers reach you from any place.

Take advantage of the large customer base of online marketplaces.

Order Management
Ensure quick and efficient processing of all orders

Rich Customer Profiles
Get a 360 degree view of your customer.

Make shipping easy – for your customers and your operations

Promotions and Pricing
Set the right price and incentives to buy.

B2B Commerce
Grow your business by selling to other businesses.

Search Engine Optimization
Make sure your site ranks high on search engines.

Inventory Management and Demand Planning
Maintain tight control over your inventory

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting
Keep a finger on the pulse of your business – in real time.

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Professional Services for NetSuite Ecommerce Software Solutions

At Aashna Cloudtech, we assist you to implement ecommerce software solution and earn impressive ROI quickly. We offer implementation services as well as support and training options of ecommerce software solution.

Customer Support

The company also provides world class consistent customer support with a three level of support. For all the customers, we include the NetCARE Bronze support package for free with every purchase of NetSuite ecommerce web solutions. We offer NetCARE Gold and NetCARE Silver packages for those customers who need additional level of support. As the company hosts the ecommerce software solution from our world class data centre activities like data maintenance, backups and version Upgradations are done at free of charge. NetSuite offers one complete ecommerce web solution for smaller businesses that integrates front office and back office operations, managing sales, service, accounting and web presence. Aashna Cloudtech’ highly experienced and skilled team of engineers with cloud computing forte offers you prompt and valuable solutions with a meticulous review of your requirement and queries. Years of experience and state-of-the-art cloud technology knowledge enable the team to handle complex and diverse systems successfully.

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Box Software

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The Cloud: A New Home for Enterprise Content and Collaboration
As the amount of information continues to explode, it’s more difficult—and
more critical—than ever for people to find what they need in order
 to get their jobs done efficiently and accurately. Add in the myriad devices
 we use to create and access this information, the rising costs of storing all
that data, and employees’ desire and need to work wherever they are, and it’s a
pparent why more organizations are turning to the cloud to create a smarter, more collaborative, enterprise.
This continued data explosion is, for many organizations, the biggest challenge
they must address. Companies must determine the most cost-effective technologies for storing data, yet also need
to find solutions that enable employees to access information securely, cost-effectively, quickly, and remotely via
 multiple devices.
With teams spread across the globe collaboration is the next big challenge.
 Without a collaboration system, employees typically work together on a project by trading emails with large
attachments that eat up network bandwidth (that is, of course, if you can even get that 15MB PowerPoint past
your e-mail server). People work on different versions simultaneously and there is no
efficient or accurate way to track changes or versions

Introducing Box: Secure content management and collaboration in the cloud
Merely having information in an accessible cloud environment does not mean, however, that
 data is organized, viewable, or actionable.
To achieve true value from this mass of business information, you need a solution that
 provides easy-to-use collaboration capabilities and access to documents—accessible from
anywhere, on any device.
Box, which focuses exclusively on the cloud, delivers these solutions to 8 million users—up
 from 4 million in 2010—and now stores more than 300 million documents on its platform. Its
technologies make the most out of the cloud’s capabilities, such as its flexibility and scalability.

Box enables enterprises to reduce the costs and IT resources they use to maintain their
 storage systems, network file services, and file-sharing tools (such as FTP software). And because
it is cloud-based, there are no costly hardware or maintenance fees. Instead, Box’s solution is subscription-based
 on a monthly per-user (not by storage use) basis.
The company, which was placed in Gartner’s “Visionary” quadrant for Managed File Transfer solutions, has quickly
become the de facto standard at many companies, large and small.
Box: Multi-Vendor Support
Collaboration means working with popular business and office apps. To ensure employees can
easily access content, Box secured key integrations with leading developers such as EMC Documentum,
 Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, Google Apps, and SugarCRM, among others. In fact, Box partners
with more than 40 enterprise solutions, enabling your organization
to extend its investment and leverage your existing content within the cloud.


