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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Prominent & Leading Service Provider from Lucknow, we offer ASP.NET Web Development India, Windows Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Customized Software Development and Hire A Dedicated SEO Expert Services.

ASP.NET Web Development India
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Coding Brains is a Offshore Software Development Company and we are one of the leading Software Development Company in India and we provide extra ordinary web development services to our clients. We also specializes in custom ASP.Net development, ASP .Net web development is one of the most secured scripting language. ASP.Net is a widely used framework that is profoundly used to deliver dynamic websites, web applications and wide array of web services. ASP.Net, being commercialized by Microsoft, has benefits over other scripting languages as it compiles the server side code to one or more DLL files on the web server.

Over the years, Coding Brains has consistently developed, delivered, and deployed many ASP based projects, which have helped the clients in addressing their core issues and effectively manage their complex requirements. Our team has plenty of experience in creating anything from small, personal websites to huge, complex web applications using ASP.NET. Our experts here at Coding Brains are ready to turn your ideas into virtual reality through sharp coding. Website Development India to us and get so many advantages.ASP.NET provides many benefits that convert into faster development time, lower expenditures and higher maintainability.If you are looking to HIRE ASP .NET developer or Hire ASP.NET Programmer with well-turned experience in full life-cycle of Asp.net projects, then you are at the correct place. At Coding Brains, we have developed ASP.NET Programming teams where our Programmers have gained capable expertise. Our ASP. Net Developers are very skillful with the ultramodern technologies used in the marketplace. The standards used in building scalable, cost effective and highly unbroken web development applications using Microsoft ASP. Net is nicely known by our developers. Why Hire an ASP.NET programmer from Us? We give a lot of significance to customer satisfaction.

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Windows Application Development
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Coding Brains Application Development and Maintenance Services is a part of its Software Practices. We offer all kind of major Windows Application Development Services. A Windows Application is built with the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) WIMP (windows, icon, menu, pointer) GUI Event-driven, Multi-processing OOP, Client-Server, Component-based, Distributed Computing etc. are now supported, but not initially in MS Windows.

Application programming interface (API) provides building blocks used by applications written for Windows, including Windows Server 2003 family, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows 98, and Windows 95. The Windows API can be used in all Windows-based applications. The same functions are generally supported on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. We have experience in all major areas of Windows Application Development and in-depth knowledge of Windows API and Windows internals.

The Windows Application Development India world has remained relatively stable since Windows 95, due to the robust class library which Microsoft has offered for so many years; MFC (the Microsoft Foundation Classes). MFC objects wrap the elements of the Windows interface, as well as many of the less visible but still important aspects of a software system (such as files and text handling). Our developers are experts in MFC (and, more recently, .NET) development. Allow us to put this experience to work-creating high quality custom solutions for your organization. From business desktop applications to graphic editors to device drivers, we know how to put the power of Windows to work for you.

We have experience in all major areas of Website Development India and in-depth knowledge of Windows API and Windows internals.

Coding Brains offer you ideal Best windows application experts, competing rate, variable environment, dependability to the success of the business and our clients and also we make win-win cases for both our buyer and for us.

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Mobile Application Development
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Coding Brains strongly focus on worldwide mobile users and we believe your future customers are literally around the corner and mobile can get them in your door. I and you both know mobile is everywhere and on an average a single person looks to their phone 150 times in a day and 40% people use their phone in the bathroom. The growing trend in the mobile based web world, the mobile phone users who access the Internet through their mobile devices are very large and still continue to growing. At the same time, the use of interactive applications on mobile devices is rapidly growing.

Mobile Application Development India is becoming necessary due to the huge number of customers switching to smart phones. More than 32 million smart phones have been sold worldwide and Apple Store boasts of over 150,000 apps for different fields. custom mobile application development is the process of developing an interactive application for mobile devices.

There are many Offshore Mobile Development Companies which are providing very impressive results, but getting the right one will create a huge difference. Few things that have to be remembered while hiring a mobile application developer, the developer should understand the client requirements, should be practically expert and can provide the services that are very highly professional. Our developer can produce the application very user-friendly and fulfill all the requirements which are mentioned above.

Mobile technologies have developed a lot and with the addition of different applications like Android, the Smartphone has also enhanced its exhaustive evolution. With various expanded features offered by mobile phones these days, it's mandatory to be loaded with a different Smartphone countenance including Android. Different Mobile developers of diverse Mobile Apps Development organizations worldwide have started using Android technology and platform at the latest. Inclusion of Android Development Application Development India platform enables these organizations to publish different mobile solutions onto Android market, useful for the development of Android-based mobile apps. Running on Java language, these Android platforms are topping in app development especially for tablet PCs.

