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Adaequare Info Private Limited

Hyderabad, Telangana
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Test Engineering Services

Improve Testing Competency to meet the rapidly evolving enterprise requirements
Adaequare enables organizations to improve their adhoc test architectures and adopt ideal test life cycles which can reap large business rewards and help them to fire on all cylinders. 

Agile Testing Services
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Agile Testing Services

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Proactively prevent defects from occurring in the first place rather than focusing on detecting them after Development.

Elaborate planning for large, complex projects is sometimes an ineffective technique as it takes us away from ground realities and can lead to high costs and failed efforts where organizations hesitate to take bold steps on new initiatives. The course of a project should be responsive and based on completed work and feasibility rather than speculation. There are various norms and uncertainties which define large and complex projects.

Specifications will never be fully understood by all stakeholders

The user will never know what they want until they see a working software

An interactive system can never be fully specified nor can it ever be fully tested.

Software evolves more rapidly in chaotic conditions

Agile Testing plays an important role in facilitating this shift as it thoroughly validates today’s work and ensures that tomorrow’s actions are meaningful without losing sight of the end objectives. It can ensure that teams don’t design anything that is not built and don’t build anything that is not used.

Adaequare can bring valuable additions to your business cycles by jump starting your test components and preventing chaos in software development cycles, whether you are just making forays into the agility based software development or already have established agility practices. With proven leadership, vast experience and domain expertise, Adaequare partners with you to formulate the right combination of scrum team members and ensure that quality assurance stays a prime focus in your agile implementations.

Our Agile team is attuned to lean thinking and trained to deliver quality while focusing on productivity. Avoid getting stuck at 90%. Accomplish 100% by implementing Agile Testing and making it a part of your development strategy.

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Data Performance Testing
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Data Performance Testing

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With the advent of Big Data, there is a large quantity of structured and unstructured data entering the organizational databases every day. While it is important to mine valuable insights from this data, it is also important to ensure it that does not adversely affect application performance. If effective streamlining of data does not happen, it can quickly become a bottleneck for companies and this in turn can lead to data related performance issues.
Data Performance Testing has become a prerequisite for organizations in this scenario to address these challenges and is increasingly becoming an important area of focus.
At Adaequare, we understand that data performance cannot be tested and optimized in isolation. We fix end-to-end data management issues in your organization. Data Performance also depends on the enterprise applications using the data, and hence, we adopt both micro and macro-focused approach to data testing.
With a wide array of testing best practices and approaches gained over several years, we ensure a high performance and efficiency. We provide access to robust enterprise cloud environments and proven experience with physical and virtual data centers to quickly generate and mimic production strength loads.
We employ a logical phase-wise approach for Data Performance Testing to ensure the optimal performance for your applications, networks and devices.
In Phase 1, we test databases and Data Flows in isolation. This involves:
Review of database schemas and ensuring that it is normalized or de-normalized enough to ensure peak performance
Look at data volumes, large datasets such as blobs and images, complex or time consuming database queries
Verifying if throughput and response times are within SLAs or if they can be further optimized through data tuning
In Phase 2, we test the Data from an end-to-end perspective. Further data optimization may be necessary after end-to-end performance of applications is verified. 


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Data Warehouse Testing Services
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Data Warehouse is an integral part of most organizations, which typically contains the entire data of organization consolidated over a long period of time from multifarious sources. This evolution means that no single employee or business unit has wholesome knowledge of the warehouse, and the inherent knowledge within the organization becomes siloed and fragmented.

The Data warehouse is the single main source of truth in the company, and with data growing into unwieldy volumes and the advent of big data revolution, the problem is only compounded. This unique evolution into the Data Warehouse mess puts the key business flows in jeopardy.

At Adaequare, we believe that Data Warehouse Quality Assurance is not confined to specific stage in software life cycle or specific component in the business workflow but the entire ecosystem. Instead of a tactical approach, we believe in a proactive approach, where testing is managed continuously so that the warehouse evolves as intended. Beginning with an architectural evaluation of the Data Warehouse and all its intervening systems, our strategic approach can help you build strong efficiencies in Data flows.

Through our discovery sessions, we help you identify the areas that need immediate focus and carve our long term road maps to stay future-proof, flexible and nimble and ahead of your competitors.

