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Manufacturer of vibrating equipment, vibrating feeders, magnetic equipment, separators, magnetic separators, gaussmeters, conveyors, lifters, vibratory motor etc.

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Pet Bottle Recycling Plant

Ball Bearing

We are into Designing Manufacturing and Exporting PET Recycling System, which is engineered with precision to match the high industrial standards. We offer wash line equipment with total design. We provide the layout details / drawing along with the design to the clients. The Pet Recycling System is widely used for recycling pet bottles by converting used bottles into flakes.


The technical/technological knowledge and ´know-how´ guarantee that MAGWELL maintains its very high competitiveness and contribute to consolidate the image of the group and grant the most complete plant reliability.

SNEquipment name
1Belt conveyer
2Shredder(double shaft)
3Screw conveyor
4Hot Floating washer
5Dirty draining screw
6Screw conveyor
7Crusher(with water)
8Screw conveyor
9High speed friction washing machine
10Screw conveyor
11Floating washing
12Dirty draining screw
13Screw conveyor
14Dewatering machine
15Drying system
16Storage hopper
17Electric elements
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Plant Equipment

Ball Bearing
Belt conveyor:

The Belt Conveyor is used for transferring material in bulk or container. The belt conveyor is widely used in the industry of mining, building materials, metallurgy, coal and so on. Users can not only transport material with one conveyor or several conveyors, but also can transport with a horizontal/slope transfer system that made up by this kind of conveyors and other conveyors so that can meet the request of different working conditions. It can transport materials in large quantity. It is simple in operation, convenient in maintenance, superior quality.

Twin shaft shredder:

The working principle of the shredder is based on counter-rotating shafts. The main and the secondary shaft are supplied with exchangeable cutters and is moved by a direct current motor over a reducing gear unit with different numbers of revolutions, running in an oil-bath. All machines are supplied with automatic reverse and overload as well as with a thermal motor protection.

Screw Conveyor:

Screw conveyor rotating helical blade for screw conveyor passage of the material transported, so that the material does not rotate together with the screw conveyor blades is the material force of its own weight and the frictional resistance of the material handling conveyor chassis. Rotating shaft screw conveyor spiral welded blades, blade face delivery of materials based on a solid surface different type, belt type face, leaves and other types of face. Screw conveyor screw axis in the direction of movement of the material with the thrust bearing to the terminal with the material to spiral axial reaction force, the captain longer, should

Pet flakes floating washing tank:

The PET flakes floating washing tank is made of SS304 It is mainly used to float scraps of labels, caps and rings, and sink the flakes to the bottom, then, the floating materials will be pushed out by washer rollers on the top of the tank, and the PET flakes will be washed can conveyed forward by the single or double screw at the bottom.

Hot washing,friction and rinse section:

This section is to make PET bottle flakes more pure. It mainly relies on the three washing forces: mechanical, chemical and thermal power, after hot washing in the hot washing machine with detergent, after the friction of the high-speed friction machine, and rinsing with clean water in the rinse machining, completely remove impurities in the bottle flakes, such as glue, medicinal liquid and other impurities

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Magnetic Drum Separator

Ball Bearing

MAGWELL Drum Separators provide ferrous metal removal from dry, bulk products in free-flowing processing systems. The design of the Drum Separator features a continuously self-cleaning magnet, which can be provided as the drum only or as a complete assembly with the housing & drive included. Material to be processed enters the top of the drum separator and flows across the surface of the drum. As the drum shell rotates around the stationary magnetic field, all nonferrous product – which is unaffected by the magnet – falls free from the drum into the cleaned material flow. Any ferrous tramp metal is captured by the magnetic field and held on the drum’s surface. As the drum rotates, the metal is carried past the diverter and released outside of the magnetic field.


