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Oral Amino Acid Supplements

We offer a wide range of Oral Amino Acid Supplements, that are extensively used for liver diseases. These are formulated for human patients and have gained huge appreciation in the market for their host of exclusive features. These supplements are offered in various compositions for different severity of the disease.

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Astymin - M Forte

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Astymin - M Forte

We provide our clients Astymin - M Forte, that contains various vital ingredients such as essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Owing to its vast nutrient contents, it is used in conditions like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc. In addition, Astymin-M Forte is also used as a supportive therapy and a comprehensive nutrition in several other long term illnesses.

L-Arginine HydrochlorideUSP13.28mg
L-Histidine Hydrochloride H2 OBP3.71 mg
L-IsoleucineUSP5.9 mg
L-Lysine HydrochlorideUSP25.0mg
5-Hydroxy Anthranalic Acid HCl 0.2mg
Vitamin A Concentrate (Power Form)I.P2500 I.U.
CholecalciferolI.P200 I.U.
Tocopheryl AcetateI.P7.5 I.U.
Thiamine MononitrateI.P5.0mg
Nicotinamide 25.0mg
Calcium PantothenateI.P5.0mg
Pyridoxine HydrochlorideI.P1.5mg
Ascorbic AcidI.P40.0mg
Folic AcidI.P0.75mg
Copper SulphateBP4.0mg
Ferrous SulphateI.P20.5mg
Magnesium SulphateI.P7.43mg
Manganese SulphateBP1.4mg
Potassium iodideI.P0.1mg
Chromium PolynicotinateUSP0.2 mg
Zinc SulphateI.P15mg
Sodium Selenite 10.0mcg.
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Antoxyl Forte

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Antoxyl Forte

We offer Antoxyl Forte, that is formulated using best grade ingredients that are procured from well trusted sources of market. It is formulated using natural Betacarotene with other mixed Carotenoids, Vitamin A concentrates, Vitamin E and other ingredients. It is used for controlling free radical excess and their ravages, and prevents from oxidative stress.


Natural Betacarotene with other mixed Carotenoids 1000 mcg
Vitamin A concentrate (oily form)IP5000 IU
Vitamin E (from natural sourceUSP25 IU
Pyridoxine HydrochlorideIP3mg
Ascorbic AcidIP75mg
L - Cysteine Hydrochloride USP (equivalent to L-Cysteine 32mg 46.37mg
L-Glutamic AcidUSSRP40mg
Zinc SulfateUSP27.45mg
Magnesium SulfateUSP11.5mg
Manganese SulfateUSP1.12mg
Copper SulphateBP0.8mg.
Chromium PolynicotinateUSP0.2mg.
Sodium Selenite 0.1mg.
Spirulina 175mg
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Astymin Z Forte

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Astymin Z Forte

We have with us a Astymin Z Forte, that is a unique combination of essential amino acids as well as vitamin C. It is effectively used to promote growth and development in infants by formating collagen and new body proteins. It also help in strengthening immuno competence and prevents recurrent infections.


L- Arginine Vitamin A Concentrate
Hydrochloride USP 13.28 mg. (Powder form) IP 2500 I.U.
L- Histidine Cholecalciferol IP 200 I.U.
Hydrochloride H2O BP 3.71 mg. Tocopheryl Acetate IP 7.5 I.U.
L- Isoleucine USP 5. 9 mg. Thiamine Mononitrate IP 5 mg
L- Leucine USP 18.3 mg. Riboflavine IP 3 mg
L-Lysine Nicotinamide IP 25 mg
Hydrochloride USP 25 mg. Calcium Pantothenate IP 5 mg
DL-Methionine USP XXI 18 .4 mg Pyridoxine
Phenylalanine USP 5 mg Hydrochloride IP 1.5 mg
L-Threonine USP 4.2 mg Cyanocobalamin IP 2.5 mcg
L-Tryptophan USP 5 mg Ascorbic Acid IP 40 mg
L-Valine USP 6.7 mg Folic Acid IP 0.75 mg
5-Hydroxy Anthranalic Zinc Sulphate IP 50 mg
Acid Hydrochloride 0.2 mg  
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Astyfer Z

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Astyfer Z

Our Astyfer Z contains the three vital amino acids namely glycine, histidine and lysine with iron that are important in the formation of Haemoglobin. It is a comprehensive haemonutrient that redefines iron therapy in various conditions like iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy, pre-surgical conditions and a holistic management of malaria.



Each Capsule ContainsEach Capsule ContainsEach 10 ml Contains
Ferrous Fumarate Ferrous Glycine Sulphate L-Histidine HCL L-Lysine HCL Glycine Thiamine Mononitrate Thiamine Hydrochloride Riboflavine Pyridoxine HCL Nicotinamide Panthenol Cyanocobalamin Methycobalamin Folic Acid Ascorbic Acid Zinc SulphateI.P. A.P B.P USP USP I.P. I.P. I.P. --- --- I.P. I.P. I.P. I.P150 mg ----------- 4 mg 25 mg 10 mg 5 mg -------- 3 mg 1.5 mg ----------- ----------- 2.5 mcg ------------ 0.5 mg 40 mg ------------150 mg ----------- 4 mg 25 mg 10 mg 5 mg -------- 3 mg 1.5 mg ----------- ----------- ---------- 500 mcg 0.5 mg 40 mg 50 mg------------- 216.5 mg 4 mg 25 mg ------------- ---------- 5 mg 3 mg 1.5 mg 25 mg 2.5 mg 2.5 mcg -------------- 0.5 mg 40 mg 50 mg
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