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Digital Content Development

Keeping up with digital natives

The proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and eReaders makes it challenging to satisfy growing appetites for smart digital content. 

From product documentation and training to books, magazines, research reports, and financial data, the information traditionally delivered via print or simple digital files must now be created, edited, enriched, and packaged for new formats and devices.

Meeting this challenge requires agile editorial and production capabilities and the right mix of digital content and technology expertise. But building and sustaining this capability in-house can be costly and frustrating—new devices, evolving content-formatting standards, and condensed product life cycles routinely change the rules of the game.

Digital products for market leaders

A digital publishing leader for 25 years, Aptara excels in getting engaging digital content products to digital consumers faster and more cost-effectively. Aptara’s wide-ranging subject matter experts deploy smart content technologies across every aspect of production—and produce the entire spectrum of digital end products, including eBooks, apps, websites, and eMagazines.

Aptara helps industry leaders such as HSBC, Deloitte, Baxter, Cisco, and Random House and Pearson with their digital production needs, freeing them to do what they do best, be it banking, consulting, healthcare, technology, or publishing. Aptara’s digital content solutions deliver measurable results while minimizing operating costs and overhead.

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Quality & Compliance Assurance
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Quality & Compliance Assurance

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As your content moves from authoring to production, its design and graphical user interface are reorganized, revised, and refined. This process improves the content—but may occasionally introduce errors and bugs.

Quality qualified?

Does the final product work as specified? Is it user-friendly? Does the documentation make sense? Do the visual design, multimedia, interactive objects, and images work across all platforms? Is the content enabled for users requiring accessible user interfaces like text-to-speech applications?

Before your products reach the marketplace, Aptara puts them through a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process powered by custom tools that automate the performance of quality checks. From proofreading to end-user testing, across all relevant platforms and individual device types, we ensure that your end users have a satisfying experience using their device of choice.

Compliance compliant?

Whether you publish financial, pharmaceutical, or educational content, it must comply with various guidelines, laws, and regulations.

Does your content conform to the grade-level guidelines of the U.S. Common Core State Standards? If it’s subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is a screen reader an acceptable substitute for screen captions?

Regulatory compliance issues are neither static nor universal. Laws, particularly those that apply to educational products and accessibility, differ from state to state, province to province, and country to country—and often change annually.

Aptara ensures compliance

Our clients publish content spanning nearly every vertical market. Aptara’s dedicated regulatory compliance teams stay up-to-date on your industry’s changeable regulations. In the United States, those include:

  • ADA 508
  • SEC regulations for publishing companies
  • Common Core State Standards
  • ICD-9
Aptara ensures accessibility

Using a thorough process that includes comparisons to regulatory checklists and subject matter experts who make any necessary corrections, Aptara certifies that your product complies with all applicable standards, regulations, and guidelines worldwide, including:

  • The World Wide Web Consortium’s WCAG (part of the greater WAI)
  • The UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Specific laws and regulations of the European Union and other Western European countries
  • Electronic and information technology accessibility specs in the following countries:
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
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Delivery & Distribution
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Delivery & Distribution

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Your content is market-ready. What now?

Whether packaged as an interactive eBook, or app for a custom eReader, Aptara delivers your content files to retail channels—including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other eCommerce websites—and ensures that they mesh seamlessly with each site’s back-end.

Hassle-free content distribution

Through our partnership with LibreDigital, a service of RR Donnelley, we offer channel management and digital publishing distribution to more than 100 retailers.

Aptara handles the creation and delivery of content with associated collateral, including ONIX, the essential metadata required for book distribution. We optimize your content for all the devices in the marketplace, readying it for circulation.

One expert partner

Together with our content strategy, design, enrichment, and packaging services, Aptara provides comprehensive management of both print and digital supply chains so they integrate easily with your existing workflows.

By working with Aptara, you get end-to-end expertise—from content conception to delivery—all from a single, skillful source.

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Content Design
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Content Design

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As corporations strive to remain technologically relevant, many are experiencing a wake-up call: most of their content is not designed to be read on mobile devices.

In the past, you had to worry only about optimizing websites for different browsers. Now, content comes in many more flavors, and the universe of devices includes tablets, smartphones, and eReaders.

Add to this complex equation another variable: a new generation of “digital natives” who expect interactive and engaging content on the device of their choice.

Transforming the user experience

By leveraging the latest mobile and graphics technologies, interactive content transports readers beyond the printed page, deepening the impact of the written word through captivating experiences.

Aptara’s award-winning content architects, instructional and interactive designers, and CSS and HTML5 experts have designed and created more than 1 million interactive eBook pages for every type of content, from textbooks and software manuals to romance novels and medical journals.

