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BugHuntress testers say "We test the future" and it is true - they are the first users of software and embedded systems which could become the IT mainstream for future years: mobile / wireless applications and gadgets, consumer electronics and equipment for transport, multimedia tools and cross-platform games, e-Commerce and social network portals, business systems (ERP, CRM).BugHuntress QA Lab is a fast growing company offering independent QA and software testing services: automated and manual software testing, dedicated testing teams, QA/QC support in IT outsourcing projects, and others. BugHuntress QA Lab was founded in 2001. Since then about 200 software testing projects (large and medium ones including ongoing projects with 3+ year duration) have been successfully implemented for customers from the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and a lot of other countries.The company headquarters and production office are situated in Kharkiv - 'Silicon Valley' of Ukraine while the representative office is based in the USA.+ Read More

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Regression testing of web application is a software testing activity that aims to uncover any new bugs, or regressions, that could arise after changes in the functional or non-functional areas of a system, such as patches, enhancement or configuration/environment changes.

BugHuntress QA Lab is a software testing company with proven reliable reputation. Our testers focus on the end-results to satisfy customer needs. Depending on the task BugHuntress testers are ready to provide your project with the main three types of regression testing:

Bug-fix as a process is aimed to ensure that fixed error had been really fixed.

Old bug-fix is an action to ensure that previously fixed and verified defect won’t be reproduced in the system.

Side-effect is an attempt to check whether any other parts of the system hadn’t been broken by the recent changes in the code.


As web apps are developed rapidly and the users’ requirements are changed frequently, the regression testing is very important to track whether any improvements didn’t come with regressions and new bugs. Thus, regression testing is essential part of the way delivering high quality and bug free software product to end-customer.


It is hard to imagine successful business without website. Also the number of useful and required by users web apps are growing. It doesn't matter what kind of services you offer to your clients (banking, tourism, healthcare, sport, etc.) as regression testing is just a stage of testing process – a stage that must to be. So it has a reason to make investments in such type of software. But what is the quality of the end-product? It shouldn’t disappoint users or make the job of developer more complicate. After every enhancement, patches or configurations BugHuntress testers aim to ensure that there are no new errors have being arisen.

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Functional Testing for Web Applications is a process that checks whether a web application functions as intended and verifies whether it supplies what the users expect.

BugHuntress QA Lab delivers functional software testing for web apps covering the main steps of this process:

Step#1. Determining which kind of functions must be performed by the web application.

Step#2. Creation of the data-in that is based on the function’s specification.

Step#3. Detection of the correspondence output data.

Step#4. Performance of the test case.

Step#5. Comparison of the actual and expected results.


Any type of web application is developed to satisfy certain functional requirements that can be business, technical or process based. Using web app users aim to successfully complete the tasks they need to perform. In case if web application isn’t running as expected and something going wrong with app’s behavior the functional problems arise and need to be solved. To prevent such issues your web application should be tested before gets into customers’ hands.


BugHuntress is software outsourcing company that delivers high quality software testing services. Our testers have 11 years of experience in functional testing of web applications. Our mission is to ensure that your product functions as intended to let you provide customers with reliable and fully functioning web application.

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Usability testing for Web application is a type of black-box testing aimed at checking whether the particular web application is user-friendly and ready to satisfy the needs of customers.

BugHuntress is a software outsourcing company that delivers high quality usability testing services since 2001. To succeed project of any difficulty level our testers cover the next basic aspects:

Efficiency: Detecting the time and efforts user needs for completion of the main web app tasks.

Accuracy: The number of mistakes arisen during use of your web app.

Recall: Detecting the volume of information left in user’s memory about operation of your web app after stopping the work with it for long time.

Emotional response: Feelings left after completing the task.


If you want to launch high quality web application usability testing is one of the most important steps to implement this. You’ll never sell the web application if lose loyalty and love of your customers. If they didn’t like the web app, or worse – felt stress after the use, they never recommend it to their friends and you lose your prospective clients and profit as well.

