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Code 360

Udaipur, Tripura
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Code360 is IVF hospital management system, healthcare application software for hospitals, financial accounting, hr/payroll software, barcode and his solution, ERP/CRM for industrial, self service kiosk, industrial automation solution.
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ERP & CRM Complete Solution

ERP & CRM Complete Solution

Rs 1 Lakh/Get Latest Price

A single ERP solution can solve all the functionality and needs of each departments of a company or enterprise. ERP software helps in better planning and management of their resources and operations.ERP software can also be made to operate in real time. It in turn makes possible better customer satisfaction. For quality decision making ERP development is very important as far as the company is concerned. ERP solutions help you with the easy creation of charts, graphs and reports for making decisions on time.

ERP software solutions are easy to implement and use. They have the ability to adapt to the changes and requirements to be made in your workforce and team. These ERP solutions enable you to effectively manage your organization and provide room for growth and improvement. They eliminate manual tasks and human errors caused by us, helping in generating early awareness and detection of potential problems, in order to prioritize the problems, increase on-time submission of projects and ensure efficiency and in the long run reduce costs. To ensure growth of your organization ERP software has a key role to play.

Well coordinated information system enables better decision making. Unifying the system helps in better visibility of your business..

With ultimate ERP development tool for you, it makes possible better communication system helps in a better team work that in the long run leads to the growth of the business. It helps in building a healthy and long term relationship with the customers through the timely delivery of goods and attending to their problems whenever required.

ERP software system leads to a drastic reduction of IT related costs. With effective ERP development, it helps in effective management of the assets i.e. optimal use of machinery, materials and manpower. Your company will no longer be plagued by inventory shortage or wastage of time while transferring files. Another advantage of ERP is in accounting application. It can integrate costs, profits and revenue information of sales. A better quality can be ensured. Thefts and industry spying can also be prevented. Therefore, you can see how ERP software solution can help you make your business successful.


The Customer Relationship Management tool of Impact improves operational efficiency, enhance productivity, enable customer satisfaction and growth strategies. The Impact CRM is very flexible and easy to control.

CRM from the house of Netsoft is a consistent and creative module designed to address maximum complexities towards better Customer Relationship.

CRM is web based customer relationship management software that automates the processes of marketing, sales, support and inventory from a single platform. The online business CRM software helps organizations nurture & retain existing customers and build strong relationships with potential customers. The easy-to-use web CRM software meets requirements for businesses of all sizes.

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Hotel & Restaurant Management

Hotel & Restaurant Management

Rs 50,000/Get Latest Price

Hotel Management:

Code360 Professional is a compact and integrated hotel management solution that is ideal for full-service hotels. Our hotel ERP helps users access an in-depth and clear view of all hotel related operations enabling better management of your property. For hospitality properties that are large and complex to manage, Code360 Professional allows extensive automation, so your staff can spend more time with guests.

Designed and developed to be the technological backbone of your hospitality property, Code360 Professional, offers a major advantage in its centralized database that can be accessed across departments. Filled with rich and attractive reports, the application provides rapid and real-time intelligence to your hotel.

The hallmark of Code360 Professional is its ease of deployment, use and maintenance. Lower cost of ownership and 24/7 technical support is what differentiates it from competition.

Code360 Professional has in-built modules to assist hotel management:

  • Point of Sale
  • HR and Payroll
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Telephone Management
  • Front Office Management
  • Food & Beverages Costing
  • Financial Accounting System
  • Maintenance Management
  • Materials Management
  • Banquets & Conference Management

Restaurant Management

Code360 is a leading hospitality technology solutions provider with its presence in many countries around the globe. Code360 provides various hospitality products like Code360 FrontDesk - Hotel Management Software, Code360 Reservation - Web Based Hotel Reservation Software and Code360 - A Restaurant POS System.

Code360 point-of-sale is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurant, delivery and other operations. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes Code360 has a great system for your POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single store or a part of nation wide chain, we will help you achieve simplicity in restaurant management.

Code360 works on touch screen as well as on desktops. The main modules include table reservation, material management, web based reporting, kitchen display system, loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payroll, definition of standard recipe and lot more. Restaurant or Bar managers can easily manage menu items, inventory, indent, new orders, delivery and also reservation with Code360 point of sale software.

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IVF Hospital Management System Paperless

IVF Hospital Management System Paperless

Rs 8 Lakhs/SetGet Latest Price

Complete Paperless, Running with Patient Card, Online as well Offline, Multiple Branch Management, Medicine Management, HR Management. ONLINE Patient Portal with mobile compatibility.

Central EMR Software Systems:

Central EMR version is a secure, real-time, point-of-care, patient-centric application, electronic medical records package specifically designed for Free Medical Clinics, Safety Net Clinics, Volunteers in Medicine Clinics, Faith Based Medical Clinics, Federally Qualified Healthcare, Community Healthcare Centers, Medical Universities and any other facility that serve the underinsured and uninsured population.

