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Kochi, Kerala

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Front-end and Back-end Bots for efficient desktop and app automation.
Build Any Form, Workflow & Application without writing a single line of code. NoCode/LowCode solution development options are the next-gen approach to building enterprise scale Web Applications that are future proof, easy to maintain and highly secure. ClaySys launched AppForms in 2010, and has since seen it deployed in more than 20 Fortune 500 companies, with more than 5 Fortune 50 companies, besides hundreds of mid-sized organizations. The ClaySys AppForms platform is available both on-premise and the cloud.
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IT / Technology Services

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101 to 500 People

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Private Limited Company

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IT Consulting And Custom Development Services
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 IT Consulting

With our decades of experience across most key industries, we have a core IT consulting team, that is well equipped to support clients in translating their vision and pain-points to practical and feasible IT solutions. We support a number of Fortune 500 companies today, as a highly specialized boutique firm, for meeting their business specific IT solutions and/or products. We have core expertise in Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Professional Services, Transportation and Logistics, Contact Centres, SAAS Solutions, and custom CRM Solutions.

 Custom Development

The entire ClaySys team comes from a background of Custom Development and Systems Integration, from their legacy of working in the Indian Outsourced IT Consulting Industry from the early nineties. Today we support clients on the Microsoft Custom Development stack with .NET and SQL Server, and also the LAMP stack with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python for Web Applications. For Mobile development, we support clients on iOS, Android as well as cross platform options like Xamarin and Cordova.

 IT Consulting & Custom Development Practice Areas

Custom Development

ClaySys also supports customers who want to build custom applications leveraging the Microsoft .Net platform, typically with Visual Studio, using C#, ASP.Net

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft Cloud services stack, where Microsoft has made available a whole set of building blocks to help organizations build applications


ClaySys has been supporting customers on SharePoint ever since the first release of the product

Mobile Development

ClaySys has a Mobile Development department that focuses on Mobile Application development.


Most customers who subscribe to Office 365 have access to SharePoint Online as part of their package, but are not able to leverage SharePoint Online effectively.


WordPress is a very powerful but free and open source web content management system (CMS) that ..

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Mobile Development Consulting Service
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 Mobile Development – iOS & Android / Cross Platform Dev with Xamarin

ClaySys has a Mobile Development department that focuses on Mobile Application development on the native iOS and Android platforms, as well as cross platform applications leveraging platforms like Microsoft Xamarin. We have built very complex custom applications for Smartphones and Tablets through our Mobile Development practice, and we have built hybrid mobile apps leveraging HTML 5 for functionality that works with a native shell client, to build more extensive enterprise mobile applications. We specialize in supporting clients in building Mobile apps that can complement and integrate with a number of enterprise applications. We also focus on ensuring that clients create complementary Native Mobile and Mobile Web applications to ensure that the end-users are served appropriately, irrespectively of their channel of engagement.

Mobile Apps & Sites Development Services
iOS & Android Mobile Development

Mobiles apps connects better with customers by providing more value to them and builds a stranger brand image. It also opens up avenues to have engaging communications with your customers to boost brand loyalty. ClaySys has a dedicated division for mobile development, we can make your idea to an app and while you focus on the next big idea.
Mobile UI / UX

Your customers have a smaller screen to interact with your mobile site and creating an auto responsive mobile site for your website won’t cut the ice anymore. Mobile accounts for 50% of web traffic in 2017 and the number is exponentially increasing every day. ClaySys design team can help you create user friendly designs for you mobile site without compromising on aesthetics.
Xamarin Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Xamarin enables us to build cross platform apps (Android, iOS and Windows) with native UI’s using a shared C# codebase. Using Xamarin, our mobile development team can deliver native apps for Android, iOS and Windows at a faster turnaround time and lesser cost.

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AI- Artificial Intelligence Consulting Service
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 Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

We are focusing on transformative technologies like computer vision and predictive analysis using machine learning that will create the next quantum gain in customer experience and unit economics of businesses.

Applications of Computer vision are face detection, object detection and tracking, object recognition.
For Computer vision we use tools like OpenCV, Dlib, and Convolutional Neural Networks.

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) and Dlib are open source computer vision and machine learning software library, which was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate the use of machine perception in the commercial products.

Convolutional neural network (CNN, or ConvNet) is a class of deep, feed-forward artificial neural networks, most commonly applied to analyzing visual imagery. CNNs, like neural networks, are made up of neurons with learnable weights and biases.

Other Machine learning frameworks used are Scikit-learn, Tensorflow,and Keras.