Designing now for later

An effective responsive design strategy ensures that readers experience the same content in the same way on any device. A great responsive design strategy automates the process through which those experiences are created.

Aptara designs your content right. The first time.

Rather than constructing a rigid foundation that requires recoding and reprogramming for different media, Aptara uses HTML5 to build a flexible infrastructure that optimizes your content automatically for delivery to the consumer via any media. Coded correctly, the same file delivered to a browser plugs seamlessly into the shell of a tablet or smartphone and is rendered by a device-specific, user-friendly GUI.

And that’s the kind of user experience your users expect.

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Workflow Design
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Workflow Design

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A streamlined content workflow will get multichannel products to market faster and more easily—while lowering production costs.

Aptara has been an industry innovator in digital publishing for more than 25 years. We pioneered the development of automated workflows that produce content for multiple channels, simultaneously.

Get digital right—the first time

Fortunately, retooling your workflows doesn’t have to mean recreating your content creation and production methods from scratch. Our reengineering maintains as much of your current way of authoring, editing, designing, producing, and tracking as possible, while allowing you to store, manage, repurpose, and repackage content to ready it for expedited delivery to your readers.

Our advanced web-based XML workflows enable your authors to write and design in familiar applications like Microsoft Word, InDesign, LaTeX, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, and the Creative Suite of applications.

What’s first—digital or print?

Based on the type of content that your organization creates and your goals for that content, we may recommend our own PXE4 Digital Publishing Platform or a separate content management system that can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Similarly, we may recommend that workflows remain print-first or suggest that they become digital-first—whatever’s best for the efficient delivery of your content via multiple channels, as today’s readers demand.

Aptara: the digital workflow experts

Whether you need to produce digital-only, digital-first, or print and digital products simultaneously, our content technology expertise and strong relationships with device manufacturers keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and specifications of new formats and app technologies—often before they are publicly announced.

We’ve gained knowledge from helping hundreds of customers boost production efficiency, accelerate production schedules, and lower operational costs, which makes Aptara singularly suited to design, implement, and successfully manage your workflows.

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Artwork & Graphic Design
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Artwork & Graphic Design

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Great content deserves great design

Aptara provides a full range of design, illustration, and photography services for print and interactive product development. Our team includes in-house artists and animators, designers and design directors, and image managers who research and secure illustrations from a worldwide network of well-known artists and other sources.

Our artists have deep experience with industry-leading page layout applications, vector- and raster-based illustration and photo retouching software, graphing packages, and computational software programs used for complex scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computer science applications. They include 3ds Max, Sound Forge, Captivate, and the complete set of  applications: InDesign, After Effects, Premier, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Aptara’s specific artwork and graphic design services include:

  • Prototype development and conceptual design
  • Storyboarding
  • Interactive design
  • Print and packaging design
  • Websites and wireframes
  • Realistic, scientific, technical, and anatomical illustration
  • Infographics and maps
  • Children’s books characters
  • Avatars and icons
  • CGI/animation

We also handle wholesale redesigns for websites, magazines, and books.

Talented artists for every industry

Be it a website redesign, corporate imagery for a shareholder report, or hand-drawn illustrations for a seventh-grade chemistry lesson, our design teams—comprised of artists with industry- and discipline-specific experience—will realize what you envision. Whatever your custom artwork or design needs, print or digital, Aptara can design it, create it, and manage it.

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Editorial & Production Management
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Editorial & Production Management

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Think of Aptara’s managing editors and production editors as an extension of your own editorial staff.

They compensate for in-house resources lacking the experience to deal with today’s evolving digital and multichannel production challenges.

Our editorial and production managers:

  • Coordinate with authors, editors, and vendors to ensure a smooth production process
  • Oversee copy editing, layout, and all outputs to safeguard quality production
  • Send page proofs to stakeholders and receive and collate edits
  • Manage project budgeting and scheduling
  • Work with your existing databases and workflow management systems

Aptara’s scalable resources and flexible per-page pricing model make editorial production faster, smoother, and more cost-effective than ever before.

Combined with our content creation and production services, Aptara becomes your very own full-service publishing department.

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Digital Product Strategy

If your organization is like most, it has vast amounts of valuable content that was created before digital delivery existed, let alone became a business necessity.

Going digital

Digital content is searchable, faster to deliver, easier to repurpose, and less costly to update.

The availability of digital content provides effective real-time sales and communication opportunities that can turn customers into loyal customers, productive employees into profitable employees, and learners into successful students. In short, digital content benefits the bottom line.