First of all, usability testing aims at measuring a human-made app’s capacity like usability, or ease of use, attempting to formulate the basic universal principles and meet its intended purpose.


We have 11 years’ experience in delivering high quality usability testing services. We have witnesses the evolution of technologies and, of course, the usability trends. Thus, we aware of all the latest testing techniques and ready to assistance you in detecting usability defects and fix it in order to improve your product. With BugHuntress you can be sure you won’t disappoint end-customer and meet your expectations.


Usability in web development became the one of the most important tasks while creating a new web app or building website. But today this issue is especially acute in e-Commerce, where usability of the site decides everything. As lots of online shops were launched more than 10 years ago, they are especially needs to be renewed because of outdated graphical design.

With BugHuntress you’ll get your web product back with accurate assessment of its usability and gain some time to make necessary fix.

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Load Testing For Web

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Load Testing for Web Applications is a testing process used for determining a web application’s behavior under normal conditions as well as under high-load conditions. It aims to identify the maximum level of your web application capacity and find the elements which lead to degradation.

BugHuntress Company can provide you with high-skilled testers who will deliver load testing for your web apps manually and with the use of leading edge automation tools. Our Load testing process is based on the following principles:

Unique requests – even when statistics of system work is formed, there are always a few users that request non-common used pages.

System response time – having a sufficient number of measurements, the probability of system response could be easily determined.

System response time depends on the degree of system distribution.

The spread of response time – with a large number of time measurements there are always requests that require maximum processing time.

The accuracy of load profiles’ reproduction – the more complex software is the more aspects must be considered when developing and testing.


Load testing becomes really important when it comes to the quality of performance and user experience of your website or web application. In the process of load testing BugHuntress team uses the following key performance indicators for your web application:

  • Requests per second
  • Average response time
  • Peak response time
  • Error rates.

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Performance testing of Web applications is a type of software testing that measures the time of performance of the selected operations under the certain intensities of these operations, determines the number of users work simultaneously on the app and the boundaries of acceptable performance when the load increases aiming to detect whether the web app performs stably and responsively.

BugHuntress team of highly skilled testers is ready to test your web app thoroughly to detect all the weaknesses in terms of performance. They aim to reach the next different goals of performance testing:

  • Evaluating the compliance of the system with specific performance requirements;
  • Comparison of the two web apps in order to find out which one performs better;
  • Detecting which part of the system or workload became the cause of improper system performance.


Well, you decided to launch a web app. But how to make sure that it is ready to perform tasks of any level of complexity? And why this stage should be so important for anyone who is going to release the web app? As clients are the most important thing for any business, company should earn their trust. Make them feel reliability of your app. Your workload is not their business. That’s why before giving your app to customers who will test it anyway you should first ask professionals to do it.


Today any company that wants to increase its presence on the Internet starts with creating the corporate website or developing the web app. Web app performance testing is a necessity before launching it, as the main goal of performance testing is avoiding risks related to opportunity costs, continuity, expenses and corporate reputation. Usually performance testing is much cheaper for company in comparison with the cost of risks realization that can lead to failing in speed, capacity, scalability or stability of the web app system.


Many clients ask us to test their web app aiming to know its capability. But they do not understand exactly what they are looking for.

If you want to measure the speed of your web app you need performance testing;

If you want to know the limit of volume that can be processed by your app, you need load testing.

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Regression testing of mobile applications is a type of testing aimed at checking whether such actions as enhancements, patches or configuration changes hadn’t brought new regressions, or bugs, in both the functional and non-functional areas of a mobile application system.


Today any sized companies use mobile apps to become closer with current clients and get new. Plenty of mobile apps are widely used in such industries as games, banking, retail, tourism, medical and health, sport, news, security and more. So, before launching a mobile app you need to make sure that it functions correctly without errors. With BugHuntress you can rest assured that your mobile app has passed all regression tests and new improvements hadn’t brought new defects.