Scikit-learn provides a range of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms via a consistent interface in Python. This stack includes:

  • NumPy : Base n-dimensional array package
  • SciPy : Fundamental library for scientific computing
  • Matplotlib : Comprehensive 2D/3D plotting
  • IPython : Enhanced interactive console
  • Sympy : Symbolic mathematics
  • Pandas : Data structures and analysis

TensorFlow™ is an open source software library for high performance numerical computation developed by Google. It is a symbolic math library, and is also used for machine learning applications such as neural networks.

Keras is a high-level neural networks API, written in Python and capable of running on top of TensorFlow. Keras allows easy and fast prototyping (through user friendliness, modularity, and extensibility). It supports both convolutional networks and recurrent networks, as well as combinations of the two and runs seamlessly on CPU and GPU.

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UiPath RPA - Robotic Process Automation Consulting Service
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Robotic Process Automation is a technology that allows you to simulate a human being interacting with a traditional computer screen interface to do data entry, or automate tasks through the Software Application interface that exists for Human Interaction. ClaySys is a partner with UiPath, one of the leading products in this RPA space. This technology can help automate any kind of data entry to move data between systems, or to move data from Excel to business applications or automate other tasks that are typically done by humans. RPA is really a very disruptive technology, and we have seen immediate gains of 15% to 20% in productivity, through automating mundane data entry tasks, and improving process efficiency through front-end automation to help automate individual employee tasks, thus freeing up their time to focus on the more complex work tasks. RPA has also become a very good option to automate integration between legacy systems, as through RPA we have delivered solutions that integrate with Cobol programs on the IBM Mainframe, or other legacy Unix based solutions, that do not expose an interface or an API.

RPA Advantage
Accuracy And Consistency

Human error is eradicated using RPA and it ensures there are no process deviations.
Incremental ROI On the Long Run

Being a rule based system architecture, RPA does have a longer set up time frame. The effort is well invested for any process which involves repetitive tasks
Instant Scalability

RPA gives you the power to grow exponentially without worrying about manpower and training. Deploy more as you go.

No more sampling of data. Your analytics report can be exhaustive and RPA systems can interpret data at a granular level to give you actionable insights for process improvement.
Change Management

Companies simply don’t make any changes to workflow or processes just because of the chaos during transition. RPA gives you the agility to make changes quickly and efficiently.
Compliance & Data Security

Every single activity is recorded and is available for analysis instantly. Rest assured your compliance audits won’t be a nightmare anymore.

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WordPress - Websites And Portals Development Services
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WordPress is a very powerful but free and open source web content management system (CMS) that ClaySys supports for Clients who have built their public facing websites or intranet/extranet portals. ClaySys can implement these custom websites and/or portals and can further customize them to support business process automation, typically for processes around order-to-cash or purchase-to-pay. Being a free and opensource platform, it is the go-to platform for many customers wanting to create an interactive and responsive website experience. With the Microsoft strategy promoting SharePoint in the Cloud over SharePoint On-premise, we have also helped a number of clients migrate from SharePoint to WordPress as an alternative options to have SharePoint type functionality on-premise, especially where integration with Enterprise Data and Systems are a requirement.

WordPress Development Services
WordPress Themes

ClaySys consultants can help you to launch your website in no time with custom WordPress themes. We can also help you create engaging blog pages to be in touch with your customers on a regular basis.
WordPress Plugins Development

We can develop WordPress Plugins from scratch using WordPress Coding Standards and have any functionality added to enhance your website.
Custom WordPress Development

Our team also provides custom WordPress consulting services like PSD to WordPress sites, Plugin Integrations and Website Upgrades. We can also have a dedicated developer assigned to you for monthly billing model to maintain your website.
WordPress E-Commerce Development

E-commerce is arguably the most regulated industry and it’s hard to keep up with the regulatory and compliance requirements if you have a custom coded website. WordPress E-commerce themes will be excellent option for smaller firms to quickly set up an e-commerce portal.

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Office365  Support And Customization Consulting Services
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Most customers who subscribe to Office 365 have access to SharePoint Online as part of their package, but are not able to leverage SharePoint Online effectively. ClaySys has helped a number of customers to leverage SharePoint Online to support their office collaboration requirements, and manage document collaboration, sharing and process automation using SharePoint Online. We also support clients through the ClaySysAppForms App in Office 365 to automate Forms, Workflows and Apps leveraging the SharePoint Online account. Clients leverage ClaySys to deliver Forms and Process automation scenarios through customizing their Office365 platform services, and we have integrated eSignature through DocuSign and Adobe eSign for a number of clients needing eSignature support for their Forms and Processes.