Getting digital

Getting there starts with an overarching digital content and product strategy that identifies the appropriate content creation and/or repurposing approach, as well as the content architecture, workflow, delivery mediums, and packaging required.

Being digital

Choices made about support for specific targeted mobile devices and content technology platforms have long-term consequences.

Aptara consultants assess the trends in your vertical market and separate fad from fact. We elicit content strategy requirements and weigh your organization’s business goals and your audience’s needs, in order to recommend a content technology and production approach appropriate to your content strategy.

The result is an action plan for repurposing and/or repackaging your content to produce the best digital content products for improving your profitability.

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Content Architecture

Delivering content to your customers on demand via any device they choose requires smart content: content in the right format with the right structure, based on a content architecture that’s part of a larger content strategy. A foundational content architecture facilitiates agile production and distribution of content on today’s—and tomorrow’s—digital devices.

Author once. Deliver many.

Aptara’s content architects can solve the most challenging print-to-electronic content repurposing and production puzzles. Whether it begins life as print or digital, and whether you’re developing eBooks, eManuals, or apps, Aptara’s expertise allows you to author enriched, agile content—once—and then deliver it to multiple channels quickly and affordably.

We know the right schemas for storing well-structured, efficient, and dynamic digital end products that meet the needs of your business and your readers.

Our solutions architects are versed in all industry-specific schemas across a variety of document types that include:

  • HTML5
  • XBRL
  • STP
  • ISO 12083
  • TEI Lite
  • DocBook
  • ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012
  • Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS)
  • Ovid DTDs
Yesterday’s content tomorrow

Retrofitting yesterday’s print content for digital, or inventing an in-house content strategy, lengthens production times and spikes costs.

Aptara’s experts recommend content schemas and develop foundational architectures for storing well-structured, efficient, and dynamic digital content that meets the needs of your business and customers—today and going forward.

And as industry specifications evolve, Aptara’s skill sets evolve, ensuring that you’re always in step with current, industry-wide best practices.

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Resourcing Strategy Digital Content Development

Remaining competitive in the digital age requires producing quality content faster and for less. Staffing is a critical variable in that equation.

Consultant or permanent hire? Outsourced or in-house? The right decision will affect your editorial and technology capabilities, the quality of your output, customer loyalty, and your bottom line.

Temporary, permanent, or both

Aptara helps you determine the content staffing strategy that will reduce costs through increased efficiencies, without sacrificing content quality.

If it’s not the right time for a permanent hire—and the related overhead—Aptara’s subject matter experts can identify the right candidates from its own resource pool and deploy them on-site. We place professionals across the entire content production lifecycle, from conception to delivery.

If a temporary or permanent hire will be most beneficial to your organization, Aptara’s network of industry-specific recruiters and content consultants will find the right content professional for the job. 

And if outsourcing makes the most sense, Aptara’s extensive staff of content creators, designers, editors, and technologists is at your disposal:

  • Art directors

  • Content developers

  • Copy editors

  • Copywriters

  • Developmental editors

  • Document transformation specialists

  • Editorial assistants

  • Graphic designers

  • Interactive eBook specialists

  • MathML experts

  • Production editors

  • Project managers

  • Proofreaders

  • Rights and permissions administrators

  • Typographers

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Authoring, Editing & Development


Even if it’s not a revenue source, its accuracy and impact directly reflect on your brand.

The right skills, the right people

Aptara prepares your content for the goals of your customers and your business. Our dedicated teams have the right mix of subject matter expertise, technology savvy, and automation tools to provide:

  • Content development
  • Developmental editing
  • Content creation
  • Copy editing

In addition, Aptara’s typography services make quality content look good and ensure its compliance with relevant corporate or federal laws, regulations, and guidelines.

The right writers for the right subjects

Our content developers are experts in their fields. Sixth-grade English lesson? An article on nuclear thermodynamics? A report on pharmaceuticals? Whatever the subject, our discipline-specific writers and editors will produce compelling, relevant content.

The hidden value of Aptara’s award-winning content authoring and development services is flexibility: content is created in formats that allow you to easily repurpose and repackage it for delivery to the right people, at the right time, in the right context, on the devices of their choice.

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Content Enrichment

Enriching content behind the scenes enhances its value up front. And with tagging that augments its discoverability, your content becomes more reusable, discoverable, and salable.

Interactive: bringing legacy and static content to life

Interactivity begets deeper audience engagement and adds value to your digital products. Assessment and adaptive learning functions add and improve the retention and outcomes of your learning content. Both make your content more effective and compelling.