Enterprise-Grade Security and Controls
Box, which is SAS70 Type II and Safe Harbor certified, encrypts data
both at transfer and at rest, using 256-bit SSL encryption.
Other security features include:

Password protection and time-based file controls
Role-based access controls and permissions
Full audit trail capabilities and reporting
Single Sign-On (AD/LDAP) integration
Integration with Mobile Device Management providers for mobile security

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Why Docusign The market for electronic signatures is expanding everywhere, from real estate to finance, sales to staffing, from enterprise, companies all the way down to small businesses and individuals. This informative and interactive session will show you how electronic signatures are transforming business processes, enabling faster sales cycles and saving companies money. You’ll also experience DocuSign’s award winning service and find how DocuSign has become the world leader in electronic signature solutions.

Solution for everyone:

    1. Global Enterprises: DocuSign is being used in 188 countries across the world – from the largest multi-national enterprises to small businesses. DocuSign offers the ultimate in language flexibility, robust administration, security standards and service reliability to meet the most stringent global requirements.
    2. Industries: The DocuSign Global Network provides the freedom to finish business faster with the world’s most trusted electronic signature solution — anytime, anywhere, on any device — for businesses of every shape and size.
    3. Departments: Whether you are a global enterprise company or a small business, there are literally hundreds of different use cases for DocuSign to speed business processes, manage and automate workflows, get approvals on documents, collect information, and go paperless.
    4. Small Businesses: DocuSign helps small businesses and individual professionals around the world easily and securely sign, send, and manage documents in the cloud. Across industries, professionals are making their businesses more efficient with DocuSign.
    5. Real Estate: 95% of real estate professionals using DocuSign say it makes signing easier for their clients. DocuSign is the official and exclusive electronic signature provider to the National Association of REALTORS ® (NAR) under the REALTOR Benefits® Program. More than 115,000 real estate professionals use DocuSign to sign and send millions of documents — from residential to commercial real estate, property management, mortgage, escrow and more. Using DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS agents can manage 100% of the transaction online securely with all participants, making the Agent a hero from listing to close. With document collaboration designed specifically to accelerate real estate transactions, you can store, manage, and share documents all in one central location.
    6. Unparalleled Security

      When documents contain highly confidential information, you can’t afford to take risk. With DocuSign, the security of your documents and the validity of electronic signatures are our top priorities. DocuSign provides:

      Hardware & Infrastructure

      • Three geo-dispersed, SSAE 16 audited data centers
      • Near real-time secure data replication and encrypted archival
      • 365x24x7 on-site security
      • Annual Business Continuity Planning (BCP) & Disaster Recovery (DR) testing
      • Third-party penetration testing

      Systems & Operations

      • Physically and logically separate networks
      • Two-factor, encrypted VPN access
      • Professional, commercial grade firewalls and border routers
      • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation
      • Active monitoring and alerting

      Applications & Access

      • Formal code reviews and vulnerability mitigation by third parties
      • Application level Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit encryption
      • Key Management & Encryption Program
      • Enterprise-class malware protection
      • Digital audit trail
      • Multiple authentication mechanisms

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Professional Services

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Our Offerings:

Planning and implementing enterprise applications can be a significant undertaking. Aashna consultants help you succeed by unlocking the power of our business solutions and providing you with the greatest value from your investment.

Our experts provide the strategic guidance and hands-on expertise you need to make your enterprise application initiative a success. Regardless of whether you’re creating your first CRM or HRIS system, replacing an existing system, there’s a services offering for your organization. And to achieve success, it is critical to engage our professional services group.

Achieving success with our applications requires planning, implementation, reinforcement, and optimization of best practices. Aashna has a comprehensive set of implementation and support services, which we offer directly, in form of various packages based on the customer’s requirement.

Our Offerings

Planning and implementing enterprise applications can be a significant undertaking. Aashna consultants help you succeed by unlocking the power of our business solutions and providing you with the greatest value from your investment.

Our experts provide the strategic guidance and hands-on expertise you need to make your enterprise application initiative a success. Regardless of whether you’re creating your first CRM or HRIS system, replacing an existing system, there’s a services offering for your organization. And to achieve success, it is critical to engage our professional services group.