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Web Application Development
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Coding Brain is a web application development company our team is vastly experienced in developing advanced web designing with an enormous variety and a wide area of business environment is providing you a dedicated & e- professional team to renovate your business.

Web Application Development India in today’s world is highly competitive. Coding Brains help companies to grow their business rapidly through web applications and allow customers to mix-and-match compares or choose a best-suited product/solution. We build trust by giving the power of decision-making to the customer.

We provide proper documentation for each and every phase of your website and we strongly believe your website should have to indorse well-qualified for your entire business. We believe in to detract the resources to improve the productivity of your business.

We use several Project Management Tools which helps you effectively communicate with our team, view project updates and correct defects in real time. We have ability to architect scalable Web Application Development India that add value to your business.

Coding Brains also provide services for mobile web, they develop effective and cost-efficient mobile versions of websites and web applications. They provide highly flexible mobile web apps which are compatible with client devices. Web services company India provides all facilities of internet on clients' mobile devices through custom mobile apps, and giving access to perform different business activities via mobile phones. Such mobile business solutions allow business companies to carry out several important tasks via mobile devices. They can create business apps for all leading mobile technologies like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and others.

An inter web application plan has to be executed terribly properly in order that the tip result's the appliance that the client is longing for and at a constant time user friendly which might increase the profit for the corporation.

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Customized Software Development
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Our Customized Software Development means developing software that fits the requirements of the clients depending upon their business needs. Unlike "Commercial, off-the-shelf" solutions that change the business process to fit the software requirements, these applications are custom developed to fit your business environment.

Our methodologies for offshore Customized software development have inspired us, since our commencement, enabling us to successfully substantiate projects at hand. We specialize in Custom Software Development Services. Our developers are extensively knowledgeable in customized software development.

Coding Brains carries out custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet customized software development. Over the years we have build a solid team of software development professionals that come from several backgrounds and expand the creative believable of the company. We strongly focus on Strategy, Feasibility and requirement gathering, Analysis, Development & Deployment Maintenance.

Website Development Indiais often considered expensive compared to off-the-shelf solutions or products. This can be true if one is speaking of typical challenges and typical solutions. However, that’s not always true. Customized software development by a renowned company is often a matter of building a house upon a concrete basis. This can be done immediately and with top-notch quality designed to meet every client's needs.

Solutions that are widely used by software application engineers and customized software development professionals include .Net, PHP, Java, C+, C++, Virtual C++, and Visual Basic. Additionally it is observed that overseas custom software development solutions are well-known with the firms because they assure a sizable deal more visibility in the direction of recent proficiency and technologies. It is touching that customized software developers specialize in planning, screening, programming and deploying a system that is spontaneous.

Typically speaking, customized software development services would include designing, building, consulting, and managing aspects of e-businesses on an on-demand basis. The excellent services in this regard are designed to drive innovation and elaboration into new marketplaces while bringing down exhaustive costs

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Hire A Dedicated SEO Expert Services
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Coding Brains SEO Services helps you to grow business, get leads and make your business. An SEO Expert Provides you SEO Services India with which ranking in search engine will help you in lots of ways so why to be left lower than your competitors when you can rank higher than them and grab in more sales!

A dedicated and trained SEO experts operate completely towards the projects along with the large experience they posses helps him to trace requirements and make available answer for them. A dedicated SEO expert surprises you thru the cost factor. Affordability is a vital point whereas hiring an SEO expert. The absolute goal of a dedicated SEO is usually to generate an exclusive webpage satisfying all commercial factors. A dedicated SEO expert utilizes all time in understanding your business interest and then targets the audience for superior approach.

The SEO plays a vital role in your success of the website. The web site will be breath, lifeblood & foundation of any sorts of business such type of days. To possess your organization reach the promoting globe it is significant to hire a dedicated SEO expert to occupy the initial Website Development India. The premium ranked webpage are generally such type of which get targeted audience and finally turn into their customers. The online targeted audience prefer to click on the top rank pages. Thus it is crucial to ranking on leading or at least of the page to acquire increasingly more visitors that enhance sales, profits & benefits.

An extraordinary web site without professional SEO (search engine optimization) is like a product manufactured but never marketed. Coding Brains Software Development Indiawork out the best strategy for your company's website and ensure high rankings in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. We guarantee to increase your glossiness on the internet and park more and relevant traffic to your website.

