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Accent Confidential Investigatation Private Limited

Mumbai, Maharashtra

| GST  27AAKCA3084F1ZO

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It is the organization whose members are the leaders of their profession of investigations. In addition, freelancers and other investigation personnels as well as students are becoming involved with us to better understand the constant changes in investigation issues & solutions. When you choose a member of our company for your investigative work, you are choosing a professional in their field who works to the association code of ethics. We have a rare breed of professionals who delivers what commits on time with utmost confidentiality and secrecy. We consistently offer novel and exclusive solutions to their patrons to fulfill their requirements. Our all investigators are properly trained and have been experienced in the similar field all least few year. Our investigator came from the ranks of the finest investigative agencies in India. Our investigations are the most thorough and accurate available; all are conducted with complete discretion and confidentiality. We equipped to provide surveillance background investigations records check and investigation of sensitive nature; requiring investigators adept at performed investigations in an unobtrusive manner. We are Committed to our clients privacy and conduct our investigation with complete discretion.Our Investigation agency Mumbai is capable to handle all kind of investigation cases likematrimonial investigation in Mumbai, corporate investigation service in Mumbai. We also serving to non corporate (individuals) for their investigation and detectives need. The privacy and secrecy of the client is a must, therefore we understand to maintain your secrecy and privacy and it is not revealed. Our professional teams of detectives in Mumbai are experts in dealing with the situations whether it is a matrimonial enquiry, corporate matter, government or financial issue and even private familial investigations or business deals.  Our Vision : To become the largest and most reputed Private Investigation and Security Solutions Provider in the country by providing consistent quality services to its patrons and we will provide you all the services . If you don't see the service you require, contact our office. We can usually provide an alternative service that will produce the results you need, or in some cases, we may refer you to one of our nationwide associates who provides the service you need.We are providing affordable investigation service in Mumbai and record of providing required evidences in target time.+ Read More

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Corporate Investigation Service
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While managing first time with the new Buyer, Supplier , gurus or throughout merger and procurement you thousand of inquiry in your psyche identified with organization profile, history record, unwavering quality in the business, safe transaction, notoriety in the business sector and so forth. We know all these are extremely discriminating element while managing in the business.

For these exercises it is extremely critical to include an unbiased gathering with satisfactory learning related knowledge of taking care of such cases and budgetary, legitimate and expert masters. We assume an extremely basic part currently due determination to finish the entire prepare easily. We stay informed concerning finish action and records to keep away from any suspicious movement.

 Flash examination furnish all the critical documentary and data which we gathered utilizing most recent engineering and our master analysts.

 We charge a very nominal rate in exchange of our services and we will provide you 24/7 service.

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Personal Investigation
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Personal Investigation

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If you have a secret mission, you have reached the right destination” we know, what you want to know, and we reveal what is hidden! We dare to chase the truth with vigor and honest. It’s this professional commitment that makes our investigations full proof and zero error. If you face any such investigative need, we are always at your service. Our mission is to obtain the most accurate and authentic information on any enquiry. It is always confidential.In today’s fast moving life, we face complex problems, some of which are out of our each to handle. Personally or professionally, need for time tested and trust worthy people are important. Our investigative and detective agency is a secret friend for you and a well wisher who can bring the truth to you by our commitment professional and experienced network of investigators and detectives. A handful of very skilled private detectives/investigators work with defense attorneys on capital punishment and criminal defense cases. We also engage in a large variety of work that is not usually associated with the industry in the mind of the public.We charge a very nominal rate in exchange of our services and we will provide you 24/7 service.

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There are a lot of issues that maybe troubling you. You may be suspicious of your spouse, friend or business partner. You may be having doubts with the behavior of your employee(s). Is there any way of confirming your doubts? The answer is yes. You can hire investigators to find out more on the concerned individual.

The detectives in Mumbai are smart and resourceful. They are well trained professionals who offer effective and fast service. They will shadow the suspect and monitor all their activities. Your spouse might be having an affair or your friend may be involved in something which might harm you; no matter what the hidden secrets are, the Mumbai detectives are going to uncover them all.

  • They use technologically advanced gadgets and devices to monitor all activities.
  • Evidence in the form of video and photographs are submitted. This strengthens the credibility of the investigation.
  • They maintain secrecy and professionalism.
  • They will submit a report on the information collected during the personal investigation.

The best part is that you can avail this service at a very economical rate and can get all the information that you are looking for.

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If you are having doubts on your family members of friends or even your employees and you want to keep a tab on their activities then it is best for you to hire a detective agency. In Mumbai, detectives are well trained professionals who will deliver to you all the information you require.

