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Leading Manufacturer of Emotional Counselling, Child Counselling, Couple Counselling, Work Stress Counselling, Education Stress Counselling and Pre-Marital Counselling from Bengaluru.

Emotional Counselling

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Emotional health refers to your overall thought well-being. It includes the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships, and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with situations that life brings.


Good emotional health isn’t just the absence of mental health problems. Being emotionally healthy is much more than being free of depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues. Rather than the absence of emotional illness, emotional health refers to the presence of positive characteristics. Similarly, not feeling bad is not the same as feeling good.


While some people may not have negative feelings, they still need to do things that make them feel positive in order to achieve mental and emotional health.


Everyone feels sad, worried, or upset from time to time. But if these feelings last for a long time or begin to disrupt your life, treatment such as counseling or medicines can help get things back to normal.


Despite your efforts to improve your mental and emotional health and you still don’t feel good—then it’s time to seek professional help. Because we are so socially attuned, input from a knowledgeable, caring professional can motivate to do things for ourselves that we were not able to do on our own.


 Few of the common Emotional Problems we face are:











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Child Counselling

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Sometimes Children And Young People (And Their Families) May Need Extra Support If They Are Finding It Difficult To Deal With Or Understand Their Emotions And/Or Behavior. Schools Often Provide Professionals To Help Young People And Their Families, Such As Learning Or Behavior Mentors, Family Liaison Officers Or Professionals From External Services. However Some Children And Young People, Or Their Families, May Decide To Seek Further Help In The Form Of Counseling.


Counseling Children And Young People Involves Helping The Child To Develop A Positive Attitude To Life, Recognize Their Strengths And Express Themselves. It Does Not Involve Making Decisions For The Child, Imposing Beliefs On Them Or Preaching. Counseling May Be Provided To Children And Young People On Their Own, Or It May Be Provided To A Child As Part Of A Family (Family Counseling).

Know Your Child Is One Of The Most Important Things That You Should Learn As A Parent. It Is The Basis For Effectively In Guiding And Nurturing Your Child As They Grow .Each Child Has A Unique Personality Trait That Remains Consistent Throughout Life.

One Of The Ways Of Understanding Your Child Is By Observing Them As They Sleep, Eat, Or Play. Look For The Consistent Traits. Which Activities Do They Like Best? Is Adjusting To Changes Easy For Them Or Do They Need Time To Become Familiar With These Things? These Things Are The Normal Characteristics Of A Child.

Make Time To Talk To Your Children As This Is Important Aspect To Gaining Information And Understanding. In The Case Of Young Children, They Require Less Verbal Language And More Facial Expression And Body Language In Order To Understand Their Thoughts And Feelings. Asking Questions Will Allow Children To Share Their Feelings, Encouraging Talking About Feelings.

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Couple Counselling

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In Today’s World, The Fast Pace Of Life, Pressures At Work And At Home, High Expectations Etc Take A Toll On Relationships, Especially On The Couple. There Is Lot Of Demand On Time Hence Conflicts Keep Coming Up And May Not Get Resolved Which Leads To Resentment And Dissatisfaction.


It Would Help To Talk To A Counselor As A Couple, In A Professional And Confidential Setting.   The Counselor Is Unbiased And Will Not Take Sides Between You And Your Partner.


Marriage Counseling Leads To Positive Outcomes And Research Indicates It Is More Effective Than No Counseling. It Helps Couples To Prepare For Or Adjust To New Life Stages Such As New Couple, Family With Young Children, And Family With Adolescent Children, Launching Children And Moving On And Family In Later Life.  Each Of These Life Stages Put Different Demands On The Couple And Makes Them Aware Of The New Demands.


Common Areas That Couples Commonly Seek Counseling For Include Companionship-Intimacy, Economic Issues, Work And Recreation, Parenting, House-Hold Chores, Relationships With Extended Family, Religion, Friends, Substance Abuse And Communication.

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Work Stress Counselling

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The Most Common Definition Of Stress Is, “Physical Or Emotional Strain Or Tension”. Another Popular Definition Of Stress Is, “A Condition Or Feeling Experienced When A Person Perceives That Demands Exceed The Personal And Social Resources The Individual Is Able To Mobilize.”