Achieving success with our applications requires planning, implementation, reinforcement, and optimization of best practices. Aashna has a comprehensive set of implementation and support services, which we offer directly, in form of various packages based on the customer’s requirement.

Our Broad Range Services Pre-Sales Demos:
  • Understanding Customer requirements
  • Solution mapping of our solution to the customer’s need
  • Demonstration of the application based on the customer’s need.
  • Building up prototype to match the requirements as much as possible to convert the prospect into a convinced customer.
Import of Legacy Data
  • Understanding their current data system and the format
  • Sharing Import Templates
  • Best Practices of Import
  • Importing data from legacy system into the new application
Implementation and Training
  • Implementation Process Flow
  • Business Process Mapping
  • System Configuration
  • Customization techniques
  • Training based on the client’s business
  • Ongoing Support post application live

Aashna Professional services team will introduce the client to the Project Manager– who will then be initiating the project. There will be a kick off call and project based timeline will be mutually agreed.

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Indian Taxation on Cloud:

Aashna is a specialized IT product and Business services company, providing leading edge IT solutions to its customers. Aashna is a solution partner based out of India and a partner to NetSuite since 2004. We have been recently awarded the best APAC partner of the year 2012 by NetSuite. Aashna is also a SDN partner and has developed several Add-ons to NetSuite to help customers use the product better.

What is AIT?

AIT is an Indian Taxation module for NetSuite, which caters to Indian Taxation Statutory Reporting. AIT automates VAT, TDS and Service Tax for Indian Wholesale and Distribution Industry. Without this bundle, today NetSuite customers have to manually post journals to take care of withholding tax, manually compute the VAT and service tax accrual and payment rules. And take the figures and data to create the reports manually. All of this is addressed in one bundle of AIT.


With AIT you do not need to do your localization needs outside the system. Built using
SuiteBundle Platform AIT seamlessly integrates with all your NetSuite transactions wherever localization is required.
With its capability to seamlessly integrate with NetSuite transactions, AIT caters to all statutory reporting needs governed by Indian taxation authority. All the statutory reporting required on VAT, TDS and Service Tax including Schedule VI for Balance Sheet are available with the bundle.

AIT Benefits

  • AIT seamlessly integrates with Purchase Orders, Vendor Bills, Sales Orders, Invoices, Deposits and other related transactions for Indian localization needs of TDS, Service tax, VAT and other related taxes.
  • AIT provides detailed Vendor and Customer statement specific to Indian requirements, allows printing of all transactions which NetSuite native does not support.
  • All statutory reports, required on VAT, Service Tax, and TDS are available which can be further downloaded in CSV, Excel, Word or PDF formats.
  • AIT supports new formats of Schedule VI for Balance Sheet.

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Field Edge Application

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FieldEdge for Netsuite is an enterprise scale mobility app that helps companies to enable their employees and customers with on-the-go management of their business life cycle from their mobile devices. With an offline and online connection to the netsuite system, the app puts critical business information into the hands of the employees where and when they
need it.

The Full Spectrum of Mobility
FieldEdge for Netsuite is the culmination of all our expertise and technology innovation in cloud implementation applied to the newest trends in enterprise mobility including new platforms, new devices, new apps and new uses. FieldEdge addresses the complete life cycle of business and provides a foundation for strategic mobility across the entire generation – from C-level to business unit to IT and support staff.Ensure your sales, marketing and customer support employees are being enabled to be agile and mobile

  • Enable your sales force to engage with customer by enabling to do everything that’s needed to make sale using mobile device
  • Streamline operation by eliminating paper work and providing access to relevant information on mobile device
  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster time-to-resolution and prompt response using the app
  • Personalize the mobile experience for your users by configuring custom screen and fields
  • Ala-carte package feature that allows the subscription of different modules based on need
  • Easily deploy the mobile app across your enterprise using cloud provisioning of your users

