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Adaequare Info Private Limited

Hyderabad, Telangana
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Data Engineering Services

Uncover the intelligence in your data gold mine with end-to-end Data Engineering services
Adaequare delivers end-to-end data engineering solutions, which efficiently and comprehensively address the data challenges in your organization. Our Data engineering solutions enable companies to design, build and support all the data-driven processes. 

Data Warehousing and Marts
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As businesses continue to evolve, the volume of information grows exponentially and with heterogeneous silos, managing it becomes difficult. Enterprises face major challenges in making “real time decisions” on massive volumes of data. Data warehousing and marts address these challenges by unearthing the hidden value in information assets to facilitate informed decisions.

At Adaequare, we help you to standardize your data warehousing process in order to align it with your business goals. Our expertise can help you understand your business drivers and also how to organize data collection surrounding these drivers. This enables useful and consistent information availability about the enterprise and its business, hence becoming a significant instrument for driving growth and improved decision making.

Data protection, efficient work load management and high availability on a continuous basis

Use of the latest tools and technologies that automate ETL, backup, restore and replication activities and scale them for future data deluges

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing addresses a diverse set of focus areas like data modeling, schema building, extraction, transformation, data cleansing, data integrity and dimensional analytics, all built on fault tolerant infrastructures and robust architectures. We enable enterprises to extract knowledge from unprocessed information and align the business processes to establish a rich, reliable and effective business framework for timely, intelligent decision-making.

Data Marts

Data marts help create logical views of the data warehouse to improve performance and ease of use for individual business units. We build new or revamp existing marts that become redundant over time to serve your current and future needs.

Our expertise with state of the art tools ensures robust, scalable and yet a cost efficient data warehousing solution delivers maximized performance.

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Data Migration and Consolidation
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With the changing technology landscape it has become essential for an enterprise to be increasingly agile and adaptable. With the data generated scattered across business units and with organizations continuously re-engineering their operational infrastructure, managing it can be a difficult task.
In order to organize data, enterprises need to consolidate and migrate it to a single, high-performance storage system through a planned and phased process. It is also important to see if the data is evolving in the desired manner.
Adaequare’s Data Migration and Consolidation services help you gain control over your data through high-end robust solutions to migrate and consolidate your critical business data. Our solutions include profiling, cleansing and monitoring to improve data quality, metadata to ensure consistent definitions and usage. We ensure a special focus on this area when implementing high-capacity storage systems, database migrations, server maintenance and upgrades activities and data center relocations This also helps reduce the risk of budgeting and schedule over runs.
ETL-based Data Migration: Legacy to Open System, COTS Suites

  • Tech/Platform Consolidation, Upgrade and Re-engineering
  • Performance Optimization Framework.


Adaequare’s data migration and consolidation approach:

While ‘Data Migration’ has always been a vital component of every application consolidation or legacy modernization initiative, it often is treated as any other IT initiative.

For many organizations, data migration is considered as ‘moving of data from one storage medium to another’. However, to achieve success in their enterprise application implementation initiatives, it is very important for organizations to take a comprehensive view of data migration.

For achieving qualitative and successful data migration, we follow the approach given below:

We create a roadmap for the migration and consolidation activity that helps us ensure the highest success rate. This includes evaluating the existing storage system, analyzing the risks and creating business cases.

After the completion of migration/consolidation process, we perform the integration testing, user acceptance testing, implement production environment, and provide training.


We create a roadmap for the migration and consolidation activity that helps us ensure the highest success rate. This includes evaluating the existing storage system, analyzing the risks and creating business cases.


Once the roadmap is complete, the actual migration and consolidation process starts. During this phase, we create the target with desired functionality and flexibility, migrate objects and validate the existing schemas.

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

At this stage, the industry standards are followed in order to meet your business needs. In this phase, we design the ETL, extract the data, test the load performance, setup and validate security, monitoring, and replication functions.

