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Our range of services include Training in Sports Skill, Special Education, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Early Intervention and Speech Therapy.

Training in Sports Skill

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When does your child need training in sports skill?

Some gifted children have more skills and aptitude in some selected areas especially in sports. Physical fitness is a must to attain such ability.

Our trainers find the inherent skills of your child and entertain him in physical activities and develop his fitness, awareness and self confidence. They create interest to show great involvement in sports and make him to participate in “sports meet” and win name and fame.

Along with sportsman ship skill they cultivate quality of leadership skills, group direction skills and social interaction skills. They improve valuable self esteem and self reliance.

They build reciprocal skills (sharing and turn taking), imagination and creative skills, abstract thinking skills (problem solving skills). The training allows the child to explore feeling, environment and share their thoughts verbally or nonverbally and this help him to develop his friendly relationship with his colleagues.

Our skilled trainers are ready to train in swimming, cycling, roller scatting, basket ball, table tennis, chess, carom board, etc.

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Special Education

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When does your child need Special education?  

•  Does your child seem to show poor interest and making slow progress in the normal school life?

•  Does your child takes more time to understand appropriate concept despite of its age?

•  Is your child affected by any genetic disorders?

•  Do you find your child has problem with vision, hearing, speech and language?

•  Is your child delayed development in age appropriate milestones?

•  Do you find your child has specific difficulties in reading, writing and maths?

The child of special needs has the ‘right' to lead a normal life like the common. Being a part of the family he has to attend the family function and take part in the local community program. In future he has to hold a job to earn its bread. By specialized education we train the child fit for the society leading a normal life and facing the future competitive world bravely.

Our special educator delivers extra help, adapted programs and learning environments. We used specialized equipments to support the child to boost up the learning process and create interest in participating in educational activities with care.

Our special educators involve in all the levels of needs and take responsibility for creating a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment for special need pupils.

Our special educator are proud of having an opportunity to train up the exceptionally gifted children making them shine more effectively in the selected field, such a price worthy job wins the universal appreciation to both pupils as well as educators.

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When does your child need physiotherapy?

•  Do you find your child has delayed gross motor skills? (e.g. unable to sit, stand or walk )

•  Does your child demonstrate abnormal movements?

•  Do you find your child has decreased range of motion and atypical muscle tone?

•  Do you find your child has poor balance and poor co ordination on eliciting motor skills?

•  Is your child on recovering from surgery and needs physical assistance?

For early remedial treatment, contact us when you are worried much about your child's ability.

Our physiotherapists are specially trained to provide expertise care for children with cerebral palsy, head injury, post surgery care and developmental delays. They examine the range of motions, muscle strength, muscle tone and functional abilities. They streamline their motor skills in a balanced level and regulate their quality of movements.

Each program is as individual as the children we serve, to meet your child's changing needs.

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Occupational Therapy

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When does your child need Occupational therapy?

  • Is your child’s ability below its age level in fine motor skills? (writing legibility, using scissors, finding colours)

  • Is your child’s ability below its age level in self care skills? (unable to faster button, dress / undress, toileting independence)

  • Do you find your child has sensory processing difficulties?(poor motor planning, hyperactivity, poor attention, poor concentration, poor academic achievement)

  • Do your find your child has below age level visual perceptual skills? (difficulty in completing maze, difficulty in differentiating colour and copying pictures / letters )

  • Do your find your child has delayed cognitive skills and emotional skills? ( reasoning, planning )

  • Does your child need any adaptive devices? ( pencil holder, wheel chair, splint)

An occupational therapist can be a valuable resource for parents / caregiver / educator as well as being a liaison of school based services the child may be availed.

Particularly our therapists are skilled in assessing a child’s level of function in areas such as fine and gross motor skills, visual perceptual skills, social and communication skills, self care and activities of daily living, or motor skills, play skills and sensory modulation. Our therapists are additionally trained in assessing need for adaptive devices and environmental modification.

The therapists are well qualified and service minded in implementing sensory integration therapy, Neuro developmental therapy and visual & auditory integration therapy.

Our occupational therapists welcome any child who is in need of therapy in order to gain independency and live a more fulfilling life. 

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Early Intervention

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When does your child need early intervention?

  • Is your child affected with any inborn orthopedic and neurological problem?

  • Do you find your child has any abnormality?

  • Is your child below 3 years of age with developmental delay and developmental disability?

  • Does your child miss a milestone?

  • Is your child born premature?

Early intervention refers to offering services to the child at the very earlier stage. It emphasizes the services to be started as soon as possible when the abnormality is diagnosed. This will prevent the decline in milestone development and provide nurture of learning experiences for children of developmental delays in the area of speech and language skills, cognition, social & emotional behavior, self care and fine and gross motor skills.

