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ASK-EHS Engineering & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. - Consultants of scaffolding management software, ehs management software & permit to work software in Surat, Gujarat.

Nature of Business


Legal Status of Firm

Limited Company (Ltd./Pvt.Ltd.)

Annual Turnover

Rs. 5 - 10 Crore

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Scaffolding Management Software
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Manage Scaffolding requests, their approvals, production and material inventory effectively and efficiently by ASK-EHS Scaffolding Management Software. Software system supports the full cycle of scaffolding management and comes with a customized work-flow to validate steps to promote safe working practices.

Scaffolding management software controls the status as request is moved through during its lifecycle. It produces reports, graphs, KPIs & analytical information to make smart business decisions. Software stores records of inspection, and scaffold tags. It is easily accessible via smart devices. Scaffolding Management Software thus values Man, Material, Time and Productivity.

Image Capturing & Annotation Tool

Decision making authorities will get visual appearance of site condition while reviewing scaffold erection or modification request data. It helps in identifying the correct requirement of scaffold design.

This information nearly eliminates the requirement of site visit in most of the cases and helps in reducing approval time for scaffolding operations.

Floor Map with Live Data Feeds

Plant drawings or general assembly drawings shall be used as a base image of floor map tool

It displays: Standing scaffold on your project, Access points of various scaffolds, Scaffold inspection tag status, Uptime of scaffold, Photos, Last modification done and Progress status

Image Capturing & Annotation Tool

Decision making authorities will get visual appearance of site condition while reviewing scaffold erection or modification request data. It helps in identifying the correct requirement of scaffold design.

This information nearly eliminates the requirement of site visit in most of the cases and helps in reducing approval time for scaffolding operations.

Floor Map with Live Data Feeds

Plant drawings or general assembly drawings shall be used as a base image of floor map tool

It displays: Standing scaffold on your project, Access points of various scaffolds, Scaffold inspection tag status, Uptime of scaffold, Photos, Last modification done and Progress status


At-a-glance insights of teams’ productivity, material utilization, labor cost and process-efficiency

Improved access of the information from high level summary/trends to drill down of individual records

Man & material bottleneck alerts

Scaffold inspection records and notification

Identification of Bottlenecks

Better planning for Men & Materials

Identifies productivity of scaffold team, displays trends based on available men, their efficiency and requests

Maintains material in-use at store, alert against critical stock levels

Key Performance Indicators

Measure scaffold team productivity

Measure hours wasted due to non-productive activities

Analysis promotes requestor to make better planning

Trends of delay in scaffold completion

Scaffold erection & dismantle timeline

Scaffold weight calculation

Compatible with iPad / Tablet

Request, correct, approve and store scaffold erection, modification and dismantle request & production data using web or iPad/tablet app

Its user interface is targeting “Keep it Simple” goal

Offline mode in iPad/tablet app supports on-field data capturing – no worries for network connectivity.

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EHS Management Software
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EHS Management Software

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SAFE is a revolutionary web based application with user friendly interface. It is designed to provide prompt and flexible solutions improving your EHS performance and managing your EHS department. This application can record EHS performance including accomplishments, performance gaps, critical incident and near-miss data. SAFE can be tailored to suit your requirements. It is very cost affective for small organizations, as, you can select modules suiting your requirements. Equally, larger, more complex corporations enjoy the synergistic benefits of using a wider range of EHS modules across a number of locations. SAFE has been developed by leading EHS professionals keeping in mind Real-time EHS records, compliance at your fingertips, allowing you and your team to easily manage tasks, duties and records, giving you visibility and complete control of your organization’s EHS performance. In all SAFE is a Solution, not just Software.

EHS Accident/Incident/Near-Miss Analysis

Record, analyze and report EHS Incidents, Injuries and Near-Miss, Accessible Anywhere Anytime, Creates visibility for identification of root causes and increase EHS Performance, Implement Corrective-Preventive Actions, Maintains real time records of detection and mitigation of every incident

Record total man hours, man power details and every performance activities in various featured modules which also facilitates interrelation to get best advantage of analysis, task management and reporting for EHS department Inspections, Audits, Trainings, Management, BBS, Meetings, Safety Observation, Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment, Permit Controller, Record and monitor Induction Toolbox, Drills and Manpower.

Helps organizations to achieve regulatory compliance for National/International standards like OSHA, OHSAS 18001 and Government Regulations, Software prepares 300, 300A and 301 reports periodically, Can be customized on the basis of different Countries and State Compliance.

