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Bestppc is a dynamic search marketing company that brings online marketing to the next level. Founded in early 2009, Bestppc brings a unique approach to pay−per−click search management and organic website optimization. Our marketing team draws its strength from a diverse mix of media professionals, whose expertise spans both the traditional and electronic media as well as experience in both local and national markets. Each media campaign is tailored to meet and exceed our clients’ stated goals and expectations. Bestppc marries technological savvy with marketing know−how to build effective solutions for our business partners that help them achieve their goals on the web. We immerse ourselves in our client’s businesses, forming deep partnerships and long−term relationships. Bestppc’s proprietary technology delivers the most profitable and effective pay−per−click campaigns in the marketplace. Moreover, we provide easy−to−use reporting tools that allow our clients to truly understand and clearly evaluate the effectiveness of their paid search and organic optimization campaigns. Our mission is simple:Let Bestppc create a winning Search Engine Marketing strategy for your business that attracts new customers by delivering the righttraffic to your website There are so many choices in advertising today, and the Internet has clearly emerged as a critical medium in any small or large business media plan. An effective online marketing program is a valuable source for new customer acquisition and opens up the door to many new target audiences. However, marketers and business owners are challenged by the rapid expansion of online offerings. Picking the right plan has never been more difficult. Bestppc begins with every online marketing campaign with a comprehensive needs assessment. By first determining your online marketing goals, we’re able to devise well-thought out, integrated online marketing campaigns that are clearly focused on results. By taking the time to truly understand what is important to you, we customize unique media plans that draw on Bestppc’s wide portfolio of online marketing services. Our offerings can be tailored to serve businesses of any size.+ Read More

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SEO Made Smarter: Is your website working for you, or barely working? Not all websites work equally well. Bestppc’s full suite of SEO services ensure your site produces leads, acquires customers, and increases your ROI.

With billions of web pages online, how do make sure your customers find you? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your site’s natural ranking, guaranteeing those that need your services can easily find you. Bestppc brings a combination of technical expertise, marketing experience, and an individual commitment to the client to each campaign; a combination that produces higher rankings, and better business.

Comprehensive SEO Solutions
  • On and offsite optimization: From designers and developers to analysts and strategists, each group in our team works together to produce results.
  • Beneficial link building: Inefficient link building can result in search engines blacklisting your sites. With our services your site will have increased site popularity and more traffic.
  • SEO copywriting: Our expert SEO copywriters work with our search and analytics teams to make your site resonate with readers and search engines alike.
Benefits of Smart SEO Campaigns
  • Long-term results: Effective SEO campaigns establish long-term visitor traffic that delivers a valuable stream of potential customers, week after week, year after year.
  • Increased brand visibility: Well-optimized sites are easily accessible, and help build successful brands with an international footprint.
  • Cost-effective client acquisition: When combined with other online spending, effective SEO leads to lower overall cost-per-acquisition.
  • 24/7 promotion: SEO campaigns work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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PPC Made Smarter: If it doesn’t make Money, it doesn’t make sense Stop guessing! Bestppc’s experienced, results-oriented PPC team will get you on the road to paid search success.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), or Paid Search, is one of the most effective and efficient forms of online advertising, and Bestppc PPC campaigns produce incredible results. Our PPC management team oversees the entire process for you, replacing guesswork with our proven methodology.

  • Advanced optimization: Bestppc ensures the most efficient campaign performance by employing both rules-based and portfolio-based bidding algorithms.
  • Landing page creation: Landing pages are the storefronts to your online presence. Our optimized landing pages bring business to you.
  • Campaign organization: By taking the time to truly understand our clients’ businesses, we develop the most sophisticated campaign architecture for optimal performance.
 Better Results
  • Immediate results: Why wait for success? With PPC advertising, your ad will be seen on your selected keywords in real time.
  • Flexible ad spending: Spend what you need, get what you want. Manage your advertising spending each month with controlled spending budgets.
  • Enhanced targeting: Effective & flexible ad messaging allows your company to be relevant to many different types of customers with a single online campaign.
  • Conversion-based optimization: Low-cost, web-based optimization utilizing keyword search, contextual remarketing, and display ads.

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Social Media Marketing Made Smarter: Build buzz around your business The social space is the place where businesses connect with customers, build brand awareness, and turn buzz into bucks.

It doesn’t take much to get started on Facebook or Twitter, but it takes quite a bit of expertise and dedicated effort to produce excellent ROI. Bestppc’s social media marketing campaigns are powered by savvy and statistics. Our mix of marketing knowhow, cutting-edge technology, and deep understanding of social channels generate social media marketing campaigns that produce tangible results.