Our Electronic Medical Records Software Systems for the clinics who assist patients without insurance, is different in the fact that we include EMR, Full Prescription with dispensary, Inventory, Patient Assistance Program, Donor tracking, Volunteer tracking, Report Writer and more.

All of these modules interface with each other and are contained in a single application.

Some of the features of Central EMR include:

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Physician Daysheet
  • SOAP / Exam Notes
  • Inventory Control
  • Auto calculation of poverty level
  • Multi-site capable (a single database can handle unlimited clinics across an area such as a state)
  • Patient Imaging
  • Drug database with interactions, duplicate therapy warnings and patient education handouts
  • Report Writer that allows you to report on any data that is captured
  • Schedule
  • Staff/Volunteer & Time tracking
  • Donors and Donation tracking
  • Chronic Disease Manager
  • Document Library
  • Customizable

The multi-site feature of the product line is the ability to have a central server database for a group of different clinics. It is currently in operation in a couple of states using this feature. Each clinic will only have access to their data while association officials may report on all the data collectively or individually by county, city, clinic etc
Online Electronic Health Records

Cloud based online electronic health records, with secure access from anywhere. Enables collaborative healthcare through sharing of documents between patients and physicians.
Patient Portal

Patients can request appointments online and interact with the care team by sending messages securely. It also allows them to track health vitals, appointments and healthcare events
Practice Management made easy

Improve practice workflow with online appointment scheduling, role based access, integrated billing and claims management

Simplify Patient check-in process with iPad enabled Kiosk application. Patients can enter contact info, insurance data, fill up questionnaires before the encounter, thereby reducing overall wait

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Self Service Kiosk

Self Service Kiosk

Rs 1.5 Lakhs/SetGet Latest Price


  •     Banking : Internet Banking/Browser kiosk, Queue Management Kiosk
  •     Govt/PSU: e-Convenience kiosk
  •     Cooperates: Reception kiosk, Canteen Management Kiosk, HR/Intranet, Malls/Facilities Management
  •     Education: Quiz System
  •     Railways: e-Ticketing kiosk, PEAK
  •     Telecom: Bill Payment Kiosk
  •     Healthcare: Hospital Management kiosk
  •     Tourism : Exhibition Centre, Museums, Hospitality
  •     Entertainment : Gaming & Leisure, Lottery & Betting


We offer complete kiosk management solution services. We will provide you with expert guidance at every stage of the kiosk project. We also offer remote kiosk monitoring, dedicated support and maintenance for kiosks, statistical reports and other mission-critical kiosk services Our typical kiosk project management solution will incorporate the following steps:

Our liberal but disciplined approach towards outsourcing business

  •     Initial consulting determining kiosk's specifications.
  •     Database development.
  •     Graphic design.
  •     Application development or customisation of remote kiosk monitoring and content delivery software.
  •     Website design and hosting.
  •     Researching and identifying ISP options.
  •     Kiosk manufacturing, deployment and roll-out.
  •     Training.
  •     Remote kiosk monitoring.
  •     Kiosk usage tracking and reporting.
  •     Kiosk content development and hosting.
  •     Maintenance and support services.

  • Queue Management System
  • Information Kiosk
  • Canteen Management
  • Bill Payment & Recharge
  • Hospital Management
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Customise My Requirement

Engineering Expertise for Custom Kiosk Solution

Our design process expertise ensures clients of program simplicity and rapid first-pass design success, without sacrificing on creativity. From small standard model component tweaks, to the most sophisticated self-service component integration - We will cut the cleanest path to overall program success.

Custom Solution Experience

The unique appeal of working with Code360 is two-fold:

Agile and unrestrained solution design, completely eliminating "One Size Fits All" constraints.

Team Members orchestrating all project development tracks - together under one roof:
  •     Custom enclosure and software design
  •     Expert integration and in-house manufacturing
  •     Advanced Program Management over product life cycle
  •     Remote Management and field support

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Queue Management System

Rs 50,000/UnitGet Latest Price

Code 360 Advanced Queue Management System(Qmatic) is:

  • Designed with the end customer in mind.
  • Simple and yet technologically advanced.
  • Extremely easy to operate. It is designed to help customers rather than confuse them with technical complexity.
  • Works with both types of counters – those having a PC, and those not having a PC.

It is specially designed to bring about order, efficiency and comfort in places such as banks, stations, public utility offices, health care and other places where people have to wait in line to get a service.

It reduces real & apparent waiting time, speeds up service delivery, improves service quality & increases customer satisfaction.

Standard Management Queue System

This standard queue management system is installed for the bank and there are a few functions for this system. The functions within this system include propriety service and configure different counters to serve different services. The propriety service is a service that is configured to be served by the counter staff first. When the customers selected this service, the counter that is set to serve this service will be toggled to this service automatically and when this staff presses the ‘NEXTQ’ button on the keypad, propriety service queue number will be called first. This function is used for the VIP customers or services that required special attention.

Hospital Queue Management System

This queue management system with appointment time is implemented in the hospital and has been running with great reliability and efficiency. It is specially design for hospital, to cater for the appointment time for the patient and walk in patients. In this system, it also allowed specified doctor room to be allocated as well.

