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Assessment is the process of documenting, usually in measurable terms, knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs and overall behavior. Assessment can focus on the individual, the community (team, class or workshop) or the organization as a whole. In simpler words, it is an attempt at giving you a peek into the lesser known/visible elements that make a person who he is.

Psyft Designed For

Professionals & Executives who wish to gain a deep insight into their psychological make up – what makes them work the way they do. Psyft’s array of assessments will help you discover the strengths you should be playing on and the areas that need some polish. HR Heads & Decision Makers who wish to understand their workforce – what motivates whom, who works best in a team and who is better left alone, who should be groomed for leadership roles. In short, Psyft puts you on track to drawing the optimum performance from your employees.

About The Logo

Designing a logo that represents “everything” your company stands for can be quite a task. And so we realized while designing the Psyft logo. After months of brainstorming and agonizing, we finally came up with a logo that managed to satisfy the stubborn creative in us. Our logo represents both our services & objectives. We love how the bulb gives an impression of an abstract sieve and the letter "P" at the same time. The lower part of the logo resembles a ladder, the handle of a sieve AND the base of a light bulb. Phew. The logo conveys how we “sift” the best and how this can enlighten you – taking you to newer professional heights. And our tongue-in-cheek tagline highlights how people cannot always be assessed logically – it’s our quirks that make us “human”. At Psyft we try and apply creativity to almost everything we do. Our logo demonstrates just that.

Assessment/Development Centre

The term Assessment & Development Centre does not refer to a physical place, instead it describes an approach. ADCs usually consist of a suite of exercises designed to assess a set of personal characteristics, with some developmental exercise designed around the possible deficit areas. The theory behind ADCs is that if one wishes to predict future job performance then the best way of doing this is to get the individual to carry out a set of tasks which closely simulate the activities carried out in the target job. Various combinations of these exercises and other assessment methods like psychometric testing and behavioural interviews are used to assess particular competencies in individuals. 

The fact that a set of exercises is used, highlights one crucial aspect of an assessment centre - that it is actively elicited behaviour which is being objectively observed and assessed. This represents a significant departure from many traditional selection approaches which are rendered unfair and inaccurate by the subjective whims and biases of the selector and which in many cases produce a selection decision based on a freewheeling social interaction. 

The particular competencies assessed will depend upon the target job. There are numerous possible competencies and the ones which are relevant to a particular job are determined through job analysis.+ Read More

Psyft Difference

At Psyft we provide a wide range of Assessment Centre design and delivery services, from competency mapping to exercise design and the provision of psychometric testing. Even if an organization has no prior experience of this assessment method we can design and manage the whole process from scratch using either our own established procedures or assessment tools, or designing entirely new and organizationally relevant systems and exercises. 

From the most basic role-neutral exercises to highly complex role-specific problem solving and decision making exercises for C-Level Executives, we apply highly robust psychometric rigour to every ADC we deliver to ensure accuracy & relevance.


Research indicates that a significant proportion of candidates lie, embellish or misrepresent their skills on a resume or in an interview. Objective, standardized testing allows you to ensure that a candidate has the core skills, aptitude and temperament that are critical to the role. They are potent predictors of future work performance.

These tests are generally focused on an applicant’s cognitive abilities but can also factor in some behavioral aspects required by the job.

People who score well on selection tests are more likely to:
  • Develop a greater knowledge of the job, more quickly
  • Successfully reason and solve problems and
  • Respond appropriately to new or complex situations
  • Make effective decisions
  • Assimilate more quickly into existing teams
  • Selection testing adds more rigor to your recruitment process and helps you find your best candidates more quickly. Hiring people with high cognitive abilities and appropriate temperament leads to a significant increase in efficiency and a decrease in involuntary employee turnover.

Types of Selection Tests
Selection tests can be one, or a combination, of the following types of tests:
  • Skill/Ability Tests – Designed to identify current level of skill and knowledge
  • Aptitude Tests – Designed to identify the potential to learn and perform specific kinds of tasks
  • Behavioral Tests – Designed to understand how aspects of an applicant’s behavioral style will affect his/her performance at work
+ Read More


An organization is only as good as its people. Every organization needs a talent development strategy that is aligned with its business plan. The workplace should be seen as a place where there is always the potential to learn, and ongoing professional development must provide the individual, the team and the organization with the opportunity to improve their skills, knowledge and practices.

Development oriented assessments provide individuals, leaders, HR professionals and executives with the information they need to enhance the careers of their employees and create greater value for the entire organization.

At GreenThumbs we offer both individual & group assessments. Group profiling provide objective data to support needs assessments, succession planning, staff planning, and other key human resource programs.

Our solutions are designed to match international standards, yet keeping in mind your unique organizational needs. Investing in assessment goes a long way in increasing confidence and motivation, and results in increased retention and professional growth.

You can opt for one of our existing modules or we’d be happy to customize one just for you.
Development Programs:
  • Leadership Style
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Role Awareness
  • Role Transition
  • Succession Planning
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