Advanced Campaigns
  • New media, new opportunities: Social networking sites make it easy to use images, videos, games, mobile apps, and contests to engage your target market.
  • Targeted marketing: We translate traditional marketing objectives into industry-leading social campaigns. It all starts with understanding what’s right for your business.
  • 360° campaigns: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, podcasting, social bookmarking, RSS, mobile apps, web widgets… we do them all.  More importantly, we know what they can do for you.
Easy to Understand Results
  • Improved SEO: Social media optimization produces better search placements, which means more views, customers, and sales.
  • Enhanced CRM: Social networks allow you to connect with your customers and respond to their needs, transforming potential negative messaging into a positive impact for your brand.
  • Better visibility: Be where the action is. Facebook and YouTube are among the world’s 3 most popular sites, generating millions of views every day.

Drive the conversation with a Bestppc social media campaign.

Let us show you how we can help grow your business. Please contact us at 9004386223 and ask to speak to our business development specialists.

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Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Advertising Made Smarter: It’s all about context Join the party. Social advertising allows you to target millions of social media users with pinpoint precision, producing exceptional results

Social media isn’t just for kids and computer geeks. Social networks rank among the world’s most visited sites because every demographic is using them. In fact, Facebook is seeing strongest growth among users ages 21-49. Social media advertising doesn’t just offer exposure; it offers unprecedented levels of targeting, and contextual placements that utilize personal correlations to connect customers and brands in a way never before possible.

Learn more about Facebook Ad management and LinkedIn Advertising campaigns.

Targeted Ads
  • Specificity: Age, gender, education level, even relationship status. Social ads leverage vast demographic information to hone in on your target market.
  • Scale: Only Google ranks ahead of Facebook and YouTube in terms of traffic, and the numbers are growing steadily. Users are already spending several hours per week on these sites.
  • Leverage the network: Social ads are served according to preferences declared by users. Ad algorithms even factor in friend activity to derive extremely high levels of user intent.
Vast Results
  • Efficient: Reaching only the users you want makes social advertising extremely cost-efficient.
  • The power of context: It’s the difference between a stranger pitching to you on the street and a friend suggesting a product while you’re chatting in your living room.
  • Flexibility is strength: You can monitor and optimize campaigns in near-real time, meaning no money or time is wasted and higher ROI is achieved.
  • Leaders lead: There is much to be gained by beating your competitors into the social ad space, but only if you do it the right way.

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Social Media and Search Marketing Training Made Smarter Social media and search marketing are necessary tools for every business. Bestppc’s corporate training programs teach you how to achieve success with online marketing.

When it comes to social media and search marketing, imposters abound. While the qualifications of  “experts” are often in doubt, there’s no question that SEO training and social media training are now necessary for all businesses. Client education is a core part of the Bestppc mission. With years of digital marketing experience and scores of successful campaigns, Bestppc has a wealth of internet marketing expertise. We have trained up-and-coming strategists and educated industry thought leaders. Our custom and package corporate training programs help clients understand the value of digital marketing, performance monitoring, clear metrics and benchmarking. Whether you want to educate your employees to conduct social media and SEO in-house, need more information to decide what role digital marketing plays in your business, or communicate internally with stakeholders, Bestppc’s corporate training programs will give you what you need.

SEO and Social Media Training Packages
  • SEO Demystified: Based on our popular INDIAN digital marketing courses, SEO Total is the perfect introduction to SEO issues and best practices.
  • Social Media Marketing: Everyone talks about it, but few can do it well. Learn how to leverage social media networks for your brand.
  • Advanced training: Ready to take it to the next level? Advanced training from Bestppc covers complex strategic and technical issues.
Custom SEO and Social Media Training
  • Tailored to your business: Custom training and consulting from Bestppc is designed to address your core business objectives.
  • Focus group-driven: Our specialists conduct focus groups with your team leaders in order to design unique course material that responds to your needs.
  • Flexible options: Whether you need weeks of training, just a few seminars, one-on-one training or group lectures, Bestppc’s training is customized specifically for your business.

Get smart! Contact Bestppc today to discuss your company’s custom social media and SEO.

Let us show you how we can help grow your business. Please contact us at 9004386223 and ask to speak to our business development specialists.

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Reputation is everything. Bestppc reputation management protects brands, key executives, corporations, and individuals from negative messaging and smear campaigns.

