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Simulation Tools

Leading Manufacturer of Virtual Engine Development, Multi Disciplinary System Simulation, Thermo Fluid Simulation Software, Vehicle Driveline Simulation, Multibody Dynamics Simulation Software and Avl Fire Simulation Software from Chennai.

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Virtual Engine Development
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Virtual Engine Development

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AVL BOOST™ is a fully integrated IC engine simulation software. It delivers advanced models enabling accurate prediction of engine performance, tailpipe emissions and acoustics.Engine Performance
  • Can I re-use my collected 1D data from the concept phase for more detailed 3D modelling and vice versa?
  • Can I optimize the transient response considering mechanical inertia and gas dynamic effects (eg. turbolag)?


Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment

  • How closely do the simulation results correlate with real world driving emissions (RDE)?
  • Can I calculate individual components as well as the whole exhaust aftertreatment system?


Duct Acoustics

  • Can I predict orifice noise and design brandsound?
  • Can I calculate linear acoustic simulation without requiring additional engine data?AVL BOOST™ provides a comprehensive species transport for a high level of flexibility regarding fuel composition and working gas. This is accomplished with an internal solver for chemical reactions. Coupled with AVL FIRE™ users are able to accurately account for 3D flow and heat transfer effects in pipes, manifolds and combustion chamber. Identical modelling of physics and chemistry in aftertreatment systems empowers engineers, designers and developers to seamlessly switch between 1D and 3D models at any stage of the development phase. The flexible AVL BOOST™ 3D-approach to simulate linear acoustics delivers highly accurate solutions even in high frequency ranges.
  • High-level support by AVL engineers located worldwide
  • Software development and advancement driven by AVL powertrain expertise
  • Consistent 1D and 3D aftertreatment simulation in AVL BOOST™, AVL FIRE™ and AVL CRUISE™
  • Easy integration into third party environments
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Multi Disciplinary System Simulation
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Multi Disciplinary System Simulation

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AVL CRUISE™ M is a realtime, multi-disciplinary, vehicle system simulation software used in office environments for the design of powertrains and thermal management systems, in HiL environments for control function development and calibration, and in testbed environments to provide simulation models for component testing.AVL CRUISE™ M is a realtime, multi-disciplinary, vehicle system simulation software used in office environments for the design of powertrains and thermal management systems, in HiL environments for control function development and calibration, and in testbed environments to provide simulation models for component testing.Vehicle simulation on testbeds
  • Can office models be reused in a realtime testbed environment for controller validation and component testing?      
  • Is it possible to generate physical models for the testbed without the need for test data?
  • Can the models be used on engine, transmission, electric and chassis dyno test beds?
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Thermo Fluid Simulation Software
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Thermo Fluid Simulation Software

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AVL FIRE™ is the leading CFD simulation tool in the field of combustion analysis. It specializes in the accurate prediction of all IC Engine relevant processes including injection nozzle flow, fuel injection, combustion, emission and exhaust gas aftertreatment. The software also supports the development of electrified powertrains and drivelines.Engine Performance and Emissions
  • Which combustion concepts can I analyze?
  • How can I minimize engine-out emissions and tailor my aftertreatment system?
  • Can I optimize the intake and EGR Systems to meet performance, fuel consumption and emission targets?
  • Can I accurately predict flow, cavitation and erosion in low and high-pressure injection equipment?
  • Is it possible to link nozzle flow and fuel injection modelling?


E-Mobility Concepts

  • Is it possible to analyze the thermal behavior of E-drivetrain components?
  • How detailed can I investigate the electro-chemistry and electro-magnetics relevant for batteries and fuel cells such as SOFC, PEMFC, TEG, Li-ion and Li-Air batteries?


Thermal Load

  • Can I optimize residual stresses in structural parts resulting from heat treatment processes (e.g. cylinder head quenching) or from thermal load induced by heat release (e.g. combustion)?
  • Am I able to calculate the flow, pressure drop and heat transfer in components of the cooling circuit considering effects of nucleate boiling?
  • Can I use  the results to predict solid temperatures, thermal stresses and deformation due to thermal load?The automatic pre-processor is able to efficiently generate grids for geometries with variable volume and/or featuring moving parts such as, pistons, valves, shafts, gears, etc. Automation shifts the otherwise significant effort required for generating a simulation model from the user to the computer.


    The solver utilizes a pressure based segregated solution algorithm. It incorporates implicit time discretization as well as accurate conservative and bounded differencing schemes. High-end turbulence models allow for the precise description of transient effects within an engine or on a significantly larger scale.


    The integrated postprocessor offers visualization and supports detailed analysis of results online during the simulation and offline interactively or based on marcros and scripts. In-build features allow the fast generation of charts, colored plots and animations in different formats to support 

  • Applicable to most complex problems in terms of geometrical complexity, physics and chemistry
  • Tools and methods covering full range of powertrain development processes
  • 70 years of leading powertrain development experience and know-how
  • Qualified and task oriented support along with method development
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Vehicle Driveline Simulation
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Vehicle Driveline Simulation

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AVL CRUISE™ is the industry's most powerful, robust and adaptable simulation tool for vehicle driveline system analysis and optimization. The application field covers fuel efficiency, driving emissions and performance analyses along the vehicle development process with model re-use from concept design through to HiL and testing.Vehicle System Simulation
  • How can I get a reliable and accurate fuel economy prediction of my vehicle concept?
  • How can I find the optimum balance between fuel economy, emissions, performance and drive quality?