  • Totally Enclosed with dust protective housing
  • Mild steel and Stainless steel construction are available
  • Flanged Housing mounts easily in any spouting system
  • Direct Gear-Motor Drive v- belts, timing belt and chains sprockets
  • Rare Earth Magnet and Ferrite magnet are available on request
  • Magnetic drum are available with and without housing on request
  • Multi drum assembly on request
  • Custom designs

Automatic and continuous removal of tramp iron process industries

  • Food industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Plastic industries
  • Ceramics industries
  • Foundry Industries
  • Rubber industries
  • Recycling industries
  • Tobacco
  • Minerals
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Rotary dryer and cooler

Ball Bearing

The rotary dryer is the material heating and drying device. The materials in the rotary cylinder coaxial sets of columns by the spiral blade and interrupted spiral lifting plate to dry in the process of reentry and lifting between the inside and outside the cylinder. Sleeve sets of column structure so that the length of the dryer can dynamic substantially reduced due to the cooling surface, so that the heat consumption decreased, and the doubling of the heat exchange surface greatly improve the thermal efficiency.


Working Principle:

The cylinder of dryer is a rotary cylinder which is oblique slightly. The materials are fed from the relatively higher terminal, heat carrier comes in from the lower terminal, and sometimes the heat carrier and materials get into the cylinder together.

The wet materials are transported into the material hopper by the belt conveyor and bucket elevator, and gets into the feeding terminal through feeding pipe with the aid of feeder of material hopper. The pitch of the feeding pipe should be more than the natural pitch of materials in order to help the materials flow into the dryer successfully. Along with the revolving of cylinder, the materials move to the lower terminal due to the gravity.

When the wet materials move forward, it receives the heat from the heat carrier directly or indirectly. As a result, the wet materials are dried, and discharged out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor on the outlet. There is shoveling plate inside the cylinder in order to shovel materials up and cast it out, to increase the connection surface, to promote drying efficiency, and accelerate the forward movement of materials. Generally, the heat carrier can be hot air and chimney flue. After the heat carrier is dried, the materials mingled with air should be collected with cyclone dust collector. If there is need to reduce the content of dust mixed with tail gas, the heat carrier should be subject to bag dust collector or wet dust collector before it is discharged.

  • Uniformity of drying product is good
  • Simple and excellent structure, material running smoothly through the cylinder, operating convenience
  • Less mechanical failure, low maintain charge, low power consumption
  • High degree of mechanization, large production capacity, continuous option
  • Drying production line using a special scattered installations to ensure the dryer’s drying effect
  • Cassava dregs dryer Use innovative and unique sealing device, and sophisticated keep-warm system. Thus reduce the coal consumption of the system effectively
  • The whole system holds a good performance of sealing. It also has a complete dust removal equipment. There is no dust spilling. It still has a good operating environment
  • The whole drying system uses electric centralized control, auto-control of temperature for hot air, high automation and convenient operation
  • You can join in crushing ,mixing ,granulating, packing and other follow-up steps after drying to produce the finished product of bean dregs particle feed

Rotary Dryer is mainly used for metallurgy, building materials, ores and other mineral materials, heating and calcining. Such as ceramic sand, bauxite, limestone, cement, fly ash magnesium aluminum hydroxide, aluminum products, alumina refractory materials such as mineral particles and the heating and calcined powder.

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Hinge Type Chip Conveyor

Ball Bearing

MAGWELL’s hinge type chip conveyor offer a competitive design to handle a wide range both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It has components such as feeders, hoppers, etc. to provide a complete material handling system.

Depending on the design Hinge type chip conveyors are offered with many design options and can also be supplied with other ancillary.

Standard designs are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your application and include plain, perforated, pimpled or pimpled & perforated aprons The material to be conveyed is brought to the required height at a defined incline and then discharged. There are more hinge belt systems in operation than any other kind. In most cases, therefore, turning machines are good candidates for hinge belt systems.


Working Principle:

Transportation of the material takes place on the upper trough of a revolving hinged belt. Drivers ensure transport of the material up the inclined section. For wet machining the cooling lubrications are collected in the conveyor housing and can be fed back into a pump station.

  • Longer life and smoother performance with heavy-duty side frames
  • Interlocking belt side wings prevent jamming of material
  • Perfect for conveying a wide range of materials in demanding conditions
  • Custom engineered designs using standard components

Our hinged belt conveyors can be used either as stand-alone conveyor at machine tools, large Conventional Machine Tools, CNC Machine Tools, middle / small Press and Laser Cutting Machines.