The Internet can be a vicious place.  It is all too easy for individuals to rashly post messages in a moment of anger that spread to thousands, if not millions of viewers. If that message ranks well in search engines, that person’s impulsive act can haunt you or your company forever.

Individuals aren’t the only players with the ability to affect you or your organization’s reputation, as it is not unheard of for businesses, or their PR companies, to launch smear campaigns against competitors. These actions can damage branding and decrease revenues. For individuals, negative messaging can result in unemployment, cause problems in your personal and family life, and make it difficult to find new work.

Bestppc’s online reputation management and monitoring is both proactive and reactive, an objectives-based process rooted in core marketing techniques with a digital twist. In the reactive phase we monitor for messages regarding your brand and execute defensive operations designed to protect you from any future attacks.

If necessary, we react proactively, employing online and offline techniques to manage negative communications, push smears off the top search engine pages by saturating them with positive messaging, and repair damage done to your brand.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard
  • Comprehensive monitoring: Bestppc uses cutting-edge technology to monitor a wide variety of networks for mentions of your brand.
  • Plan ahead: By outlining a response plan ahead of time, Bestppc ensures you’re able to take immediate, effective action to combat negative campaigns.
  • Defense is the best offense: You can preemptively protect your reputation. Bestppc’s reputation management services ensure that you’re prepared.
Act Quickly and Appropriately
  • Strategic response: Successful online reputation management involves a variety of techniques employed strategically and in concert.
  • Repair damage: If your brand is damaged in a negative campaign, we can help you take immediate action to rectify the damage.
  • You CAN make things worse: Many responses to negative messaging just add fuel to the fire. Bestppc experts don’t make those mistakes.

Don’t be caught unprepared, contact Bestppc to request a proposal for our top of the line online reputation management services

Let us show you how we can help grow your business. Please contact us at 9004386223 and ask to speak to our business development specialists.

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Social Media Monitoring

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Social Media Monitoring Made Smarter Your customers are online. Are you? Bestppc’s social media monitoring services provide consumer insight, competitive intelligence, and enhanced marketing and brand management.

“Conversations are markets,” and you don’t want to miss out on the wealth of information and opportunities online. Social media monitoring involves tracking relevant communications across social networks, analyzing gathered information, and converting it into actionable insight.

Bestppc uses top monitoring and a great deal of social media marketing savvy to make these tools effective for your business. Your customers and potential consumers do more than just share opinions online; they provide a trove of information about their connections, their influence, how they think, and how they consume.

Internet Word of Mouth Marketing (IWOMM) is a powerful tool that can be utilized by your business, or by your competitors. In the right hands, social media monitoring is a key component of market research, the testing and launch of new products, and customer service.

Bestppc also employs social media monitoring to correct misinformation and manage negative messaging, connect with key consumers, improve public relations, and even in recruitment and the formation of strategic partnerships. It can be leveraged for R&D, content development, and smart community management. Social media monitoring is also a fundamental aspect of Bestppc’s successful social media marketing campaigns.

Actionable Insight
  • Market research: Monitor conversations related to your business, your brand, and your competitors.
  • Advanced R&D: Social media monitoring offers excellent opportunities to gather feedback from your key influencers and improve services accordingly.
  • Customer service: Find what customers like and don’t like about your brand, and respond proactively.
Crucial Conversations
  • Control your buzz: Don’t leave your reputation in the hands of customers, or competitors – actively monitor and manage messaging around your brand.
  • Reach out: Productive dialogue requires good listening. Social media monitoring enables you to connect with customers, influencers, and useful individuals and companies.
  • Manage misinformation: To put out fires, you need to know where they are. Social media monitoring is a prime factor in reputation management.

Improve branding, shape conversation around your brand, and conduct high level market research with Bestppc’s social media monitoring services.

Let us show you how we can help grow your business. Please contact us at 9004386223 and ask to speak to our business development specialists.

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Web Design & Development

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Create websites that draw in and engage your customers

Your website serves as the online window to your business. Bestppc’s Search Marketing Campaigns effectively drive customers to your website, but driving traffic is only one piece of the puzzle. When potential customers arrive, your website should invite them in and keep them there.

Whether you are looking for the most cutting edge design or believe simplicity is key, Bestppc knows that web pages should be polished, easy-to-navigate and tell a marketing story that your potential clients will easily understand.

In today’s competitive online marketplace, the best investment you can make is developing a well-thought-out and well-executed web strategy. The look and feel of your site can directly impact the end results of your programs.

Bestppc consults with you to find out what website development strategy is right for your business. Our staff of experienced web developers welcomes the challenge of getting to know your business and devising the best plan for your needs.