Transmission and Driveline Simulation

  • Is there a tool that supports me in designing my transmission and optimizing the shifting behaviours?
  • Is there a simulation software that generates realistic component load curves for durability analysis and component testing?

 Electrification and Hybridization

  • What is the optimum hybridization concept for my current conventional vehicle?
  • Can I get a complete overview about energy flow and distribution in my powertrain - from power source to wheel?
  • How can I obtain a fast and robust hybrid and electric vehicle plant model for control function development? The powertrain system simulation package AVL CRUISE™ has been developed to meet the following requirements:
    • Accuracy – validated for over 20 years with AVL and OEMs test data.
    • Speed – enhanced by a proprietary numeric solver and capable of real time applications in all environments (HiL, testbed, etc.)
    • Openness – standardized interfaces for third party plug-ins (MatLab/Simulink, FMI, etc.)


    AVL CRUISE™ supports everyday tasks in vehicle system and driveline analysis from the concept phase to control function development and testing. Its modular and open structure enables applications for different architectures (conventional, hybrid, electric) and engineering focuses (transmission, engine, electric system, controls, etc.) in all relevant industries (passenger, commercial, 2-wheeler, off road, etc.).
  • Fast and reliable fuel economy and performance predictions from early concept phase
  • Easy-to-use, modular, extendable
  • Changing powertrain architecture variants with one click
  • Driveline optimization through large scale parameter and component DOE studies
  • Built-in, ready to use component and vehicle model library
  • Worldwide support network, global AVL expertise
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Multibody Dynamics Simulation Software
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Multibody Dynamics Simulation Software

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AVL EXCITE™ is a software for the simulation of rigid and flexible multi-body dynamics of powertrains. It is a specialized tool that calculates the dynamics, strength, vibration and acoustics of combustion engines, transmissions and conventional or electrified powertrains. Strength and durability
  • How can I reduce the weight of my powertrain without exceeding the limits of component strength and durability?
  • Is it possible to start with simplified models (rigid MBD) and progress to detailed models (flexible MBD)?

Lubricated sliding contact analysis

  • Can I include all relevant physical properties of materials and lubricants to optimize the performance of bearings, pistons and piston rings?
  • Does the simulation include support for the investigation of wear or failure?
  • How to derive accurate friction data to support e
  • ngine and powertrain efficiency enhancement?
    • How can I determine dominant noise sources and derive measures to improve the acoustic behaviour?
    • Can the interaction between sub-systems (engine, transmission, driveline) be taken into account?
    • How to calculate airborne noise to compare with measurements?AVL EXCITE™ is used by OEMs and tier 1s to improve product performance, reliability and safety.

      The use of various model depth levels ensures an optimum balance between modeling, simulation effort and accuracy from concept via layout to the final design phase. This includes detailed elasto-hydrodynamic contact models for all slider and thrust bearings in the cranktrain and the piston/piston ring-liner contact.

      AVL EXCITE™ allows a significant reduction in development time and costs to be achieved with the support of powertrain analysis specific workflows, automated model generation and result evaluation capabilities.

      Seamless integration in the customer’s CAE environment is supported via 3rd party software interfaces and an API and user-definable template models, result reports and workflow descriptions enable to customize the usage of the software.

    • One simulation environment for all phases of the engine development process and for all structural dynamics related analysis tasks.
    • Shaped by AVL's 60+ years of leadership in engine and powertrain engineering consultancy.
    • Dedicated user support and guidance teams around the world with AVL engineers who are highly experienced in engine analysis.
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Avl Fire Simulation Software
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Avl Fire Simulation Software

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AVL FIRE™ M is a multi-domain simulation software simultaneously solving non-reacting, single phase fluid flows, heat transfer and solid temperatures in systems without moving boundaries.Model generation
  • How easy is it to generate a model?
  • Can multiple domains be meshed simultaneously without arbitrary interface connection?

Managing multiple domains and multiple materials

  • Am I able to treat multiple domains in a single model?
  • How can I handle heat transfer across multiple domains and domain interfaces?
  • Is there a consistent material property database accessible to me?

Investigating large numbers of designs

  • Is it possible to parameterize my model and to easily generate variants?
  • How can I analyze and judge all my simulation results?AVL FIRE™ M is the solution for optimizing performance parameters of flow-carrying elements. It also allows accurate prediction of heat transfer between fluid and structure and thermal load of solid parts.

    The software provides problem oriented, simple to use pre-processing solutions for geometries of all complexity levels. Multi-domain models are meshed in a single step. Domain interfaces are precisely maintained and do not require the generation of arbitrary connections.

    The main program is fully parallelized for maximum computing performance. Besides flow simulation, heat transfer and temperature fields in solid parts can be calculated seamlessly. Easy access to a comprehensive material property database supports users in characterizing even very complex models.

    AVL FIRE™ M models can be parameterized easily. Users can turn any input into a parameter. In minutes variants can be derived with the help of embedded DOE and a case explorer.

    Simulation results are displayed multi-dimensional thus cause and effect of flow phenomena can be judged quickly and accurate. Automatic template based reporting is available and can be executed both

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