Aptara’s eBooks, eManuals, and eCourses offer enhanced and interactive content, such as:

  • High-res, interactive images
  • Pop-up windows
  • Maps, graphs, and charts
  • Jump and push links
  • Guided tours
  • Slideshows
  • 3-D renderings, video, and audio
  • Self-tests and adaptive learning functionality

Whatever your source materials, Aptara can convert them to enriched digital formats, for any screen size, on any device.

Aptara is the preferred production partner for Inkling, the market leader in producing beautiful and impactful digital products. Learn more about our Inkling Production Center (IPC) which has designed and created over 1,600 highly interactive and impactful titles.

Enhanced discoverability

What good is great content if it can’t be found? Existing online search techniques like document indexing, bookmarking, and materials cataloging are no longer adequate search aids.

Aptara’s content and tagging teams make your content more accessible to the people whose (digital) hands you want to put it in. We prepare digital content for eBooks, mobile apps, websites, digital magazines and journals, interactive textbooks, and digital learning products.

Our experts use semantic tags that take advantage of Web Ontology Language (OWL) and the Resource Description Framework (RDF)—the most widely used tools for online publishing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media tagging.

Enriched content = enriched revenues

By exploiting the unique qualities native to the digital realm, Aptara’s interactive books, magazines, directories, catalogs, and course materials can take readers beyond the printed page via captivating experiences that intensify the written word—and broaden your revenue opportunities.

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Asset Research, Rights & Permissions

The right rights

Securing digital rights and permissions can be a complex, time-consuming, and confusing endeavor.

How are territory, language, and duration details defined in the digital space? Do you need separate permissions for eReaders, smartphones, and tablets?

Aptara’s Asset Research & Rights and Permissions team provides leading media, corporate, and advertising companies unprecedented insight into the ever-expanding world of sourcing and securing rights in developing digital content. We use our expertise to ensure that all of your rich media assets—images, text, streaming video, audio, Flash animations—are visually and legally compliant.

Seek and find

As a global partner, we leverage our experience and best practices to provide a service that measurably increases performance and reduces cost and liability. Comprised of hundreds of asset researchers who are well versed in the legal discourse of media procurement, our dedicated rights and acquisition specialists:

  • Identify public domain and fair-use content

  • Clear rights

  • Handle new contractual agreements

  • Catalog data to facilitate its future use

  • Research analog and digital assets and acquisitions

  • Manage all rights and permissions management

In fact, Aptara manages more than 100,000 assets per year via client-exclusive digital asset management (DAM) systems.

Aptara’s experts help you acquire, repurpose, and manage your content responsibly.

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Digital Content Development

Accurately tagged digital content is the foundation for its fluid reuse across multiple channels: XML tags differentiate text from photos, headers from body copy, captions from photo credits, charts from graphs, and so on.

XML tags, as well as other types of metadata, make your content more discoverable via advanced search capabilities.

Turning content into data

Aptara has created metadata for more than 1.2 million newspaper pages and more than 1 million legal, medical, scientific, and educational documents.

Employing a double-keyboarding technique (using our proprietary software), our skilled tagging teams assign tags to and capture metadata from:

  • Bibliographic data
  • Subject terms and keywords
  • Journal and book titles
  • Authors and editors
  • Proceedings
  • Volume, issue, and page numbers
  • ISSNs and ISBNs
  • Copyright information
  • Abstracts
  • Article and chapter history
Semantic tagging

Preparing content for platforms that do not yet exist means investing in content enrichment, or “smart” content. Most content exists in unstructured, “flat” files with long lines of text—Word documents, PDFs, and application files such as InDesign. Files such as these are difficult to process automatically because they require interpretation by human beings.

XML approaches this problem by structuring format and style. But semantic tagging brilliantly addresses not just what content looks like, but what it means.

Imagine what a K-12 publisher could do with content correlated to the Common Core State Standards. Or how easily interactivity could be added to eBook content that has been parsed semantically.

Because computers can understand semantic tags, they can turn your legacy and newly created content into smart content, making it easy to discover via online search and easy to repurpose for new content products.

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Digital Content Development

Different mobile devices, media platforms, and industries require different content formats and standards, and this can form a tangled web of specifications. Getting them right can mean the difference between straightforward success and an unnecessarily complex, delayed, and expensive content development process.

Formats: the keys to cross-platform delivery

The wrong format can make it impossible to read your content on a specific device, or mean noncompliance with a law or corporate requirement. And proprietary and open source formats support varying degrees of interactivity and accessibility.

Aptara works with all mobile device types—smartphones, eReaders, and tablets—both Android and Apple operating systems, and all requisite formats:

  • EPUB3
  • HTML5
  • iBook Author (.iba)
  • Inkling
  • KF8
  • Kindle (.mobi)
  • PDF

By considering the distribution channel, the device, and reader expectations, Aptara’s experts determine which formats are right for your digital content distribution requirements.

