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Champion Agro Fresh Pvt. Ltd. is a premium supplier of fresh quality produce like mango, pomegranate, banana, baby corn etc. with a brand name of “Champion Fresh” to the domestic and overseas market. The company has invested considerable resources in the state of Gujarat (Saurashtra region), where it has growing operations via contract farming. Champion Agro centre serves as a hub to disseminate knowledge to partner farmers and the on-going knowledge and best practice sharing has benefited the farmers in not only increasing their yield per acre through optimum utilization of resources, but has increased the number of crop cycles on the land considerably, reaping richer harvest.
The company occupies hundreds of farmers for its Group Contract farming of products, which helped company in acquiring more than 2500 acre of land. At Champion Fresh, there are is an only selected crops which are being offered to the farmers under contract farming module namely Baby Corn. Along with the baby corn, the company is also entering into the contract farming of banana in the state. Hundreds of farmers use natural and eco-friendly farming practices to produce India’s best Banana.

The Baby Corn used for contract farming is hand-picked and packed with international standards to ensure freshness, every time, with the right level of maturity for that right degree of sweetness and crunch. The cobs are harvested just when silken tassels start appearing. This ensures that the Baby Corn cobs are just right and ready-to-eat.

The company's efforts saw farmers growing Baby Corn in three cycles from August ‘10 to June '11 and consistently yielding record growth with a top-of-the-class quality product. The key to the success of fresh produce export & domestic operations is the post-harvest management; and it is here that the company has invested heavily in setting up a state-of-the-art pack-house with Cold Storage with capacity of 1500 metric tons to ensure that the product is maintained at the right temperature to retain the quality. In addition to the 24 x 7 support to the farmers through an extension services team, the company is also committed to social responsibility to benefit the local community.

Product Specifications
› Colour – Pale Yellow
› Texture – Firm & Crunchy
› Length – 6 -10 centimetres
› Diameter – 1-2 centimetres

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