Office 365 Migration

ClaySys team had worked with numerous organizations and migrated various on premise and hybrid deployments to Office 365. We have expertise in migrating from diverse platforms (G Suite, OpenOffice, Exchange, Lotus, Groupwise, etc.) to Office 365. ClaySys ensures business continuity during the entire migration phase and also provides post migration support until your team is all set to take over.
Office 365 Implementation

ClaySys provides end to end consulting on Office 365 Implementation. We provide advisory and consulting on selecting the right subscription plan based on your business needs and budget, and implement it based on your preferences for a seamless transition to cloud.
Office 365 Automation

Our No-Code platform, ClaySys AppForms is listed in Microsoft AppSource and can be added to your Office 365 platform in a few clicks. ClaySys AppForms helps you in adding Forms, Workflows or Apps in Office 365 at a rapid pace without writing any code.
Office 365 Customization & Support

ClaySys has a FTE model to work with customers who don’t have dedicated resources to manage your Office 365 platform. Our dedicated consultant assigned to you can take care of day to day support requests or help you add/customize functionality and get more out of your Office 365 investment.

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Microsoft Azure Consulting Services
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Microsoft Azure is the Microsoft Cloud services stack, where Microsoft has made available a whole set of building blocks to help organizations build applications and automate processes leveraging the Microsoft Cloud called Azure. ClaySys helps customers leverage the Azure Cloud to support hybrid models of integrating Azure Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) through VM’s configured to work with a clientson-premise network. We also leverage SQL Azure to have a cloud based database to support client requirements, where data redundancy and scalability make the Cloud a better option for data services. ClaySys has worked with many of the other core components of Azure such as Azure Storage to help clients better manage enterprise data leveraging the Microsoft Cloud storage options, besides just SQL Azure. For specific client requirements, especially in SAAS model solutions, we have leveraged many components of the Azure solution stack, to stitch together practical, scalable and highly secure solutions for our clients.

Microsoft Azure Development

ClaySys can help you take full leverage of Azure’s integrated PaaS capabilities by building Apps based on your requirements on Cloud and reduce software licensing expenditure. Azure PaaS also provides Business Intelligence and Analytics tools to give you insights on application data.
Microsoft Azure Hybrid Implementation

You might be concerned about moving your highly sensitive data to cloud or you have a business requirement to have some of your apps or data on premise. We can help you design and implement Hybrid cloud stack which works for your business.
Microsoft Azure Migration

Our consultants have the expertise of migrating various businesses to Azure cloud platform and we can ensure there are no hassles for your real business during the migration phase. We start with a cloud readiness assessment of your infrastructure and help you mitigate potential gaps before we start moving to cloud.
Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Microsoft Azure’s Content Delivery Network is a pay-as-you-go service which lets you set-up a global content delivery system in minutes. We can set up a robust system for you to distribute content to your associates or customers instantly and build brand loyalty.

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Sitecore Development Services
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 Websites & Portals

ClaySys is a SiteCore partner, and we support a number of enterprise accounts on SiteCore implementations and customizations. We provide a comprehensive UI/UX design service, to ensure that the SiteCorecustomizations deliver very powerful websites, with responsive designs. We have a number of clients for whom we support their digital business models through leveraging SiteCore for their website, ecommerce site, and specific custom web applications for loyalty programs and line-of-business integration requirements. SiteCore is a highly scalable Web Commerce platform, that supports Enterprise Scale Websites, as well as Extranet and Intranet type functionality.

Sitecore Architecture & Development

Sitecore CMS when implemented right will help you deliver to right content to the right audience and create a personalized experience to your customers. ClaySys Consultants will analyse your requirements and match it with your prospect demographics to design the right architecture for your content management system.
Sitecore Ecommerce Solutions

Sitecore Experience Commerce will help in reducing customer bounce off by serving the right offer to your customer. ClaySys can setup the analytics in Sitecore to contextual content to your customers when they visit a page.
Sitecore Workflow

ClaySys Sitecore specialists can help you setup a workflow in Sitecore Experience Management Platform for a seamless digital experience for your customers.
Sitecore Marketing Automation

Sitecore is a powerful tool to automate marketing engagement with your target audience and deliver relevant content or offer. ClaySys can setup up automation campaigns and create machine learning rules in Sitecore Marketing Control Panel and entice customers to your brand or an offer.