Our over all aim of this services is family centered. It provides parents and families well acquainted with the knowledge and skills possessed by their children so as to support to meet the needs of their children to optimize the developmental ability and make them to participate in the family and community life. The family centered approach recognizes the importance of the partnership of the child in the family.

We want to help your family by doing well to your child. Our services can shape the life of your child at its level best. Parent's expectation of the child's uplift in life can be fulfilled by our sincere services.

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Speech Therapy

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When does your child need Speech therapy ?

  • Do you find your child has delayed in speech and language skills?

  • Do you find your child has difficulty in exposing expressive and receptive language?

  • Do you find your child has some problem in hearing?

  • Do you find your child has stammering and stuttering?

  • Does your child feel difficulty in swallowing solid and liquid foods?

  • Does your child find problems in producing sound according to syllables combined in words?

Our experienced therapist gives suitable treatment to the child which is helpful to enhance intentional communication via expression of ideas. They can make the child to reveal its desire and share the information and interpersonal interaction.

Our speech therapist is doing comprehensive evaluation and treatment services to the children with demonstrating delays in speech, communication and feeding skills. Our therapist programs are tailored most effectively to meet your child's need. Our qualified therapist skillful in using the augmentative devices can enhance communication skills in individual.

We look forward for an opportunity to render our services to your child and your family.

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When does your child need hydrotherapy?

  • Is your child affected with any severe physical impairment?

  • Is your child recovering from injury and facing a problem of muscle wastage?

  • Is your child suffering from poor muscle bulk, loss of strength and flexibility and inability to move independently?

  • Has your child being diagnosed as Autism, Learning Disability and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

  • Is your child suffering from lack of calcium?

  • Do you find your child has any respiratory or Breathing problem?

Our aquatic therapists are specialized in all type of hydrotherapy.

It is used in the treatment of both children and adults. The specialized method is used efficiently to treatment the paralyzed muscles as well as painful joints; by which the muscles regain the strength and the joints get soothed.

Our aquatic therapist can understand your child's problem and treat him with the help of natural element (i.e.) water. In water, the movement can be performed more easily than air because the buoyancy in water eliminates gravity. So your child can feel relaxation and enjoy freedom of movement. Additionally it improves strength, flexibility and physical endurance through out his life.

While the child is being treated in the water which gives a lot of pressure, touch sense and balancing sense through which the child's arousal level, attention & concentration are improved and helpful to reduce the hyperactivity in children.

The Hydrotherapy is a natural technique suitable to fulfill the child's individual needs.

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When does your child need naturopathy treatment ?

  • Do you find your child has any psychological and emotional problem? 

  • Is your child suffering from any following health problems like Obesity, Anemia, Diabetes, Hypertension, Constipation, Asthma, etc…? 

  • Does your child need any remedial measures to cure from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Learning Disorder (LD) along with child psychiatric diagnosis? 

  • Do you find your child has any skin problems, kidney stone and toilet and urinal problems? 

  • Is your child suffering from any metabolic diseases?

Our naturopathy physicians are ready to attend your child in a natural way of curing to lead a new life. They are well trained in scientific method of natural treatment. They are experts in using the five great natural elements viz. Air, Sun, Earth, Water and Ether to cure the diseases as well as maintaining good health.

They are experts in recommending a healthy diet, controlled diet, proper Physical exercise, proper relaxation, breathing exercise, herbal medicines, yoga, meditation and massage to fulfill child's individual needs. They train the child fit for doing certain jobs with ease. Additionally they are extending their services in counseling, alteration of lifestyle which may be of particular value in relieving psychological behaviour and emotional problem as well as physical alignment.

Our physician helps in building a healthy nation naturally, avoiding the costly and harmful medicines.

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Sensory Integration

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When does your child need Sensory integration?

  • Has your child a tendency to avoid or reject simple sensory or motor challenges – responding with refusals or tantrums when pushed to perform?

  • Is your child exerting too much pressure on a pencil and writing illegible letters?

  • Does your child seem hyperactive with poor concern about safety issues that is disruptive and inappropriate to social situations?

  • Does your child show any behavioural problem?

  • Is your child showing poor academic performance that makes you worry?

  • Does your child demonstrate unusual reaction to sound, smell, touch, light and movement?

Our therapists are skilled in both theoretical and practical use of sensory integration techniques. ‘Sensory Integration is the process of organizing sensory information in the brain to make an adaptive response'.

The goal of our therapy is to streamline the production of sensory information in proper way. In the scheme we are not going to teach skills but by using suspended equipments and sensory stimulating equipments facilitate your child's motor planning, scholastic abilities ( handwriting, reading, spelling), articulation abilities, emotional tone ( self esteem, self control, self confidence) activity level ( attention and concentration) and perceptual skills.

Our therapist train your child and make him elicit appropriate behaviour and motor skills through which a neat, perceptive, progressive and efficient academic performance will be achieved that help him to shape his future in better way and make him to face the competitive world bravely with confidence.

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