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Causes Of Hair Falling
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Causes Of Hair Falling

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Heriditory :
                   this is the prim cause of the hair falling. Majority of the patient complaining of hair falling or baldness have heriditory history either from paternal side or maternal side.

2. Age :
                   this is also one of the common cause for hair falling. After 45-50 yrs of age majority of the patient having complain of hair fall or light hair.

3. Gastric complains :
                    past history or present history of GAS , ACIDITY , COSTIPATION , also can cause hair fall. Improper assimilation or digestion of the food substance also causes hair falling.

4. Nutritional deficiency :
                   we know that hair is made up of protein named keratine. So diet rich in protein is required . diet deficient in PROTEIN, VITAMIN- E , VITAMIN- C causes hair falling. In case of female IRON deficiency is also one of the reason for hair falling.

5. Hormonal changes :
                   DHT ( DIHYDROTESTOSTERON ) imbalance can also cause hair falling.

6. Pregnancy , delivery, menopause :
                   after these conditions females may have complain of hair falling.

7. Acute illness :
                    after any fever like MALERIA, TYPHOID, many persons having complain of hair falling. Some have hair falling after jaundice and other disease condition also.

8. Drug induced :
                   this is also one of the important cause for hair falling. Long term treatment of any disease condition having disagreeable effect to hair because of side effect of taken drugs.

9. Habbits :
                   this includes habbit of taking tobacco, alcohol , pan , cigarette also cause hair falling.

10. Mental stress :
                   any stress of work like work over load, or TENSION , ANXIETY , ANGER , IRRITABILITY OF MIND , FEAR cause hair fall.

11. Artificial manifestation :
                   this includes till used chemical based shampoo , soap , hair colour , hair dyes, and other artificial processes like straightning , curly hair. Hair colour containing ammonium hydroxide is harmful to hair.

12. Scalp hygiene :
                   scalp is nourished by 3 things.
                   *Blood supply
                   * proper water intake
                   * Daily or alternate day oiling
If one of these things is deficient then it may lead to hair fall. Scalp hygiene is maintained because of these. Daily or alternate day shampoo is also required.

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Hair Growth Cycle
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Hair Growth Cycle

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It is not a very well known fact that on a day every person sheds at least 50-100 hair from his/her head.You need not worry too much about it, because our bodies are accustomed to such a process.Also, the health of our body depends on such shedding.

    Surprised? Read on to know more about how hair is born and how it is shed.We can call the entire process - the hair cycle.

    One interesting fact about hair is that on an average a healthy person's hair can grow only 7 inches per year.That is, per day the average hair growth is 0.35 - 0.45``.Does this mean that we have more reasons to worry about hair growth as we shed at least 50 - 100 hair per day? The answer for this question is given below.

    Unlike other mammals the growth of hair in us humans is neither seasonal nor cyclic.A random number of hair is in different levels of growth at any given time.

    That is when certain number of hair are ready to be shed out, some different number of hair are ready to be born, while some other are half way between these two stages.Therefore the birth and death (for our understanding) of our hair cannot be called as hair growth cycle.But the term hair growth cycle refers to the rise and fall of a hair from the same place.

    Basically our hair is said to be in three stages of growth.These three stages are: anagen, catagen and telogen.


    Anagen is a stage, in which the hair is the more active when compared to the other two stages.
    As the cells in the root of the hair divide rapidly, the new hair formed pushes it out.
    At this stage the hair is called club hair.
    During this stage the hair grows at a rapid speed of 1cm per every 28 days.
    This hair can stay in this phase of growth for around 3- 6 years depending upon the body type of the person.
    If this phase of growth is less, people find it difficult to grow their hair beyond a certain limit. If this phase of hair growth is more (say 6 years) the hair can grow longer.
    This also explains why people have more or small amount of hair on their body.


    The catagen stage can be called as transitional stage.
    Almost three percent off all the hair on a person's body are in this phase at any given point of time.
    This is the shortest phase in the hair growth cycle, which lasts around 2-3 weeks.
    In this stage as the growth stops, the outer root of the sheath shrinks attaching itself to the root of the hair.
    Thus formed is generally called a club hair.


    The resting stage of a hair is called Telogen.
    Around 10-15% of the hair on our heads is in this phase in which hair does not grow.
    Such hair is not fixed to one spot on the scalp, but is on various parts of the body.
    However the hair on legs, torso, eyebrows, eye lashes etc may last longer in this phase than the hair on our head which might last for about 100 days.

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Stages Of Male Pettern Baldness
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    Various stages of hair loss occurring with male pattern baldness.

    Each stage is marked by progressively more loss of hair in the frontal hairline and crown.

    The length of time for each stage to develop varies from one individual to another.

    Variations of these developing stages were first mapped out by Hamilton and Norwood.

    Learn more about other factors involved with male pattern baldness and female hair loss.

    Find out about various hair restoration methods and hair transplants and what drugs and medications can effect alopecia and how you avoid the high costs of hair transplants.

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Hair Structure And Hair Chemistry
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Hair Structure
    We will begin by defining the hair.

    Hair is composed primarily of proteins (88%).

    These proteins are of a hard fibrous type known as keratin.

    Keratin protein is comprised of what we call "polypeptide chains.”

    The word, polypeptide, comes from the Greek word "poly" meaning many and "peptos" meaning digested or broken down.

    In essence, if we break down protein, we have individual amino acids.

    Many (poly) amino acids joined together form a "polypeptide chain".

    Two amino acids are joined together by a "peptide bond", and the correct number of amino acids placed in their correct order will form a specific protein; i.e. keratin, insulin, collagen and so on.

    The "alpha helix" is the descriptive term given to the polypeptide chain that forms the keratin protein found in human hair.

    Its structure is a coiled coil.

    The amino acids link together to form the coil and there are approximately 3.6 amino acids per turn of the helix (coil).

    Each amino acid is connected together by a "peptide bond".

    The peptide bond is located between the carbon atom of one amino acid extending to bond with the nitrogen atom of the next amino acid.

    The A Helix Coil
    In the organization of a single hair, three "alpha helices" are twisted together to form a "protofibril".

    This is actually the first fibril structure of the hair.

    Nine protofibrils are then bundled in a circle around two or more to form an eleven-stranded cable known as the "microfibril".

    These microfibrils are embedded in an amphorous unorganized protein matrix of high sulfur content, and hundreds of such microfibrils are cemented into an irregular fibrous bundle called a "macrofibril".

    These macrofibrils are grouped together to form the cortex (or the main body) layers of the hair fiber.

    Packed dead cells surround these structures and are known as the cuticular layers of the hair.

    In the center of these structures lies the medullary canal, which is actually apart of the excretory system and houses any foreign debris, heavy metals, synthetics and medications that are thrown off by the body and eventually released through the canal.

Bonding in Keratin Protein

    When the hair is in its normal unstretched state.

    It is referred to as A of alpha keratin.

    The original configuration of the hair is held in place by the bonding found in the cortex layers of the hair.

    As we stated earlier, keratin protein begins with an alpha helix building into protofibrils, microfibrils, macrofibrils, then cortex layers.

    The bonds in the hair are located within each and every alpha helix.


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Stages Of Female Pettern Baldness
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Ludwig Scale Female Pattern Baldness

    Various stages of female pattern baldness as defined by the Ludwig Scale are marked by a wider dispersal of hair loss over the entire scalp.
    Unlike with males there often isn't a distinct pattern making diagnosis difficult in the early stages.
    Also with males the miniaturization effect (decrease in diameter of hair shafts) of the hair follicles is more localized as compared to women allowing for more obvious diagnosis.

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