They are well equipped both in modern gadgets as well as in maintaining reliable sources and contacts. They carry out the job in perfect stealth and will not allow the suspect to find out. Shadowing the suspect to track all his/her activities during the day; maintaining a report of all the information collected; handing it over to you: this is the basic course of action that they follow.

This job of surveillance is available at very reasonable rates. So if you doubt your spouse or you want to keep track of any employee and gather as much information on them as possible then the Mumbai detectives with all their expertise will provide you help.

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It is often that your son or daughter tells you that they are going out with their friends to watch a movie or hangout. It may seem harmless on some level. Yet, there may be unfortunate incidents which you would want to avoid. If your children are often out with their friends and do not inform you, it becomes difficult for you to keep track. Even there are instances that kids lie to their parents and go to various clubs and parties to enjoy. They can be easily deceived by any stranger in the club and can be made to take drugs with their drinks.

Cases of rape, kidnapping and murder have often been reported. Thus teenage activity monitoring is required. You cannot do this without professional help. The Indian detectives can go undercover and keep a watch on the kid’s activities. They have suitable equipment to monitor and record information. In some cases parents have also been arrested because their child went missing or was found dead. Now you can have these evidences in case of such unfortunate incidents. They will allow you to tackle litigations. The detectives of India offer professional help which is highly efficient and credible.

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It is common that you can get involved in a dispute with your family members over property or assets. The matter may be taken to the court room. You may be losing out on your rightful ownership. To validate your authority and in order to justify your claim you will need documents and proof. The Indian detective agency can provide you with efficient and quick results.

It may so happen that you are undergoing a bad divorce and your spouse may be making excessive demands as compensation. You might be even providing legal help to such a party. You will need the following in order to make a strong case.

  • Various registered documents

  • Information on family members who are against you

The detectives in India are highly accomplished in their field and they can help you recover valuable information by their investigating methods. They are well connected and have reliable sources. This will help you to reach higher ground in the family court cases.

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Are you a victim of a civil crime? Did you get injured or suffer a loss in an accident? These problems may occur to anyone and in order to gain your compensation and substantiate your case you need suitable evidence. The Indian detective agency can help you gather evidence and support your case. You may have got hurt while working in the factory. Yet the company refuses to pay you compensation. The video footage might have been altered. There may be various vices involved. You might be involved in some incident where your vehicle was vandalized or met with an accident. The accused unless proven will not be charged guilty and you will lose out on your compensation. Hence you should hire the detectives in India to sort it out.

Their investigation will help you in the following cases:

  • Civil rights violation

  • Malpractice of medicine

  • Wrongful death

  • Domestic issues

Detective agencies provide you efficient and fast action and they charge a reasonable amount to get the job done. There are incident where professional help is always required.

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These detective agencies help in gathering evidence and information that may be required in a court of law for you to substantiate your case of gaining child custody against your spouse. Strong evidence is required which is often difficult to gather without professional help. The detectives in India are the best for this job. They are highly capable of acquiring information via reliable sources and connections.


The Indian detectives are capable of shadowing your spouse without their knowledge.

  • They monitor the activities of the day of the spouse.

  • The income source with documents; their address;

  • Current employment status, social status, real assets that the spouse may posses


All these are important information that you may need to present before the court to substantiate your claim to the custody of your child. If your spouse has any kind of hidden activities that you may not know about, then they will be uncovered only with professional help.


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Are you confused whether your partner maybe cheating on you? Do his /her actions appear suspicious? The answer to this dilemma is simple. Hire a detective and find out about your partner. You may be working all day and be busy. It is not possible for you to keep track of everything that is going on in your absence. So, save yourself a lot of pressure and focus on your work instead. Hire the Mumbai detectives to solve your case.

These detectives employ the following procedures in their methods

  • Shadow the suspect
  • Record and maintain all the activities of the day
  • Gather evidence in the form of video and pictures
  • Submit the information collected to you

With their latest gadgets and technology it is not difficult for the detectives to track the suspect. They maintain professionalism and are discreet in their operation. The detectives in Mumbai have well connected sources and networks. They provide fast and efficient service. All this is available at a reasonable price. In this way you can find out if your partner is cheating on you.

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It is always wise to know more about the person with whom you are going to tie the knot. There are a few questions that you need to know the answers to before committing yourself to the other person.

  • How well do you really know that person?

  • Do you know about their past?

  • Do you know about their activities in the day?

  • Do you know of their family’s reputation?

Such questions can be easily answered by gathering more information on your soon to be life partner. The detectives of Mumbai help you in verifying all the credentials present at the time of alliance. They carry out background checks to confirm the character and behavior of the concerned individual.

