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Capilton is a professionally managed company in the area of technologies. Retraining and refurbishment of the knowledge base of every person connected with Capilton is the leitmotif of our success in implementing projects across a wide swathe of business applications. We are one of the leading information technology consulting, services, and business process outsourcing organization that envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value. An in-depth knowledge of various technology areas enables us to provide end-to-end solutions and services. We are a catalyst that can pull together scarce resources in key areas of technology to enable greater outcomes to emerge. Value descriptions are both qualitative and quantitative components. A client (internal or external) primarily describe value using some sort of Return on Investment (ROI) framework, whereas a consultant describe value as having high pay or job satisfaction (e.g., focus could be functional, financial or emotional). The challenge for IT consulting industry to remain globally competitive over the next 5 years demands the innovative development and application of leading edge technology to derive new products, processes, and services. At Capilton, we add value to the clients, consultants & stakeholders. Domain Expertise:
Capilton offers a full range of outsourced services, with IT knowledge and expertise in numerous areas. We help minimize the IT staff payroll costs; with our IT professionals working closely with your employees to ensure the IT needs are met. Our IT staff augmentation services supplement a client's existing work force with technical professionals who possess information technology skills tailored to the particular needs of the client's business. Capilton has a proven record of being able to attract, hire, motivate, train and retain strong IT personnel. Our highly skilled resources are available to augment our clients' existing staffs for project management, integration and testing, development and implementation, and many other functions. Our consultants are ready to perform services as independent entities or as part of a team by using our wide breadth of resources available through our direct consulting practice and partnerships. Capilton takes pride in the ability to attract, recruit and retain highly qualified IT professionals. Our skilled consultants can effectively step right into client's business environment and provide the professional skills required, spanning a wide range of disciplines.
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Mobile Solution
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Mobile Solution

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Smartphones are capable of delivering rich and interactive services to the users. Most of these services integrate the social web with the core aspects of mobility. It's about leveraging web and social media with the advantages that come with the mobile capabilities. Mobile devices allow the companies to communicate and engage more effectively with their users. As mobile application market is becoming increasingly fragmented, application needs to be designed to support multiple platforms like Apple iPhone OS, RIM Blackberry, Google Android and Windows Mobile.

Mobile Application Factsheet: February 2011 comScore Report

  • Approximately 70 million people in the U.S. own smartphones
  • Mobile app market will be worth $25 billion by 2015
  • Google Android has approx. 33.0 percent market share. RIM is ranked second with 28.9 percent market share, followed by Apple with 25.2 percent.
  • In February 2011, downloaded applications were used by 36.6 percent of the mobile audience.
  • In February, 68.8 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device.

Capilton can help companies create cross-platform mobile web applications which work on smartphones and tablets. We assist companies in identifying mobile opportunites and in developing business and consumer mobile applications. Combined with excellent programming and UI design skills, we offer end-to-end application development services - from application concept to application development.

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SEO Solutions
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SEO Solutions

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We provide a complete site optimization solution to enhance organic search placement. Our expertise in comprehensive keyword and gap analysis is our strength. We work closely with the clients to analyze, implement and execute the latest SEO techniques to achieve maximum ROI from natural search enhancement. We make sure search marketing yields maximum ROI, with strong, measureable business growth.

Understanding the core concept of keywords is very important for any SEO initiatives. When queries have a large number of terms, there is a strong correlation between highly similar webpages and relevant webpages. Among webpages whose similarities with a given query are about the same, the one with the highest rank is likely to be most prominent result. Secondly, most search engines use the linkage information among webpages to determine their degrees of importance and then incorporate the ranks into the information retrieval process. Links among webpages are used to determine the popularity and authority of web pages. Contact us to learn about how Capilton can help you in your SEO plan.

Capilton SEO Model

  • Website analysis and bench planning
  • Assesment of ongoing campaign and plan refinement
  • Best practices for SEO and SEM to drive rankings
  • Keyword analysis and competition level for each search query
  • Defining relevant keywords and search queries

Capilton’s SEO Audit process and the subsequent SEO Consulting support provides a clear road map for what is needed to identify SEO opportunities and to implement SEO practice to accelerate your ROI. We help build marketing strategy, run market research, develop programs and set goals. We help web professionals identify missed SEO opportunities, broken links or missing and incorrectly configured tags - leading to a improved SEO rankings.