During improvement of your mobile app by developers (enhancements, patches or configuration changes) the new bugs may arise in functional and non-functional spheres of the system. Regression testing is used to ensure that the quality of your mobile app is still good after any changes in the software environment. Each feature of your mobile app will be tested by our experts on all available platforms before development of the next feature. Thus, regression testing is a part of testing life cycle and very important element in the testing cases.

BugHuntress is a professional testing company that tries to provide customers with quality solutions in accordance with the latest testing techniques. The regression testing is preferably to be performed automatically and our testers are ready to achieve expected results at the highest level of implementation. Thus, BugHuntress experts make three main types of testing depending on what defects that should be detected.

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Security Testing for Mobile Applications is a testing process aiming to ensure that system of your mobile application protects data and maintains as intended.

BugHuntress company has 11 years’ experience in delivering software testing with uncompromising commitment to quality. Mobile apps testing is one of our strengths. BugHuntress testing experts base their work on the next common Security Testing concepts:

Confidentiality – protecting your information from leakage to persons other than intended;

Integrity – process to ensure that data from your application is verified and trusted;

Authentication – confirmation the identity of a person or software program;

Availability – testing to ensure that attackers can’t take the application offline;

Authorization – security measures to determine whether the requester is allowed to receive a data or perform an operation;

Non-repudiation – the service to proof the integrity and origin of data.


Today lots of people use mobile apps for financial transactions, storing personal information like account or credit card details, e-commerce, etc. Thus, many security risks for your data arise within mobile apps usage due to gains or interest of third parties:

Internal or external hackers attacks.

Theft, fraud and other associated risks.

As a result you get customers’ distrust regarding security of your mobile app and lose your profit. BugHuntress team of testers determines vulnerabilities of your valued data to avoid security risks. Your mobile application will be tested by experienced and skilled team against the cutting edge of security standards.


Whether you deal with Mobile Banking Applications, Mobile Payment System, M-Commerce applications or other software, BugHuntress will provide you with affordable and high-quality Mobile Application Security Testing across various platforms: Android, iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian. Thus, we aim to ensure that your application work as intended and meets the HIGHEST SECURITY STANDARDS.

BugHuntress testers are ready to provide you with the next services:

Manual Penetration – our experts will manually test your app for common security issues;

Code review – examination of the code source of application in order to find and fix any defects;

Threat Modeling – defining a set of possible attacks to consider.

BugHuntress makes security testing for mobile apps accessible for any-sized businesses offering cost efficient yet quality testing services. We know how to test mobile apps of any complexity level providing manual or automated security testing.

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Functional Testing For Mobile Applications is a type of black box testing that is based on verifying whether the function of the code is compliant with requirements to ensure that a mobile app works properly and supplies what user needs. Functional testing implies ignoring the internal parts of your mobile app and focusing on the output generation.

While matter comes to functionality of mobile application it must work as intended. The main questions functional testing answers are:

Can the user do this?

Does this particular feature work?

BugHuntress team has 11 years’ experience in delivering functional software testing services. Thereby our team follows the main steps of functional testing:

  • Step#1. Detecting set of functions that are expected to be performed by your app.
  • Step#2. Creating based on specifications of the function an input data.
  • Step#3. Determining an output that is based on the function’s specifications.
  • Step#4. Test case execution.
  • Step#5. Checking whether the test results match the expected outputs.


Before you get a first customer you need to be sure that the product works properly. To provide mobile application with high level of performance functional testing should be delivered by unbiased, independent perspective. BugHuntress experts are ready to detect all the vulnerabilities of your mobile app to turn it into strength.

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Usability testing of Mobile applications is a technique of black-box testing aimed at establishing the degree of mobile app usability and attractiveness to users.