Job Stress Can Be Defined As The Harmful Physical And Emotional Responses That Occur When The Requirements Of The Job Do Not Match The Capabilities, Resources, Or Needs Of The Worker. Job Stress Can Lead To Poor Health And Even Injury.


While Some Workplace Stress Is Normal, Excessive Stress Can Interfere With Your Productivity And Impact Your Physical And Emotional Health. And Your Ability To Deal With It Can Mean The Difference Between Success Or Failure.

You Can’t Control Everything In Your Work Environment, But That Doesn’t Mean You’re Powerless Even When You’re Stuck In A Difficult Situation. Finding Ways To Manage Workplace Stress Isn’t About Making Huge Changes Or Rethinking Career Ambitions, But Rather Becomes Overwhelming; It Can Damage Your Health, Your Mood, Your Productivity, Your Relationships, And Your Quality Of Life.

Research Findings Show That The Most Stressful Type Of Work Is That Which Values Excessive Demands And Pressures That Are Not Matched To Workers’ Knowledge And Abilities, Where There Is Little Opportunity To Exercise Any Choice Or Control, And Where There Is Little Support From Others.

Employees Are Less Likely To Experience Work-Related Stress When – Demands And Pressures Of Work Are Matched To Their Knowledge And Abilities – Control Can Be Exercised Over Their Work And The Way They Do It – Support Is Received From Supervisors And Colleagues – Participation In Decisions That Concern Their Jobs Is Provided.

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In An Increasingly Pressurized, Competitive And Market-Driven Education System, This Phenomenon Can Only Become More Acute: Depression Is Virtually A Built-In Hazard. The More Ambitious A Course, The More Prone To Negative Outcomes For A Proportion Of Students Who Lack The Means To Deal With The Inherent Stresses. Science Has Long Recognized That Some Level Of Stress Can Be Adaptive And Even Healthy, However, Chronic Student Stress Has Been Consistently Associated With Negative Outcomes. For The Majority Of Students In This Study, Academic Stress Is Constant. More Than 70 Percent Of Students Reported That They Often Or Always Feel Stressed By Their Schoolwork, And 56 Percent Reported Often Or Always Worrying About Such Things As Grades, Tests, And College Acceptance. Academic Stress Among Students Have Long Been Researched On, And Researchers Have Identified Stressors As Too Many Assignments, Competitions With Other Students, Failures And Poor Relationships With Other Students Or Lecturers . Academic Stressors Include The Student’s Perception Of The Extensive Knowledge Base Required And The Perception Of An Inadequate Time To Develop It. Students Report Experiencing Academic Stress At Predictable Times Each Semester With The Greatest Sources Of Academic Stress Resulting From Taking And Studying For Exams, Grade Competition, And The Large Amount Of Content To Master In A Small Amount Of Time. When Stress Is Perceived Negatively Or Becomes Excessive, Students Experience Physical And Emotional Impairment. Methods To Reduce Stress By Students Often Include Effective Time Management, Social Support, Positive Reappraisal, And Engagement In Leisure Pursuits. The Pressure To Perform Well In The Examination Or Test And Time Allocated Makes Academic Environment Very Stressful. This Is Likely To Affect The Social Relations Both Within The Institution And Outside Which Affects The Individual Person’s Life In Terms Of Commitment To Achieving The Goals . Thus, Stressors Affecting Students Can Be Categorized As Academic, Financial, Time Or Health Related, And Self-Imposed. Academic Stressors Include The Student’s Perception Of The Extensive Knowledge Base Required And The Perception Of An Inadequate Time To Develop It. Students Report Experiencing Academic Stress At Predictable Times Each Semester With The Greatest Sources Of Academic Stress Resulting From Taking And Studying For Exams, Grade Competition, And The Large Amount Of Content To Master In A Small Amount Of Time .

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Pre-Marital Counselling

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Getting Married And Unsure With Doubts? Want To Be Prepared And Aware What Marriage Brings? Pre-Marital Counseling Aims To Prepare Couples For Married Life.  This Entails Better Understanding Of Yourself, And Your Partner, Expectations And An Understanding Of The Basic Requirements For Marriage. It Is Important Also To Get Into A Marital Relationship With Reasonable Expectations And An Understanding Of What The Marital Relationship Means To The Both Of You.  Lack Of Knowledge About What Marriage Entails, The Responsibilities You Take On, May Result In Disillusionment And Failure Of The Marital Relationship Itself.

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