Optimized Website Design

Our Optimized Website Design projects are the core specialty of Bestppc’s design services team. We develop websites while keeping search engine optimization in mind.

Whether it is a new project or a website redesign, our information architecture, graphic design and development is all done to support a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization plan.

Landing Page Creation

Your website should always strive to convert visitors into customers. Bestppc develops high-quality; search engine optimized landing pages that are aligned with the goals of your online campaigns.

Our search team works closely with design services to create landing pages or micro-sites that increase your conversions by capitalizing on the searcher’s intent. We supply unique copy for your site’s core keywords, which allows your potential customers find relevant content on your site that matches their search queries. Providing relevant, clear and concise landing pages for all the major streams of your traffic is critical to long-term results.


If your online marketing goals include the ability to transact online, there are many
e-commerce solutions in the marketplace that may fit your needs.
It is critical to select the e-commerce platform that best serves your website and delivers the SEO benefits that you wish to obtain

Bestppc has deep knowledge of e-commerce and has developed custom applications for many clients. Our design services staff will work closely with you to lay the groundwork for a successful e-commerce solution that supports your marketing goals.

Custom Application Development

Bestppc has developed customized applications for our customers that were so successful that they changed in the way they do business. Allow us to help you envision, plan and produce new tools that will make a true impact on your core business objectives.

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Web Consultant Services

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The Right Bestppc to Finding Your Customers Online

Bestppc understands that not all clients are the same, and cultivating the right online marketing program is not an easy task for any business. Bestppc can blaze the right trail for your business in the Internet marketplace and make truly comprehensive online marketing simple.

As innovators in online marketing, we develop custom Internet marketing solutions for your business by employing our core media offerings related to Search Engine Marketing. We also use a number of other online strategic solutions to tailor the right plan for you.

Some of our additional online services include:

Web Analytics

The right kind of web analytics program can provide invaluable intelligence about your website: who is visiting and how are they spending their time. Bestppc will create and manage effective, custom-designed web analytics that allow you to improve your site’s performance and ensure that your online efforts are delivering the highest ROI.

Email Marketing:

Bestppc works with its clients to set up opt-in email marketing programs that work. Opt-in email marketing is by far the most cost-effective way to increase overall ROI in a balanced, diversified media plan.

Display & Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing is an online marketing method that enables clients to sponsor text or image display ads on websites offering relevant online content. The ads are “in context” to engage end users and entice them to “click through” to your website, where they can take advantage of personalized special promotions. Contextual advertising is great way extend the reach of your brand or to support online paid search campaigns.

Paid Inclusion

Our Paid Inclusion services allow your critical website pages to be indexed faster in the top search engines. Paid Inclusion can ensure that you establish the right mix of online directory placements, which will in turn drive quality traffic to your website. We can even ensure that your site serves up different creative for users arriving from different directories.

Lead Generation

Lead generation clients evaluate performance on a cost per inquiry or lead basis. Clients that are looking to integrate search leads into a formal cost per lead management program can take advantage of Bestppc experienced PPC & SEO management services. Bestppc utilizes both phone and web lead platforms to deliver the highest quality and motivated prospects for many verticals.

With all of these additional services, as well as in our core Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization offerings, Bestppc provides the direction clients need to enhance the quality of their traffic and bring their brands to the next level online.

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Agency Services

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A Hassle-Free Way to Offer Your Clients Search & Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is an essential tool for web-based marketing, but does your business have the time and expertise to provide it? Bestppc offers advertising agencies, public relations firms, publishers, web development companies and other partners a scalable solution for Search Engine Marketing.

We develop deep strategic relationships with our partner companies that allow them to provide their clients with the power of search. Our Agency Services platform simplifies the process: we handle all of the creation, management, consulting and tracking needed to deliver quality online campaigns.

Bestppc can provide our agency partners with our full range of services, including, Paid Search Management, Search Engine Optimization and Web Development.

Bestppc offers full private-label solutions or strategic partner programs to serve agency partners of any size. Our programs are flexible and can be customized to fit the unique needs of our strategic partners’ business models. And with several different agency pricing models to choose from, our clients can maximize their profits by selecting the plan that makes most sense for their business.

We know how important your clients are, and we make sure that we exceed client expectations. As part of our commitment, Bestppc has a strict policy of non-solicitation.

Learn More about Our Agency Services Program

Let us show you how we can help grow your business. Please contact us at 9004386223 and ask to speak to our business development specialists.

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