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Quality Assurance Service
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Our process and operational excellence enables us to provide our clients with functional knowledge and hands-on expertise to streamline their QA operations with the help of technology. Using our state-of-the-art knowledge environment, we leverage the collective knowledge and experiences of our employees, in order to create the most innovative solutions for our clients. This is in the form of improvements in process efficiency, resource productivity and last but not least, examining the process together with the back-end system.

The Capilton testing team work in synchronization with development teams to enable parallel testing while new builds are released to production. This enables the client to deliver Quality products, on time, every time.

Types of tests conducted include:

  • Verification of Specifications
  • Usability & Usage
  • Boundary conditions handling
  • Performance
  • States transition
  • Load handling (volume, stress & storage)
  • Security
  • Compatibility & conversion
  • Configuration
  • Documentation testing

Capilton has achieved excellence through quality.

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Capilton has a well-defined and mature application development process which comprises the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. With Custom Application Development you can see through your business strategies to the end, especially when packaged software does not adequately address your requirements. Application Development Outsourcing ensures that geography no longer poses a hurdle. In fact, application outsourcing is a burgeoning industry in itself and it helps organization to be future-oriented and competitive in their business while at the same time being cost effective by fine-tuning their business critical applications. Capilton delivers Custom Application Development solutions within the context of your business objectives and strategies.

Capilton has a well-engineered and mature application development process which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the delivery teams spread across the globe. Each of the development phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked with the web based tools which can be used by our customers.

The application development methodology can be used for:

  • New application development
  • Existing application enhancement
  • Reengineering of current applications
  • Application consolidation
  • Application migration
  • Web-enabling the applications

Application development activities can be bound by Service Level Agreement (SLA) framework with quality and risk management measures.

Capilton's unique value proposition lies in our ability to:

  • Use a Global Delivery Model (GDM) for application development
  • Leverage knowledge acquisition and retention
  • Integrate solutions via combined competencies
  • Use our matrix organization structure to bring together the required expertise
  • Offer our Partnership framework - T&M (Hourly or Project), Fixed Price, Service Level, Shared/Risk & Shared/Reward
  • Focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs

Our expertise includes:

  • Development on almost all the operating systems - Unix, Windows, etc
  • Databases - Oracle, SYBASE, MS SQL, etc
  • Application servers - IBM Websphere, BEA Web logic, Oracle, Servers-IIS, etc
  • Enterprise Architecture - J2EE, .NET, VB, VC++, C, C++, PowerBuilder, etc

Benefits of Application Development:

  • Minimal defects
  • Shortest turnaround time
  • Matured processes and methodologies
  • Flexible global delivery model for application development
  • Quick team ramp-up and ramp-down based on project needs.

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Capilton ITIS Services helps organizations with their IT environments by providing a suite of IT infrastructure services that span the asset management lifecycle:

Asset Inventory

To make effective decisions, you need accurate data. As the leading IT inventory services company, Capilton can ease this burden on your IT staff. Our experience, proprietary project management methodology, and bar code and scanning technologies allow us to achieve industry-leading levels of data accuracy.

IT Deployment

Large-scale technology deployments can overburden your IT staff, present multiple logistics challenges, and disrupt business. Capilton offers deployment solutions that can maximize your IT initiative success while reducing operational disruptions and risk. Our best practices, collaborative tools, proven deployment processes, and proprietary project management methodology will increase your cost-efficiencies and provide quality results.

Service desk

Capilton' custom help desk solutions provide technical expertise and management services for peace-of-mind and effortless service continuity. We build each service desk solution to meet your specific needs. Whether services are provided from your site or our Enterprise Support Center, we provide consistent, high quality support to your end users.

Asset Retirement

Today's technology revolution can make them almost obsolete within a few short years. Worse than growing old, these assets can become liabilities if not properly disposed. Capilton can help you yield top returns with asset remarketing, avoid the risk of EPA fines and compromised confidential information with EPA-compliant recycling, and stage/redeploy idle assets back into your environment.

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Capilton is a leading outsourced product development company from India and has focused in this space since inception. Our outsourced product development model delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective Software Product Lifecycle services to ISVs globally.

Capilton's Global Delivery Model for Software Product Development enables product development companies (a.k.a. independent software vendors (ISV) or software publishers) to reduce their cost of software product development dramatically while keeping control on the product architecture. It also enables easy ramping up and ramping down of product teams based on business priorities.