Standards: making sense of alphabet soup

XML is an industry standard for coding text in print files for multiple outputs, which now include mobile devices. In some cases, XML has been supplanted—or surpassed—by newer standards, including HTML5.

HTML5 has emerged as the standard for mobile content delivery. With support for searchable and interactive multimedia, you can take your content far beyond the traditional web and PDF “page-turning” experiences. HTML5-based content is portable to all mobile platforms from a single source file, continues to support legacy browsers, and is “future-proof.”

EPUB 3, which is based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, is the best formatting choice for adding interactivity and multimedia content to your eBooks.

For books with sophisticated illustrations or photography, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo have developed precise, “fixed-layout” formats for the Kindle, iPad, NOOK, and Kobo color devices. These standards retain the fidelity of the printed page in digital form. That’s important for reproducing designs for which the aspect ratio must not change—especially layouts built around pedagogical methodology in textbooks.

In the financial industry, XBRL, or eXtensible Business Reporting Language, is mandated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to speed the processing of financial data. XBRL reduces errors; allows financial and compliance professionals to receive, find, compare, analyze, and report data; and even handles shareholder communications accurately and efficiently. Aptara has more XBRL content engineers than any organization in the world.

All formats and all standards for all devicesXML, HTML5, CSS3, or a combination thereof; EPUB, KF8, and other fixed formats for eReaders; XBRL and NIMAS—Aptara is expert in all best-of-breed standards. And because “best-of-breed” for formats and standards can be a moving target as their specifications are updated, Aptara remains involved with the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), EPUB 3, and EDUPUB working groups to ensure that our content technologists remain ahead of industry best practices.
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Digital Content Development

Reinvigorating static content

Whatever the original format, be it a combination of analog and digital files or content trapped in outdated application file formats, Aptara can transform it into dynamic digital content ready for distribution to any output: eBooks, PDFs, digital journals, interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs), websites, interactive textbooks—even print.

From any format, to any format

In-house attempts at data conversion can be slow, labor intensive and expensive, and retrofitting legacy content takes time away from creating new content.

Aptara transforms millions of pages of electronic and printed material every year. The conversion process is overseen by subject matter experts to ensure that your content remains relevant and meaningful—as well as secure, searchable, and ready for use on digital devices.

Scanning, imaging, digitizing

Aptara also offers end-to-end document scanning and imaging solutions using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Scanning resolutions from 72 to 1,200 dpi yield output in TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000, SVG, JPEG, GIF, and other formats.

And we create metadata in many formats, including XMP; capture and assign appropriate metadata from bibliographic data and subject terms; and embed it into images for indexing.

Whether you’re channeling periodic digital publications to your readers, repurposing product or training information, digitizing legal documents, converting print books to eBooks, or preparing your content for multimedia delivery in HTML, Aptara can do the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on the new purpose for that old content.

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Packaging For Multichannel Digital Content Development

A cable TV field tech should be able to access product and service manuals on his laptop, personal iPhone or iPad, or company-issued device. A college student should be able to read her chemistry homework on her laptop, finish it the next morning on her tablet over coffee, then review it on her smartphone on the way to class.

Multiple devices, multiple formats, one solution

More and more consumers are using more than one mobile device. As eReaders, smartphones, and tablets proliferate, so too do the digital content formats required to deliver content to each device. Each device has different screen dimensions, functionalities, and operating systems, so each handles and displays what should be the same content differently.

The universe of eBooks

An eBook configured for the Amazon Kindle must be delivered by different apps to render on a Droid tablet or an iPad. A training manual prepared for a Google tablet won’t automatically be readable via Safari on a MacBook Pro. And games, social media, and other apps introduce additional, device-specific complexities.

Aptara maintains professional relationships with the most popular eReader companies. Our mobile content solutions for eBooks can therefore prepare your content for all eReaders and smartphones on the market, including Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo’s family of devices and apps, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, and Samsung’s Android-based tablets and smartphones.

All content, all devices

Whether you’re providing your readers an engaging alternative to the printed page or distributing updated sales and compliance information in real time to professionals in the field, Aptara prepares and produces content that:

  • Serves from a single source file to multiple devices,
  • Leverages the maximum functionality of each device, and
  • Ensures that you can meet the needs of all your readers

Aptara makes certain that your content works comfortably, that your message remains clear, and that your users have the intended experience—on whatever device they choose.

So you can keep your footing even as the terrain of eReaders and complex formats continues to shift.

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