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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Ambit Electronic Security Services - Wholesale Supplier of cooper fire alarm panel, electric fencing system & aspiration system sensor in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Nature of Business

Wholesale Supplier

Cooper Fire Alarm Panel
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Cooper Fire Alarm Panel

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Features and benefits
• Configurable as a 1 or 2 loop panel

• Up to 200 addresses per loop

•Soft addressing

•Menu-driven graphic screen

• Multi-language selection capability

• Integral battery and power supply

• Easy to operate end user controls

• Full system integrity with Eaton developed protocol

• Core range of compatible accessories

• Zone and text input through site installer only


The CF2000GCPD has been designed with ease of installation as a major
The panel back box can be surface mounted with cable entry points to
both the top and rear. The mother board and integrated power supply are
mounted on a sub chassis which is easily removed to aid panel fitting.
Back box mounting is further assisted with the provision of a drill
template allowing the mounting screw holes to be pre-drilled and the top
two mounting screws fitted prior to final positioning of the back box.
Ample room is provided within the back box for the termination of
external cables and bonding of cable screen wires.

System configuration

The CF2000GCPD can be configured to operate as a 1 or 2 loop panel.
Using Eaton system protocol the panel “auto learns” the equipment
mounted on the loop(s) and “soft addresses” each item, ensuring a
simple setup procedure and reducing the time required for system setup.
All loop mounted equipment has integral short circuit isolators, ensuring
loop integrity is maintained should a short circuit fault occur on the loop.
A comprehensive range of interface units are available with the
CF2000GCPD including the CSI350 spur isolator which permits Eaton
intelligent addressable sensors to be connected to the loop as a spur.

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Electric Fencing System
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Electric Fencing System

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Protection of Industrial premises is largely dependant on security manpower,
which is unavoidable to an extent. The outlay for security differs in industries,
depending on the value of goods under storage or in p
rocess. Based on the
threat perceptions, it is very high in some industries, yet proving to be unreliable.
To the potential intruder, the Wall Top or Stand alone fence must be visible, with warning signs indicating high voltage.

to serve as an active deterrent.  It takes a determined intruder to try his skills, overcoming the high voltage barrier, without suffering a shock, or triggering the alarm that detects sabotage attempts, or activating the passive flood lights and CCTV on the dark perimeter, thus
denying entry  and for Post Incident Analysis

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Aspiration System Sensor
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Aspiration System Sensor

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FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology ® from System Sensor – the
world leader in smoke detection technology – is an ultra sensitive highly
effective aspirating smoke detector which provides Very Early Warning  type
smoke detection in diverse applications ranging from mission critical to harsh
FAAST aspirating smoke detectors use a pipe network and a fan to draw air
from a protected space in to the detection chamber. This pipe network allows for
smoke detection in hard-to-reach or difficult-to-access areas, including areas with
temperature extremes, and allows for ease of testing and maintenance.
All FAAST detectors provide simple access to communications. Each FAAST
model is equipped with an on board Ethernet port which enables access
for remote configuration and monitoring, as well as the option to send email
notifications to up to 6 recipients. All models also come with ready-to-use
Modbus, eliminating the need for additional hardware. FAAST is available in
conventional models and intelligent models for a variety of major fire alarm
control panels.

FAAST Networking and Connectivity

High Sensitivity

FAAST’s highly specialized chamber uses Dual Vision technology to
detect extremely low concentrations of smoke while maintaining a high
level of immunity to non-smoke particulate – enabling Very Early Warning
type smoke detection in harsh and difficult environments.