The principal job of the skilled SEO is usually to map out the positive and negative sides of the websites, make the compulsory changes or alternation within the web pages & work based on place that top position in search engines. Professional SEO be sure to preserve your interest instead of in quick cash he gets, since hiring a professional SEO assists you to make you more money and thus improve your income.

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PPC Management
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PPC Management

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PPC Management stands for (Pay per Click) it is an Online Advertising model. These advertisements can be hosted on search engines or on content based websites. For search engine's advertisers exponential have to bid for keywords contingent to their destination market. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than using a bidding system.

SEO Company India is amongst the most affordable and successful advertising and marketing campaigns on the Internet. PPC is a very powerful advertising strategy and it can help you start building a strong customer base right away. The best thing in all this being that you are required to pay only for the number of clicks your ads receive irrespective of the time duration for which they have been posted or views they get.

Coding Brains have own set of PPC professionals who are desirous about their work. They work in rapidly with your employees to design the best Website Development India for you. These strategies are devised keeping in mind current trends and behaviours of the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo. Our experts will perform a thorough inspection of your website and design ideal strategy for your business.

Our Experts do through study of your business; they do PPC Management Services India keyword research to determine the ideal, cost effective keywords, relevant to your business. They contemplate of your customer’s profile. They detailed research into and selection of relevant keywords and key phrases for your business.We also provide PPC advertising.

How does PPC management work and what contribution makes a PPC expert play in the success of online campaigns. It all starts with an organization bidding on popular search sites for keywords that are compatible to its website. Now whenever a person searches for that specific word, AD of your company's website is displayed to the enlightenment. You are charged only after when a client clicks on your link and visits your site. Once the prospect reaches your site conversion can be taken care by the content of your site.

Coding Brains PPC management services include:

Creating a PPC account.

Making required changes in ad for good results and conversion rate.

Crafting key words related to your business by PPC experts.

Changing the position of ad as when required.

Keeping an eye for how many clicks your ad gets daily and out them how many of them are converting into your customers.

Removing the ad that is not working and even not giving any desired outcome, thereby managing the budget in another way or making new ads instead.

Designing your ad in your budget by PPC ad expert and also maintaining your ad in your budget only.

Creating an ad on your site that is attractive, pleasing to the eye and is an appropriate match with your offered product or service of your business.

Making your pay per click campaign search engine friendly.

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Social Media Marketing Services
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Social media marketing is the voice of your business and a huge marketing platform for your products and services. Social Media Marketing Services is not all about creating profiles, sharing or posting of profiles and generating likes for profiles on social media platforms. It is a latest marketing strategy to harness the potential of the social web for promoting and branding a business or a product or a campaign or an institute. Our social media marketing service is a 360 degree approach to tap into the potential of social media for your profit.

To excel in the competitive online figuration, it is always good to consider hiring right services from a professional and experienced Software Development India. These SMM companies can offer the excellent services to the business houses by formulating pleasing social media plans and through a scrupulous approach bring in exceptional results to the businesses. Through social media marketing service, the businesses can get productive leads.Appropriate social media marketing service will leverage your business splash to a higher horizon. Bid adieu to the traditional marketing strategies of promoting your brands, services and products spend no thoughts of reaching out to your possible customer base as SMM services will surely pave the way towards mastery.Social media marketing is more than exclusive promotional beguilement; rather, these services demand adept planning and proper approach. The SSM services can bear the fruit of success only when the campaigns are initiated, run and monitored by professional social media experts. A professional Website Development India offers advanced SMM services to the clients.Smart approach in the social media network can boost your online presence and help your business generate better leads. Rightful social media marketing service can augment your brand's visibility in the very best way.We make a study on your product or brand, keeping in views your market and target audience. In addition, it is touching for us to study your competitors and their present stand in the market as well as on SEO Company India so that we can retouch the marketing and branding of you, keeping the competition in mind.How will Coding Brains Social Media Marketing Service help you?Examine website traffic and user behaviorEfficacious page views, ad exposureEvolve brand image and brand awarenessDevelop affiliate networkReach out to a larger target consumer baseAnalyzing, Researching and identifying fitting networks and connections for your company to target your prospective market..

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Search Engine Optimization India
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Coding Brains is a seo company in india and we provide top SEO Services India. Our professional SEO experts do web Site promotion through search engine optimization & positioning is an important part of a strong online existence, and successful online companies understand that it is essential to devote a portion of their marketing budget to the promotion of their web site if they reliance to compete.