BugHuntress has 11 years of experience in delivering high quality testing services including usability testing for mobile apps. Thus our experts assess the usability of mobile applications covering the next basic aspects:

Efficiency: How much time and what the number of steps user needs to complete the main tasks of the mobile app?

Accuracy: How many mistakes user made during use of your mobile app?

Recall: How much does user remember about the mobile app operation after the suspension of work with it for a long period of time?

Emotional response: What is user feel about mobile app after completing the task?


The mobile market is growing industry. In developed countries 9 out of 10 people are mobile users. Well, you developed a mobile app, you tested its functionality – good for you. What’s next? Of course, you can launch it, but remember that most of the users never try app again if didn’t like the first use. So, it’s up to you whether your mobile app needs to be tested or not, the main risk already exists – losing customers’ loyalty.


How to make sure your mobile app is ready to be launched? BugHuntress testers have an answer – test the usability. Usability testing aimed at users first of all. If target audience doesn’t like it, your sales will fall down, the profit will decrease. With BugHuntress you’ll be aware of possible usability-related risks and gain some time to fix usability flows. As a result you’ll save the money and launch new improved version of the product.

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Load Testing For Mobile

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Load Testing for Mobile Applications is carried out to ensure that mobile app works stable when it is reached simultaneously by the expected number of users.

BugHuntress team delivers high-quality load testing services that are managed with the use of internal and external Bug reporting tools. With an advanced knowledge base and experience our company offers an all-round solution to load testing for mobile apps that include the following services:

  • Load testing for Android;
  • Load testing for iPhone;
  • Load testing for Windows Phone;
  • Load testing for BlackBerry.
We support different test scenarios that are needed to reflect the different mobile platforms and configurations in order to help you efficiently test the load resistance of your mobile application.


Load testing for mobile applications will help you to understand whether your app can maintain preferable number of users with required rejoinder time.

Our professional team of testers will deliver mobile application load testing on the server side as well as on the client side. Thus, you can be sure that your mobile app will be able to resist all kinds of load.

Load testing on the client side: usual discrepancy of your mobile app behavior will be addressed on different mobile platforms as well as loading speed and CPU consumption.

Load testing on the server side: your app will be tested for delays in messages’ delivery, crashes, difference in response times and other.


Mobile application load testing is used for apps in different industries such as games, tourism, finances, medicine, government and others.

User expectations for mobile apps performance are increasing every day. That is why businesses must be sure that load resistance of their applications in mobile environment is on the proper level. And BugHuntress team will take care of it!

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Performance testing of Mobile application is a type of testing dedicated to measuring how a mobile app performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under the particular loadings in order to investigate, validate or verify reliability, scalability and other quality attributes of a mobile app.

As BugHuntress has 11 years’ expertise in software testing our skilled professionals can provide you with any type of software testing including performance testing that serves such purposes as:

  • Demonstrating that your mobile app meets performance criteria;
  • Comparing the several systems to define which performs better;
  • Detecting the parts of mobile app that make its system work badly.


As more users prefer using smartphones, tablets, and various mobile devices the performance become more critical both for individuals and businesses. Today users expect more responsive performance from mobile apps in comparison with desktop or web apps. So, it is become very important to determine the level of performance of the mobile app before it will be deployed onto a mobile platform.


Whether your target audience is individuals or enterprises you need to be sure that your mobile app is ready for pick usage and loadings. Don’t make your users wait, as not everyone will come back if the mobile app is running too slow. And there is no matter in what field your business runs. Whether it is traveling, holiday season can become disaster for your app if it fails to performance. Apps for Finance & Banking also must be ready to keep working properly and handle pick loadings.

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Regression testing of desktop apps is a type of software testing in order to detect new bugs, or regressions, in the desktop app that had been made after patches, configuration or enhancement changes.

BugHuntress testers have 11 years of experience in delivering high quality testing services. They mention that regression testing is very important step while you want to provide successful implementation of any project and deliver quality and competitive product.