A lot of stress occurs in married relationship when trust begins to fail. One of the reasons of failing trust is your partner’s unfaithfulness towards you. You may be suspicious about her. The Mumbai detectives offer their help in solving this problem. They gather enough evidence in the form of video, audio or photo to support their investigation. Their service is highly efficient and fast. In this way you can solve both the difficulties of pre matrimonial and post matrimonial phases.

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Missing persons are of two types:

  • People who are hiding from others and go missing intentionally

  • People who are missing due to unfortunate event

Again we can get two sub cases under the first point.

  • They may be in hiding in order to avoid authority. Often it is the case when company employees or sometimes even company owners are guilty of fraud.

  • It can often happen that a boy and a girl may have eloped in order to get married.

The quickest way to gain on such cases is by hiring Mumbai detectives. They are professionals who are experts in their field. They are equipped with latest technology which helps them gain on information about the missing person(s).They will gather all the information that you need and provide you with suitable recorded video and audio data in the form of evidence.

The detectives of Mumbai charge a very nominal rate in exchange of their services. They are highly efficient and will help you get back your loved ones.

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There are various reasons you may need to verify on the records of an individual or an organization. The Mumbai detectives provide an easy solution to this problem by proper investigation. They gather evidence and pass it on to you (their client). They can look up information on various records associated with bankruptcy or criminal identification; any kind of information concerning any person or place.

In this way you can retrieve any legal document or verify the same. The following list includes a few various records or documents which you can verify or retrieve using this service.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Documents
  • Registration of Vehicle
  • Professional Documents

The detectives in Mumbai have a good knowledge of the work and they have reliable sources and connections. This gets them to complete your work really fast and in an efficient manner. There services too are offered at very reasonable prices.

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There may be a host of reasons for you to keep note on your personal as well as corporate life. On a personal life you can keep an eye on your wife, siblings or friends whereas in your corporate life you can keep a track on your employees and your rival companies. Mumbai detectives offer professional service on this matter.

Intelligence Service provider can install surveillance devices to give you video evidence or photographic evidence. Usually you may need to follow up on certain suspicious employees; to check whether they are misappropriating the company norms and funds. Hiring a professional investigator is a good solution.

Often a lot of people go missing due to cases of extortion and kidnapping. The detectives in Mumbai can help you get suitable information on the missing person.

There is plenty of other information that you may require about any person, company or asset. This can be easily handled. People who are in debt or who are avoiding your court summons, you can track them using a good detective service.

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If you run a company, then it is important that you know your competition. In order to know more about your rival company or to find out about your business partner or your office employees, you can hire Mumbai detectives to investigate your case. They are highly professional and will hand over to you suitable evidence in video and photographic form in a matter of days.

They offer services which include:

  • Business profile checks
  • Company background, products and services
  • Credibility and Integrity Checks
  • Litigation Information
  • Registration details of company

Specific and comprehensive information is gathered during the investigation and passed on to the client. They also offer to you a detailed analysis of their report in the form of statistics and other graphs. The detectives in Mumbai aid you in knowing more about your business or company issues. This helps you in staying alert and avoiding mishaps.

Business investigation expenses may worry you, but Business fraud investigation is something which every blooming company should undertake to implement exceptional and neat working within the organization. At Accent Investigation, we understand your needs and expectations, so we provide you with our best.

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You might have started dating this new person, but you are not sure about her. You want to take the relationship to the next level. Before taking this call you want to find out more about her. If you want to have your doubts cleared, then you must approach the detective agency. Mumbai detectives carry out their job to perfection. Whether you want to find out about your child’s love affair or you want to find out if your girlfriend/boyfriend is faithful towards you, then this is the right choice.

The detectives will tail the suspect and find out all that you need to know about them. The job is carried out professionally and is discreet. The detectives in Mumbai maintain good networks that help them carry out their investigations. The suspect may be out shopping, clubbing, or carrying out any kind of activity. All this will be recorded and evidence will be provided in video and picture forms to support the investigation.

Often this helps in solving various dating scams by bringing out the ugly truths. The detective agencies charge a very reasonable price and their work is efficient and quick.

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It is often necessary to keep a check on your corporate section as well as your personal life. Undercover operations to track your employees or rival company, or even your friends and family are provided by the mumbai detectives.

These detectives place them as employees in order to gather evidence from your rival company; they may be in the form of a driver or a maid so as to gather evidence from your personal life in the process. This helps in keeping a track of information about your wife or friends.