Each module of software helps in generation of action task, Helps user to get scheduled and to get notified for all important activities, It also helps to schedule regular task and reporting system on the basis of prescheduled plan

Track status and results in just few clicks with Graphical presentation, All the modules are facilitated with Graphical Representation (Charts, Graphs) based on various criteria’s to display KEY data in easy and analytical way, Get statistical/analytical data combining all the modules to have holistic understanding of safety performance. Such as your organization Accident Frequency rate, Accident severity rate, Total recordable case frequency rate, training hours per employee, employee training portfolio, Open Non-conformities etc.

SAFE helps EHS organizations to remain competitive, provide quality and affordable performance thereby saving resources.

Get an instant view of EHS Performance of your organization depending upon the preset indicators decided on the basis of goal, At glance, see which area of activities require more attention considering analysis on Accident/Incident/Near-miss, Trainings, Audit results, EHS Observations, BBS Observations, Management walkthrough etc.

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Permit To Work Software
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Permit To Work Software

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Permit to Work (PTW) software proves to be a very useful and convenient tool to establish control, co-ordination and communication, following correct work sequences among the participating agencies through computer system, facilitating:

Full view of entire work scenario to enable the in-charge to take correct and fast decision

Right, definite and quick communication

Smooth flow of work, saving time, avoiding lengthy paper work

Easy & quick retrieval data bank

Application of Job Hazard Analysis and Isolation Lockout Tagout procedures

Area map is an aerial view of the plant layout which depicts the current status of permits issued and application waiting, moreover it facilitates:

Color codes and symbols identify the nature of permits

Identification marks for different permits with their brief work description

With a single click, entire status of permits and application appears, identification marks for different isolation points with status.

Job Hazard Analysis

PTW software allows creating or attaching Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Task Risk Assessment (TRA)

The job can be broken down into a series of work steps, each being recorded on the JHA. Each work step is then analyzed separately to determine the potential hazards related to it

A client-specific Hazard library is provided to stimulate though and to assist in defining the hazards and controls of each work step

Isolation Management

Application maintains record of each equipment, their isolation points and isolation procedure with relevant aids like actual photographs, drawings and diagrams

Software can incorporate the user’s application of different Lock-out / Tag-out accessories

Software gives engineer the ability to print out Isolations list & Tags that can be taken to the worksite and used to carry out the required isolations which are then recoded in the PTW software.

On-the-spot Audit

The safety team should remain aware of the progress of every permits

If necessary, they should STOP THE JOB (SUSPEND) and request to re-assess INSTANTLY

Management Information

Flexible analysis functions delivering ‘real-time’ management information

Built in management reports like permit issued, suspended permits, Isolation list, JHA list, Hazards list etc.

Graphical presentation for statistical analysis

System supports all reports, permits and certificates to be exported as PDF files for easy distribution

Compatible with iPad/Tablet/Smart phones

Access software, get notified, send approvals anywhere from your Smart phones, iPads, Tablets

User interface is targeting "Keep it simple" goal

Worked without network connectivity as well, in offline mode

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge-based processing of safety information, such as JSA, Isolations allied with capture of lesson learnt, accidents occurred following work tasks and experience gathered at work sites during execution of actual job

Powerful tool to process permits and certificates electronically in an informed and highly integrated manner

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Lockout-Tagout Software
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Lockout-Tagout Software

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Safe workplace is right of every worker. Workers associated with machines (from its servicing to repairing to maintenance) are directly associated with risks and hazards. Failure to control hazards during these activities can be fatal. Maximum industrial accidents are caused by the unexpected energization or startup of equipment or machines or by the uncontrolled release of energy. Our serious efforts by controlling unauthorized or accidental use of energy can be very beneficial preventing serious injuries to unnecessary deaths. Many of these accidents can be prevented by proper implementation of LOCKOUT/TAGOUT system.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Software helps in implementing procedures and manages resources in effective way, eliminating the human error with increased information availability for each equipment and isolation points. This software can be seamlessly integrated with Permit to Work system Master records

LOTO Software allows maintaining master records of unit, area, equipment, isolation points and authorized personnel(s)

Allows cross referencing between required records (e.g. Equipment - Isolation Point)

Procedure document generation/attachment for each type of isolation point - attachment option of startup and shutdown procedures for equipment & isolation points with actual photographs/drawings

Tag Printing

While issuing the lock and gadget, Software allows Tag to be printed according to template with following details;