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Project Management

Rs 1.5 Lakhs/Get Latest Price

Companies are under increased pressure to deliver products on time with limited resources. Too often, available resources are strained due to poor project portfolio planning and inefficient project execution. The result is over-budget projects that miss deadlines, further burdening both personnel and costs.

With the Project Management solution, companies can improve project scheduling and execution, helping resources work more efficiently to deliver product development projects on time and improve overall time-to-market.

This solution can help project managers:
  •     Schedule projects to meet key milestones and produce critical deliverables
  •     Automate execution of product development projects and delivery of resource assignments
  •     Track performance of projects against timelines, cost targets, and requirements

Improving resource efficiency

The Project Management solution helps companies schedule resources and monitor performance to ensure both deadlines and project requirements are met. By scheduling projects around key deliverables and critical milestones, project managers can more efficiently schedule activities and assign resources. Automated project execution ensures timely communication across distributed teams by automatically updating schedules and delivering resource assignments as each critical deadline is met.

Tools to track performance ensure that a project’s progress is measured against KPIs, resource utilization goals, and the completion of critical tasks and deliverables, allowing project managers to monitor and adjust scheduling, budgets, or resource allocations to continue meeting project objectives.

With the Project Management solution, companies can implement a standardized, efficient process to manage projects and enhance communication among product teams. These methods can:

  •     Increase Project ROI by 28%1
  •     Help companies complete 26% more projects on time or early1
  •     Reduce the median cost of a project by up to 75%2

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Canteen Management Software

Rs 1 Lakh/Get Latest Price

It is a kiosk products involve direct interface with employees and visitors. e.g. Time Office, Access Control, Visitor Management. Another application area which involves direct employee and visitor interaction in an organization is canteen. The Canteen Management system involves a kiosk which is authenticated by Visitor or Employee by Card or Fingerprint. This causes menu shown to the user. User selects the menu depending on business conditions set. The amount is deducted from Smart Card or back-end database for the menu he has chosen, or is simply recorded for future use. A receipt (or coupon) is printed than can be given to the caterer by employee to avail the services.


  • Touchscreen kiosk
  • Authentication by Card or Fingerprint
  • Thermal Printer
  • Integration with Payroll possible
  • Customization menu


  • Reduces time in canteen figure reconciliation
  • No need for caterer to change the process (He still gets coupons)
  • Brings in efficiency in canteen operations
  • Can use the same mechanism for authentication as used for attendance

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Offshore Outsource Development

Offshore Outsource Development

Rs 1 Lakh/Get Latest Price

At Code360, you get highly skilled web developers that will work for you at the same work hours through remotely. Whether you need a dedicated resource to support your ongoing website development team or web maintenance because we consider as helping your hands

Hire our dedicated resources and cut down your Expense up to 50 % or more. It allows you to virtually hire Open Source Technology, Dot.Net programmers, Web designers and SEO from us and use them as a part of your staff. Trust our experience and rise up with improvement & performance as well as cost effective solutions to your business.

For more details please visit our site.

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Software & Web Development

Rs 1 Lakh/Get Latest Price


At Code360, you get highly skilled web developers that will work for you at the same work hours through remotely. Whether you need a dedicated resource to support your ongoing website development team or web maintenance because we consider as helping your hands

Hire our dedicated resources and cut down your Expense up to 50 % or more. It allows you to virtually hire Open Source Technology, Dot.Net programmers, Web designers and SEO from us and use them as a part of your staff. Trust our experience and rise up with improvement & performance as well as cost effective solutions to your business.


We offer solutions across a range of legacy and contemporary technologies for enterprises, software product companies and hardware technology vendors. With extensive domain and IT expertise, our solutions integrate seamlessly within existing IT infrastructures, ensuring optimal business performance and maximized return on technology investments.

We have worked with leaders in various industries such as Manufacturing, Travel and Hospitality, Hi-tech, Media & Entertainment, and Healthcare, and enabled them to effectively leverage our IT solutions aligning it to their business needs.

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Light Systems

Rs 1 Lakh/Get Latest Price

  • This involves packing several of the components or pieces necessary to assemble a product together in a single unit or kit, which is sent to the exact point required.
  • Kitting with pick-to-light devices minimises the time spent by operators in selecting the pieces and ensures both quality and accuracy, avoiding downtime in the production line.
  • It is used mainly in the components warehouse, as well as in the small storage areas located close to the assembly line (known as supermarkets).
  • The request for components generated by the ERP/MRP is swiftly collected by a team of operators with the help of Pick to Light devices.

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Code360 is IVF hospital management system, healthcare application software for hospitals, financial accounting, hr/payroll software, barcode and his solution, ERP/CRM for industrial, self service kiosk, industrial automation solution.

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Nature of Business

Service Provider

Total Number of Employees

11 to 25 People

Year of Establishment


Legal Status of Firm


Annual Turnover

Upto Rs. 50 Lakh
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