    Field Edge CRM module allows your sales team with on-the-go management of accounts, leads, opportunities and contacts from their mobile device. The module supports the following key features:

    • Lead and Opportunity Management – Capture leads and manage the opportunity
    • Account Management – Critical information about Customers and Prospects can be captured and tracked
    • Contact Management – Capture key contacts and manage them rightin the app

    FieldEdge Order Management module enables your workforce to generate Quotes and Orders on-the-go using the mobile app. The module supports the following key features:

    • Quote Management – Create and manage quotes
    • Order  Management – Create new Orders and convert existing quotes into Orders
    • Item Catalog – Access the complete catalog of Items on the mobile app and add them to Quote and Order

    FieldEdge Case Management module is fully packaged end to end field service tool that empowers your support staff with everything  they need to service your customers from their mobile devices. The module supports the following key features:

    • Case Management – Capture and manage cases in the mobile app
    • Customer Messaging – Exchange messages with the client regarding the case in the app
    FieldEdge Time & Expense module enables your workforce with flexible time & expense tools which they can access anytime, anywhere using the mobile app thus enabling both your employees and HR team to create a more efficient, productive workplace. The module supports following key features:
    • Time Management – Review historical time sheets and recorded hours
    • Expense Management – Capture expenses and create itemized expense reports

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Pay Edge

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Payedge for Netsuite The Aashna PayEdge is a SuiteApp which helps companies automate the entire payroll life-cycle. It provides a cost-effective and time efficient system for NetSuite users to easily process payroll with minimum of paper work. The system being on cloud and tightly integrated with NetSuite gives visibility of payroll data across locations and across subsidiaries. This ensures that the budgets are tracked and allows better visibility and control. Being a SuiteApp the PayEdge module also ensures that there is a seamless flow of information passing to the financials by Journal Entries and also providing the report which will help to do accurate financial analysis.
Main Features
  • Accurate, Error free calculations and quick processing time.
  • Timely disbursement of Salary boost to increases the productivity
  • Cost Effective and can be managed by single payroll master with defined access rights.
  • Compliance can be handled efficiently through accurate Payroll Data
  • Process Group Functionality helps make the logical grouping of the employee and also helps manage location wise different scenario’s specific to your organization.
  • Online payslip are available for the employee’s in NetSuite Employee Center with additional email functionality for sending the payslips
    • Feature Highlights
      • Single Click Payroll Processing.
      • Increment and Arrear Calculations
      • Variable Payment and Deductions
      • LOP reversal and Adjustment Calculations
      • Salary hold arrangement, Final Settlement
      • Multi Currency Support.
    • Multiple configurable component settings
      • FIXED – the amount is constant for all months, till next change like Basic Salary.
      • FORMULA – simple or complex formulas can be defined to compute the amount.
      • VARIABLE – the amount is paid for a specific month like Bonus, Incentive
    • Automated Journal Posting
      • PayEdge helps you to reduce the manual error by automating the Salary JV.
      • PayEdge helps you to post your Salary JV automatically and pass the information to Netsuite financials.
      • PayEdge also provides you the Salary JV report to view the GL Impact.
    • Integrated with Netsuite
      • PayEdge seemlesly integrates with NetSuite Employee master .
      • PayEdge seemlesly integrates with NetSuite financials.
      • Completely built on Netsuite hence easy to flow the interim information.

      Process Group is Logical Classification of Employee into different groups.

      Key Benefits for classifying the employees into groups :

    • Salary structure varies between group of employees
    • Salary processing time varies between group of employees
    • Confidentiality of higher grade employee’s salary to the payroll processing user
    • Currency in which the salary are displayed in pay slips
    • Pay group acts as vital entity in payroll
    • Each PayGroup can have different processing month
    • .Customer Benefits
      • Single Platform for Financials and employee payroll Processing.
      • No Third party software or integration required.
      • Complete plug and play module.
      • Hassel free implementation

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A specialized IT services company, providing leading edge cloud business solutions to its customers. Any organization is only as good as its people...Read More

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