With the burst of sites on the web, how can you make sure your customers find you? We believe that it’s just not enough to “be” on the web. The common notion that “build it and they will come” does not hold true on the vast Internet landscape. The more your site sucks traffic the more will your sale increases, finally paying you the portion for hard work.

It is of extreme importance that searchers find your site before your competitors when they search the huge directories and search engines for your products or services. Website Development India are the way most people find a web site. Being well-placed in the search engine results can make a tremendous difference in the number of comers you get. By doing Search Engine Optimization services on your site for both design groundwork and technical factors, you have a wonderful chance of fixing well (within the first 30 listings).

Excellent search engine optimization offers a far higher ROI than PPC Advertising, effective Search Engine Optimization Combines link building and on page optimization techniques. When implemented correctly search engine optimization will help your site leap to the top of the heap on Google and other search engines.

Coding Brains SEO services includes:

Make Search engine friendly URLs.

Directory Submission (Free, Paid, Reciprocal)

Unique and Quality Article Writing and Submission

Social Bookmarking Submission on Quality Sites

Create blogs and comment on related blogs.

Make account on social media site and make followers.

Video submission

Press Release Submission

RSS Feed Submission

Remove all broken links in your site.

Unique content for every page on your site.

H1 tags for heading.

ALT tags for Image optimization.

Unique and quality Meta Tags for each page.

Unique Title for every page.

Unique and quality description for each page.

Remove duplicate pages from your site.

Business Submission

Local listing for local business.

Review Posting.

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Free SEO Analysis
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Free SEO Analysis

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Our fee SEO analysis gives you brief idea where your website stands for Google and we strongly believe just having a website in not enough for your business. In order to find customers, you should have a plan. How will your potential clients find you? Coding Brains free SEO Analysis can put your business in front of the target audience who need your products and services. Any other form of advertising does not allows you to be as focused as Search Engine Optimization India, and no other form of advertising provides such a high return on investment.

Let's understand why free SEO analysis becomes important for any business company! We all know that the internet has spread his wings to many infinite works. It has become a commanding medium which helps people to connect with each other. And, connecting, communication, reaching consumers and interacting with them are some very important tasks for any business. In simple words, the internet is proving as most important and most effective tool that influences business, products and services. Business people also understand the importance of a robust online presence in present time. This is again because of increasing use of the internet. That is why they want prominent position for their websites in search engines such as Google. Consumers/People/users search for any service or product with a set of words called keywords in SEO terms. And, search engines display results pages for search queries. People select top most websites shown on result page. And, here it becomes important to have a high ranking for Website Development India in search engines. That is why business people look forward for a free SEO report or analysis done by professionals and experts to understand website's present standing, and based upon crucial parameters like traffic sources, content quality, relevant keywords searched, etc. They can search online to get such services for experts for free, to make sure they will achieve their set targets.

Our free Software Development India is to help you analyze and scale the ranking potential of your web pages. We generate detailed SEO reports for the Pages of your Website, we also gives you the results for total traffic to your website and how many conversions you get from the people visited on your website.

Coding Brains FREE SEO Analysis Includes…

SEO Report

Keywords Report

Social Media Presence

Competitor Analysis

Meta data Quality

Domain Info

Traffic Rank

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Flash Web Design
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Flash Web Design

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Flash Web Design is a very efficacious & springy medium to create impact on the viewers mind.

Coding Brains have a chronic experience in creating top quality products which vary from simple Flash Animation presentations, Banners and Intro pages up to complete complex Flash web site designing services. Our team has also developed professional website in flash generally used for home page intro, online demos and flash demonstration of complex technical matter. Our team has developed masses of such projects, including Flash Logo Designing India and never considered them complete until the customer was overall satisfied with the consequence. Adding flash features to your website will definitely make it more interesting and unique. Style and quality are our professional Website Design India credo that ensures ongoing success and progress of your business.

Flash is generally used for building animated websites and clippings promoting products and services on the website.Flash website can run on any browser. You do not need to upgrade your existing operating browser. By downloading flash player, user can look any flash website. Flash technology is one of the easiest means of creating dynamic website. With help of flash media, Macromedia fireworks and Dreamweaver, an average coder can easily design a professional web page in less than a day.

Flash is major tool to enhance visual impact and popularity of your business website. Lots of the people detect content present through flash, animation and movies extremely interesting than usual way of describing things through language or text. Flash makes you website more interesting and entertaining.