The chamber, which utilizes a blue LED and an infrared laser to analyze
the air sample, has a configurable range of 0.00029% - 6.25%/ft
(0.00095% - 20.5%/m) obscuration and has been specifically designed to
provide high sensitivity and stability. This sensitivity range can meet and
exceed the requirements of Very Early Warning smoke detection, making
FAAST highly customizable to meet site-specific requirements

Easy Communications
FAAST provides easy access to its wealth of data in several ways, many of
them standard on all models:

 – All FAAST models come equipped with an onboard Ethernet
connection. This connection allows the FAAST device to be added to an
existing LAN or WAN, and allows the device to be viewed remotely via a
Web Browser or viewed and configured remotely via PipeIQ – FAAST’s
design, configuration, and monitoring software. Once connected to a LAN,
FAAST’s integrated e-mail client can send event-triggered messages to as
many as 6 different e-mail addresses

 - For a quick plug-and-play connectivity (uploading or downloading
configurations, monitoring, etc) FAAST XS and XT have been equipped with
a USB interface. This provides an easy in-situ connection whenever required.

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Aspiration System Xtralis
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The VESDA VLF-250 detector is a very early warning smoke detector
designed to protect small, business-critical environments of less than 250 m
 2 (2500 sq. ft.)
The detector works by continually drawing air into sampling holes in a pipe
network. The air is filtered and passed into a detection chamber where light
scattering technology detects the presence of very small amounts of smoke.
Detector status information is communicated on the detector display and via
relays or optional interface cards

Out-of-the-box operation
The VLF can be installed and commissioned out-of-the-box without the need
for a special interface or software programming tools. 

The VLF can be installed and commissioned out-of-the-box without the need for a special interface or software programming tools. In operation, the unique Smoke Dial" display provides the user with an instant understanding of a smoke event, even from a distance. Should a fault occur, the user simply opens the field service door and activates the Instant Fault Finder feature to determine the specific fault condition. This information can then be passed onto their fire service company, ensuring that service technicians arrive onsite fully prepared.
Ultrasonic Flow Sensing The patent-pending Ultrasonic Flow Sensing used in the VLF provides a dined reading of the sampling pipe flow rate. The system is immune to air temperature and pressure changes and is unaffected by contamination. The VLF is the first or sampling smoke detector to use ultrasonic flow sensing.

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Fingerprint Reader Morpho Access J Series
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CertificationsRoHS, FCC, REACH, CE
Sensor TypeOptical Sensor

Intuitive and easy-to-installStandalone or networkedMultiple interfaces including POE on RJ45 and Wi-Fi (option)MIFARE® and secure DESFire® contactless smartcard readerIP 65 rated for outdoor use

The MorphoAccess® J Series fingerprint identification terminals are easy-to-implement access control devices. Combining stylish design and reliability, they bring the security of biometrics to any kind of installation, in prestige premises (corporate offices, buildings etc...) or outdoor environments.Numerous features in a compact design•Stylish, compact and ergonomic design with high quality finishing•Easy installation: adapted to standard electric boxes, POE powered and configurable by USB flash drive•Multiple interfaces: compatible with most current or legacy access control systems for standalone or networked operating modes•Powerful capabilities: Morpho’s state-of-the-art optical sensor and biometric algorithms•Unrivalled levels of security: configurable (down to 10-8) and steady FAR, secure DESFire® technology, SSL on TCP/IP, WEP & WPA, anti-tamper hardware•Robustness: suitable for outdoor environment (IP 65 rated)

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GST Addressable Beam Detector
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ColorABS, gray
Operating Temperature Range10 C - 50

I  -  9105R Intelligent Reflective Beam detector (the detector) is  an  addressable  reflective  infrared beam   smoke   detector that   can   be   used   as Addressable    or    Conventional.    When    it is connected  with  GST  Intelligent  fire  alarm  control
panel directly,     state     information     will     be transmitted  through  loop between  the  detector and   the   control   panel.   The   detector can   be programmed by GST programmer. Code range is within 1~242. When the detector is not connected
with  GST Intelligent  fire  panel,  the  detrector  will  work   in   conventional mode,   fire   and   fault information will be transmitted by contacts. The  detector  must  be  used  together  with  the reflector(s). The number of reflector(s) to be used (1   or   4)   depends   on the   distance   from   the detector.