Regression testing of the desktop web starts as soon as there anything to test. And if some bugs or regressions had arisen in the system after code modifications this type of testing uncover them and help developers to make a desktop app function correctly. As experts add test cases in order to test new code the number of regression testing suits is growing, we recommend automation of the regression tests.


It doesn’t matter for what type of business desktop app is developed for. Whether it is big sized enterprise or small company, desktop app can make a valuable contribution into your business process. Working with computer employee is inevitably encounters with desktop apps developed to make his or her job possible and convenient. Making software useful, robust and user-friendly became the main task of developers. But when developers face with any issues BugHuntress testers are rushing to help. Regression testing of the desktop app helps to ensure that there no defects in system have being arisen while enhancement, patching or configuration changes.

With BugHuntress you can be sure in getting bug free desktop app. There are three main types of regression testing that our testers able to perform:

Bug-fix is an attempt to prove that fixed bug hadn’t been fixed in fact.

Old bug-fix is a process to ensure that the recent code or data changes hadn’t broken the fixed old errors, i.e. the old bugs won’t be reproduced again.

Side-effect is an attempt to prove that the recent code or data changes had broken other parts of developed desktop app.

BugHuntress professionals are ready to face with any challenges regarding your desktop app and deliver quality regression testing services. 50 experienced testers under the leadership of wise managers will make all possible to uncover any hidden errors in your software.

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Functional Software Testing for Desktop Applications is a type of black box testing that explores desktop application aiming to determine whether it functions properly and to answer the next important questions:

Can users operate with this?

Does this function work as intended?

To ensure the efficient process of functional testing BugHuntress follow the next steps:

Step#1. On this step our testers determine the full set of specific functions of the desktop application.

Step#2. Then they create an input data based on these specifications.

Step#3. Viewing an appropriate output data.

Step#4. Test case performance is one of the most responsible stages.

Step#5. The last step to compare the expected and output data in order to detect differences.


Experienced software professionals say: “If your application isn’t tested it doesn’t work…” If your desktop app hasn’t been tested then it’s not ready for the intense usage. Functional testing is the basic process that guarantees performance of application.

There are plenty of risks may arise if the desktop app wasn’t tested by professionals: from inconvenience of usage and losing loyalty of specific user as a result to undermining the authority of your company and losing target audience.


BugHuntress team consists of 50 testers who provide full testing development including functional testing services. You can be sure in efficient implementation of your project with strong compliance all the requirements. Our testers are guided by the main principles of testing while working under your project. BugHuntress provides clients with flexible terms of collaboration to select the most suitable strategy for certain project.


The point of functional testing for desktop apps is driving the application from the outside, from the users’ point of view to make an unbiased assessment of the state of desktop application. So, whether you provide the particular customers with desktop apps or wish to implement something special into your company you will definitely gain benefits from functional testing of your desktop apps. We are able to explore all possible vulnerabilities, fix errors in order to make your app as perfect as it possible.

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Usability testing for Desktop applications is a black-box technique evaluates the extent to which the user can learn to operate a desktop app or level of its usability.

BugHuntress is experienced and reliable software company that provides clients with QA. We think that usability testing is very important part of development usability products and building customers’ loyalty as a result. As this type of testing must be done by human-computer interaction our testers set the next quantitative goals:

Efficiency: Testers aim to detect the time and steps are required for user to complete the basic tasks of desktop app.

Accuracy: Detecting the number of mistakes was made by people when used your desktop app and whether it’s fatal.

Recall: Testers determine how much users remember afterwards the usage of a desktop application.

Emotional response: Detecting the feelings left after using a desktop app to know whether people will recommend it to their friends.


Desktop apps more frequently than others provide people with poor usability. Despite this many of desktop app developers are careless and negligently in relation to usability testing. But users will exploit desktop app only if feel comfortable when use it. If you provide bad product with poor usability you risk losing prospective customers, time and money.