Flash animation is one of the major areas of our expertise. Your scanning at this website will give you a better understanding of our innovative potential. You will experience our creativity & professionalism with the maximum return on investment. Coding Brains have a team of highly skilled Flash Application Developers with hands on experience in delivering quality Flash designs.

Coding Brains Provides:

Flash website design

Flash photo galleries

Flash animated logo designs

Flash animation

Flash introduction

Flash presentation

Flash scripting

Pictorial presentation

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Logo & Corporate Identity Designs
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An eye catching logo, high quality logo makes a compatible first impact. The logo we create for you will communicate your company’s unique recognizance. It will have strong visual appeal and be very unforgettable. A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo Designing and Identity design all have different roles all together, form a perceived representation for a business, product or services. Many people believe a brand only consists of a few elements, some colors, some fonts, a logo and a slogan added into reality, it is much more complex than that. You might say that a logo is an image of your business.

Our Logo Designing Team Strives to create seductive work that delivers an outstanding and highly emphatic logo. All our designs are original and created to your specifications. Coding Brains team has designed logos and corporate identities in various styles and for many industries, including: small business, public sector, private sector, mid size business, medical, sports, real estate, Website Designing India , corporate, illustrative/cartoon, industrial, high tech, brands, clothing, fashion, retail, ecommerce, consultants etc.

Corporate identity gives your organization and business the corporate identity design, and it helps to present your organization in a unique manner. It assists to advertise it in a preferable path. Thus not only the media will know your organization by the brand but also the targeted audience who look at your advertisement.Most important aspect for successful logo designing is designer should be smashing in drawing. Our developers & designers have a character to maintain a own sketch book. They always understand what come to your mind. Our all developers & designers have this character. We develop our drawing skills by spending our extra time on drafting.

Our team understands your specific needs we love to convert your imaginations in reality and our team does it very fast with their creative minds and we make it our business to ensure that you are 100% delighted with the logo design we deliver!

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Graphic Design & Brochure Design
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Coding Brains Expert graphic designers offer a complete range of high quality Graphic Design Services for all your marketing & advertising needs. We specialize in graphic design solutions which creatively concatenate all aspects of visual communication to your brand, your corporate reflection and communication across all media.

Whether you need a Graphic Design & Brochure Design or anything that relates to graphics, we can do it all and make your business look enormous! We have all the graphic designers more than 5 years of experience have done ample of work.

graphic designing india is a new trend in the offshore outsourcing arena and there are lots of benefits to outsource your Website Development India & brochure design you can cut your cost by more than 40% and you can concentrate on your keen business.

Coding Brains graphic designers totally understand how important a good design is to all businesses, whether it's for a website, a logo or a brochure can do wonders for you in creating impressions of your company.

Custom logo design. Custom logo designs helps in creating a niche for a business as it is unique, eye catching and reflects productivity & professionalism. It defines an organizations culture and approach towards business.

Brochures are mainly divided into broad categories:-

After sales pitch brochure- these types of brochures are mainly used for sale purposes. Pitches high on sales, this one promote a company to the fullest that influences the readers to buy the offered products and services.

Answer the query brochure- this one is basically used to offer answers to problems and confusions heightening customer interest towards the buying process.

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PHP Web Development
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PHP Web Development

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With years of practical exposure Coding Brains team of professional PHP developer are proficient in developing all kinds of PHP solutions for our clients and give them huge benefit in terms of working with php web development india company. We reduce your overall PHP Web Development Services costs significantly by handing your project from scratch. We are efficient in developing projects of all scales and complexities at competitive rates since we work from tire two cities in India. We also give you an option to hire a dedicated PHP developer who can work for you dedicatedly from our office with the monitoring of our project managers.php Website Development India has given so many choices to customers.

Coding Brains have talented professionals for PHP framework development with expertise in the following:

Enterprise applications

Web application development

Web portals

Php customization

B2b/ b2c solutions

Supply chain or logistics web sites

Ecommerce websites

PHP content management systems development


Banners and advertisements

Feedback forms

Mailing systems

Shopping carts and product catalogues

Order tracking

php web development india

Message boards and forums

Enterprise management services

Xml web based web apps

Expert PHP developers have become a major resource for expeditious, economical, feature-rich and dynamic website development in contemporaneous online business, institutionalized interactions on the web and entertainment on the web.