Adaequare’s Data Warehouse (DW) Quality Management ensures that customers make intelligent decisions based on accurate and timely analysis of data by addressing all facets of DW testing.

There are continuous changes in the data warehouse schema and the data being entered and retrieved. To address this, Adaequare’s Data Warehouse Quality Management approach includes structure, rigor and appropriate stakeholder involvement and a focus on cleansing the data before it even makes it into the warehouse.

In the diagram above, you see a process driven approach we followed for one of our implementations, where the focus was on cleansing the data before it makes it into the warehouse.

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Testing in Production
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Testing in Production

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Grappling with live user base, emergency fixes, infrastructure optimizations while maintaining minimal service interruptions – these are some of the biggest challenges in Production Environments.

Control group testing and user acceptance testing try to closely mimic production environments; they rarely scale up to the size and specifics of real world user base. Each environment is unique. Taking UAT environment results at face value and trying to apply them off the cuff to real Production environments is a sure recipe for disaster. Production loss and crash scenarios are often the results of such random actions. Once the application under test has gone live, there is an additional challenge of ensuring uninterrupted service and smooth ongoing user experience.

Adaequare specializes in five test areas that uniquely impact production environments with the associated high severities.

Quality improvements that were detected after going live that quickly need to

reach user base

Service Packs

Hot fixes that need to be tested and approved within hours

Performance testing of live environment with the associated alert indicators for immediate proactive actions

Infrastructure optimization testing to address sudden scalability, performance and security related issues.

Our war room teams address mission critical applications where user experience needs to be given top priority. We ensure minimal or no service interruption, while deploying architectures that help streamline Testing in Production and while administering corrections to the live environment.


In the above diagram, you see one such configuration that employs cloned production instances. We specialize in server replication, hot cloning and virtualization technologies and work with your teams to optimize the existing production environment for testing. We start by comprehensively understanding your existing production environment and then work towards improvisation in feasible steps.

Adaequare has expertise in advanced testing tools and technologies that can be easily plugged into the production environments. These tools proactively perform load testing, spike testing, endurance testing, performance testing and security testing at frequent intervals and deliver complete diagnostics.

Our teams are flexible and are trained in best testing practices in production. We test in special maintenance windows, or specifically designated time frames. We also have non-invasive read-only test suite and transactions specifically designed for production environments where the objective is to not disrupt the production data in anyway while addressing mission critical test cases.

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Test Architecture Consulting
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Test Architecture helps design and implements testing practices that enable software applications to perform in the best manner, an important activity that needs to be undertaken at least once in a year. Most organizations do not focus on optimizing their test architecture and investments. Improving adhoc test architectures and adopting ideal test life cycles can reap large business rewards.

Adaequare’s Test Architecture Consulting ensures that your applications are firing on all cylinders. We cover the following value additions in a phase-wise approach.


We start by doing your test competency assessment and verifying the effectiveness of your current state of testing. We review all your environments, current tools, techniques and testing types, and more. We gather the testing pain points from various stake holders ranging from the leadership team to the user community.

Road map There are several testing types such as manual, automation, performance, security, mobile, white box etc. We methodically prioritize and propose a road map for the types of testing you need to invest in, in the coming months.

Recommendation Adaequare’s Test Architecture Consulting team has specialized expertise in conducting test tool feasibility study for various testing types and organizational setups. We leverage this to compare and contrast insights to recommend the best combination of tools and technologies.

Proposal We review if your test infrastructure is nimble and cost effective for your unique business needs. Our team proposes and designs the best infrastructure configuration needed to ensure smooth work flow and software development life cycles.

Integration Finally, we integrate the test life cycle with your development life cycle, be it agile or water fall and ensure maximum leverage.

During our assessment process, we identify the core areas where the focus is required. Since your test architecture and work flows may have evolved as outcomes of other activities and investments in enterprise setup, we review those components and analyze if they are optimized or acting as an impediment instead.

We freshly identify the testing types that are most important for your organization and review if these areas are receiving enough focus. We optimize your infrastructure ranging from on premises sand boxes to multitenant test infrastructures, on-demand elastic cloud testing environments and vendor enabled mobile cloud testing. We conduct a secondary review if your tool and technology choices are the right ones for the optimal to-be test architecture scenario. We also automate your regression test suite using best combination of automation test tools that are feasible for your infrastructure.

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