Migrating and consolidating your data helps to increase the efficiency and responsiveness to business changes and lowers the costs. It also allows immediate access to consistent data, and most importantly ensures a single version of truth across systems.

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Data Visualization
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Data Visualization

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In today’s world, businesses are required to process and analyze large volumes of data for meaningful insights. It has become increasingly important to present the data in a simple, clear, yet effective way to stimulate business decisions using interactive data visuals.
At Adaequare, we make this possible by using state of the art data visualization techniques and principles. With these, we help you to get detailed view of the information and guide it towards actionable decisions. Our framework allows users to build custom dashboards, data visuals and data sets using the most user friendly and intuitive interface.
Our Data Visualizer framework reduces your burden by creating a base of compelling data illustrations. With its dashboard designer and built in metadata capabilities, our framework gives the power users the ability to create on-the-fly analytics, apply advanced complex filters along with sort and drill down features. The framework seamlessly integrates multiple data sources including third party data to create layered illustrations with a visually compelling storyline.
We provide pre-packaged visualization kits to offer a set of visualizations for our customers to validate, alternatively we also offer customized solutions if the existing frameworks cannot handle the visualizations that are needed to create static or dynamic visuals that provide insights and address the challenges at hand.
We offer Web and mobile visualization kits offering predefined static and dynamic graphs. We enable users to gain insights via interactive dashboards and templates that enable automated visualization of data. Our Framework puts special emphasis on multidimensional approach and contextual data such as Geographical location, Maps and Demographics and various other sources of data. 


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Big Data Services
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Big Data Services

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Close to 80% of all data in organizations, is unstructured. Without a framework or a blueprint images, videos, email, documents and text are useless as business tools.

At Adaequare, we understand that every data problem is different. We also appreciate how a varied mix of strategies is required to ensure that your data is leveraged to deliver higher value. In our discovery phase, we evaluate your data ecosystem and then hand pick the right kind of data scientists, statisticians, BI analysts, SMEs etc. who can tackle your specific problem.

We enlist Apache Hadoop and a choice of technologies ranging from open source enterprise to proprietary. Our expertise ranges from Apache Java Map Reduce to niche focus areas such as Hbase, Pig Latin, Hive, Groovy and Cassandra that are relevant to big data management. Our team will answer all your questions and anxieties about unstructured big data and prompt you to think of a few new ones too. Our expertise with multiple industry standard elastic cloud computing environments (Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure etc.) will aid you to quickly process and get a control on unstructured data.

Adaequare hand-holds you in the choice of applicable combinations of data warehouse, staging, marts and analytics sand box environments. This ensures optimization for the environments you are already invested in, while setting up architecture for analysis flexibility and speed of decision making.

We apply our proprietary best practice Data Analytics life cycle for unstructured data

Adaequare team’s goal is to optimize your business to derive greater business value from processing unstructured data. Our proprietary analytics life cycle for unstructured data includes Discovery, Data Prep, Model planning, Model building, Robustness verification and Operationalization phases. We employ data scientists and BI analysts who view unstructured data from various perspectives, and evaluate it in radically different ways. Our model selection techniques are not preset, but are based on the end goals in sight. Through careful data exploration we identify key variables, evaluate relationships among them, ensure data hygiene, categorize the unstructured data to patterns and trends and finally provide sentiments, summary analysis and insights.

Quickly identify your hidden but valuable business drivers

We understand your need to optimize business operations, the desire to identify business risks and the drive to correct course. New business opportunities have to be unraveled, to push growth. Compliance to broad based regulatory requirements and laws governing your industry is another necessity.

Our proven and time tested methodologies address industry domain specific problems such as customer churn, sentiment analysis, fraud and default prediction, pricing, profitability and sales efficiencies, best new prospects, cross-sell and upsell opportunities, fair lending etc. These analytics and data driven approaches have evolved over several years of successful outcome-based implementations while leveraging the trends in data science technologies.

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