There are lots of benefits for which PHP Programming and MYSQL are widely used nowadays. Here are some of the advantages of using PHP for programming the websites:

Reliable, fast speed and high performance

Compatible with various servers like IIS and Apache

Can be run on operating systems like Windows, Linux and Unix

Multilingual support is available

Works as support for other databases

Maintenance cost is low

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Offshore Software Development
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Coding brains is an Offshore Software Development Company and we deliver premium solutions via Offshore Software Development India through our innovative & highly professional methodologies. At Coding Brains our specialized offshore outsourcing team acts as an extension of your workforce. Offshore Software Development Company allow you to accomplish your business goals and objectives more rapidly. Our engagement models are based on our clients needs and span across project based engagements, to building your own team of dedicated software developers, we provide all kinds of major software development services to our clients and also give them plenty of options to choose the services according to their need.

Offshore Software development is a complex project and it becomes more complicated as it varies according to each user. Not only the user requirement but the approach of the user, standards currently maintained by user and standards that user wants to maintain in long term and unification of this requirements make Offshore Software Development India more and more complicated.

We do Planning, Implementation, Testing, Documentation, Deployment and Maintenance in all we can handle the projects from scratch or from middle, we are always ready to help your team for any advice if they get stuck somewhere.

Coding Brains provide highly professional and customize Web Design & Web Development Services to companies to develop their business. Our offshore software development outsourcing center provide dedicated software/web programmers to work on outsourcing projects and provide 24x7 development support to the client. The client directly contacts with the developers so there is no time delay on project deployment and client get expected solution at affordable price with superior quality.

Coding Brains key business areas are website solution, offshore software application, custom web development & software consulting. We have a team of experienced software professionals included PHP developers, ASP programmers, .NET programmers, Java developers, VB developers, Web Designers, Online Marketing Experts and more to serve world wide clientele. Outsource Software Development & outsource web development to us.

Coding Brains provide all kind of software services and being an Offshore Software Development Company we provide custom mobile application development, multimedia website desiging india,corporate website design india, Custom Software Development India, ecommerce Website Development India, web application development india, windows application development india, website design and development india, custom website design india, E-commerce web design india, website redesigning india, mobile application development india, Customized Software Development India, iphone application development india, web application testing etc.

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Website Maintenance

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Why would you choose us for your website maintenance?

There are a lot of people who owe a website who think once their website has been developed & published, that is all their website needs but websites, like all other costly investments such as A.C. Cars, Laptops or any electrical appliance requires proper maintenance for smooth functioning. Don’t waste your time learning how to do Website Maintenance when you have a business to run!!

People often think they can save money by having their own staff to do the changes on the website however If the same task is performed by our professional staff they can do much better, as they do it everyday. Having a Website that needs to be updated every month but can’t find the time to manage the maintenance a website need? Hire Coding Brains as your Website Maintenance Provider and as we do your Website Development India so we save your money too.

We make Website Maintenance a simple, stress-free experience. We give you extra ordinary Website Maintenance Services and will free you to run your business instead of spending numerous hours learning how to maintain your website.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Coding Brains services is that you will not be working with a sales team like lots of organizations do. Instead, you will be directly in contact with the experts who will be handling your website maintenance needs. This is a doubtless advantage as you will be able to work closely with that person and not have to worry about permanently repeating your requirements or desires to different techs as they switch from job to job. Your expert will be the one working on your website; therefore, they will be acquainted with your website, marketing campaign strategies and all is your major requirements.

With our affordable Website Maintenance Service, you will be capable to search the right monthly maintenance plan for you. Our pay as you go plan is superb for the small business owner who doesn't have static updates or maintenance needed for their website maintenance. This is an enormous plan that is affordable and capable to be adjusted to meet your requirements without busting your budget.

Important areas of Website Maintenance Service include replacement of old pictures, content updates, manipulation of graphics, uploading features, email and newsletter maintenance. This motivates the users to look for fresh information and increases the web traffic. Frequent filling of the website with the new ideas, image and product details keep the website more interesting. This is also one of the best methods to drive the attention of new visitors to the website. Proper and prompt maintenance of websites always keep your site out of competition with more traffic. This helps to rotate the customers, multiply the profits and accelerate the page rankings.

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Web Development Services

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Coding Brains is a leading Web Application Development Company that has mastered in web development in india. We understand that web development services is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet or an intranet. Every website has a specific target audience and each website requires different types of design & content. Each Web site complete works for niche and that niche market requires some short and specific writing available every time.

Our Web Development Services India is totally based on the experience of the target audience. The writer should use words to attract and retain a customer on a website throughout the writing. Writing style matters too. Writing method should be in the form of a story created on the spot. Quick analysis and quick thinking are the best tools for a website content writer. That’s why our content writers are Native English content writers based in the United States.