BugHuntress experts are ready to test your desktop app from the users’ point of view. We know how to provide clients with clear and convenient terms of collaboration. Hundreds of projects over the world have built reliable reputation of our company. We know how to find errors in desktop aps not letting them ruin the face of your company. 50 experts are ready to test your desktop application separately or grouping in dedicated team depending on the complexity and size of the specific project.


As usability testing is used in user-centered interaction design this technique can be applied to any product of desktop development in order to make it as usable as it possible. Whatever business you have you’ll definitely benefit from usability testing. Why? Good marketers know that the most influential and authoritative advertisement is advice given by your friends or family to buy exactly this product. If someone feel uncomfortable or even left indifferent in relation to your desktop app, you’ll lose one more prospective client.

BugHuntress ensure all usability-related bugs will be detected within the cost-efficiency and you’ll get some time to improve your desktop product.

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Load Testing For Desktop

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Load Testing for Desktop Applications is used to determine whether your software can work properly in both normal and high-load mode. This type of testing enables you to be aware of your desktop app’s capacity and performance capability.

BugHuntress QA Lab can provide you with dedicated team of testers who will test your desktop application for load resistance. We deliver desktop app testing services with full commitment to the following key components:

  • Awareness of the environment of the tested app;
  • Preparing a test plan;
  • Ability to handle efficiently tools for load generation;
  • Performance analysis.

All these enable us to show the highest results in desktop application load testing.


The main target of load testing is to ensure that your desktop application can handle a certain number of concurrent users.

For example, it is common for banks to release a new financial software for corporate clients and receive 10000+ requests to server within the first day of software usage. Thus, the load test can be run a few weeks before and the performance metrics and test reports must ensure the bank that their software will handle such number of users.

We will prepare performance metrics that show an all-round overview of your desktop application and include the following indicators:

  • Average and peak response time
  • Error rates under load
  • Bandwidth
  • Requests per second that are sent to the server
  • Wait time and CPU utilization
  • Concurrent users, etc.


Load testing is usually used for multi user applications with client-server architecture but it also can be used for other types of software.

Load testing can be carried out for CRM systems that are used for business process automation, for accounting desktop software that generates report documentation based on data of several years or for text editor that is used for handling a large volume documents, etc.

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Performance testing of Desktop Applications is a type of software testing executed in order to measure the time required to perform the specific actions with defining the intensiveness of such actions, to determine the number of users working simultaneously on the desktop app and to explore the performance under the high, limited and stress workload.

With BugHuntress you can be assured that your desktop app will be examined carefully under the different loadings. Our testers aim to serve one of the particular purposes of performance testing:

  • Check whether the system of the desktop app meets all the performance requirements;
  • Comparison of performance of several desktop apps to determine the best one;
  • Measuring which part of the desktop app system makes it work with bad performance.


When you are launching a desktop app you need to be sure that it is able to handle a large number of simultaneous users and sessions. If it doesn’t, the most important is that you can disappoint clients. Also functionality of your desktop app will be under threat as it couldn’t run under particular pressure of sessions.

Performance testing can help you to evaluate and verify the effectiveness of work of the desktop applications identifying areas that require system improvements.


Whether you are an individual and want to launch the desktop app for your needs or your company aims to launch a specific desktop app for employees or clients, performance testing can help you to make sure that any performance issues won’t arise after your desktop app sees the light. For example, companies running in the travel industry can calm down during the period of pick of usage, like holidays, as the desktop app will be ready to work as fast as it necessary.


There are many discussions devoted to find out what is the difference between load and performance testing. BugHuntress team aims to make sure that clients are aware of what they really need. Performance testing is seen as a broader concept than load testing. Generally, all depends on your goals:

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BugHuntress QA Lab stands out among other software testing consulting companies by its result-driven and practice-oriented approach. Our software testing consulting services are based on real experience only, thus, theoretical and hands-on skills are inextricably linked.