Capilton has developed a unique joint-venture model of partnering with software companies to create a dedicated virtual offshore subsidiary complemented by highly skilled product engineering experts-on-demand. We partner with software companies for world-class product development by aligning technology and competency based domain excellence centers that drive long-term value to our clients through knowledge retention. This offers the best of both worlds; the flexibility of outsourcing combined with the control of a captive subsidiary without the drawbacks of either. Our services assist ISVs to reduce their cost of product development dramatically while keeping a control on the product architecture, intellectual property, and dedicated project teams.

  • Product Conceptualization
    Drive innovation, validate new product ideas, verify and prototype their potential for customers and investors.
  • Product Realization
    By combining your products ideas with our delivery capabilities, you can quickly reap time-to-value, offer a more complete product mix and thereby increase your market share and revenue.
  • Independent Quality Assurance & Testing
    Our Independent Test & Verification service improves quality and reliability of our client's products leading to higher client satisfaction and reduced support costs.
  • Product Maintenance & Customer Support
    Continuing support and maintenance for new, expanding, and retiring product lines help our clients to retain their customers.
  • Product Enhancements
    Increasing the life of a product by adding features to keep it relevant to changing market needs.

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Capilton's ability to provide consistent, high-quality deliverables is made possible through a system of best practices and a culture of continuous improvement. Capilton's Project Management Office (PMO) contributes to this effort by introducing and maintaining process standards, collaboration tools, and industry expertise. The PMO makes it possible for Capilton Global Services to effectively distribute best practices across teams and projects. These standards enable predictable results that can be measured, controlled, and improved over time.

Project Lifecycle Management: Successful teams must be able to balance the needs of unique business performance processes with proven project management processes. Capilton's PMO is aligned with the international standard in project management, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) from The Project Management Institute (PMI). Capilton approach to project and process management enables integration of the PMBOK with other performance processes, including ITIL, Agile, Six Sigma or a client’s individual requirements in order to enable success.

Capilton's Service Management Portal (SMP) leverages the collaboration features of Microsoft® SharePoint and enables each project team to have a unique portal to share ideas, communicate status, and archive project records. Easy and secure online access allows our clients to remain up-to-date on the current status and next steps through the dashboard displays on the secure site designed specifically for that project.

Capilton's delivery processes ensure our clients’ business goal is at the core of every project decision. Our visual process library, a web-based workflow tool, provides Capilton's project teams with direct access to a vast knowledge base of best practices. The system also serves as the document distribution system for standard templates and instructions. The graphical nature of the visual process library makes it an excellent tool for creating and maintaining process awareness for project team members. Our clients feel comfortable knowing that their interests are being actively and consistently managed by Capilton.

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Support Services

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Enterprises have significant investments in IT assets to execute their business and derive appropriate returns. These investments are made over a period of time and spread across the technology spectrum; spanning from legacy platforms to client-server systems to more contemporary multi-tier browser-based systems.

Capilton has a well-defined and mature application maintenance process which allows effective capture, reporting resolution of maintenance requests. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the various organizations depending on the criticality of the requests.

Our maintenance capabilities include:

  • Documentation of existing application
  • Production Support
  • Incident Report (IR) resolution process
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Enhancements
  • Testing
  • Release Management

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to:

  • Use global delivery model for application maintenance
  • Use the knowledge acquired in coming up with transformation plan
  • Improve the productivity thus reducing the cost of maintenance
  • Provide consultancy on the disposition plans Transform/Retire/Consolidate/Replace) for the applications
  • Availability of support team round the clock

Our services include:

  • Portfolio Analysis to ensure Business-IT alignment
  • Offshorability Analysis
  • Application Management
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Helpdesk

Business landscapes are continuously changing, with the continuous emergence of newer and better technologies. As a result, managing IT and application maintenance to keep in step with the changes can prove quite challenging.

Surveys of IT spend indicates that organizations spend up to 70% of their IT budget on non-discretionary costs - in other words, costs to maintain current IT functionality and operations. Therefore, it is imperative that the costs of IT management and application maintenance becomes more effective and efficient, thus providing your business the edge to compete.

At Capilton, our application management and maintenance processes ensure that your systems are flexible and evolve with your business. This approach enables you to meet customer commitments. Our services help reduce the time you spend on “keeping the lights on” and focus on new IT functionalities and improvements. We achieve this via our 3-phased approach to Application Maintenance.

  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Adaptive Maintenance and
  • Perfective (preventive) Maintenance

We start at the first level, i.e. corrective maintenance and over time evolve to the most advanced level, i.e. perfective maintenance. Our Maintenance methodology is backed by years of experience and our extensive knowledge base of technologies and domains. While we do this, we adhere to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA) and enable you to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your applications.

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