We have created a range of global standard websites for organizations belonging to almost every sector or industry. It is considered as one among the top Website Designing Company in India. We also do custom web application development, We value our clients and we know everyone looks for quality work with cheapest price web development services in India that is why we have started our centre in tier two city in India so that we can cut our internal cost and can give competitive rates and extra ordinary services to our clients in India.

Offshore web development company believes that Web Development Services are a combination of art and science and that they require to be thought out well, executed and tested again at each step so that the probability of failure at each step is decreased. Such an attitude lays the foundation of success of all projects. Web Development services in India cover strategic planning, creative, application development, business intelligence, promotion of products or services and maintenance solutions. This factor has been central to Web Development Services in India to develop its own delivery model that has the flexibility and strength to deliver developments in a reliable, innovative, quicker and inexpensive manner.

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Coding Brains is a dynamic Web Design Development Company and we are an expert in dynamic website development and can undertake development and maintenance of your website. Everyone knows that better marketing tool for each business is a dynamic website with all its features to find out customers’ needs and habits.

Benefits of Dynamic Website

Static websites are hard to edit – one has to download HTML page from the server, then modify its content and upload it back to the server. This can only be performed by webmaster who understands how HTML works. This means that every time you will need to update your Static Website Development India you will have to contact website designer and pay him to perform changes. Suppose you need another section in navigation menu so you need to edit your all the pages since each one of them would contain static menu however this would not happen with dynamic website. Dynamic news engine, unique relevant content for each dynamic page, Dynamic information from other websites & Search service on your website gives you so many benefits.We also provide Dynamic Website Designing India.

A dynamic website is an improved sought after website development. The Dynamic websites are very springy since it allows people to lightly update the content, do some transformations in the design without editing the whole page manually. This particular feature of Dynamic website is very helpful especially if you have a large website that has a lot of pages or your website is an online store. Each day the Dynamic website is growing and establishing its name in the web. This is why many Dynamic Website Development services have come up to assist customers and clients around the world with their website development.

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Custom Website Designing

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Web Design is a very creative task where we insure to give a strong message to your customers via our Creative Website Designing, graphic art, content planning and management so that once anyone visits your website it becomes unforgettable for him or her.

Our team will do proper research with you on your business, services and your target audience and we will insure that your website is ready to have cash registers ringing even while you sleep. Our artistic team of specialists in Website Design India aims to combine technological proficiency with creativity to generate something amazing for your business needs.

There are so many companies in the market to build your website however most of the web design companies do not offer the level of personalized service for web design that we guarantee to offer. Coding Brains offer only standard solution that is very prfoitable and competitive based on your individual needs.

A website conveys ideas, aspirations and distinct features of a business. It portrays business identity and its importance for the world at large. Moreover, it creates a connection between the business and clients and encourages clients to buy products and services of the business. Thus, a right website is the first step in successful online promotion of any business. Many search engine promotion companies offer custom website design services India. Custom Web Design India solutions help to customize your website as per your business and search engine promotion requirements. Let's explore what custom website design India brings in its basket of benefits for your business.Custom made websites therefore are more beneficial and convenient web design that has been welcomed by all business houses over the free templates as conventional websites are not considered useful enough to cater to the modern day needs of the businesses houses.

The biggest challenge these days for web designers is how to produce unique websites. Presently billions of websites are online and everyday thousands of websites are developed. Each website preferably should be unique to standout from them. Websites produced by professionally qualified custom web designers draw a lot of visitors. Our web designers always thinks out of box to give our customer such unique custom web designs.

Coding Brains Custom Website Design Services includes:

The presentation focused design

An Industry based theme

Clean and easy to navigate

The best combination of colors as its theme and business niches

Requirements analysis

Cost-effective solutions - offering the best quote

Delivery on time

Result oriented

24/7 Suppor

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Coding Brains is amongst the leading E-commerce Website Development Company in India – a Professional website design and Web Development Company based out Lucknow the state capital of Uttar Pradesh. A professional E-commerce Web Development India as one of the most critical elements to your online success. If you do not have an attractive website and customer is not impressed with that you will be losing a lot in sales..

Your ecommerce site cannot be “OK" your customers should say "WOW" here is the thing I need. We've got several ways to help design your ecommerce website with our team’s unique and creative ideas.

We are proficient with infrastructure, resources, technological expertise and a innovative thinking team of experts. Our ecommerce web development are created to suit your business style, your products and services, your target audience to keep your cash registers ringing even you are asleep.