Electronic surveillance is also a part of their investigating process. The detectives in mumbai are experienced and very effective. These gadgets will be set up by them in the company where the undercover operation is taking place. With the help of these, surveillance becomes much easier than otherwise. Tapping of telephone lines by expert indian detectives are also possible without the knowledge or authority of the respective group or the person being investigated.

Accent confidential investigation is a mumbai based indian detective agency which provides authentic undercover operations and is known for its excellence in truth verity and services.

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It is absolutely critical that your organization runs a verification on the person you are about to hire. This is known as pre employment verification.

The Mumbai detectives use effective investigative procedures which include:

  • Document verification

  • Resume authenticity

  • Background check

All the people coming to seek job in your company may not be telling the truth. It is really important to have a check run on their documents and claims made on their resume. It is often found that people do not mention everything properly in their respective resume. They might have a criminal or police record which might cause a problem in the name of your company.

Similarly post employment verification involves keeping track on all activities of an employee who has been discharged from the company. This will avoid the following:

  • Office or company frauds

  • Copyright infringement

  • Theft and mismanagement of company assets

The detectives in Mumbai being highly accomplished in their field can track down and uncover any such hidden information about the questioned candidate.

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Asset verification is critical in order to help you locate your hidden assets. Mumbai detectives provide professional help to organisations and various companies so as to identify these hidden assets.

There are namely two kinds of assets: movable assets and immovable assets.

The detectives in Mumbai help you in solving cases similar to:

  • Company Accounts: A detailed investigative report on various company assets and provident funds is acquired by the detectives. All information on private as well as public organizations; business partners are processed.

  • Property Paperwork: The investigation leads to the collection of information of the company owner or cost estimation of property or shop. Information is supported by photographic and video evidence as the case may be. This adds to the authenticity and is often required in the long run for a successful business.

  • Bank Account Details: Details of various accounts in banks is very important. Fixed deposits, current account, savings, etc, are also vital and thus, these information are processed and recorded. Mumbai detectives provide a unique solution for all your banking problems and aid you in proper service.

If you have problems related to proper asset verification and other pre-post verification problems, come to Accent Confidential Investigation. Popular as a robust detective agency situated in the heart of Mumbai, the agency provides solutions and services across the metros and all major cities of the nation.

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Currently it has become quite easy to get access to bank loans or credits or open accounts. This leads to many such incidents where people fake their documents in order to secure a loan or open an account. This is fraud and the Mumbai detectives help in uncovering such issues effectively.

They specialize in matters which involve:

  • Missing and bouncing cheques

  • Bank Loan mishaps

  • Company loan mishaps

  • Breach of terms and conditions with the bank

  • Document verification of account holder

Thus if you have been a victim of such fraud then it is a good option to approach the detectives in Mumbai. With their expertise in the matter they can solve the case for you in a matter of days. The service is provided at a reasonable amount. They have provided services to various MNC banks to help overcome fraudulent issues.

Never let the hard earned money of your customers flow in the waves of forgery and fraudulent activities. Call Accent Confidential Investigation for any emergency.

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Often there is a fraud or falsity in the insurance claims being made today. Although the respective insurance companies have employed certain proprietary methods to avoid such instances yet the crime in this sections is on the rise. The Mumbai detective investigators can help you solve such an issue by investigating the insurance claimant.

They run the investigation effectively providing photographic and video evidence. Third party information is also recorded.

Their investigation procedure includes the following:

  • Document verification

  • Forensics analysis

  • Background checks

  • Travel surveillance

  • Claimant interviews

The detectives in Mumbai are experienced and can provide quick and efficient service. They gather all the required evidence and hand it over to the insurance company. This helps avoid tackling fraud in death claims or injury claims. Thus improper or fraudulent claims are taken care of in a cost effective manner by highly accomplished detectives.

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Infringement of Intellectual property is one of the problems which are escalating in India. The products manufactured here are duplicate and not the original brand in many cases. This leads to the loss in the profits and sales of the original brands. Besides the economic profitability, the cases of safety and health are also a major concern for the brand company. The Mumbai detectives are well suited and familiar with the culture and traditions of the localities. Hence it becomes easier for them to track down any such illegal activity.

Counterfeit goods which are produced and sold can be intercepted at various levels of the process. The detectives in Mumbai have sufficient experience and knowledge in their field. This allows them to carry out these investigations effectively. Their services include:

  • Investigating the counterfeiting of brand products

  • Tracking various levels including manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers

  • Photographic and video evidence

Thus they provide a cost effective as well as efficient solution to your Intellectual Property issues.

Accent Confidential Investigation provides in-depth property assessment that is supported with legal documents and functioning.

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