Template of Tag based on Isolation Point Type

Isolation Point Number

Unique Tag Number

Date of Applying

Isolation Officer's Name & Contact Number

Certificate Issuing Authority Name & Contact Number

Reference of number of Permits issued on same Equipment/Isolation Point(s)

Software identifies number of permits requires access to same isolation points

Multiple agency will have transparent information about the isolated status of any equipment and thus avoid redundant isolations / de-isolations

Electronic Log book shows Issued or Active Lockouts and Tagouts

Software incorporates electronic log book which shows issued or active lockouts and tagouts. Data gets archived when the lockout and tagout is completed or removed

Inventory of Locks and Gadgets

Issue & receive of locks & gadget while isolation & de-isolation

Records faulty locks & gadgets

Current Stock of locks and gadgets


Dashboard reports the current site status like

Ongoing isolated equipments

Under testing equipments

Planned de-isolation of equipments

Authorized personal contact numbers for ease of communication

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Health Management Software
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Employee Health is determining factor which can ensure better production of an organization. It is essential that all the employees should complete the required health assessment before reporting to work premises. Health Management Module helps organizations to collect and organize employee primary health statistics, their continuous health checkup and monitoring data to effectively manage employee health based on history and ensuring ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and management system standards.

Manage Health of Your Employees to Improvise Productivity

Employees are the driving force for an organization and its success. This software allows you to assess and achieve better health of your employees and in turn get productive results.

Organize Health Campaigns and Routine Medical Check-Up of Your Staff

Different health checkups and campaigns can be conducted for employees every year depending upon their needs and existing work environment of the organization. You can organize and manage all your health checkups with ease and convenience through this software.

Manage and Store all Your Health Data at a Central Location Software allows you to maintain and store medical inventory of all your employees’ health data from their routine medical check-ups, to their past health assessment. You can also manage and update medicine stock dataGet Notified for Your ExpiredMedicine Stock

Get prompt alerts of your medicinal stocks which have expired, which are about to be expired, which are consumed and which are in excess. This helps you in better planning and you can come to know instantly which medicines need to be bought when.

The data of the health checkups and campaigns conducted, can be analyzed to know what are the health problems faced by your employees, what preventions and changes as an employer you need to implement in your working environment to reap fruitful and healthy environment of your organization.

Software allows you to conduct, manage and get notified for the food and hygiene inspections. These inspection allows you to be aware about the quality of materials used in your canteen to prepare eatery items and the hygiene followed. Also you can be notified instantly if something goes wrong within the same. This in-turn helps you to analyze and upgrade quality standards of your organization.

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Safety Equipment Inspection Inventory Management Software
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It is not only a moral responsibility but rather is a norm to ensure that we are guarded by safety equipment as a part of precaution during accidents or near-miss in and around the premise that we work upon on day to day basis.

Now, just by keeping safety equipment does not guarantee a full proof security when in crisis, but certainly having safety equipment which is up to date and is functional, always gives us a sense of safety and confidence to overcome challenges during any incidents/accidents. And therefore safety equipment inspection and safety equipment inventory management becomes most vital activity for any organization. It can be Factories, Power Plants, Refineries, Manufacturing Units, Construction Sites, Warehouses, Offices, etc.

It is a software application that helps you store and track safety equipment inspection information along with their photographs.

Keeps track record of safety equipment’s of different units/divisions in a centralized storage.

Notifies you, due date & time of safety equipment inspection.

Provides an automated safety equipment inspection checklist as part of the inspection.

Provides an detailed report of safety equipment inventory & inspection


Paperless and provides real-time information

Suitable for mid-size to large-size organizations

Compatible with mobile device and supports on-field inspection

Supports RFID tags & Barcodes

Tracks every equipment, with due safety equipment inspection date information

Tracks closure of CAPA

One-click live reports for analysis

Can be easily customized to suit client requirements

Easy integration with other software systems

Key Functional Features

User configurable safety equipment inspection checklist

Inspection schedule

On-field inspection

CAPA workflow

Asset registration

AMC tracking

Inspection tracker


Warnings and alerts

Technology Platform

Web based application

Built on top of Microsoft Technologies

Mobile app (Android, iOS & Windows)

Value Added Features

Tracking safety equipment and making sure about the health of the equipment at regular intervals can be a lengthy but very important task for an HSE department of any company. To an extent, just because it is unmanaged, unorganized and many times ignored. This ignorance can prove fatal at times.

Hence, a tool in the form of software - safety equipment inspection and inventory should be adopted to make things easier, manageable within an allocated time frame.