BugHuntress Company offers different QA consulting services to our clients such as:

  • Testing assessments
  • General consulting
  • Coaching.

With our testing assessment services you will get professional help in assessing your software testing process, tools and team skills. Our testing consultants will do their best to improve your business and help to coordinate your testing process in the most efficient way.

Our general consulting services are provided to help you implement your testing ideas into life with minimum costs and maximum quality. Feel free to use our general testing services in case you have testing questions and issues you can’t resolve by yourself.

There are also independent consultants in our team who would be glad to provide you with high-quality coaching and mentoring.


If you still have doubts whether you need software testing consulting services or not, then be sure to check up the following benefits of such services:

  • Efficient review moderation
  • Added accountability
  • An objective view on the problems occurred during the testing process
  • Open communication process
  • Independent assessment of the situation.

Unlike other software testing consulting companies, BugHuntress understands that testing has many challenges. However, our experienced team of testers and consultants uses leading edge approach to provide a high degree of assurance that tested application or software will meet its intended purpose in the most preferable and bug-free way.

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BugHuntress QA Lab can provide you with mobile application testing services that include testing application software on different mobile devices for its usability, consistency and functionality. Mobile application testing is an integral part of app development process and can valuably decrease your operational costs.

With our mobile application testing services you will gain the following benefits:

  • You will be sure that your application works stable on different mobile devices and networks.
  • Time-to-market will be reduced significantly.
  • Your mobile app will demonstrate the highest level of user experience and quality.
  • Cost-efficiency and time saving.

Our professional mobile testing consultants will help you with choosing the most suitable types of mobile application testing that will be in full compliance with all your requirements. BugHuntress stands out among other mobile application testing companies for its adherence to the latest standards of IT industry.

During mobile application testing, we offer several business models to our clients. You always can choose the model which best suits to your business.

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BugHuntress QA Lab has a wide experience in delivering desktop application testing services to our clients from all over the world.

We aim to follow the newest trends in desktop application testing and development in order to provide you with the most suitable and leading edge solutions.

If you what your desktop application to take a leading positions on the IT market you must be sure that it will be tested in a right and thorough manner. Our professional consultants can help you to choose the most appropriate type of desktop application testing and our experienced testers will help you to perform it in the most efficient way.

With our desktop application testing services you will gain the following benefits:

  • Adherence to security standards;
  • Experience in testing of multifunctional desktop applications;
  • High-skilled team of testers;
  • High-quality consulting services;
  • Using the latest technology;
  • Different methodologies and business models.

BugHuntress provides different types of desktop application testing that can be carried out depending on your requirements and needs.

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This industry requires well-covered apps to provide data with high level of security. Leakage of information in the company could lead to business collapse and bankruptcy. Thus, apps must be secured and function as intended.

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With BugHuntress healthcare and medicine industries can be sure in getting highly tested apps that will provide them with rapid speed, aimed at users apps.

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GIS & Navigation

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Our testers will provide your project with robust assistance seeking for the defects in the code and making it reliable and user-friendly.

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Game Development Service

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Gaming industry compels players of its market tracking new technologies and going ahead competitors. BugHuntress won’t let you lose the face of your company.

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Security App

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This industry more than any other needs highly functionality of the app to assure it won’t let you down in emergency situation.

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Communities Portal

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Lots of communities with different preferences were satisfied by our services. Portals, networks, libraries, community’s websites and more were tested for the errors most carefully.

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Ecommerce Solution

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As in this industry your app is go-between employers and customers, it should function 24 hours without failures. If something going wrong with your app and users are disappointed, they likely won’t come back again in the future.

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Entertainment App

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BugHuntress will point out errors in order to make your app usable, functional and enjoyable for users.

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Web Application Testing
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Web Application Testing

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Bug Huntress delivers a full range of web application testing services to help you be sure that your software is in compliance with the highest functional, security and usability standards of quality in cyberspace.