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Salesforce Customization Services
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SalesForce – Implementation/Customization/Reporting

ClaySys supports clients in leveraging the optimum value from their investment in using SalesForce.com. ClaySys supports clients who want to extend or customize the functionality of SalesForce to meet their specific requirements. We also support clients in integrating SalesForce with their existing applications or databases. We also create custom applications on SalesForce for clients, through leveraging the APEX development platform in SalesForce. We support a number of clients on SalesForce for configuring process automation requirements through the platform. We also work with SalesForce add-on solutions, to meet custom requirements that clients have, that are supported through solutions in the SalesForce marketplace. We also support clients who need to integrate SalesForce data into their existing Enterprise Applications, where we extend the clients applications to integrate with SalesForce data through the SalesForce API.

Custom Apps for Salesforce

Made to order custom apps to leverage more out of your CRM data. Our consultants can develop apps using Salesforce Lighting App Builder and APEX code.
Modify Salesforce Workflows & Approval Process

You don’t have to change a matured and working process you have in place, while switching to salesforce CRM. Our consultants can help customize salesforce workflows and create approval processes to align with your organizational hierarchy.
Salesforce Email Templates

You are most likely to lose out on many prospective lead by sending a generic email. We can help you create custom email templates for every stage of your sales cycle and send prompt responses to your customers
Salesforce Custom Report Templates

We can help you avoid the repetitive report customization work by creating custom report templates in salesforce for the needs and requirements of each team.
Third party integrations

We can help you identify and implement the right set of solutions for your business in AppExchange and also help with third party integrations to your CRM
Custom Layouts

ClaySys consultants can customize your CRM layout to match with your corporate themes or add additional objects and fields to enhance your CRM capability

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AppForms Consulting Service
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ClaySys AppForms is a metadata driven Forms and Application builder platform. You can create basic forms for migration from paper forms to electronic forms, to complex line of business applications using AppForms. Since you create functionality through configuration, the skillset required to work with AppForms is significantly simpler as compared to custom development using code. The Forms created in AppForms can connect to varied data sources like SharePoint lists/libraries, SQL Server, Oracle, Web Services, RESTFul Services, SQL Azure, Azure Storage amongst others. Any functionality created in AppForms is futureproof, as all existing functionality continue to work in future versions of the product. This is similar to how Excel works, where newer versions of Excel retain backward compatibility with Excel files created in earlier versions of Excel.

What is AppForms?

The ClaySys AppForms product consists of a Designer and a Rendering Engine or Application Browser. Within the Designer, it is a drag and drop experience to layout the Form controls and fields, and connect the Form to its targeted datasources like SharePoint Lists/Libraries, SQL Server, Web Services, etc. To embed intelligence or business logic into the form, there is a built-in Rules Editor that allows you to configure the business rules and logic required. The ClaySys AppForms Designer generates a metadata file in XML/JSON representing the designed form UI and embedded business logic. The XML/JSON metadata file is maintained by the ClaySys AppForms Application Server, and used by the Rendering Engine at runtime to generate the UI in HTML5. All Forms and Applications created in ClaySys AppForms are pure HTML5 and render in all modern HTML5 Web Browsers.

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SharePoint Consulting Service
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laySys AppForms is an add-on to Microsoft SharePoint that enables you to build business forms and extend them to include complex business logic, working with data from SharePoint lists and libraries, SQL Server databases, Web Services, and WCF services. The key difference between AppForms and other products for building forms in SharePoint is that AppForms can evolve into complex business applications, including workflows. ClaySys AppForms for SharePoint is supported for SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise Edition, SharePoint 2013 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise Edition, SharePoint Online in Office365 through installing the ClaySys AppForms App from the Office365 AppStore. We are on track to Support SharePoint 2016 once the RTM version is available.

Microsoft deprecating Infopath has created a significant demand for addressing the gap in SharePoint that Infopath used to address. ClaySys AppForms for SharePoint is an Enterprise Scale product that fills in the gap left by Infopath, and extends the capabilities beyond what was possible with Infopath, by enabling the creation of not just Forms but complex line of business applications through the configuration no-code paradigm.

Why choose ClaySys AppForms for SharePoint
SharePoint is an excellent and proven platform for deploying Intranet collaborative websites and portals, and for creating team spaces for collaborating on tasks and projects by creating specific SharePoint sites. The gap in SharePoint is the ability to extend SharePoint for the purpose of creating Forms and configuring workflows for process automation requirements. Infopath within SharePoint used to address some of these requirements through its Forms capabilities, but with Microsoft having deprecated Infopath, there is a significant gap in meeting customer needs within SharePoint, to continue to extend SharePoint for Forms and Business Applications, which is the key pain point that ClaySys AppForms for SharePoint addresses. ClaySys AppForms for SharePoint allows you to create futureproof Forms and Application functionality that will continue to work in future versions of SharePoint. ClaySys AppForms for SharePoint also supports SharePoint in Office365, where functionality created for SharePoint on premise in ClaySys AppForms, can be migrated to SharePoint in Office365, as long as the same site structure is maintained online.