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Plate Magnet

Ball Bearing

MAGWELL Rare Earth Plate Magnets are powerful permanent rare earth magnet material provides the means for a more effective separation performance? offering a broader range of applications? that include product flows with deeper burden depths. To remove both large and small pieces of tramp iron from product processing flows.

Our complete line of Rare Earth Plate Magnets includes customer size magnet are in three-stepped face designs. They can be configured with either a maximum holding value, or reach out, or a combination of both maximum holding and reach out values.

Our MAGWELL Rare Earth Plate Magnets provide increased magnetic strength for effective tramp metal separation on product flows and with the Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnetic material, product “wash-off” is minimal in below-the-flow installations.


  • Mild steel or stainless steel construction.
  • Transitions for round, square, or rectangular spouting.
  • Available with ferric or Rare Earth magnets.
  • Hinged plate magnets swing open for quick manual cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning models reduce cleaning time and labor.
  • Custom mounting flanges are available
  • Abrasive resistant product contact surfaces
  • Automatic and continuous removal of tramp iron process industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Ceramics industries
  • Food industries
  • Minerals
  • Plastic industries
  • Rubber industries
  • Recycling industries
  • Tobacco
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Magnetic Pulley

Ball Bearing

MAGWELL Magnetic Head Pulley is a permanent magnetic forces which protect your capital equipment by providing continuous and effective removal of unwanted tramp metal. provides a dependable, self cleaning means of tramp metal extraction on conveyer belt applications.

The MHP will increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs and provide a metal free product. The MHP may also be utilized with a Magnetic Take-Off Rail to convey tramp metal further away from conveyor unloading areas, allowing convenient tramp metal discharge.



As the belt conveyed product travels over the magnetic head pulley, any ferrous metal that’s mixed in with the product is attracted and held to the face of the belt and carried to the underside of the conveyor. After the metal passes out of the magnetic field, it is released and discharged into a chute or bin for disposal. The cleaned product is not affected by the magnetic field, and is discharged normally over the pulley away from the tramp metal.

  • Electro and permanent both magnet available
  • Powerful uniform magnetic field over the pulley Surface
  • Removable Steel Shaft
  • Stainless steel shaft on request
  • Crowd surface on request
  • Non-magnetic Stainless Steel Shell
  • Straight hub with keyway
  • Taper lock on request
  • Shaft diameter are design customer’s bearing suitable
  • Other sizes available on request
  • Custom design
  • Recycling
  • Food production
  • Mineral processing
  • Chemicals
  • Glass
  • Coal
  • Foundry sand
  • Other dry product streams
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Over Band Magnetic Separator

Ball Bearing

MAGWELL over band magnetic separators are extremely powerful and long-covering magnetic fields. Regular production increases the efficient construction and operation as well as low maintenance design. These models are available in both manual and automatic (ON/OFF).


Overband Magnetic Separators are designed for providing cleaner product by separating ferrous metal from a variety of over-the-belt conveyor applications and needs to be removed for protection of subsequent processing machinery. The Over band magnetic separators uses a two pulley design. Parallel separators are mounted in line with the material flow, while transverse separators remove the ferrous materials over the side of the conveyor.



Material on the conveyor passes underneath the overband magnetic separator. Ferrous metal is attracting to surface allowing the ‘cleaned’ product to continue along the conveyor as normal. The overband magnetic separator has a continuously moving belt which wipes its surface clean of the ferrous metal attracted to it. The ferrous metal then discharge to collecting box.

  • Recycling industry
  • Coal industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Animal Feed Industry
  • Abrasive Industry
  • Mobile Screens & Shredders
  • Any other industry where dry
  • Ferrous contamination
  • Conveyor belt systems
  • Most effective for removal of tramp iron from Materials carried over conveyors
  • Permanent Magnet- No power required
  • Easy installation and maintained
  • Four rigid lift lugs two for stranded and two adjusting the suspensions
  • Installation across the conveyor belt or over the discharge head pulley
  • No Electrical Maintenance On Magnet
  • Dust and rain protection

Inline position:

In-line Applications: The Magnet runs parallel to the conveyor belt and is suspended over the discharge end of the belt.

Cross belt position:

Cross-Belt Applications: The Magnet runs across the conveyor belt and discharges the collected metal off to the side of the conveyor.

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