When web application testing is carried out, your web application or website is tested for potential bugs and all necessary reports are performed depending on your web testing requirements.

With our web application testing services you will gain the following benefits:

  • Cost-efficiency and time-saving – we use leading edge testing tools in order to make your web application testing less expensive and of better quality;
  • Risk mitigation – our professional team of testers is good in assessing and mitigating risks depending on web testing type;
  • Agility – we strive to be as flexible as it possible;
  • Open communication - Bug Huntress can provide you with dedicated manager who will be responsible for 24/7 communication process between teams of testers and developers.

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Security Testing For Web

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Security testing for Web applications is a type of software testing that checks whether Web-based applications’ requirements are met in order to prevent further malicious input data and other related threats.

BugHuntress earned reliable reputation among both the customers and companies that provide security testing services thanks to professionalism and experience of our testers. To reach the high quality of web products they are steadily guided by the basic Security Testing concepts:

Confidentiality – security measure to ensure the information is strong protected against disclosure to third parties;

Integrity – detecting whether the information regarding software product is provided correctly;

Authentication – this process aims to identify whether software product is a fully trusted;

Availability – ensuring that required information is always available for intended persons;

Authorization – security measures in order to determine the requester is entitled to receive a specific data or fulfill an operation;

Non-repudiation – process to guarantee the fact of sending or receiving data by both a sender and a recipient.


Web applications are often subject to destructive attacks by hackers. BugHuntress testers understand the main threats your Web Application can be vulnerable to attack. There are some common vulnerabilities we aim to prevent during web application security testing:

Cross-site scripting (XSS) results that can be injected into a website from malicious scripts;

SQL injection is easy to use for an attacker because of the growing websites’ dependence on databases.

BugHuntress QA Lab directs all the efforts to secure your Web applications. Our clients don’t have to worry about associated security risks. There are professional testers at your disposal who obsess to find weaknesses of the code and fix them.


Today every reputable company has the own website which must incessantly provide customers with necessary information. As security testing web services aim to check whether Web application is fully protected against any third parties attacks, every Web application can benefit from it. All depends on your goals, size of the project, associated risks that should be avoided and other reasons you pursue to reach.

Whether you need to test the Web Application or any type of website while quality and independence are the important requirements, BugHuntress testers are ready to provide you with security testing services in order to ensure implementation of your plans.

BugHuntress professionals use next techniques to succeed security testing for web apps:

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Security testing for Desktop applications involves testing the potential security to prevent any issues related to weaknesses of your system.

BugHuntress QA Lab is an outsourcing company that provides testing services including desktop security testing. Unfortunately, such important process is neglected by most of the companies because of lack of in-house specialists. BugHuntress team of experts is ready to provide you with quality assistance that is based on the main principles of security testing:

Confidentiality – our testers aim to power your desktops with strong protection against any third-party encroachment to disclose it;

Integrity – security measures to ensure that data is verified and trusted;

Authentication – confirming person’s identity and assuring the desktop is trusted;

Availability – process to detect whether required data can be ready for use when expected;

Authorization – actions to make sure that requester is allowed to receive required data or perform an operation;

Non-repudiation – security measures make an impossible denying the fact of operation.


Certainly security testing for Desktop apps is not as scale and demanded as security testing for mobile apps, for example. Despite this, desktop applications are also vulnerable to force attacks. So if you wish to prevent further irreversible losses caused by intervention in your process you should care about security of your desktop applications.

Risks related to SQL and XSS Injections are the most common issues you can meet with. Hackers use malicious script in order to manipulate your software. BugHuntress team of experts will probe your Desktop application for these common and other related vulnerabilities.


Whether you are large enterprise or home user you can benefit from security testing for your Desktop applications. At first it may seems trivial but could become serious matter in case if application provides unfiltered access to external world. Maybe you don’t even suspect but there are many Desktop-related risks that can damage your business.

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