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GST Addressable Gas Detector
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Gas TypeNatural Gas
Weight (g)180g
Humidity (%)95%, non - condensing

I- 9602LW  Addressable  Gas  Detector  is  used  to detect leakage of gas (LPG, Natural Gas or Coal Gas)   in   such   areas   as   houses,   hotels and apartments.


Electronically addressed, can be programmed by programmer

Drift   compensation,   to   suit   environment changing extensively.
Local buzzer alarm

Self diagnostic

Additional  relay  output  for  fan  control  and Valve shut off


1. Applying power  supply  to  the  detector  after wiring and checking, the green LED will flash for 3 to 6 minutes during warm up, and then it will illuminate steadily to indicate the detector has entered normal standby status.

2.  If  the  detector  alarms,  the  Alarm/Fault  LED flashes red, and the buzzer sounds about twice per  second.  If  the  detector  is  in Alarm/Fault  LED  illuminates  yellow  steadily, trouble,  the and the buzzer sounds once every 3 seconds.

3.  There is  a  Self  Test  button  on  the  detector to test if  the  LEDs and  buzzer  works  properly. Pressing  the  Self  Test  button,once  in  turn,  and  the  buzzer  sounds  three  the  LEDs  flash times.

4. Address can be programmed through  programmer,  as  shown  in  Fig.3.  Refer  to  the P - 9910B  Hand  Held  Programmer  Installation and Operation Manual for further details

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Morley Addressable Hooter
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WeightBase sounder 200 gr, Wall sounder 180gr
Working Humidity(%)10% to 93% non-condensing
Operating Temperature10 DegreeC to 60 DegreeC

• Loop powered
• High sound output
• Low current consumption
• 5 tones available
• Deep or sealed back boxes (wall sounders only)
• Three volume settings as standard
• Available in red or white
• Sounders designed to meet EN54 Part 3
• Rotary DECADE address switches (01-99)

The Morley-IAS addressable audible warning devices
form a co-ordinated range of high quality, high
performance products.  Designed for use with the ZX
series intelligent multi protocol fire alarm control
panels, these products feature unique styling, protected
electronics, simple tone selection and high efficiency.
These products are suitable for most installations.  The
MI-LABS detector base sounder is particulary suited to
hotel bedrooms, allowing the detector and sounder to
be installed at the same point.  The MI-LABS sounder
may also be used as a wall mounted sounder with an
optional cover plate.

The sounders have been designed to simplify
installation and include terminals for both in and out
going cables and an earth termination for cable screens.
The electronic components in the sounders are
protected by a cover to prevent damage during
installation.  All models are supplied with full

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Morley Addressable MCP
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Morley Addressable MCP

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Dimensions MmSurface- 87 x 87 x 52 mm, Flush- 87 x 87 x 33 mm
Operating Temperature10 DegreeC to 60 DegreeC
Model NoEN54 MI-MCP-GB

Direct decade addressing (01-99)
• Built-in electronics
• Fast response
• LED shows polling (optional) and activation
• Flush or surface mounting
• Up to 99 per loop (+99 analogue sensors)
• LPCB approved
• Simple to test
• Designed to the requirements of BS5839,
   Part 2
• IP67 rated model

The MI-MCP-GB is designed to provide a manual alarm
interface to the Morley-IAS ZX series intelligent multi-
protocol fire alarm control panels.
The units are fitted with a built-in monitoring module,
which provides an interface to the detection loop.  The
address of the call point is simply “dialed in” using the
rotary switches on the rear of the unit.
The call points may be used in most environments as a
convenient and quick way of raising an alarm.  It is
generally installed by exit doors to be operated as
people leave a building.
For surface mounting a M500KACGB, a matching plastic
back box complete with cable terminations is used.  If
flush mounting is required a single gang, standard
electrical knock-out box may be used in conjunction
with a terminal tray for cable connection.

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Fingerprint Cum Smart Card Reader HID Integrated Virdi 5000
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Fingerprint Cum Smart Card Reader HID Integrated Virdi 5000

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