Pricing and Editions
We have the same pricing and licensing model for SharePoint AppForms, Enterprise AppForms and Cloud AppForms. The licensing model is a User based model, and there is no additional server licensing required. AppForms can be installed on any number of servers, which could be used for Development, Testing, Staging, Production etc. Premium users can also avail development support with a dedicated resource from ClaySys at a nominal price.

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Enterprise AppForms Consulting Service
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The Enterprise AppForms version of the product allows you to install ClaySys AppForms on a Windows/SQL Server Environment to now create Forms and Web Applications using the ClaySys AppForms Designer. Enterprise AppForms is a Multi-tenant platform, where you can create multiple Applications on the same server stack, as each Application is partitioned at the Web Application level and Data layer by the respective Tenant IDs.

Why choose ClaySys Enterprise AppForms
Many organizations are struggling to maintain legacy business applications. The pain with legacy applications is not in the Database layer, as the database is typically on SQL Server or Oracle and is easy to maintain. The key pain points with legacy applications are the custom coded front end interface of the application, which is typically coded in C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Java, JSP, PHP amongst other options, with the pain being the painful cost of migration from legacy versions of the code applications to the most current developer framework stacks. ClaySys Enterprise AppForms allows you to configure the front end interface for your web applications, after which due to the metadata driven architecture, updating to the latest versions of Enterprise AppForms continues to maintain backward compatibility with the versions of Forms or Applications created in earlier versions of ClaySys AppForms. The built in hardening of the ClaySys AppForms Application Browser module to defend against Web Form vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Code Injection, Cross Site Scripting and the other 60+ vulnerabilities, also ensures a more secure Web Application out of the box, when configuring it in ClaySys AppForms. For the legacy application pain point, organizations can choose to retain the same database that exists for their legacy application, but migrate the front end of the application to ClaySys AppForms, you can recreate the front end Forms and Business Logic, and point to the same existing Database Table Schema.

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Cloud AppForms Consulting Service
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ClaySys AppForms is available as an App in the Microsoft Office365 App Store. Once you install the AppForms App in your SharePoint Online environment within Office365, you get access to the Forms and Application building capabilities of AppForms, within your SharePoint Online environment. We also support an Enterprise App deployment model for ClaySys Cloud AppForms, where ClaySys AppForms can be deployed on servers managed by the Enterprise, but can be configured as an App in Office365, through the Enterprise App Catalog option.

Why choose ClaySys Cloud AppForms
Using SharePoint Online in Office365 is becoming more and more popular. But the biggest challenge for organizations moving to Office365 is the inability to deploy custom applications the way it was possible in the on premise SharePoint model. While it is possible to deploy custom apps in SharePoint within Office365, the clients are expected to host these custom apps on their own servers, which defeats the purpose of moving to the cloud. ClaySys Cloud AppForms presents an opportunity for Office365 clients to install ClaySys Cloud AppForms from the Office365 App Store, and after that configure the custom forms or applications that they would require, without needing to install or manage any software or servers. With ClaySys Cloud AppForms, organizations can create very simple forms and workflows, as well as complex forms or web applications that work with SharePoint Lists/Libraries or even SQL Azure if required, to meet their business requirements.

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ClaySys also provides end to end project implementation services, where if you have a defined requirement, our consultants would be able to plan, design and develop your solution, in most cases based on a fixed price engagement. The ability to engage on a fixed price basis is dependent on the clients solution requirements being defined in enough detail. We also have an option to support a client to initially create and finalize the requirements and design, at which point we could transition to a fixed price engagement for the development and final deliverable phase.

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Access short-term or incremental help based on a specific requirement, where ClaySys would be able to deploy a consultant for the purpose of helping a client architect, design or develop their solution.

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ClaySys Consulting Services supports customers and partners in the effective implementation and application of ClaySys AppForms, both for AppForms in SharePoint and the Enterprise AppForms version. We support AppForms for SharePoint On-premise as well as in Office365, and Enterprise AppForms is a Web Application Development platform that runs on Windows Server.

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Many of our clients who have leveraged ClaySys AppForms to create multiple Enterprise Solutions, choose to leverage our consulting skills on a monthly FTE Engagement model, where our consultant or team functions like an extension of the Clients IT team. Such Enterprise support services are structured usually, after a client is comfortable with the power and capabilities of the ClaySys platform, and our general consulting services, and is then looking for additional support on development and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

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