Attach live pictures from field

Define multiple checklist

List with options and free text answers

Overall scoring

Pass/Fail criteria

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ID Badge And Head Count Management Software
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ID Badge Software is a replacement to nightmares of managing employees’ information with an awkward mix of spreadsheets, word documents, database files and cumbersome email folders.

ID Badge Software maintains record of employee’s, contractors easily and efficiently.

Highly intuitive software application, that helps in storing and tracking employee’s information along with their photographs (employee id card).

Id card software can be customized as per client’s requirements to print unique employee id cards.

These photo id cards can be used while employees are in the office/site premises or when they leave office/site premises.

Get best compatibility and suitability with most of computer operating systems.

Keeping all the industry specific requirements in mind, ASK-EHS has successfully designed custom made ID Badge Software and implemented the same in India & Abroad. With 100% client satisfaction, this software has been successful and has received excellent results.


Designed to make the operations smooth, issue instant employee id cards / instant contractor id cards immediately even if the employee/worker turnover is large

At affordable rates, get the best photo id cards

Provides all the information at a single click

Useful reports and graphs for analysis

Can be customized as per client requirements / environment

Easy integration with other systems / software’s


Desktop & Web Application

Web Camera

Fingerprint Scanner

Barcode Scanner

RFID Reader

Key Functional Features

Capture instant photos with a web camera

Print employee Id card instantly or batch mode printing support

Facilitates batch processing: Employee registration can be done in bulk and employee photo Id cards can be printed at one go, whenever needed

Immediate printing: Get new employee registrations done and print employee photo Id cards instantly

Store, search and track employee’s complete information, using different available options

Enables to manage employee’s offence & award information too

Different color code on ID-Card can be applied as per the contractors

Advanced Search Engine

Added Advantages

Integration of Barcode / RFID / Fingerprint technologies

Contractor/Sub-contractor wise head count & work hour calculation

Employee induction / re-induction / Training / Medical history

Block black listed employees

Get employee details using SMS

Employee payroll integration

Area of Application

Construction/Project Site

Operational Plant

Power Plant

Oil & Gas Refinery


Medium/Large size factories

Any organization having more than 100 employees

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EHS Portal
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EHS Portal

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EHS Portal or HSE portal is a specially designed webpage of an organization, which Enables, Engages and Energizes Safety Professionals to practice "Safe Working Environment". For Multi-National Companies and Mid-Sized Organizations it is an easily accessible, highly interactive and relevant tool which can be customized based on your distinctive or integrated needs. Knowledge Sharing and Involvement of employees are the driving forces of an EHS Portal.

With cutting edge technology and compatibility to desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, EHS portal allows sharing of information sitting in any part of the world within a fraction of a second. EHS Portal is a cost effective and efficient way to share and spread EHS knowledge, safety awareness, safety related news, safety articles, blogs, company policies, company progress reports, hazard alerts, permits issued, announcements, events and event calendar.

Improve and Enrich “Safe Working Practices” at your organization by motivating your safety professionals and contractors with awards and rewards. You can do this in various ways like by Featuring Employee Profiles, Declaring Safe Employee of the Month, Safe Contractor of the Month, Safety Thought for the Day and Safety Effort of the Day. With these efforts and acknowledgement employees can be encouraged to adopt safe work culture in the organization. This feature gives employees a path to know how their safety actions impacts overall company performance in-turn helping them to meet their objectives.

Your safety portal can be the best way to report and share incident, near-miss, hazards quickly. For example if a company has multiple plants at different locations and some incident or hazard occurs at one particular plant. It is important to share with all employees which kind of incident took place, what are the immediate corrective actions taken, what preventions we need to follow to avoid such incidents or hazards. This feature is very important for a safety organization.

This can be the best place to post work permits of a company. From title or type, location to validity of the permit one can post all the details so that everyone in the organization comes to know about the issued permits, its type and time period.

Keep everyone in your organization up to date with industry latest news, what’s upcoming in the safety environment. You can also start a discussion or debate and invite your safety professionals to share their views by writing blogs, articles, team discussions etc. Not solely safety but this would also be a great place to post general company news such company ventures, company progress, growth targets, event calendars etc. This would encourage people to use the portal frequently if they know it’s the ‘go-to’ place for keeping on top of what’s happening in and around their company and safety world.

EHS Portal can be customized as per your needs and requirements. You can give full control to your employees or safety staff to post, operate and manage upcoming events, news, blogs, articles, hazard alerts, permits issued and other relevant information at regular intervals so that everyone in the company is aware about the current trends and working information.

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