If you want to a earn a good amount in business through internet then the best tool available with you is e-commerce website. ECommerce website design is here to help online merchants achieve hefty task of making online business successful.

Our e-commerce website design services provides one with customization of services making customer fulfill their requirements. We provide a comprehensive research of market, target audience and current trends to produce an eCommerce web design efficiently.

We have an extra ordinary team of website designers who will handle your website designing efficiently. We at eCommerce website design will handle your website so nicely that client will be getting an experience of lifetime sales achievement.

The kind of eCommerce designing provided by us will not only give you the chances to increase your revenue but also create an ident for your online presence.

ECommerce design needs to be carefully evaluated making an interesting experience for your clients needs. So if you are looking for eCommerce solutions which can in a great way interact with your customers then we at eCommerce web design provides you with all the details.

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Website Redesigning

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In today’s age, getting an online success for any business has become very fundamental in which a professional and attractive website plays a significant role. Having a website and a good web layout is not noticeable but maintaining it up-to-date with latest technology is also important and it is only possible through redesigning of website.

Coding Brains also do Website Development India we know in the highly mobile field of website redesign we incessant update our systems to offer you that cutting edge technology to stay ahead of the competition. We keep equivalent of the changes in techniques and rate them on an ongoing basis to help you achieve and maintain your targets. Our Website Redesign Solutions will certainly meet your specific business needs.

There are several reasons why one would want to consider making changes to their existing website. These could vary from the interface not being user-friendly to inability to generate a reasonable amount of traffic or revenues. If your website is not giving out the information that it should be, then it is time to redesign it. If your site is not allowing the target audience locate what it needs to, within a few clicks, change is in order.

If you are also considering redesigning your website, there are a umpteenth things that you need to keep in mind. It is basic that you invest some time and resources in research, because you need to ensure that the way you redesign your site, is in keeping with what is actually needed. Make sure that before any process is initiated, you have created backups, because you never know when you might need the old information again.

If your existing website has lost the visual charm, if its functionality is fallacious as per market prominence. The existing website should be an appropriate preacher for your business, implanting trust and poise in clients.

Why do you need Website Redesigning?

Your website should leave a strong and good impression of your business on customers.

Your website ranking should increase on major search engines.

Your website should maintain a surpassing balance of images and contents that will help with publicity clear message and enabling you to connect with the online visitors.

Website redesigning also very much important for enabling easy navigation of visitors over the website from service page to get form that will increase the probability of visitor becoming a customer.

To give accurate information about your products and services so that the visitors doesn't get vexed to other websites.

To fix appealing features like videos etc. Which is an add-on feature for attracting visitors to spend more time on your website and giving full information required to make a decision for hiring or buying your products or services?

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Top 10 ranking in Google Services
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Coding Brains offers complete Search Engine Ranking Solutions, we offer Guaranteed Top 10 ranking for Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our Top 10 search engine positioning help you achieve higher search engine ranking and improve SERPS.

Our Top 10 ranking services provides you to explore your business on the web, Drive traffic to your website, help you to gain top 10 ranking in all major search engines. When a person puts a keyword in the search engine and gets results for it, in 90% cases he goes for top 10 results. It will increase your business and gives you the traffic you want for your business.

Our team knows you are running a business for profit not only for investment, but by hiring any other SEO company India you are doing exactly that. You are most likely risking loosing your investment since they don’t offer any performance guarantee. They just say they will provide you top 10 ranking which dose not happen and you have just thrown your money in a dust been and wasted your precious time.

The cause why pagerank is really essential is since it greatly results your internet search engine positioning. On low competitors' terms this doesn't necessarily matter much, but then once again, it's merely a matter of your time prior to you is going to be out rated by somebody else. Suppose 3 websites focus on exactly the same keyword or even key expression. The solution is the actual page position. A website with the PR associated with 7 is recognized to become more important compared to a PUBLIC RELATIONS 5 or even 6 as well as Google will put it over the 2 with reduce PR's.

The advantages of obtaining a top ranking with Google via organic search as opposed to PPC are: after the campaign is setup and running you don't must invest anymore money or time in the campaign. All traffic leads entering your website there in and out is going to be considered "free" traffic loads. And this "free" method to obtain traffic continue for months... Even years when you pull marketing funds in the campaign.

Advantages of Top 10 Rankings:

You stand a major opportunity of finding a mention in top-notch search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, Google, Bing, to name a few.

Your website receives an enormous inward traffic

We can help to retouch your web presence that is achieved through web conversion and its subsequent web usability

Turns out to be an ideal investment

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